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Surfacing Ch. 42.4


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. (c) Etaski 2017.

This is my longest release yet, 153,000 words, and being so large I will break it up into 4 parts. This is Part 4 of 4. Here was have mostly foreplay, and lots of play, before the hovering plot shoulders its way back again for 43.

My special thanks to Eris Adderly, aka DeathAndTaxes, for some extra editing help on this one. My continued thanks to Necrosisbob, Axelotl, Gazukull, and dear Hubby.


Surfacing Chapter 42, Part Four

"Wait. What?"

"Could you? Or would you rather not 'perform' that way?"

My Dark Priest and I were alone in the library. Even after Mourn's suggestion that Tamuril had final say about Jael and himself watching one of our Games, I didn't think it was simply a matter of walking straight to her to get to that point.

Looking at Shyntre now, I knew I was right.

His smirk and brief laugh intrigued me as he arched a brow at me. "Not perform? Honestly, Sirana, I think Tamuril couldn't handle having Morix in the room if I didn't make it obvious I intend to give her my *best* performance."

I smiled at him. "I might agree. That's why I'm asking you first, in private, what you think."

He shook his head once and shrugged. "It's been a while, but I still don't mind him and Jael being present. But with Tamuril added...? Only as long as you are *absolutely* certain he understands it's just a game, even if it's not his kind of play."

"He's more experienced than that, Shyntre. Remember Commander Vian?"

"Yeah, I know, I know." He exhaled, trying to explain. "But that's just exposure. He knows about it, observes it. When he's engaging, he holds back. A lot."

"Well." I considered. "He could break a female's back or neck if he cut loose. He could tear her with his size or his knot. He almost did Jael after he Woke. He *has* to hold himself back."

"But he might not enjoy watching what Tami wants from us."

"But Jael would. And you didn't think he would enjoy watching you and Auslan fucking."

Shyntre gave me a look. "He wouldn't have, if you and Jael hadn't been there."

"Yes, and we'll be there again. Jael wants to watch us with Tamuril, and Morix wants to give her that but won't do anything intentional to upset Tami. You must be willing to believe that *and* be willing to be the strongest dominant in the room because Karulin won't be there. Make our Druid forget Morix is even there. Watching you with her last week, I know you can do it."

Shyntre smile was both pleased and wry. "It is still strange hearing you say that, Red Sister."

I grinned. "I know a refined technique in practice when I see one. I hope you don't lose that edge before I recover from the birth. I'm thinking something like our scuffles in the Wizard's Tower, but with less anger and more self-control from you. Mmm-mmm!"

Finally he laughed, shaking his head at me, although he straightened his back and seemed reflective for a few moments before looking back at me. "You remember why the 'technique' is refined, don't you?"

I shrugged with nonchalance, though not dismissal. I nodded firmly. "Yes, I remember what you told me. It's closely related to you impregnating a few Nobles at the Palace before I got back down below to claim you myself. I don't care where or why you practiced it, Shyntre, I'm enjoying it. More skill for me. More for Tami." I pointed sternly at him. "Except don't impregnate her."

Shyntre exhaled and nodded in thanks at the reaffirmed acceptance of his particular talents. "Of course not. As agreed."

I smirked, eyeing his appeal as I said impulsively, "You could impregnate me again, though."

I froze as I could swear he ceased breathing; his eyes widened and were pointed at me, but I wasn't sure he saw me. I waved my palm in front of his eyes so that he blinked.

"Hey? Did I say something wrong?"

"No, but what did you mean by it?" he asked, holding his voice steady by virtue of a death grip.

"Just what I said."

I pulled back my nerves where they should be, facing off with that rising, familiar intensity of his. If that look was just a taste of what I'd get when my womb wasn't occupied...

"We're going to be here for a while," I continued. "Once Natia leaves with Karulin, Wruzdi will be the only child here. My niece even asked me once why I wanted my baby to be alone, and the truth is, I don't. I was thinking a closer sibling could be a good thing, not spaced out a hundred years or more, like I was from mine, or Tamuril from hers. And after I'm sure and certain about when...well, I, um... I'd want you to be the sire of my second."

Shyntre sank down into a chair, palms flat, and said nothing for a time as he stared at the study table. I clung to my patience and fortunately didn't have to prod him for a response before he nodded his head and looked back at me.

"Yes, Sirana. I want very much to help you catch again, when the time is right."

I was a bit shocked how hot I became then; it was as if my whole, swollen, pregnant body reacted at once as heat flashed through me. I broke out into a light sweat and fanned my face, laughing lightly with embarrassment. Then an abrupt giggle slipped out and I cleared the rest of it from my throat.

"Good," I said with another nod. "Yes. Thank you, Shyntre."

"Thank *you,*" he murmured, not having blinked as he watched me in a way I only occasionally caught him looking at Auslan.

"Mm. Um."

He said nothing and I drew back on what we had been talking about...

~Right. Me, pregnant. Tami, not.~

"So can Jael bring Morix to watch you direct the show?" I asked.

Finally my lover blinked, and he scrambled to redirect his mind as well. "Oh. Oh! Right, right. Yes. I'm willing, Sirana. I already know Ta'suil will do whatever we want to explore next. He's told me these games are exciting to him, like when you dominated him on that farm, but without the fear of being hurt. He trusts me. Us."

"I know he does. And he should." I smiled. "I trust you, too, sorcerer."

His face heated up something fierce.

~Fair play. Hah.~

I said aloud, "Now I think we only need to catch Tami with her clothes *on* before bringing this up to her."

"Karulin might actually be the better one to ask," he suggested.

"You think so? But she won't be joining us, she and Morix agreed."

"Exactly. Tamuril can't pretend Karulin gave her a 'command' which would please her later. A danger if it came from your or me."

I had to agree with that. "What about Ta'suil?"

Shyntre shook his head. "His and Tami's auras are never neutral. They're always seeking, or caressing. Mood and emotion would dictate how that conversation went."

I tilted my head. "Like the first time they stayed in the same room together for several hours. While he slept and she watched him."

Shyntre nodded, but I wasn't quite satisfied.

"Explain to me again what happened there?"

He sighed softly. "My Brother had a dream about the Valsharess's death. I...I understand you saw some of the wounds. On his hands."

"Not some. All," I corrected. "There were a lot, but I still don't understand how they got there just from touching her body."

His shoulders tensed but he could only nod. "Sometimes...injuries from magical essence manifest on the body. If the clash of auras is strong enough. Ask Gavin, I'm sure he could explain it better."

I glanced at the door and back. I just might at that. Shyntre already felt too guilty about that—even not having been there at the time—to go into detail now.

"So Tami came in and they talked," I prompted.

"And our Consort told Tami about what you'd done for him then, bringing him back out of his mind when the Spider Queen had frightened him too deep into it. He told her about a few other things between us. Anchoring us as we are, giving her context.

"That night she stopped seeing him as a mysterious Noldor with the wrong skin color, watching and judging everything she did, and began to see him—finally—as what he actually is, a Drow mage from the Underdark who didn't fit in. To drive the point home, he let her look at him naked the rest of the night, and he even fell asleep because her aura had begun caressing his."

"Resulting in minor healing for him," I said.


"So him bringing up Morix and Jael wanting to watch to her wouldn't work?"

"It might or might not." Shyntre shrugged. "If Tamuril resists, Ta'suil will back off. Their magic is similar enough that they resist clashing. They would rather work together."

I smirked. "And the clever Consort with all this Courtly manners and experience couldn't convince her to 'work together' again?"

"If he did and they didn't somehow go the other way," Shyntre said soberly, "he might be as motivating as the Green Dragon 'suggesting' that the Druid give more to the land than she already has."

Now I winced. "Ah. Point taken. Alright, I'll ask Karulin."


"You look like Natia after I've told her a scary story," the Shadow Elf commented to the Druid. "Same big eyes and hunched shoulders."

"I-I could...not," Tami whispered with horror, looking as though she were trying to resist wrapping her arms around her legs as well to complete the image of her young Daughter. "Y-you know the things I ask you and Sirana and her Priests to do to me...the Guild Leader would think I'm mad for enjoying it."

"Mmn, I don't think so," Karulin said, scratching her chin as she leaned up against her tree trunk with a thick mat of moss cushioning her ass. "He has seen a lot in his time, Humans and Dwarves especially, and he has something of a pervert for a Sire. I don't think he'd be surprised how others get their release."

Tamuril shook her head obstinately. "I do not care if he is surprised or not. He hates my brother. He plots against him."

"And you're staying *just* faithful enough to leave us and return to *him* someday," Karulin frowned at her, reminding her. "That's decades away. If you're both smart, and I know he is, then you'll bury that particular axe until it becomes relevant in a time when we're not talking about something small you can do, in the present, that will make Sirana and Jael happy."

The Druid looked like she'd been slapped, though not hard. Karulin knew she could have hit much harder.

"Uhm," the blonde uttered, blinking eyes shining with quick tears. "What do you mean?"

"Sirana misses Mourn," Karulin said bluntly. "He misses her, and Jael misses both of them being involved in her play, too. He's been avoiding upsetting the balance you've enjoyed with discovering real male Elves, Tami, and as a result Jael's been training hard and working harder, but doesn't get to see the rest of us as she used to. It's been over a month and they've finally addressed it."

Tami swallowed, her cheeks colored and her jaw firming up. "W-well, if it's just me getting in the way, then I could spend more nights outside and give him his turn."

"That's not what they're asking," Karulin said with a patient smile. "I know you heard me the first time, Tami. You're invited. In fact, *you* are the one Jael wants to see included. She's curious, and she wants to understand what's changed with Sirana and her Priests. She's not resenting you, and she's not asking to go back to the way it was before."

"Sh-she's not? She...wants to watch?"

"Oh, yeah. She's pretty fearless about these things, and Mourn is tolerant enough to want her to enjoy it. You're not being blamed for anything changing, Tam, not by either of them, or Sirana. They're just asking if Mourn and Jael can play in the same room, too. They won't touch you, or even get involved without explicit invitation. As I said, it would make Sirana very happy to have them back."

The Noldor shivered unconsciously, but Karulin could tell she was giving it some serious thought. "Shyntre?" she asked.

The shadow-jumper grinned. "He's alright with it. He thought Mourn would judge him for doing what he likes with Auslan, too, but discovered otherwise. He's willing to do his part to make it a good time for everyone, if you agree."

The Druid blinked and a tear fell. "If...if everyone's already talked about it and I'm the last hold-out, I can't really say no, can I?"

"Of course you can."

"Sure, but then *everyone* will resent me."

Karulin shook her head. "We'd just figure out something else, Tami. You could make a counter proposal, perhaps—"

That idea hadn't occurred to the Druid, it was clear.

"—or just agree that Sirana shares more time with Mourn and Jael. It might mean you'll have to cut back on sex because I can't just drop time with Natia or any of our chores to stand in for her, either, and you are explicitly forbidden from being alone with either Priest."

Tami's entire face went red, but she didn't argue the point. Karulin remained smiling.

"But you don't have to run off into the forest because of this. You'd just make it worse for yourself if you do." Karulin shrugged. "This is a first suggestion, an offer. What do you think? Have any questions? Need some time?"

"I-I, um, need time."

"How much time? A few hours? A day?"

Tami chuffed in frustration. "Must I decide now?"

"Yes, you must." Karulin winked. "Noldor can take years to make a decision."

The Druid growled just a little bit with a frown. "Very well. Then I have questions."

The Shadow Elf brightened with a nod. "Lay them out for me, Pale One. I'm listening."


The next evening, Auslan helped Mai for hours in the kitchen. It seemed this was one place which never ran out of tasks for his hands, although half the time they still left his mind racing.

*She has agreed to try once. No delay. Tonight, after the evening meal.*

The Life Priest had been excited and glad for the bravery, for the Noldor trying another path besides vanishing into the Mountains. It would be good for her, Shyntre and Sirana would never hurt her, and Morix and Jael could sit beside them once again. Auslan was more than willing because, in his way, he had missed them, too.

*May it be that afterward they better understand another facet of sex which tends to her wounds in a different way, as did the gentle and loving passion of the Godblood...*

Auslan made sure he was facing way from Mai when he thought about this, as he was washing, peeling, and slicing up roots for her. His cock lifted quickly inside his trousers at the memory of the two lovers with golden hair together in the new green grove.

*So beautiful.*

His straining appendage offered a different feeling still, even after these many months, from the many erections he'd had while wearing merely the Consort waist-wrap. Auslan set that thought aside, however, in favor of an unkempt, bearded Willven kissing Tamuril's lips, holding her tenderly, reverently at first, until they fit together. Then more of his quintessentially Human, Sun-hot urgency breeched the surface and he "took" her as if he may be on the cusp of dying right then...

The Consort didn't even really see it that he had been "spying" on them, as Morix had said, but instead felt he had been bearing witness to a bonding he otherwise would not have known could mesh at all.

Tami lying on her back, her long legs spread wide and most of her covered by a large Man; her aura fully awake, constantly caressing the Godblood's—as she did with Auslan, as Auslan did with his beloveds—and the Human psion with gifts beyond most of his kin in being able to give something back to her, well beyond what a short-lived creature should be willing to do lest it be "too much."

*Not just colors, but crystal,* he thought, cutting a pointed root into wheels. *Together. The clear crystal refracted her aura, split some of it, added more colors temporarily in a new weave... She gave them back, and he offered them again, and she accepted and return them again...*

Just before Morix had urged them away to give them their privacy, Auslan had seen a new way an Elvish aura could be coaxed open and yet protected, so strongly, from all Outsiders. Willven's crystalline mind reinforced Tami's magic, and as One, this had guarded them both. They were protected as the Druid left herself open to him, to all around her in a rare, perfect trust, as they made love to the point of exhaustion.

Yet neither had wanted a child, neither of them believed it possible in any regard. Auslan wondered if that was largely why it hadn't happened, or if there was something else he did not see.

"Neither of us are powerful in our magic as the Archmage anyway," Tamuril had "confessed" to him later in one of their private talks, blushing becomingly. "We knew we were safe."

Perhaps they weren't as strong as Cris-ri-phon, he who had made so many half-Elf children with Innathi, but yet, that new pattern Auslan had seen between the Noldor and the Human might have worked, with the desire and will there, and perhaps with a little extra help.

If Auslan had been part of that coupling, he would have known exactly what to do to shift the balance in their favor.

"Tian'shi?" Mai asked softly, leaning into his periphery. "You well?"

He blinked, realizing he breathed too quickly and had paused using his knife. The Consort cleared his throat and nodded, murmuring a "Yes, I am," cutting a few more rounds and knowing he couldn't really hide the evidence of his arousal. He wouldn't bother trying as he waited for her to notice—

"Ai, uh, mm," she fumbled her words, her own cheeks coloring and she took one step back with a little bow. "Angel needs Woman? Go. I will chop."

The suggestion of simply "needing" a female to mount and taking care of it quickly had him thinking, briefly, of coaxing this slender Yungian before him to allow him to pleasure her as well. She would not resist them, he knew.

*And she is Human. What would I learn from exploring her, inside and out—?*

Auslan shook the thought firmly out of his head, startled and a bit appalled with the impulse. If there was any action he could take at the Tower which would cause more damage than a quick orgasm was worth...

"Yes, Mai," he nearly whispered, carefully setting down his knife. "I am sorry. I shall return soon."

She had a beautiful smile, and her eyes sparkled with knowing encouragement. Those eyes were a unique shape at the Tower, quite exotic to him, and yet he already knew many, many more Humans possessed the same trait.

He could also sense just a little envy as he left to seek a remedy for his unruly aura.


He found her lying down on her side, quiet, alone, and resting in the room they shared with Shyntre at night. She was cradling her belly. She opened her eyes, lifted her head from the pillow, and smiled as she saw the problem.

"Well, now. What caused that?"

"Thinking too much," he answered.

"About tonight, you mean?"

He nodded. "I am not sure I can sit through the meal tonight without unnerving our Druid."

"That excited, are you?"

A shy smile. "Shyntre told me what he is planning for Tami. He will need my help."

"Oo," she said, sitting up now. "I look forward to witnessing what it is." She eyed him. "Have I told you I miss the Consort wrap sometimes? Just being able to pull it up when I want to see you, or reach under to cup you, with nothing in the way..."

He gave a shuddering laugh. "I think the same. Partly why I am here."

Now she got to her feet, loosening and stripping out of her comfortable bottoms to be naked from the waist down. She was heavily pregnant, her breasts still swollen and sore, and yet she'd still picked up enough from his body language, reading his mood, to know what he wanted. Her own stance had changed; big belly or not, now she appeared rather how he had first seen her.

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