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Surfacing Ch. 42.3


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. (c) Etaski 2017.

This is my longest release yet, 153,000 words, and being so large I will break it up into 4 parts. This is Part 3 of 4. There are more interpersonal scenes here similar to Part 1. More Sex and Story. :)

My special thanks to Eris Adderly, aka DeathAndTaxes, for some extra editing help on this one. My continued thanks to Necrosisbob, Axelotl, Gazukull, and dear Hubby.

Surfacing Chapter 42, Part Three

It took a few weeks after Indrath's "visit" for the mood at the Tower to feel closer to relaxed, the way it had been earlier in the Summer. Karulin abstained from a few more of the ever-changing group games to spend time with Natia, to which no one objected, and Tamuril was far more anxious now—with good reason—about any lingering "Sarilis spots" which could be exploited by the lich's former Master to weaken the Tower's defenses.

"I must find them and heal them," she insisted.

Jael and Morix were out and about more often on perimeter detail, linked with their hunting where possible, and Sirana was learning from Gavin how to use the Shrine to "feel" the Ley Lines of the land around them, listening to a different tenor of magic song than him and covering more possibilities on account of it. The added vigilance wasn't bad, not if the alternative was to become complacent with the Lord of Vintern Hjem watching them.

It left a bit more physical chores for the others to do, Auslan and Shyntre and Mai especially although Natia and Karulin frequently joined them. No one complained about it, as they all knew Winter was coming and so was little Wruzdi.


Mai rolled her 'r' in place of the odd, Elven "wr" sound she couldn't form with her mouth. She frowned in concentration as she and Auslan repeated it a few times together. Finally the Yungian girl was satisfied and she smiled brightly with a nod at her Angel Spirit.

"Rrooz-dee Ee-ohn Thal-loon!" she pronounced with phonetic exaggeration, having dug long enough for the child's full name for some time now, finally stringing it together how she thought it should go.

"That sounds so strange," Shyntre commented to his Brother, low and in Drow. "Besides, isn't Sirana no longer part of her birth House?"

"She will always be Daughter of Rohenvi," Auslan replied, focused on his splitting more pods for the drying racks. "She will always be Daughter of Ruk. No records or ceremonies can change that."

"I suppose. I'm not even sure of our Houses."

"Clearly you are D'Shea and Ja'Prohn."

"D'Shea was split from D'Shauranti," Shyntre said. "I could as easily claim Aurenthin."

"Not so. Aurenthin is Dragon-touched. D'Shea is not. Different times."

"According to Lethrix and a bunch of speculation from Jael's Mother."

Auslan shrugged, not caring of that debate that much at all. Some of it had been proven, anyway. Shyntre tried prodding him a bit on his side of the family.

"Priestess Juliran?" he asked. "Which House was she? We know now Tahna was Aurenthin. Dragon-touched."

"I do not know, Shyntre," he muttered. "My Priestess pretended she had no House, as a Red Sister does." He caught himself. "Did."

"What sire did they use?"

Auslan offered a droll glance up. "As if I would remember?"

"Point. And those records weren't public. A Noble Matron just had to assume she weren't getting a Consort sired by her own House. I suppose that was why Wilsira kept such notes..."

Auslan exhaled with impatience. "Shyntre, please, we are being rude to Mai."

Shyntre looked at the Human, who was working hard as she listened to the cadence of their language without understanding it. She looked patient, as though she assumed what they discussed was none of her business. She certainly wasn't insulted.

"I was just thinking about his lineage," Shyntre said. "Wruzdi's. There are a lot of holes."

"So we create a new House up here, as the Dwarves suggested," Auslan said. "As Adason has taken his own name. It will not matter as we start again."

"But you said that doesn't change whose Daughters and Sons we are."

The healer finally looked up, exasperated. "True, it does not. But you will drive me mad with questioning what I do not know, Brother."

"Fine. Sorry."

Shyntre reflected on the spark in those eye as the former Consort had backed him down with words. Auslan wasn't normally so easily agitated but it seemed this had become a sore spot when Shyntre wasn't paying attention.

*Maybe he's just worried something will go wrong with the birth...*

It wouldn't be the first time for the sorcerer, stuck in his own brooding, to miss something which should be obvious.

*I will make it up to him when we relax this evening.*

The others were still busy when Shyntre and Auslan enjoyed a very small dinner with Mai—speaking Common this time—and afterward just the two of them relaxed in the warm pool.

The two males were alone long enough to climb out of the water, dry off, and lie upon the comfortably thick mats replacing the spread of blankets from a month or two ago. They embraced, and Auslan apologized first, of course, looking him deep in his eyes.

Shyntre smiled. "Those were my words. Heh, don't worry about it."

"I will try."

"Mm-hm. We'll do better than try."

One kiss led to another, then another. Soon they were both very hungry, tasting, touching, and gasping. There were so many ways to continue. This time, Shyntre took hold of his Brother's hair and turned his ear slightly, whispering even though they were alone.

"I want to be inside you, Ta'suil..."

Auslan drew in air and shivered full-body. His eyes were closed but he nodded, holding him. "Yes. I want to take you inside, beloved."

Shyntre took charge then, rolling place his Consort on his back and kneeling between his legs, lifting them up. He was determined to wear his Brother's worries away with pleasure, with the shared intensity of eye contact. It began with a lusty, eager smile as Shyntre reached for the oil and a limpid welcome in those bright, beautiful eyes.

*We'll sleep well tonight.*

With his Consort's legs resting on Shyntre's bare shoulders, the sorcerer aimed carefully, leaned forward and sank in gently. He relished the feeling of the oil-slick pucker yielding, welcoming him. Wrapped tight around him as they both urged him to move.

*Move... Oh, Goddess, yes! Move!*

Ta'suil cried out in passionate relief with every thrust the Dark Priest made into his body, reaching to touch Shyntre's hands and wrists near his hips. By his own intent their coupling was measured and gentle yet still Shyntre didn't expect to take long. He may offer to trade places if he came before his lover could be satisfied.

The healer's eyes slid closed for a moment, his mouth open, his hair spread out—he looked beautiful as always—and that one expression made Shyntre miss Sirana's arrival. He only caught the movement out of his periphery before she kneeled down behind him.

"S—" he began.


She was already naked, pressing her firm, round belly into his back. She slid hands to his shoulders, gripping Auslan's legs briefly while she kissed Shyntre's neck.

"Don't stop," she whispered into his ear. "I want to see you cream his tight hole."

"Sirana," their Life Priest breathed in welcome, now opening his eyes and smiling.

All these things together made Shyntre's cock even harder, and he growled as Sirana nipped his ear; his Brother's willing hole seemed to get tighter around him.

"Keep fucking him while I sit on his face," she murmured.

"Please," Auslan pleaded, writhing now, near breathless in anticipation.

Shyntre watched without speaking, without blinking, as Sirana kneeled carefully above Auslan, as he reached for her thighs and hips, lifting his head off the floor. He was eager to pull her down on top of him, kissing her sex and opening his mouth to service beneath her belly. Shyntre watched as she sighed, touching his Brother's bare chest and playing with his nipples.

Shyntre withdrew and thrust in again, all the way, his Brother moaned right into Sirana's snatch. The sorcerer thrilled to see her eyes roll in delight; he loved her smile.

"Oh, yes," she breathed. "Another one of those, please. Come closer, my wizard. Kiss me."

Sirana reached for him, and Shyntre leaned forward, folding Auslan a little, the male below them made more vulnerable, spread open as he was impaled deeper. Shyntre fell into a hungry kiss with the Mother of their son, holding tight to smooth, firm thighs as he fucked his lover harder. He shuddered, feeling that first wave of interwoven auras wrap around him, and the longer it continued, the more each had trouble breathing, even as they tried to steal one more kiss, one more lick, one more thrust before the surge charging them fast hit with full force.

Auslan, as enthralled as those above him, reached down to stroke his cock quickly, aching for relief and his toes flexing near Shyntre's head. When Jael reached forward to knock his hand away and take over for him, the healer allowed it with an eager hum—but may or may not have even realized it was neither his Champion nor his Brother pleasuring him a third way.

Shyntre saw it all, however, and at first he could only grip Auslan's ass and keep stroking.

Jael's hand was indeed wrapped around his Brother's cock; she was doing good work by the sounds he was making, as the healer's rod began to leak slippery fluid into his navel.

Shyntre stared down at that, then at her. The young Daratrix looked up at him, braced on knees and one elbow with her ass in the air. Jael was biting her lip in half a smirk—*Sorry, but not sorry.*—and the sorcerer's eyes swept over her white hair and along her strong, naked back to Morix, who already had his cock buried balls-deep inside his mate, gripping her hips like he was on the edge of climax already.

The energy suddenly spiked.

"Ungh... fuck," the Dark Priest muttered, aware of the sweat on his forehead as the magic only pulsed stronger by the addition of these two. "Oh, God—!"

"Shyntre! Yes!" Sirana caught back his attention. "Kiss me again, I'm fucking close...!"

*Fuck! So am I!*

His mouth was back on hers, sucking hungrily on lips and tongue.

~*Oh, Goddess!!*~

He heard her; he heard himself; he was cumming inside his lover. He could feel the healer begin to writhe and clutch tight around him, the muscles rippling as Auslan's cock erupted into Jael's hand and all over his belly. Both females screamed then, rambling a string of curse words that made no sense as they ground their snatches against their respective males and the power swelled further and swept through them again.

Lastly, Jael dropped to both elbows as if on the verge of collapse, resting her forehead against Auslan's spattered stomach and yelling at the floor.

"Oh Goddess, yes, Mate, DO IT!"

Whatever part of the shared surge had overtaken Morix was fed back to them tenfold as he forcefully fit his bulging knot inside Jael's twat. His cock shot off inside her as his tail struck out in a blur, coiling and tightening itself halfway up her body. His roar, though pointed at the ground like Jael's, was still deafening. The sound should have been terrifying, yet instead Shyntre found himself thrusting a handful more times and cumming once again, a second set of pulses making his cock twitch and throb inside Auslan.

~YES...~ Sirana Thought, suspended in ecstasy.

The sorcerer roared himself at the incredible release, as his lovers struggled with him to keep their consciousness.


"Oh...oh fuck..." someone whispered.

No sooner had Shyntre begun to come down a couple of notches that he realized two things: he'd managed to remain upright on his knees, and his prick was fucking sensitive! The usual short window of numbness he had to pull out without screaming had passed.

"Dammit!" he hissed, groaning loudly as he withdrew, two loads of his semen spilling out after him. Auslan cried out as if his nerves were raw as well; Shyntre noticed he kept his hands away from his crotch as well. Sirana was already off the healer so he could breathe well, but she was gasping hard and lying on her side, holding her stomach as she trembled on the mats. He had to ask.

"Anything wrong?"

Relief rushed him as she shook her head and smiled.

"Nothing worse than a stitch," she huffed. "It'll pass. Holy fuck, that was intense..."

"Yeah, it was..." Jael mumbled drunkenly.

The Daratrix was still on knees and elbows, her legs were spread wide and she was tied to her To'vah-krav by his big, uneven prick. Morix didn't look like he would be letting her go any time soon, either; he looked drowsy, cupping her smaller breasts in his large, rough hands and resting his forehead between her sweaty shoulder blades as he caught his breath. His wings quivered subtly.

"Pretty sure... that was the first time we were all touching when it happened," Shyntre said, attempting to gather his scattered wits.

"Really hope you don't mind," Jael said, lifting her head and possibly squeezing her mate by accident based on the way Morix grimaced; Shyntre sympathized. "I wanted to... but I didn't want to interrupt your kiss with Sirana."

Shyntre's head was still fuzzy, but he certainly remembered how hot it had been at the time, seeing her hand reach into his field of vision. Before he came up with an answer, however, he heard his Brother sigh with satisfaction.

"Why should I mind, Jael?" he said, his eyes still closed and his face covered with Sirana's fragrant juice. "I thank you. Much better than my own hand."

The Dark Priest mentally shrugged. *Well...fuck it, if it doesn't bother him...*

The final test really was Morix. Once he calmed down, would he mind his Daratrix jerking off another male while he impaled her like a rabbit on a spit? Jael had only watched before, not participated. Had she even asked? Had he agreed?

The way the hybrid's tail uncoiled and slid off her nude body was lazy, like a constrictor that just glutted itself, relaxing on the mat with the rest of them until—at long last—the bigger male could tug himself with a subtle suck out of a truly gaping slit that Shyntre had witnessed before. Other than obviously having had a good cum, Shyntre couldn't read him.

The sorcerer wanted to lie down and rest but he remained vertical, using the genuine task of getting a bowl of water and a few wash clothes for wiping down various crotches and one particularly sticky face. As he did this, the bigger male settled on his side to rest and wait, drawing Jael back to spoon with him.

This wasn't much beyond what they'd done together so far, was it—?

"May I ask what's on your mind, Priest?" Morix said, possibly with Sirana's prompting but Shyntre didn't exactly catch her in a mind link or hand sign.

"That climax," he said readily enough. "It was like all of us mixed together. We've, uhm, I mean, you and Jael watched me and Auslan stroke and suck each other, but not...well—"

"You were fucking hot," Jael said with an immediate grin. "Just like I imagined it would be."

Shyntre felt his face flush very hot. He glanced at her mate. "You probably don't share that sentiment."

"Not personally, but nor am I against it, Shyntre. I have been aware of such attraction for centuries." Morix smiled a bit more fang than typical. "It also offers present benefit for me. I can't describe the change in my Daratrix's scent as she watched you."

He squeezed her with a strong arm, looking down at her. "You were ready for mounting in two flicks of my tail. It is not always so easy to slide in as it was."

Jael purred and squirmed against him before she looked back at the two other males. "Mm. And you two were already deep into it, nobody wanted to interrupt you."

"Except me," Sirana said, and Auslan reached above his head to touch her leg.

"You never 'interrupt,' Sirana. We love you to join us. Anytime."

She beamed, clearly wanting to hear that, and Shyntre couldn't help smiling back at her despite himself.

"Yeah, he's right about that," he admitted, dipping a cloth in the water and wringing it out. "I can't even say I'm mad about these two sneaking in with her."

"I am glad they did," Auslan replied.

"I knew you'd say that. Now here, wash off your face. I'm not going to lick all that off this time."

"This time," Auslan echoed mischievously, grinning as he caught the damp cloth and began cleaning.

"Hey, um, could I have one of those?" Jael asked Shyntre. "I've got some on my face."

Shyntre looked at her, recalling she'd rested her head right in a fresh spray of semen on Auslan's belly. "Mm. You sure do."

He tossed her a damp cloth as well, and after Auslan had cleaned his face and next rubbed his stomach, Sirana got up to give the healer a kiss, much to his delight. Then she crawled over and kissed Shyntre, dipping the third cloth herself to aid in the cleaning.

"Oh, careful," Shyntre hissed. "Still sensitive."

She nodded. "Will do."

It didn't take Shyntre long to remember yet again how much things had changed between him and Sirana, between him and *any* female, really. Here she was, gently cleansing his soft, tender genitals as some sort of after-care and without any kind of snide comment. Here he was, opening his legs wider to give her better access, trusting her to do this without causing pain. He'd given the opportunity, the vulnerability, and he believed she had no reason to take unfair advantage of it.

"There we go," Sirana said, proving her own satisfaction with her work by kneeling down to put her face in his crotch.

"Uh, Sirana—"

She gave his damp, cooling dick a warm and considerate kiss, drawing a weak-kneed groan from him before she straightened back up. Immediately he kissed her; he was sure she sensed the resurging gratitude, or at least the sudden tightness in his chest. Her blue eyes locked onto his when they separated. Her mouth twitched.

~Yeah. It's the same for me, too.~

The peace and contentment in the room was temporary, he knew, yet extraordinary enough even he didn't want to rock the boat. At Sirana's suggestion and encouragement, the group retrieved a few spare blankets kept in the room and—with their blue-eyed linchpin in the center—the five of them lay closer together in afterglow, able to smell each other and sense the heat of more bodies. There was some small chat but nothing pensive or complicated. A few compliments, a mention of something really enjoyed. It was good.

To Shyntre's surprise he soon drifted to sleep, holding Auslan with one arm as Morix held Jael, and no frightening dreams came to him.


"She needs the sex, you know," Karulin told Jael and me one day at the very tail-end of Summer. "Tami does. All the work she's doing for the land? Personally I think she's pushing herself too hard, trying to do half a century's recovery in a year or two. She's like Auslan when he was trying to heal everybody he could after the Illithid war. Now Tami's figured it out, though. She *needs* sex to work her magic to its fullest."

I glanced at my younger Sister but she shrugged. Gavin had mentioned how fast the black spots were receding, but he hadn't made a big deal of it.

"How often did she meet you outside over the Summer again?" I asked curiously.

"A lot," she answered flatly. "And one time she had the guts to invite the healer out into the bush with us."

"Yes, I remember," I said.

And I did, vividly. Tami had been adorable stuttering, trying to ask permission from Shyntre first before asking me. It baffled me on some level, I hadn't probed too deeply yet, but Shyntre didn't feel sexual threat from the Druid, despite how he might feel about trusting her race as a whole. He was much more wary of Mourn's responses, despite our To'vah-krav being so very patient and calm with just about everything so far.

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