*New one for all of you horny people! I thought I would put pen to paper [more like fingers to keyboard] to tell you all one of my regular fantasies. Hope you enjoy it as much as I always do*

I turn the key to the door and step inside. The room is completely in darkness apart from a small slither of light coming from the street behind me. I shut the door, put my bag down, and try to feel my way to the end of the corridor to find the light switch. I can hear a shuffling beside me, and my heart is sent into a frenzy. No one could get into the house – or could they? I feel a movement behind me, and there is a tingle sent down my spine, my heart jumps into my throat, and my stomach tightens. Just then, I feel a hand grab my waist, and another on my mouth. My heart beats faster, my skin tingles and my automatic response is to try and scream, but I can't. The hand is tightly over my mouth, and I can hear their breath by my ear.

"Don't struggle. I'm not going to hurt you" says the voice.

I know it – it is you. We've been seeing each other for a while now, but recently, we had come to a peak in our sex life, and both are always left frustrated. I calm down, by breathing slows. The hand on my waist pulls me backwards onto you, and I can feel a stiffness in your trousers. I instantly begin to feel myself grow hot, and soon, I'm sure, I will definitely start to get wet. I feel you remove your hand from my waist, and follow to hear a strange noise. Next moment, you're a pulling my arms behind me, and I am bound. The cuffs feel soft, yet I am unable to move my wrists much. I feel you grab hold of my shoulders and spin me around to face you. I look at you, immediately getting a jolt of adrenaline again. You slowly undo you trousers button, and unzip them, keeping your eyes locked on mine.

"On your knees" you say.

I obey you, keeping my gaze on you. You reach into your boxers and pull out your cock. I can see you are already hard. You begin to slowly stroke yourself, leaving me mesmerized by the movement, and starting to feel myself grow damp. After a few minutes, you come closer to me. I open my mouth, ready for what is to come. I wrap my lips around you, and begin to move my head forwards and backwards. My pace quickens as I hear your breath catch in your throat and feel your hands on my shoulders, pulling me in closer, thrusting more of you into me. In that moment, I can feel myself getting wetter than I have before. Something about not having much control over my actions was turning me on so much. I feel your hands on my shoulders once more, this time, stopping me.

"Stand up and come with me" you say, as you hold onto my arm, and lead me to follow you.

Your voice is calm but oozes authority. I feel obliged to do what I am told – to please you – to do anything you want from me. I don't know how you can see; the whole house is in darkness and silence apart from the sound of our footsteps along the wooden floor. After a moment, you tell me to stop, and I feel your hand on my back, bending me over. I hear you step away from me, and a second later, the room is lit by the dim light of a small lamp. I finally see you clearly – just a black shirt, unbuttoned showing your flawless body underneath; you must have taken them off as we walked through the darkness of the house. I realise that we are now in our dining room and you have bent me over the table. You come around my back, gazing at me once more, crouch down, and pull down my skirt and underwear, leaving me only in my blouse, stockings and heels.

Your hands is on my back one more time, and you push me down, spread my legs, and enter me with one quick thrust. I cry out in pleasure as you begin to pull out and push into me. Your pace is fast yet skilled, hitting right on my sweet spots. Your hand keeps me down, while your other grabs onto my hip, pulling me onto you more. My arms try to reach out and hold the table tight as I start to lose control of my body, but I can't, still bound. My legs tremble, my heart pounds in my chest, and I feel my temperature rising. The wave of ecstasy washes over me, and after a few moments I begin to get very sensitive. You continue thrusting into me, my pussy tightening on your cock, my mind in a whirl, unable to take the pleasure.

"It's so intense, slow down" I ask.

I feel your hand come down on my ass hard and fast. You've never spanked me before, but I soon want more. You carry on fucking me, and I can feel my legs getting weak, making it hard to stand.

"Ask nicely" You say.

"Please...slow down" I whimper breathlessly, my words trailing off as I am finding it hard to keep my mind focused.

You stop, and I can finally begin to control my breathing again. I feel you pull out slowly, my pussy still pulsing and clinging to every inch of you. I shut my eyes, and feel my body tremble as I begin to calm down. You grab my shoulders again, and spin me around, grip my throat and pull me in for a kiss. There is a certain urgency in the kiss, but it is still filled with lust and passion as I can hear you jerking off as you continue to choke me. You let go, and I breathe in deep and fast, trying to catch my breath.

You walk away, leaving me standing – supporting myself on the table as I watch you walk to the other side of the room. Your body looks amazing in what little light is in the room, highlighting every inch of you. I can't help but feel myself getting turned on even more just by looking at you. I see you reach into a vase and pull out something. You start walking back towards me, and when you get close, I see that it is a small, silver key. You tell me to turn around, and undo the cuffs, freeing me. You take me by the wrist, and take me to the bedroom, turning on every light in the house as you go. As we walk, I take off the rest of my clothes, exhilarated by this new found desire in you.

You pick me up, and throw me down on the bed and before I can even compose myself, your hand is around my throat once more. You line up your dick with my wet slit, and push in fast, deep as I lock my gaze onto yours. You begin thrusting into me, your hips moving fast as if you are dancing to the rhythm of some exotic music. My legs wrap around your waist, holding you deeper inside of me, my nails trailing down your back as I grip you close. My heart is pounding, and I can see the sweat glistening off both our bodies. The bed shakes as you quicken pace, your breath quickening with it and just then, the room starts to pulse, my heart races even more, and I am awash with yet another orgasm. My body is shaking, and you leave me breathless, screaming in pleasure. You pull out I see you are close to the edge. After a few seconds, I see you come too, your warm cream spread all over my stomach, running down the sides of my hips as you lay beside me, both clinging to each other panting and exhausted, our limbs entangled in each other's. None of us can speak, lost in the moment of what just happened. You slowly take your hand off my neck, place it on my cheek, and pull me close for a kiss.

I had not once thought that I would enjoy being taken by surprise like you had just done, but the desire I felt for you in the moments that had just passed was so intense, more so than I had ever felt before, I realised, I finally knew the meaning of wanting to be fucked. This was not our usual love-making - it was fucking.

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