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Sherry and I had been together for about six months when I first brought up the idea of a threesome. I thought that she would agree immediately as she has a very wide range of sexual interests, and is very willing to try anything at least once. Bondage, toys, exhibitionism, leather and lace, all these and more we had experienced together. She had also been with other women, but that was before we met. At the time I suggested the threesome, we were at the beach, enjoying the sun and the occasional sensual application of oil to each other. She wore a yellow thong bikini which was just enough to be legal and no more.

I wore baggy shorts. She lay face down as I straddled her thighs, and caressed her shoulders with oil drenched hands. I worked my way down her back, reaching around to squeeze her breasts, and eventually working down to her butt. I ran a thumb down the cleft of her buttocks and pushed against her rosebud, then touched her oozing pussy. She moaned, or purred would be a better description. A cute Asian girl had spread her towel just in front of us. She was wearing a black bikini, had small breasts and ass, and was very pretty. I knew Sherry had a recent affair with a Chinese girl from her job, but she had moved away before I met Sherry.

I leaned forward and whispered in her ear "Wouldn't you like to taste what's in her pants?"

She laughed, and wriggled her ass so that my half hard cock became fully aroused. With Sherry, I have an erection at least half the time in public, so I tend to wear loose shorts. Sherry is far more an exhibitionist than I am.

She replied "The way your cock feels on my ass, you would like a taste too. Open my bra and lets see what happens".

She lifted her head and displayed her beautiful shapely breasts to anyone lucky enough to be nearby. The only person was the Asian girl. Sherry's left nipple was pierced with a large gold ring, very eye catching. It certainly caught the Asian girl's eye. She stared at Sherry, looked away, but her eyes were dragged back to the dangling breasts and sparkling nipple.

"Honey, why don't you go get a nice cool bottle of water, and come back in about fifteen minutes. I've got something to do here".

I got the message, and took myself and my erection for a walk back to the car park. From her tone of voice, I knew something good was about to happen, involving lots of skin and sex. The last time I heard that tone of voice was a week before, just before she blew me in the middle of a boring movie- but that's another story. I strolled back with the water, anticipating an interesting sight.

I arrived to find that Sherry had recruited the pretty Asian girl to apply more oil to her legs. I watched as her hands moved up Sherry's thighs, approaching the tiny triangle of fabric. Sherry leaned over and whispered to Lani, and both giggled. Lani's hands went higher and rubbed on Sherry's mound, circling and caressing Sherry's pussy through the fabric that was rapidly becoming damp and transparent. Both girls were breathing rapidly, then their lips came together for a long and wet kiss. I decided to start collecting the towels and other beach paraphernalia, and soon we were driving back to my condo, about twenty minutes away.

Sherry and Lani were in the back seat, both naked at this point, in a 69 position, with Lani on top. I wanted to stop and join in, but we eventually got to my building and drove into the underground garage. We got in the elevator, both girls still naked and by the time we got to my floor, I had Lani sitting on my cock, legs around my waist, while Sherry sucked he nipples.

We got into the apartment and to bed. I was fucking Lani's tight pussy with slow strokes, as Sherry straddled her face and Lani licked her pussy and nibbled on her clit. I pulled out from Lani's hot slit and began to eat her wet and juicy pussy. We rolled over so that Lani was sitting on my face, grinding into me, and Sherry climbed onto my cock. Her muscular cunt milked my cock, and I erupted just as Lani stiffened and squealed as she came also. Sherry continued to ride me until she came moments later. All three of us climbed in the shower to clean off the oil and sweat that clung to us.

Even before we dried off, Sherry was on her back with Lani eating her. Sherry pulled her nipple ring and reached underneath to finger her asshole. I put my recovered erection in Sherry's hot mouth and then move around to fuck Lani's pussy again. We fucked doggy style, and Sherry then left briefly. I felt her climb on the bed behind me. Her hand rubbed my ass, then her lips, then something warm and wet insinuated itself between my buttocks as she started rimming me. I continued to fuck Lani who was moaning and playing with her clit. I licked my finger and inserted it in her ass. She stiffened and then relaxed as I fucked both her holes.

Meanwhile, Sherry had started to finger fuck my ass also. Something cold, lubricant, helped her finger past my tight sphincter. I was close to cumming as a second finger entered me. I fucked Lani more slowly, wanting to extend the pleasure. Sherry removed her fingers and replaced them with something much larger and harder. I glanced back to see Sherry wearing her strap on. She smiled and kissed me as she thrust into me. I came immediately, and both girls soon followed. We collapsed in a heap of sweat and cum and lust. Sherry whispered in my ear "By the way, Lani and I used to be lovers. She left town for a training program. She just got back here a few days ago. I thought you should get acquainted. "

What a way to meet. I think we'll get really well acquainted.

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