Brad was at the park one Saturday afternoon playing softball with his buddies when he spotted Morgan, a gorgeous tall thin blonde sitting on a nearby bench. Brad accidentally lost the ball near where she was sitting and had to go get it. The softball game had wrapped up and everyone had packed up their things to leave, since it was getting dark. This gave Brad and Morgan a little privacy, even though they were outdoors. Brad struck up a conversation with the beautiful girl, and they seemed to be getting along nicely.

Morgan was doing some subtle flirting, giggling, brushing up against him, and such. Brad wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to get lucky, so he took a chance and got a little forward. Brad put a hand on Morgan's thigh, and she didn't seem to object. He was just about to inch his hand a little higher when suddenly he felt her hand on his thigh. Morgan didn't waste time, and soon her hand was on his cock.

"Alright Baby What's Up," said Brad.

Morgan smiled and stood up. She was wearing a tiny pink skirt, a cut off tank-top exposing her midriff, and flip-flops. Brad was already getting hard, and Morgan was eyeing the bulge in his jeans.

She did a little sexy dance for him, and Brad was getting worked up into a frenzy. He stood up and gave Morgan a deep French Kiss. Brad and Morgan were getting really hot and heavy when Morgan pulled away, turned around and rubbed her butt against Brad's crotch.

Morgan could tell that Brad couldn't take anymore, so she reached under her skirt and slipped off her panties. Brad had a big smile on his face, and was just about to unzip his pants when, "HOLY SHIT!!!" Brad screamed.

Morgan grabbed his hand and attempted to calm him, "Chill baby, it's no big deal."

Brad was still shocked by what he had just seen. He had no idea what to think at this moment so he nervously stammered, "'re a...."

"Yeah sweetie," Morgan whispered. "C'mon baby, it's the twenty-first century, just give it a try... I promise you'll have a good time," she continued.

Brad was still trying to process what he just saw. When Morgan slipped her panties off, the skirt she had on was so short that a cock was hanging out of the bottom. Morgan pulled Brad close to her and whispered, "C'mon baby, try something new." Morgan ran her hand over Brad's still erect cock and whispered in his ear seductively, "You know you want to."

Brad was still stammering, not sure what to make of the situation he found himself in, "but but...I're a guy," he said.

"Do I look like a guy baby?" Morgan asked.

Brad wasn't really sure how to answer that. On the one hand, of course she didn't look like a guy, she was as gorgeous as any girl Brad had ever seen. On the other hand he was staring at a dick that was bigger than his. Brad always thought of himself as an open minded guy so he said, "Well...I suppose not..."

Morgan looked down at Brad's crotch. She grabbed it and gave a playful squeeze as she said, "Junior doesn't think I'm a guy, do you sweetie?"

Brad looked to either side nervously to see if anyone was around, "I mean....I guess... it'd be OK," Brad babbled.

Morgan smiled, gave Brad a kiss on the lips, and whispered into his ear, "Thought so baby."

Brad got down on his knees and began examining Morgan's dick as if he'd never seen one before. After a minute or so he used his tongue to give the head a little lick and Morgan's whole body shuddered. Encouraged by this Brad cautiously took the head in to his mouth and began to suck.

Morgan was extremely erect and Brad was starting to get into it. It didn't taste funny or anything, not much different from licking a girl's pussy, so Brad decided to go a little further. He started taking a little of the shaft into his mouth, going a little deeper with each stroke.

Morgan sat down on the bench and spread her legs wide. Brad was really getting into it when Morgan suddenly said, "Stop." Brad stopped and let her stand up. "Now I'm going to show you a really good time baby," she said.

Morgan started unzipping Brad's jeans. Brad was thinking that Morgan was going to give him a nice blowjob, but Morgan had something very different in mind. She grabbed Brad by the shoulders and spun him around to face away from her, and told him to bend over and grab the bench.

"Wait a minute," Brad exclaimed. "Are you gonna?"

Morgan reached between his legs and gave his cock and balls a gentle rub, then whispered, "Chill baby, You'll like it, I promise."

Brad protested, "but....I never...."

Morgan grabbed the back of Brad's neck and pushed him down until he was bent over at the waist in an almost ninety degree angle. Brad was nervous now, he wasn't sure if he was ready for this. "Whoa," Brad said out loud as he felt the tip of Morgan's dick penetrate his asshole. "Shit," Brad exclaimed.

It hurt a little at first, but Morgan was experienced at this. She took it slow, only putting the tip in at first and then gently pulling it out to get Brad's virgin asshole warmed up. Brad's yells of pain quickly subsided as Morgan gently penetrated him a little bit deeper with each thrust until, "Ooooh," Brad moaned.

Morgan knew she had him now, so she began to thrust a little faster. "Mmmmm fuck," Brad moaned as he was beginning to enjoy it. Morgan was ready to give him the the full thrust now. "Uhhhh Shit," Brad yelled.

Morgan was sliding her cock all the way in now, as deep as it would go. Brad's dick was rock hard, "Ooooh," Brad moaned.

Brad just noticed something. He looked down at his hard dick and suddenly ropes of cum started shooting out of the tip. "Uhhhh Fuuuck," Brad moaned as he was cumming.

He wasn't jacking himself off, he was holding the bench with both hands, and Morgan wasn't giving him a handjob either, she had both hands on his hips thrusting her cock up his ass. "What the fuck?" Brad thought.

Cum was shooting out of his dick into a big puddle on the bench, when suddenly he felt something wet. Morgan had just cum. He could definitely feel Morgan's creamy nut inside him, and as soon as Morgan pulled out he felt it dripping down the back of his legs.

"Son of a Bitch," Brad thought to himself. There was sperm dripping everywhere. Brad sure didn't expect this to happen to him when he woke up this morning. He turned to Morgan and asked, "What the fuck just happened?"

Morgan smiled and asked him, "Best nut you ever had huh?"

"WOW YEAH!!!" Brad exclaimed.

"It's Prostate Stimulation baby," Morgan explained. "The Prostate gland is all the way up inside of your ass, so if you stick something, like a cock, in deep enough and touch it you will bust an awesome nut because that's where all your juice comes from."

"Damn I had no idea," Brad thought, "I've really been missing out."

Morgan gave him a kiss, "That's why people like getting fucked in the ass baby, and that's just the tip of the iceberg, next time you're going to get on top and I'm really going to make you cum."

Brad had a confused look on his face following that statement, "Don't worry baby I'm going to take care of you," Morgan assured him.

She wrote her number Down on a piece of paper and slipped it into Brad's pocket. There's no doubt that Brad would definitely be calling her very soon.

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