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This summer had been unusually warm and therefore Linda had worn only a shear floral sundress to beat the heat of day. She loved the way it’s softness felt as it caressed the flesh of her beautiful body. Her every movement reminding her of the sensual excitement she felt of the nakedness under her dress during the days activities. She loved the way it breathed with the slightest breeze, letting the cool air easily pass through its fabric to flow over her naked body beneath. But the thing she enjoyed the most though was knowing that when standing just right with the sun shinning down on her from behind it became almost transparent. She knew that anyone standing in the right location, directly in front of her, they could not only see her full silhouette but could actually see her nakedness below not only by its flesh tones but also be the details of her most intimate of places, revealing the true beauty of her womanhood. Earlier today she had become so wet from the gaze of 3 young men that she had to hurriedly make her way off to the restroom before she started dripping onto the floor of the mall as she had felt her excitement running down between her legs more than she imagined might ever happen just from being watched and lusted for in this so very erotic way.

It was a very warm summers evening drive home from work on that so far uneventful July day. July 6th to be exact, Linda’s Birthday. She thought to herself as she drove, where had the time gone. Especially the last 11 wonderful years since falling so deeply in love with the man of her dreams. She knew he would be waiting excitingly at home for her to arrive. She knew he would have some wonderful surprise awaiting her. He loved so much surprising her with expresses of his love and devotion. He did this often even on those so precious times that had no operant reason, no Birthday, no Christmas, no anniversary, no special reason at all other than he loved her deeply and has devoted his life to her and their shared love. She wondered how he planned to surprise her tonight, knowing she knew he would have planned something special for her birthday.

She pulled into the long driveway, parked the car and stepped out.

As she started up the stone walkway she saw him standing in the open doorway holding what looked to be a bottle of wine and a dozen red roses. As he placed the beautiful long stemmed red roses in her hands he leaned over kissed her softly and said “welcome home sweetheart and I have a surprise for your birthday” “I hope you don’t mind not going out tonight to celebrate as I thought we might spend a more quieter time at home tonight?

As she walked through the doorway she noticed the room was dimly lit by aromatic candles and the glow from the fire burning in the fireplace. She soaked in the so very romantic setting this wonderful man whom she loved so very, much had created for her arrival home.

She thought how this was exactly what she wanted. A romantic night alone with the man she loved so very, very much. The thought of them making passionate love in front of the fireplace as its flickering flames lit and warmed the room so beautifully to start off the next year of her life as well as the perfect ending to the year past. But she also knew him well enough to know that this was just way to easy. She knew he had something up his sleeve. She knew he loved surprising her much, too much to let it go at this.

As she put the roses into a vase and sat them on the dinning room table he said softly but with excitement in his eyes, “Baby, I’ll be right back as I’m going to bring you your surprise now” She looked over her shoulder smiled and replied Ok baby don’t be long” She then poured them each a glass of wine from the bottle of her favorite kind of wine that he had made sure to provide.(pinot Gris)

She pulled the softness of her sun dress up over her head and let it fall to the floor revealing her beautiful nude body while thinking devilishly, I think I’ll turn the tables on him and have a little surprise of my own waiting for him upon his return. She sat down on the big sofa, which had been warmed by the crackling fire burning directly in front of it in the fireplace. She leaned over to the small table that supported the reading light and opened the drawer. She reached in and brought out the tube of KY-jelly and one of her favorite toys they always kept there for just such times of intimate shared times of pleasure. She began to spread the KY over her breasts, stomach, her inner thighs and making sure to take her time covering her sweet pussy lips as well as all of her smooth shaved pussy. She then spread a generous amount over the full length of her toy. This toy being a large vibrating dildo that had always given them both incredible pleasures during their playtime. She turned on the vibration and let it slide between her pussy lips until its full-length lie between them, until just the tip of its head rested upon her clit. She loved the way it glided easily between her now so very wet parted lips. She let it linger as it touched her clit. The vibrations feeling as if they were penetrating her very soul by way of her clit. She began fucking herself deeply and feverishly while massaging her swollen with excitement breasts. Occasionally removing the dildo from her so very hot, wet cunt and both licking and sucking all of her sweet nectar from it.

During this time she fucked herself with as much of her hand as she could force into her pussy. As her excitement grew she felt the need to have a cock deep inside her pussy. Not just any cock but the cock of the man whom she loved so very much, the so wonderfully romantic man who had so thoughtfully provided everything that now so incredibly flooded all of her senses with this unbelievably romantic evenings pleasures. She needed to feel her lover’s full length inside her.

She wished her lover would hurry up as she wondered what could possibly be taking him so damn long. She slid her toy back deeply inside herself and could not help but to moan with intense pleasure. As Linda began to slide it in and out of her now burning with hot desire cunt she felt as if she could wait no longer. Feeling as if she was so close to exploding into rhythmic orgasms that she could resist no more. Though she wanted to hold back and wait for her lover, his lust, the shared pleasure, the intense desire to cum was so powerful, so all consuming, she thought she would lose control completely and cum without him. She began to fuck her pussy hard and fast. Harder and deeper with each stroke. Linda could feel her wetness being pumped out of her with each powerful thrust and it running down between her now trembling with anticipated pleasure and widely parted legs. She was rubbing all of this combined wet lubrication over her clit and shaved pussy with her other hand.

Just when she was so very close to exploding with the released pleasure of all her lustful efforts she was startled by another noise in the room. Had she been so caught up in her own pleasure that her lover had returned without her noticing? If so where was he? She lifted her head up just enough to look around the room with her now searching eyes. But she saw nothing. How could this be as she was sure she had heard muffled sounds emanating from somewhere in the room. She thought damn, and I was so very close to cuming. Oh well it must have been her lover finally finding his way back to her, he must be coming down the hallway now. All the better anyway as she would much rather feel his cock buried deep inside her now aching pussy than the dildo. She smiled to herself anticipating the look on his face as he entered the room only to find her naked fully exposed body. What he would think upon seeing her shoving her toy deeply into her hot, wet cunt and her well-lubed fingers buried deep in her ass. Linda continued pleasuring herself feverishly expecting him to walk through the door any moment now.

Suddenly the door burst open revealing Linda’s lover standing there holding a birthday cake and shouting out surprise! But just at that moment she noticed his jaw drop open. Him seeing her fully exposed body, dildo in hand and only wearing a big smile on her face. She suddenly was startled by other movements in the room. The closet door flew open and standing there was Linda’s best friend Ann with whom she had been the best and closest of friends for years and Ann’s boyfriend Mark who popped up from behind the wet bar holding up an oversized HAPPY BIRTHDAY card over his head. Time seemed to have been frozen for an eternity with nobody knowing what to say. They all just remained standing there speechless out of shock. Ann tried to let out a halfhearted Happy Birthday but it was hardly audible.

Linda felt as if all the wind had been knocked out of her as she frantically searched her mind for what to say. She found herself not even being able to swallow or catch her breath let alone to think or speak.

Then even Linda was surprised by the words that now escaped her now trembling lips as she said, “Well are you all going to stand around watching me? Or are you going to join me? After all I am the birthday girl here, isn’t this supposed to be my party?

God! she thought to herself how very much she loved this man of hers, But found herself momentarily feeling as if she wanted to crawl off and hide from his penetrating dark brown eyes. She just could not believe this was really happening. They all continued to not move nor speak. They were still in shock by the unexpected view that had been suddenly presented before them. The view that without any hint or warning would shock them down to their very social core. They had always viewed Linda as being a bit shy and though very sexy and sensual never would they have envisioned this now more obviously kinky side. Never had they thought she could be so bold as to step outside the norm of being a sexy woman and a sexual mate. Yes, never was the slightest hint of her not only being so open minded sexually but to also be living out these kinds of fantasies and desires was completely overwhelming and had totally taken them all off guard. Yes, they just could not believe the words she had just spoken. Even her so nonjudgmental lover was completely speechless as this had come so unexpectently and he would never have guessed she could be so bold as to openly invite others to join into what up until now was there so very private world of intimacy.

Linda’s lover was the first to move as he sat the birthday cake down and approached her. He stepped over and kneeled beside her. As he leaned over to kiss her softly he whispered, “It’s ok sweetheart. I love you and I’m here with you. I’m ok with anything that gives you pleasure my love, as always. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY LOVE”

He then began to sensuously and tenderly kiss his way down over her shoulders and neck. Finding her sweet breasts he began to message them with both willing hands. Sucking her nipples into his warm wet mouth and massaging them with his tongue and lips. Linda watched as Ann then unsurely approached. Upon reaching Linda she leaned over placing a hand tentatively on her shoulder, then kissing her cheek softly and whispered, “Linda you know you’re my dearest friend and have been for a very long time now. I love you deeply my friend and always shall. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET FRIEND”. With that Linda reached up placing her hand on the back of Ann’s neck pulled her closer and said, “Oh, my sweet, sweet Ann you too know I love you. Thank you so very much for being here tonight”.

As the two of them closed the distance between them to again share a soft friendly kiss on the cheek they found themselves drawn to each other’s so very kissable lips. As Linda’s eyes met Ann’s beautiful blue eyes for the first time in this new exciting way their lips met. Softly at first but to there surprise they found them lingering, prolonging their softness shared. Both Linda and Ann found themselves simultaneously thinking the same thoughts. That though they both had to admit the sharing of a more intimate relationship between them had crossed their minds independently before, but neither ever seriously entertained the thought of pursuing such a relationship. It was more out of the curiosity of what it must be like to explore the soft beauty of another woman.

And yes they both had found the other to be very beautiful, very appealing in ways they had never really examined until this moment before. Combining that with how very close they already were made these occasional daydreams not just pleasant but also exciting in a fantasy kind of way.

As they took a brief moment to look into each other’s eyes, without whispering a word they both now enjoyed this newfound closeness. The tender touching and exploring each other in this so very intimate way was now ok. The fact that their friendship was so very wonderful, comfortable, so very special that it allowed this incredible feeling of being able to feel and express a closeness they never thought existed between them.

Yes, they knew it was not only ok but also very liberating to allow their love for each other to freely be shared in this wonderful new way. As they shared their first deep passionate kiss Linda felt Mark exploring her soft flesh with his hands, tongue and mouth. She felt his tongue teasing her nipples. Then the most incredible thing occurred, the four of them it seemed as if on key found themselves no longer embarrassed, no longer trying to understand what was happening and no longer searching for the right words to say. Most importantly though was the fact that they all now stopped thinking and let all these incredible sensations take over completely. Yes, no longer thinking, for now their feelings were driving their, movements, their passion, their lust and their wonderful desires.

Then Ann surprised Linda by sliding her hand down between Linda’s legs. Slipping her fingers deeply into Linda’s hot pussy and collecting Linda’s sweet wetness that was now flowing freely from her excitement and down the softness of her inner thighs. She collected this wonderful nectar with her fingers and brought them to her lips. As she smelled and tasted them she smiled at Linda and softly said, “You know I truly love you my precious friend”. Then while kissing Linda’s neck, cheek and supple breasts Ann shared Linda’s own sweetness with her. Linda began kissing her way down over Ann’s ample breasts and across the flatness of her stomach she positioned herself so that they both found their tongues exploring the beauty of each others sweet, hot, wet pussies. As Linda found Ann’s tongue plunging deeply into her pussy she could not get enough of Ann’s smell, taste and hot wetness herself. She loved the way her pussy lips felt in her mouth, the smoothness of her tongue sliding deeply into her pussy. Linda let her tongue slowly slide into Ann’s pussy feeling the smoothness of this so new to her texture of Ann’s sweet pussy. Allowing her mouth to cup as much of Ann’s pussy as she could. Sucking her pussy lips deeply into her mouth. Applying suction to her clit, her pussy lips and this letting Ann’s sweet nectar flood into her mouth. Covering her tongue, splashing over her taste buds and overwhelming her sense of taste with Ann’s wonderful naturally exciting aphrodisiac. The unbelievably stimulating smell of Ann’s pussy driving Linda’s desire to consume her completely beyond her control. Ann was now feeling these same so wonderfully powerful feelings of losing control as she was hand fucking Linda with one hand and feverishly massaging her clit with the other. All the while their lovers were exploring the women’s flesh, kissing them all over while telling them how very beautiful they were. How wonderfully exciting they looked together.

They then repositioned themselves as to give their lovers better, deeper access to their begging to be fucked hot, wet cunts.

As Linda and Ann were on all fours side by side on the bed their lovers drove their so very hard cocks deep into their wet, hot pussies. With every thrust they fucked them harder and harder. Ann looked into Linda’s eyes and as she mouthed the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY. They both smiled as they realized the slightly fun edge of being fucked this way. Yes, the funny side of how this entire evening had occurred.

They both thought of how all of their senses were being pleased. Being fucked so hard and deeply by their lovers, watching and being watched, yes, the so very erotic sight of their lovers hard, wet cocks sliding into and out of their hot pussies along with the expressions of lust being fulfilled on their faces. The smell of their combined sex hanging in the warm nights air. They both thought how there was no other person they would have preferred to share this 1st experience with. Yes, they thought how they truly were the best of friends.

They began consuming each other, kissing each other deeply and more passionately as they began to reach orgasm together. The harder they came the more they desired to consume each other. They felt the hot exploding cum of their lovers exploding inside them as their orgasms caught up to be timed with theirs. The incredible feeling of their own orgasmic contractions along with the deep thrusts of the exploding hard cocks spilling the cum out of their hot pussies and being spread over their lovers balls as well as their legs and finally running down to puddle on the floor.

They collapsed into each others arms as they all tried to catch their breaths. Linda spoke first saying, “Thank you all for giving me such a great birthday surprise” Ann laughed and said “Linda, I think you are the one who surprised us all tonight”. They all laughed at this. Then they all just lie there replaying the night’s incredible events in their minds over and over again as they snuggled up and watched the flickering fire.

Later that evening at the doorway they said there goodbyes and again Linda thanked them for such an incredible birthday.

As Ann and Mark walked off down the stone walk way leading towards their car Linda heard Ann say to Mark just after teasingly slapping him on the back of the head, “Why can’t you surprise me like that?

As Linda locked the door her lover scooped her up and carried her off to bed blowing out the candles as they went. As they lay in bed enjoying the touch of their naked flesh pressed against each other’s Linda spoke. “Burt, thank you so very much for my wonderful surprise birthday party. It was incredible.” Burt looked deeply into her eyes, smiled and said, “sweetheart you know how very much I enjoy surprising you, but tonight I think you have topped everything I have ever done as well as quite possibly all that lie ahead”. Linda laughed and told him, “ Burt I love you so very, very much and yes, I think this is one birthday party worth remembering. And most definitely one surprise we shall never forget my love…BWL

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