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Night is falling like a velvet hammer. Art and Cindy had been out hiking and playing with each other all day. Cindy wore her favorite denim skirt, it barely covered the curves of her ass and showed off her long tan legs. Her yellow blouse is tight at the waist with the top three buttons open to reveal ample cleavage. There is a hint of dark nipple visible where the thin material is stretched taught across her breasts. The couple spent the day teasing each other. Cindy was rubbing her breasts against Art, bending and stretching to show off her breasts and ass. She had conveniently chosen not to wear panties or bra for the trip. Art spent most of his time stroking and rubbing Cindy in all of the places he knew would get her excited. The large bulge in his jeans revealed just how excited he was by all of the day's activities. Art worked very hard to keep his cool through the afternoon explaining, "I have a special surprise at home."

Cindy continued to tease Art on the ride home. She unbuttoned the straining fourth button of her blouse and flashed several truck drivers on the interstate. Art moaned and tried to concentrate while she rubbed his hard cock through his pants. Cindy grinned and teased, "You like me teasing the truckers." He nodded and forced himself to concentrate on the road not her stiff nipples. She continued. "Would you like to see those BIG truckers lick my tits?" She squeezed her breasts together and offered them to him. "Or maybe my wet pussy?" She lay back and stoked a finger over her swollen pussy lips and moaned. Her eyes twinkled as she finished, "I know, you want them to fuck me with their big, thick cocks." She slid a finger into her dripping pussy. She was so wet and excited she could barely stand it.

Art was relieved that the house was in sight. "Lucky for us we are home already." He turned in to the drive as twilight dimmed the sky. He pulls her hand up to his lips and kisses the wet sticky fingers. "Let's go inside." Art suggests.

Cindy stares into the living room as they enter. The lights are out and there are candles stationed all around the room. She watches as Art walks around the room lighting them. "Wow, you do have a special surprise for me." Her libido shifts in to high gear. Cindy begins swaying and dancing when the music starts. She spins around the main post separating the hall and the living room. Her hands caress her body, nipples stiffening as they are stroked through the blouse. There are a few of her favorite toys laid out on the coffee table as well as a few scarves.

A gentle kiss from Art stops her dancing. Her knees tremble with excitement as he takes over, leading her back to the wooden post at the edge of the room. "Allow me." His tone of voice is instructing, not asking permission. Cindy follows his direction as he kisses her, harder this time. Their tongues mingle and they back against the column. Her hands are guided up over her head by Arts strong arms. He holds her arms in place with one hand and breaks the kiss. The other hand drags a silk scarf over the exposed cleavage of her breasts.

Cindy opens her eyes and looks lustfully at her partner. The cool smooth silk always did driver her senses wild and he knows it. She groans as the scarf caresses her breasts and neck. She glances at the table trying to recall when he picked it up. The silk caresses her arms, sending shivers down her spine. A small glint in the corner catches her eye. The new video camera is set up on a tripod, partly hidden by the curtains. "What exactly are you planning?" She turns to ask.

Art is standing beside Cindy, looking at her straining blouse; the stiff nipples are easily seen beneath the tight blouse. "Just a little surprise." He studies the glistening drip beginning to inch down her thigh and knows he has prepared her well. "You look secure. Try to get out of that." He challenges.

Cindy looks up surprised to notice that her hands are still raised. "Oh My!" She exclaims. She tugs on the nylon cord wrapped around her wrist, the silk scarf covering the loop that is tightly holding her hands. The other end is attached to a small but secure hook near the roof. The twist in the rope secures her wrists and leaves a little slack allowing her to move a couple of feet in any direction.

"Good." Art smiles while watching Cindy twist and pull at her new wrist bindings. He smiles and reaches down, tracing the drip of juices with his finger. His hand slowly glides up her thigh to the source of the drip. Cindy groans as his fingertips run along her swollen pussy lips she can see the slight gape of them in her mind as he explores over them. The fingers brush over her sensitive clit on their way up her taught stomach. Art leans in and whispers, "This is just the beginning." He kisses her biting and sucking her lip.

Cindy leans forward following as long as she can when he moves away. Their kiss is broken when Art moves back over to the table. He looks over the assortment of toys and picks up a second silk scarf. He chooses a black scarf and begins folding it lengthways to darken the material even further. Cindy quivers as she watches him carefully fold the scarf and then place it gently over her eyes. The darkness envelops her making her skin tingle with excitement. She can still hear Art moving around the room, until he turns the music up. There are hushed noises that she must strain to hear. Cindy imagines Art is removing his clothes somewhere near by.

Art returns to the post and admires Cindy stretched out for his pleasure. He caresses her arms and watches her shiver at his touch. His hand glides over her breasts, a finger tracing the path between the two heaving mounds until he reaches her blouse. He tugs at the shirt and is satisfied to feel the button pop off. His strong hands easily repeat this with each of the remaining buttons.

Cindy is blind to his movements, but can feel the gently caresses and the strong hands stroking her body. The first button popping free startles her, but each successive button sends a shiver down her spine to her clit. Then he pulls the shirt aside exposing her breasts to a gentle breeze. The chill makes her skin tingle. With her arms raise the blouse is effectively stuck, or so she thinks. Art pulls at the edge of the arms and with a harsh ripping sound he tears the top shoulder of the blouse on each side. The torn material falls away leaving Cindy exposed to Art and his ministrations.

Art drops the shredded shirt and glides down to her skirt. It is one of their favorites. He unzips the side and slides it down letting it fall to her feet rather than tear it apart. His eyes and hands explore her body caressing her breasts and stomach, kissing her neck and lips. He slips a foot between her feet and guides her legs apart. He whispers into her ear, "You are all mine tonight." He runs his hands up her sides and turns her to face the column. His hands slide under and around her breasts while his mouth kisses and nibbles down her back.

Cindy feels his hands guiding and stroking her. "Oh yes." She moans, whether in response to the caresses or his statement he cannot tell. She arches her back and leans down pressing her breasts into his hands as they guide her upper body lower. Her feet spread slightly apart move back shifting her into a leaning position with her ass out and up. She shivers as the cool breeze touches her damp pussy. Then there is a warm breeze from Arts waiting mouth. Her quivering pussy nearly explodes when his lips kiss her dampness. She groans as his hands glide back to her thighs. She can hear noises as he shifts around to lap up the nectar from her pussy.

Art licks and sucks at her lips, the juices tasting wonderfully sweet. His hands pull her lips apart allowing his tongue to dart deeper into her. She is groaning and holding tight to the rope as she leans forward and thrusts her hips back towards him. He watches the sway of her pendulous breasts as her body moves with his licking. He holds her tightly and pulls her hips back onto his hungry mouth.

Cindy stands mouth agape as she enjoys Arts expert tongue. She lets his hands guide her hips. She moans when she feels his hands gently caressing her back. "Oh!" She exclaims when she realizes there is and extra set of hands on her back. The mystery man reaches down to cup her breasts, they squeeze and massage her tender breasts rolling the nipple expertly in his palm. The rough texture and strong grip of his hands brings to mind a big tough trucker, just like the dozen or so that she had teased Art with earlier. Her mind is doing back flips over the idea when a warm wet mouth closes over her right breast. 'Another!' Her thoughts race as her body quivers. Cindy wonders just how many people are watching her.

Art continues to lick, his chin glistening with juices, each new realization causing a fresh stream to pour forth. He directs the others with gestures, guiding them to her most sensitive areas. He closes his hands on her ass cheeks and squeezes. He works his wide tongue up and down covering her from clit to ass with licks. Every third lick he drives his tongue deep and locks his lips onto hers to suck her dry. Each new pass stirs more juices to rise up from within. He waves his hand at the man sucking her breasts and directs him to her open mouth.

Cindy is lost in all the sensations. The sharp electrifying shocks from her pussy and clit combined with the slow burn of the dual hand and tongue massage of her breasts are driving her near to orgasm. Even as the slut in her wonders where the cock for her mouth is, she feels the mouth leave her breast. Before her disappointment can set in she feels strong hands on her face, tilting her head up. Her nose brushes past a stiff hard cock, the head of which comes to rest on her lips.

The man in front is amazed at how willing Art's blindfolded wife is. He moans as she first licks the precum from the tip and then slips the head into her mouth. Art moves up and begins kissing her face and neck watching in awe as she slurps down this huge cock. He knows she likes to play with big dildos, but has never seen the lustful way Cindy sucks big cock.

Cindy takes inch after inch hungrily slurping the throbbing cock. The saliva drools down her chin as the unfamiliar man moans. She groans in despair when he pulls his cock from her. She is shocked to hear slurping noises beside her ear. She turns to lick the cock she knows is beside her. Art's cheek meets hers, she licks the base and balls of the thick shaft. Art sucks the tip and top half eagerly. She wonders how often he has done this before when she is not around.

Art releases the cock of his friend, Mitch, and kisses Cindy's neck. He can watch up close as Mitch drives his cock into her mouth. She is taking half of the large cock while Mitch moans contentedly. He begins to stroke his cock in and out working it in deeper while Art stands and places his cock beside Mitch's.

Cindy feels the second cock brush her cheek and turns to it. She takes the familiar cock into her mouth easily after the first, larger one. Underneath she feels the hands let go of her breasts and move down her sides to her hips. The third stranger replaces Art at her pussy. She shivers and feels the tingling preorgasm begin to build. The nimble fingers tease her swollen lips and clit before driving 2 deep into her pussy. They twist and turn as Cindy alternates between the glistening cocks throbbing before her.

Behind her the next member of our little group, Julie, uses her free hand to slap Cindy's ass. The loud crack is heard over the beat of the music. Cindy gasps and jumps when the blow lands. It is enough to sting, but not hurt. She curls her fingers and searches for the elusive G spot while Cindy returns to sucking Mitch. Julie times her next slap perfectly. Whack! She slaps the red cheek again. Cindy gasps and jumps, this time driving Mitch's cock deeper. She gags and swallows as Mitch holds her head still, feeling the spasm of her throat massage his cock.

Art slips down under Cindy for another surprise. He licks her breasts and sucks on the nipples getting them nice and stiff. He watches her face as she sucks hungrily at Mitch. He places an ice cube in his mouth and kisses her breast. His tongue presses the frozen cube around her nipple. He can feel the ridges forming around the hard nipple.

Cindy would have screamed when the ice hit her nipple, except her mouth was filled with cock. Her breasts were sending out shockwaves making her pussy and brain spasm. She happily groaned around the hard cock. Behind her she heard someone talking, but could not understand the words. He mind didn't really care what they were saying as long as they continued playing with her.

Julie looked up at Mitch, "You want her tight?" She grinned. He winked back at his mischievous wife and nodded. Julie reached over to the bowl beside Art and removed two ice cubes. She let the first drip a few times onto Cindy's ass and then lowered it to rub it along her swollen pussy lips. Once the hard edges were gone she slipped the cube inside and pushed it deep with two fingers. The helpless Cindy groaned and moaned, her body quivering all over. Then Julie popped the other cube into her mouth and leaned down. She licked around her fingers and down to Cindy's clit. Her tongue slid the frozen cube around and over the swollen lips and stopped on the enflamed clit. Water dripped freely from the fast melting ice.

Mitch slipped out of Cindy's mouth and moved around behind her. Art retrieved a fresh cube and moved to the other breast. Mitch kissed Julie and stood behind the orgasming Cindy. Julie kissed the tip of his cock and then guided it into the tight pussy. Her tongue stroked the shaft and flicked over the lips where they stretched to accept him.

Cindy was lost in her orgasm, unable to control her body. Signals of cold and hot crashed over her from all over. The electric tingle had grown to encompass her whole body. Then she felt a piercing heat stab through her. The hot throbbing cock that had filled her mouth was thrust into her ice-cold tight pussy. This time without a cock for a gag she did scream, "My God Yes!" The cock inside felt like a searing fire filling her cold insides, the contrast sent her into the most massive orgasm she had ever experienced.

Art leaves her breasts and stand before Cindy. His cock is aching as he watches the huge member disappear into her pussy. He offers it to her mouth and is welcomed onto the warm wet tongue. She is a bit distracted, but he begins pumping into her mouth holding her head as his strokes increase to match those of Mitch behind her.

Julie slides around watching Cindy closely to see when she has had enough. She slaps lightly on her breasts and feels the jolt that each slap and thrust has on the lucky girl. She smiles when she sees Mitch begin to jerk and pump hard deep thrusts, knowing that that huge first load is filling Cindy's wet pussy. She returns to her position underneath and licks Mitch as he slides out. Cum pours from Cindy's pussy into Julie's waiting and hungry mouth, Julie licks and sucks the cum down. Art watches and feels his own load of cum spray forth. Cindy eagerly swallows every drop in her hypersexual state.

The trio moves away and sits down while Cindy recovers. Art looks over when he hears Cindy begin to breathe a little more evenly. "Was that enough, my little slut?"

Cindy sits in a puddle of cum her arms dangling from the rope. She thinks, 'Wow, that was amazing!' unfortunately words have escaped her and what comes out is, "Ooo... whs mmmzig!"

Unable to understand her and still wanting to play Art tells her, "Give us a few minute to rest and then we will play with you some more." He grins and winks at Julie and Mitch as they discuss the assortment of toys on the table.

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