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Surfacing Ch. 43.4


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. (c) Etaski 2017.

This continues the Finale of Surfacing, and the final book of Sirana's story (for now). A short Epilogue will follow in December. This is Part 4 of 5.

One family, seeking all within themselves.

Surfacing Chapter 43, Part Four

There was no snow along the Western coast. One had to climb up into the mountains for that, and Xalli was grateful she stood where she could see it, but was not standing in it. Once was enough.

The flayer-Elf still needed additional clothing, and water-resistant ones to shield herself against the frequent rain and damp, sea air—something Arvada'zh provided—and she still used her mind to keep her body warmer when needed. It always made her hungrier, particularly since she often refused to wear shoes or boots as she intensely disliked the loss of sense in where she stood—but there was plenty of prey to feed that hunger as she learned ever more of the Surface with the Dragons' help.

Why they loitered here, she still did not know. If they talked about it, their Words seemed to pass in and out of her hearing, on the edge of her very senses. She wasn't sure she would be able to translate the Words anyway.

Most of the days were overcast and grey, and Xalli eventually learned to see and hunt in the day. The days without cloud-cover and the Sun exposed proved too much and her solution, rather than simply endure the pain, was to adapt her body as she could her temperature and endurance. Learning to alter her vision to filter some of the light, the same way her helm did when she wore her armor, the colors became muted, and the white-blue light blocked, everything took on a darker, more comfortable shade.

"Clever girl," Lethrix commented with his familiar grin.

Even not allowed to wear her armor at all, Xalli remained battle-ready with how far she could run, how fast she could respond to anything deemed a threat, how easily her psionic commands came even this far from the center of the world. Sometimes her Sire would ambush her, force her to attack him. He tested her, and quickly she dropped the notion that she would hurt him as she simply Thought first, acted next. He seemed to enjoy her responses, whatever it may be. No corrections, no judgments, no praise. There was a difference between testing and training; if anything, she trained herself.

Arvada'zh interacted with her rarely, but he kept watch on her, always wearing his towering Human form. Xalli had yet to see anything different, even knowing this to be a Dragon like her Sire. He seemed agitated, having either her or Lethrix—or both—in his territory this long; he endured it, he did not welcome it. There must be a reason. She might wish it was entwined with why she was being taught to survive on the Surface, but that was not necessarily the case.

It may be only a way to pass the time.

"We wait for something, Sires," she asked, in the deep cave where she stayed during the cold, dark nights. "What is it?"

Arvada'zh rested his emerald green eyes on her thoughtfully, while Lethrix's dark face highlighted the lively gold of his. The two Dragons exchanged glances.

"The same event you are, I believe," the Wild Man said. "It should not be long now."

Xalli had noticed long ago that she now fiddled with physical things when her free-ranging emotions added unwelcome uncertainty to her more discerning, analytical observations. Right now she was twisting a stick, watching the bark fray and split from the pale, tender wood within.

"My Brother?" she murmured, admitting a recurring thought aloud for the first time. So many times she had looked in the general direction of the Herald's Tower, imagining a painful separation happening there. Similar to how it had been with Mother. "What do you want with him?"

Her question slipped out with the underlying threat, either in thought or tone, she wasn't sure. But Lethrix heard it, and Xalli flinched and shrunk back in embarrassment when he hissed his indulgent amusement when his strong, hot tail slid to drape across her shoulders.

"Nothing, yet," he said.

The Black Dragon need not say more, and Arvada'zh only grunted as if agreeing. If it wasn't the newborn mind they waited for, then it must be the one who would give birth to him.

Once again, she was almost certain, Xalli'hoon was to be used as a tool to manipulate her Father. Once again, Xalli'hoon was too afraid of rejection, of being abandoned in a harsh place, to even think to rebel against it.

She would wait with them and see what would happen next.


Jael relished the way Morix squeezed her ass when he spurted in this position.

Braced on his knees and the balls of his feet, his talons digging into the dirt, he held her to his chest while they faced each other, her legs wrapped around him. Gradually she would stretch around his knot and snuggle down around him, lock together with him in body as they were in aura. They could kiss if they wanted to.

Before that juncture, his hands holding her cheeks would assist her, up and down, as she rode his pole to get off. She typically climaxed before he did if the understanding—verbalized or not—was that they would get tied together. Otherwise, the strong contractions of her cunt could become uncomfortable for him.

After that point, however, when it was his turn, and he wedged himself inside, while his chest vibrated with his release, his hands cupping her ass always drew down like a constrictor in firm control of his prey. She felt the tips of his claws without the skin breaking; she felt the scalding heat of his palms; she felt him massage and spread her open as if to show off her purple pucker to someone waiting to lick it—and wasn't that glorious when Sirana did that?—or if Jael wanted, she could ask for his tail to join his cock inside her, too.

This time, Jael just let the open air caress her winking back hole as her slit was hardly a slit anymore, spread and stuffed to bulging the way it was. She didn't care. She rested her head on his shoulder, held on tight and felt him shudder, letting the magic roil and rush around them while he once again filled her body with his offering. She wanted his scent, his essence, his magical marking to penetrate her, to saturate her. There could be no mistake which To'vah she wanted to be with, and it wasn't like she could get pregnant again, anyway.

She noticed she was talking less during sex, though; certainly, the dirty words were more often in her head and implied in soft growls and grunts. It was as if she couldn't forget they were in hiding, out in the wilderness without anyone around and still she didn't want to make too much noise. She didn't want anyone to find them.

*We made an awful lot of noise when Gavin said the Ley Lines changed.*

Goddess, what was this fox dung, anyway? She'd only wanted to have fun, to do some things exciting to her. To see her mate let go a little with others, to try something new. It wasn't supposed to be anything world-shattering, except maybe in her head. At the time. One night and things would go back to normal, like her holes always shrunk back down to normal.

*Now we'll be lucky if he ever so much as sits in the same room with anyone ever again, thanks to his stupid Sires.*

Jael knew that was ignoring several larger issues, but she didn't care.

"Hey, um," she began one twilight, as her mate peeked out of their second cave in as many weeks and contemplated their tasks for the night.

He looked at her, his movement seeming feline tonight but she wasn't sure why. His golden eyes glinted even in the light of a single Moon, his tail curled with the inquiry, an invitation to speak as he was listening. Jael smiled a bit, wondering when she'd started using his tail to interpret the expression on his face reliably.

"Where does the desert end?" she asked.

"A barren coastline," he answered. "The sea is very warm, not many fish or resources. No people."

"You've been there?"

"Once. It took a while to traverse on foot."

"Four feet, I bet."

He smiled and nodded. Jael felt encouraged.

"Ever find Koorul?"

He shook his head. "Nor V'Gedra, though part of it was listening to warnings within the Ley Lines. I may have simply avoided both, as I wasn't seeking." He considered her form, her face. "I do not think we should seek it now. Sacred sites may enhance the feel of our presence to Mazdek, and it is better if we do not draw attention."

She shrugged. "I know. I wasn't suggesting, just curious."

Morix looked only confused with her direction of the conversation, and she knew she wasn't saying what was really on her mind. But then, neither was he so they were even.

"You still have your weapons cuffs," she said, getting closer to her point. "Do you have anything I could use, you know, to continue training? It would pass the time, keep us both ready. In top shape."

For an inevitable clash with a Dragon, she didn't say.

Morix nodded. "Yes. We should continue practicing together."

Jael exhaled in relief, putting both fists together like a warrior's prayer. "Yes. Just that easy?"

He nodded.

"Why did I wait two weeks to ask you?"

Now he showed a bit of fang. "It took that long to cobble together routine. You sense we have it, as do I."

"Scout, hunt, eat, drink, sex, move, guard, repeat?"

"Something like that. You're bored already, apprentice?"

"Yeah, and I've been waiting."

"Waiting for what?"

Jael bonked her fist against her forehead in irritation. "For *one of us* to say whether we want the kid or not!"

"One of those was within your control."

"And the other was in yours. And you're more experienced."

Morix snorted softly, looking out into the deepening night as the Moonlight grew stronger. "I do not feel so, Jael. Though I feel responsible for both your well-being and your inevitable suffering."

"With you being the 'strong' one everyone expects to take care of himself as well as me, and bear whatever happens to me, right?"

He shrugged. "There is how it is, and how we would have it be."

Jael found herself bouncing on her feet as nerves arose quickly, even as she felt she knew what Sirana would ask her now. She didn't know the answer, but maybe she should ask him instead. Blurt it out.

"Okay, okay, sit with me, please?"

He crouched down, elbows resting on his knees with fingers loosely folded, his tail curled around his feet—*Close enough.*—and Jael dropped down onto her butt on the dusty, stone floor of the cave, scooting closer to him. Both of them could use a bath, but there wasn't a lot of water to waste here.

"I should've asked before now, I have no idea what I'm doing," she said, her own fingers squeezing themselves harder than Morix was his. "So just listen, okay?"

He nodded and waited.

"Say we never asked Krithannia anything," Jael began, "and she never said anything about Noldor elders or prophecy. Say Arvada'zh never showed up to put your back to the wall. Say your Sire wasn't a giant prick."

Her mate quirked his brow at her, but she continued fast.

"Say Auslan hadn't gone crazy and run away from us and instead told me what he knew. Say I'd had a chance to understand what was going on around me, what was happening to me, or to us."

Morix smiled ruefully but nodded for her to continue. He was willing to pretend, as much as that wasn't his first impulse to solve any problem. They were pretending, as Tamuril had with Priests she couldn't allow to actually fuck her, throwing off tension without affecting their actual reality. It wouldn't hurt anything, and it might help look at it through an illusory mirror.

Jael blew out her breath as her stomach trembled, as her hands quivered.

"Right. Now, all that never happened, and I'm here, telling you." She gathered her courage. "Morix, uh, I'm pregnant, and I think you're the sire."

He looked at her, curious but saying nothing.

She waved her hand dramatically. "I know, I know, that's impossible, they told you, but it's true! And I...I think it took everyone to make it happen. You know, three parts Soraveri healing magic, two parts Elvish fertility, be sure to sample the flavor, make sure it's not spoiled."

He quirked the other eyebrow in dry, silent comment. She pantomimed with her hands like she was in Mai's kitchen.

"Sprinkle in generous To'vah magic, a dash of Blade Singer spice, and Psionics to bind it all together. Churn it all with a measure of Chase-cream, bake it in some fucking hot Fel-Nash'en fire magic and let cool in Grey Mist— What? Are you laughing at me?"

He was; he was covering his face with his hand, and his stomach moved though he made no noise. A huge grin brightened her face, and she continued.

"So. Um. I wasn't expecting it, but my first thought would have been that it was great timing!"

Another odd look.

"I mean it! I'd get to watch Sirana have Wruzdi and help take care of him long before it was my turn, but they'd be born so close together they're practically twins in Drow years! Although I don't know if they'd both be boys, or one boy, one girl."

"They'd both be male," Morix said with finality.

"Yeah?" she challenged him. "Well, I'm not convinced. I wasn't supposed to catch from a Half-Blood in the first place. Maybe I'd have a Daughter."

Morix started to shake his head; Jael interrupted.

"We're pretending. We're back when I first learned I carried, and everyone else at the Tower knows, too. If all that is possible, so is this. What do you think? Would you want a female, or would you rather have a male?"

Her mate frowned, but at least he gave it some thought, trying to drag the wheel out of this particular rut.

"I had imagined you bearing your first child by another male," he said. "I would not know the sex then until perhaps you sensed it."

"Or you Dreamed it," she suggested, settling back into the talk.

"So I would welcome whoever came to us, Jael. I have no preference."

"Either male or female, then?"

"Or neither."

Well, he'd not only gotten out of the rut of it being a Son, he practically flung himself out of it.

She grinned. "Or both? Like Nioah?"

He nodded, then fixed his eyes on hers. "You've already said without saying that you want to risk the birth, Jael."

"Yeah, I did. Because I'd have Sirana there, and Karulin, and Tamuril. I'd have Krithannia, or all the Wilder females if I wanted. Maybe we'd even have time to visit my Mother."

Morix absorbed what she was saying. "You would want other female Elves before you would be willing to risk this. Isolation does not bode well."

She fiddled with her fingers. "Yeah. Ideal, maybe. I watched that my whole life, it's how House Aurenthin treated all of us. But...I-I also know Sirana didn't have that, the females were the danger instead, wanting to decide for her.

"She had nothing heading for the Surface, no support or reassurance, she didn't tell us. And she still charged forward, maybe hoping for an opportunity to make it possible. And she found one. In you. Maybe even in Gavin, too. Wasn't the second action between you three, after the Chaos Cult, to break her Compulsion and save her baby?"

He nodded to confirm.

"So it can work differently from how I know," she granted. "I'm scared, but not of having your baby, Morix. I'm scared of your Sires finding out, the same Sirana was scared of the Priestesses. They'd both lock us away as livestock."

Morix exhaled softly. The tilt of his shoulders was just enough to make herself ask the question.

"Do you want a child of ours, Morix? You haven't said."

"The consequences—"

"This is pretending. No other threats. This is just you and me. We're already bonded for the next few centuries while you train me, we made that vow in front of Rennyn. And I still want to learn Blade Song and rut with you like sweaty, wild boars that whole time. I'm not going anywhere."

He smiled a bit. "Neither am I."

"Okay, then. What about this," she pointed at her belly. "Can we make room for this, too? Goals still possible, just maybe with some changes? Would we have the food, shelter, resources?"

Morix nodded without noticeable hesitation, glancing out at the vast sand and scrub even as they were in that other place and time. "Abundant."

"Okay. So what do you want, beloved? Never mind the bull's shit plopping everywhere around us making it stink. Are you not ready for this? Are you willing to go there? What direction should we take?"

"It is your body, Jael—"

"Thanks, I like yours, too."

"—it is your very *life,*" he added with more bass, and no humor whatsoever. "I am not your Master in this. I am not even your teacher or your guide."

She lifted her hands in the air to dissipate the force in his voice. "Yep, you aren't. And same back. No yoke I could make could force you anywhere but where you've decided to go. So, tell me where you'd like to go. I need to know. I can't make my decision without hearing what you think. Be honest."

Jael made herself shut her mouth then as she waited for an answer. The tip of Morix's tail tapped kind of like drumming fingers while he formed it. She could hope he was pushing all the external threats and worries aside in their "pretend land" and watched his eyes carefully while he peered at the floor or the mouth of the cave. Maybe a few times the darkness crept back in but he shook his head, and his chest expanded in another breath like he was starting over. Her stomach was a quivering ball of tension.

Eventually, he told her.

"If the healers could carry you through the birth, if I could have both of you and not have to choose...if I would live to see it happen and be left by my Sires to protect and provide for you, then I welcome a child of ours, Jael. Yours and mine. Him, her, or hijr." He frowned still, thoughtful. "Whatever comes from a Half-Blood who shouldn't breed, a conception bolstered by the Will and Magic of many others. Not just us."

*Close enough,* she thought again. Not that she could blame him for all the qualifiers. But at least he'd been clear: the answer was yes, with a rejection that she needs to suffer or die for it.

And an acknowledgment that they weren't alone unless they stayed here.

"That's what I needed to know," she said. "We're facing the same direction, Itovoh."

Another smile. Those helped. In time, the "pretend" wish might merge better with harsh reality, but Jael had begun to accept that she wouldn't see Wruzdi born even as the thought made her chest ache. The two of them weren't prepared to charge back across the continent to the Tower as soon as the next Moon cycle and stir up attention again. They had no defense worked out for this situation.

Back to the real world.

"Time to train again," she said aloud. "To work together as we never have before?"

Morix nodded. "Yes, Daratrix. Come."

She got to her feet with him, and a plan seemed to be forming in her head as they stepped outside. They would practice their Dance some more, but instead of sparring, as acting opponents, they would learn to defend and bolster each other, as she had shielded and strengthened her mate while he restrained Brom. They would plan how to escape—work out more than one way to escape—and maybe...maybe then—

*Talk to Mazdek'pien. Or Lethrix.*

Before they, or one of the others, found them first.


The morning after the birth was clear, the wind mostly still. Both Tamuril and Willven thought it a good opportunity to try their luck at restocking the stores with anything they could find which might be out for the same reasons they were.

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