tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSurprise at a Party

Surprise at a Party


It is a Saturday night and we have a party to attend. One of those politically correct things that you really don’t WANT to go to, but feel like it is a good idea. I know that I wanted to skip it because I wanted you all alone and naked tonight, but we don’t always get the things we want. I dress in an outfit that is between professional and nice and smutty. Don’t want to give our hosts the wrong impression but want to give you a reason to call it an early night too.

A decent length skirt with a top that shows off cleavage is my evening attire. I figure if you have them, you may as well flaunt them.

I can tell by your smile as I come into the living room to go, that you approve of my selection. You hug me and lean down to kiss my cleavage. I laugh and tell you that is one heck of a greeting. You hand slides up my leg under my skirt and I tell you that unless you want to miss this party, you better remove your hand because I will take what I want from you. You smile and we head to the door.

We get to the party and it is an interesting mix of people. There are many very pretty females, wearing sexy clothing. We both enjoy this since it is fun to watch. The evening starts out slow but quickly turns fun with adult beverages for all attendees. I notice that quite a few of the women are eye balling you and trying to get you when I am not close. This amuses me since the fact that they are hot for you turns me on. I suppose they have no way of knowing this.

I enjoy watching them jockey for your attention while trying not to get mine at the same time. I also enjoy the looks you give me, knowing that I am catching it all as I pretend to miss things. You know how wet I am just by the atmosphere.

You get up to go to the restroom and quickly kiss me as you leave the room. I watch you walk away and see a woman that has been paying close attention to you notice that I am not close to you for a moment. She watches I pretend to go about my business, oblivious to the fact that she is ready to make a move. She very carefully moves out of the group she is talking to and starts to head in the direction she saw you go to. As she does, I am thinking to myself that she needs to remove that clip from her hair. She has her hair pulled up on top of her head but I can tell that she has nice long hair. She has no clue how much you enjoy long hair but I do.

As I think this in my head, I see her reach up and remove the clip from her hair. Shaking it out around her shoulders and showing just how long it really is. “Good Girl” I think to myself. She must’ve heard my thoughts across the room. This is going to be fun if she and I are in tuned to one another like that. I am lucky enough to be very closely in tune with you and that makes for an interesting three way situation.

I move slightly, still trying to stay in my conversation but trying to get a view of the bathroom door where she is headed. It is a little dark in the hallway so difficult to see what exactly she is doing but I know she is by the door. I wonder what her plan is as I watch it unfold. The door opens, and the light from the bathroom lights my view.

I see her look surprised at first with the door in her hand. Her expression then goes to a smile and obvious approval and excitement. She stops her retreat from the room and enters. She looks down the hallway toward the party as she steps inside and closes the door behind her. It is almost as if she is trying to tell if I noticed her step into the bathroom with you and shut the door.

I smile and make those I am standing with wonder what I am looking at. The hallway is dark again and although they look in the direction that I am obviously so intrigued by, they see nothing. I do my best to get back into the conversation but am incredibly distracted in my mind. I know exactly what that woman was up to and it makes me extremely wet knowing that she wants you. I stay in the conversation I am in for at least five more minutes. I keep watching to see if anyone attempts the bathroom door because I know that it is probably still unlocked. “Are you okay?” Someone asks me. This is my cue to excuse myself to the ladies room.

I walk to the doorway slowly, down the dark hallway and reach for the door handle. Turning it slowly, I find that I am correct and it is not locked. I quickly open it as if I were entering it expecting it to be empty. As I step into the room, you are leaned up against the vanity. The woman that walked in on you is on her knees with your nice hard cock in front of her. You are both looking at the door to see who the intruder is and it is obvious that your cock was in her mouth due to it glistening from her wet mouth. She looks very surprised and starts to get up afraid that she is busted. I can see that you merely get harder when you realize that I am the one that walked in.

You put your hands on her shoulder and look down at her. She looks up when you do this very puzzled. You smile and say “It is okay, don’t stop”. She looks back at me as if she is asking if you are right and I nod my head taking a step to get closer to you both. She doesn’t move waiting for my reaction. I continue to look right at her as I put my face up to yours and kiss you. I can see the worry leave her body as she leans in and puts your cock right back in her mouth. I love to feel the way your body reacts to her cock sucking.

I step back and look down at her pleasing you. I enjoy the chance to see it from your vantage point. You hear me purr as she gets more and more turned on. She moves faster, sliding her entire mouth up and down your very hard shaft. Her hands are touching all over you as she does so. The room is full of the sounds of fuck. Moaning, purring and the sound of sucking and licking make me even wetter. You can even smell nice wet pussy in this small room.

Her nice long hair is falling across her face as she strokes you faster with her talented mouth. I reach down to pull the hair out of her face for a better view and I look up at you as I do so. Seeing me touch her like that is just too much and you start to cum. I can see it in your face as you grab her head and quickly fuck in and out of her mouth cumming.

The cum spills out of her mouth and I know she is full. She backs away and you take your hand and continue to stroke your cock. Even though you have just cum in her mouth, you don’t stop and look down at her. My hands are still on her hair and I know that you will cum again quickly. I kneel down right next to her and start to roam my hands across her nice breasts and even down to her ass and around to her pussy. You see my hand slide under her skirt and can tell that I am touching her pussy. You can hear the sound of fingering and smell wet pussy even more so. I pull my hand out and look directly at you as I bring my finger to my mouth and lick her wetness off my finger.

You moan very nicely and I see your cock start to cum again. She looks very surprised as you start to cum right across her face. Her surprise is quickly replaced by desire as your second load of hot cum touches her skin. She briefly looks at me, as if to ask for my fingers again and I oblige. Sliding my fingers into that soaking wet pussy as you cover her in your cum. She bucks and literally fucks me right back without worrying about how it may look. Although you are not cumming anymore, your cock is still hard as you watch me finger fuck her right in front of you.

She cums and you can hear the intensity increase. I am looking up at you watching us and turn to kiss her as she orgasms for us both. I hear you say “Oh yea, Baby” but am too engrossed in her orgasm to look at you. I feel you pull my hair out of the way and know that you are doing the same to her. I know you are watching our faces as we kiss and fuck on the floor right in front of you. As our intensity decreases, we are all quite winded. You offer us both your hand and we stand up on either side of you. I slide my fingers into your mouth, allowing you to taste that nice wet pussy from them. You moan and turn to her, telling her how nice her pussy tastes and smells.

“I think it might be time to leave this party” you say to neither one of us in particular. She looks disappointed until you look at me and say “Baby, let’s make sure our new friend is cleaned up enough to look innocent as we take her out of the party and home with us”. I get a towel and start to clean off her face very gently. I kiss various places on her as I do. You standing inches from us watching me touch her as your hard cock twitches as I touch her. Her disappointed look is replaced with desire as she realizes that you invited her to leave with us and I more than approve. The two of us are cleaned up and decide to leave the room first so we can allow you to let your cock go down and dress. There is no way your cock will go down with her and I in the room, we decide.

I leave the room and quietly leave the party. I was your guest, so my absence will not be noticed. She tells friends that she knows there that she is tired and going to go. She is doing this in various places around the room when she sees you exit the bathroom. She continues to make her exit. You go to the host and let them know that I am not feeling well and am waiting for you in the car to go home. You apologize for leaving so early but thank them for both of us for inviting us into their home. As you exit, you notice our new friend has already left. You walk outside and start to feel your cock hardening already.

As you walk upon our car, you notice that I am engrossed in something. I look up and smile at you. You walk upon the woman, bent over the car and slightly hidden. My hand is moving and the closer you get you see that I am finger fucking her under her skirt. I have it pulled up in fact to expose her ass and you can hear my hand slap against her body as I please her. She moans very loud, not realizing that you are walking up. She cums right then and we can both tell that she needed that badly. I feel her body relax as she starts to compose herself.

She notices you and smiles, looking almost embarrassed. You smile back and say “You ladies ready to go now?” We look at each other and kiss letting you know the answer. “I will take that as a yes” you say and go to the car to open the door. This is going to turn out to be a good reason to go out after all.

C K & L

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