It was going to be a long day.

Claire had never been much for the world of romance. Running from secret organizations and superpowered serial killers never left her much time for that kind of thing. She was always more pragmatic, trying to figure out how to survive or, when surviving wasn't an issue, how to just deal with life on a basic level. So a month or so ago when her roommate had kissed her, it wasn't just confusion because she had a girl kissing her. It was more because she had anyone kissing her at all.

Since then, things had been ... not awkward, but complicated. Gretchen had been doing a good job of giving her time ... that was something. But the more Claire thought about it, the less that was a benefit. With all the insanity from the carnival and her dad building up, it was getting to the point where she just wanted someone to be close to. She had confidants, she had people who understood her situation, she'd had them for years. What was driving her insane now was that her life was always so chaotic that she never had the time to stop and be comforted or just ignore even for a few hours that she was not and never could be normal. And considering she had exactly one friend here ... she was tired of having to keep a "minimum safe distance" from her.

It was a shitty afternoon that day: raining outside, lightning crashing. From what Claire could see from her window, walkways were starting to flood. She sighed and left the curtains open, laying down on her bed inverted to watch the storm. On top of that, it was WAY too hot and the air conditioner was broken. Clair wasn't entirely comfortable with the pink, lacey underwear (nor did she even remember when she got them), but she'd already started laundry before this day had turned into a clusterfuck. "No class today," she mumbled, less than enthused, "Whoo." She tilter her head back from the torrential downpour outside and stared at the ceiling, bored out of her mind. It'd been one of those days. The ones where she couldn't stop thinking. And with nothing to actually do, it just gets worse and worse and worse.

She bent her head back awkwardly (and, for anyone else, probably really uncomfortably) upsidedown as the door clicked. Gretchen, wearing an excessively large and soaked black poncho, slipped into the room and slammed the door behind her by leaning against it. She dropped her bag as she caught her breath, having run all the way across campus from her last class before the storm had shut the school down for the day. She opened her mouth to say something and paused, her eyes widening just a little bit as she looked down to see Claire laying down and arching herself up in her underwear. Claire immediately realized this may not have been the best way to choose to cool off at this, but it wasn't like she could throw something on. At least not without it being covered in detergent and water.

"Laundry ... day," Claire said, somewhat meekly as she turned herself around, laying stomach-down and maybe a little less provocatively.

"Oh ... right, laundry day," Gretchen answered, doing her best not to sound awkward or stare and shaking her head a little. She took off the poncho and retreated to her closet to change. Claire groaned and buried her head into her arms, feeling like a raging bitch for what she guessed she must have just put her friend through. 'I mean, it's not even like you DON'T like her,' she admitted to herself internally, 'So why can't you just be a woman and tell her?' She'd been having that fight with herself for days now on top of all the conflict, two probably-related facts, but it still was agonizing.

She looked up suddenly with determination, then threw a glance to the window again. It WAS a shitty day. It WAS a long day. Only 10:55 in the morning and she'd already been exposed, overheated, stressed-out, and frustrated. 'DO something about it, then,' she commanded herself, 'Stop being such a pussy and just ... okay, Claire. Get up. Figure something out. Do it. That easy.' She spun around to sit up and looked at the slightly ajar closet door where she could hear the slight rustling of clothing. She breathed in deeply and got up, making quick strides over to it.

Claire paused, her hand about to knock on the door. She felt warm, but not just from the broken air conditioning. She was nervous and more than a little excited. Her hand dropped lower as she thought out what she was going to do, barely realizng her impulses were acting for her. By the time her fingers had wrapped around the doorknob, she was barely moving herself at all. She looked down at her closed hand and exhaled finally, then pulled the door open slowly.

Gretchen turned around, hands pulled behind her back and on the clasp of her bra. She paused, otherwise completely undressed, and stared back at Clair for a second. "Um, can I help you?" she asked just as nervously, tilting her legs away from Claire a little. While Claire didn't mind her showing off her firm, pale ass, she couldn't help but think she was acting a little weird. Well, weirder than she thought she would in this scenario.

"If I was any good at come-ons, I'd have a one-liner about the bra," Clair said, unable to make her move away from the door or into the closet, "but I'm not. So I'm hoping that gives you an idea of why I'm in here on its own?" Gretchen tilted her head for a second in confusion, then mouthed an "Oh!" as she got to the point.

"Claire ... it's not that I don't want to?" Gretchen answered, notably blushing a little, "But ... there are some things about me you don't know. And they're things that most people get a little freaked out by. Okay, well, one of them is." She closed her eyes for a second and nodded. Claire looked her over a little apprehensively, unsure what she could be talking about.

She didn't have to wait that long to find out. Gretchen threw her bra to the side and turned around, letting Claire see all of her at once. Most of it was what she had expected: she saw her average-sized, but perky breasts, her flat stomach, the pale tone of her skin, long, graceful legs that were admittedly just a little more toned than she'd remembered them being ... and one thing she didn't. Between those legs hung what looked to be a rather large penis and a set of balls, completely shaved so there was really no mistaking what she was looking at. It was standing at attention, almost like it was staring at her.

"Yeah ... for about five years now," Gretchen made herself say after a few seconds as Claire, a little shocked, stared down, "Not the girl part, the that part. I just woke up one day and ... yeah. I'm not sure how or why ... okay, look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you in the first place, but after you turned me down, I didn't think ... I didn't think you'd ever have to know. I'm REALLY good at hiding it. Just ... not right now." She closed her eyes, wincing a little at the embarassment. She was bright red in her cheeks, wishing she was somewhere else not here right now.

Claire finally found the courage to step in right then, moving towards her. She pushed herself up a little, shorter than her roommate who now stood completely bared in front of her, and kissed her. As she put one hand on her hip and the other behind her head to pull her towards her, Claire could feel Gretchen's body tense, then relax. Her hands moved to Claire's hip and pulled her into her. Claire could feel the hard member against her sex and gasped into Gretchen's mouth, making her break the kiss.

"So ... not a problem?" Gretchen asked her, looking down with a nervous smile. Claire grinned back and shook her head, just glad to be able to feel close. Besides, she had to admit that she was very interested in Gretchen's ... unique situation. She'd never been with anyone intimately and the idea alone seemed foreign and arousing. That it could be with this beautiful woman AND what was one hell of an impressive dick ... it wasn't a losing situation.

Claire slipped away and back into the room, leading Gretchen by the hand a little towards her bed. She sat on it while Gretchen slipped between her legs and kissed her again, hands trailing down her body slowly. Claire reached back and unhooked her bra while her tongue gently slipped along the edges of the other girl's mouth, casting it aside quickly to free her taught breasts, nipples hard and eager for attention.

Gretchen kissed down her neck, sucking just a little her thumb's slipped around the edges of Claire's panties. She moved down and tugged them down as her lips wrapped around Claire's right nipple after a few soft kissed around it. Claire gasped and wriggled her legs to let her panties fall free, her hands starting to ball against the covers. Gretchen moved to the other breast and slowly sucked as her teeth bit just a little. Her hands slid back up Claire's legs, gripping a little at her thighs. Claire felt lit-up, nerves starting to stand on end as Gretchen played with her.

She bit her lip as she watched Gretchen sink down her body, kissing over her stomach and down to her pussy. She could feel that she was already wet and gasped a little higher as she felt her friend's tongue slowly move up her slit. Gretchen's hand's slipped in between Claire's legs with her head and she slowly slipped two fingers from her right hand into Claire's mound. Claire's fingers balled the sheets as she started to groan, Gretchen's tongue lapping at her clit while her fingers slid into her. Her mind swirled and one of her hands reached up and wrapped its fingers through Gretchen's dark hair, steadying herself and pushing down just a little.

Claire's eyes widened a little in surprise as she felt Gretchen replace her fingers from one hand with those from the other, then prod the slippery digits at her asshole. She could tell Gretchen was waiting for an invitation or rejection, so, despite initial internal resistance, spread her legs a little wider. Claire reminded herself she couldn't feel pain as she invited Gretchen into her tightest, most forbidden area, and moaned as her fingers pistoned her ass slowly while her tongue and other hand worked her sex.

Claire's clit was engorged and starting to throb as Gretchen worked her over eagerly, muslces pulsing as she felt herself on the edge of orgasm. "Oh, God, don't stop!" Claire panted, "Please don't stop!" She moaned loudly, muscles contracting to grip at Gretchen's finger as she came. She pushed Gretchen into her mound and felt her fingers digging at her own palm against the bed, tilting her head back as her pitch heightened between ragged breaths.

She loosened her grips and let herself slide back to laying on the bed, catching her breath for a second. Gretchen looked up from between her legs, pulling her fingers out of Claire as she stood up to look over her quivering, naked body.

"How was that?" she asked, her smile no longer the shy and nervous one Claire was used to. It was more mischievious, a knowing smile that reflected her ability to push Claire beyond her normal restrictions now. Claire sat up and kiss her deeply, tasting herself as their tongues batted gently against each other.

"Great, but you knew that," Claire answered after a few seconds, "Show-off. Now lay down." Claire stood and pushed Gretchen to her bed. Gretchen obliged, pulling herself to lay down completely, and Claire straddled her. She pushed her wet sex against Gretchen's rock-hard dick, not letting it penetrate as she started to grind against it. Gretchen sighed and grabbed Claire's hips, pulling her down hard.

"Who's the show-off?" she managed to gasp out as Claire teased her. Claire pushed down and started to gyrate harder.

"Do you want to fuck me?" Claire asked, surprised a little at how dirty it sounded.

"You know I do, you can FEEL that I do."

"I know. But you don't get to if you don't tell me."


"Even meaner in a few seconds ..."

"Yes, I want to fuck you. I want to push myself inside you and ride you like a goddamned racehorse. Happy?"

"Very," Claire responded as she started to pant a little again, getting herself worked up. She lighted herself up and reached underneath herself, gripping Gretchen's cock. She lined it up with her sex and slowly let it drive into her. Although she was a virgin, her hymen was LONG gone from the physical trauma her body had seen and there was no blood as Claire stretched around Gretchen's impressive tool.

She leaned down and started to suck Gretchen's breasts as her hips moved gently, riding her friend just slightly as she appreciated her body. Gretchen's hands moved from Claire's hips to her ass, gripping it tightly and pulling it down to her, her breaths deepening as she felt Claire move on her. Claire grinned, enjoying both the feeling of control and how Gretchen felt inside her. She started to thrust her hips back harder as she propped herself up, hands braced against the bed. She gasped as Gretchen's hands moved back towards her hips and the both of them thrust alternatingly.

Claire bounced on top of Gretchen, groaning as her sex tightened around Gretchen's cock. She could feel herself starting to sweat as she thrust down on the beautiful woman beneath her, nerves on fire and she rode her harder and harder. Gretchen was panting, occasionally letting out a moan or gasp as she felt Claire contract around her as they fucked. Claire was just barely starting to ride into her when she felt Gretchen stop and her grip strengthen to keep her from pushing down.

"What?" Claire panted out, clearly impatiently.

"I can't ... keep fucking you," Gretchen said as she caught her breath, "I don't have any condoms."

"Why would-"

"Well, I wasn't exactly expecting this to be your plan for how we spend today trapped inside," Gretchen said. Claire lifted herself off Gretchen, letting out a weak grunt of frustrating as her dick fell out of her sex. Claire stood up and stopped for a second, thinking, then turned to Gretchen's bed and bent over it, hands against the bed, and looked back at Gretchen with a wicked grin.

"You can't keep fucking my pussy ..." Claire said, shaking her ass just a little towards Gretchen. Gretchen sat up, eyes a little wide in disbelief. "I don't feel pain," Claire explained, "and I liked it when you fingered my ass. So why not?" Gretchen shrugged and stood up, approaching Claire from behind.

"You've got a point," she finally said as she gripped Claire's firm ass and spread her cheeks. She lined her dick's head up with Claire's tight little hole and slowly pushed into it. Claire groaned, already overly sensitive from coming and having been started in on. Her ass gripped Gretchen's dick like a vice as she buried it all the way into her. Gretchen's hands moved up to her hips and she started to thrust, her rod in a stranglehold inside Claire's ass.

Claire moaned openly as Gretchen built up speed and effort, sensory nerves freely accepting the pleasure without any of the normal uncomfortability getting in the way. She felt exposed and dirty, but also safe in the knowledge that Gretchen wouldn't hurt her even in such an open state. Her fingernails pressed against her hands as she pushed back against Gretchen's thrusts, arching her back as her muslces started to contract again.

Shortly, Gretchen was throbbing inside Claire's ass as she pounded it in a manner that would be vicious for anyone else. Claire, however, just groaned and breathed raggedly, inches away from coming again. The feeling of the huge dick in her ass was much more intense and she felt herself clamp down as she started to come.

This time, Claire screamed, unable to contain herself as her pussy even squirted a little bit. Gretchen's constant hammering dragged it out, drenching a small area of the carpet beneath her. Gretchen wasn't far behind, Claire's tight ass clamping down on her not something she was prepared for. She moaned as she started to come, shooting her hot seed up Claire's ass in wave after wave until she felt almost empty. Claire, on the other hand, felt incredibly full as Gretchen's spewed hot cum up her ass and collapsed forward on the bed. Gretchen pulled out of her and pulled her legs to the bed, then sat down beside her.

"This was a much better day than I thought it would be," Claire mumbled as Gretchen brushed her hair out of her face, Claire's arms laying at her side and feeling to numb to do it. As she felt herself starting to drift off to the pitter-patter of the rain outside, Gretchen curled up next to her and she smiled.

Because this time, she was glad that it was going to be a long day.

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