tagLoving WivesSurprise at Stearling

Surprise at Stearling


Sometimes the most extraordinary things happen, especially ones no one would ever believe. I have been talking to this guy via Instant Messenger for a long time. It seemed every time we start chatting, low and behold the conversation turns to sex. I frequently ask him about his fantasies. He informs me that he would love for me to show up at his work (a bank) wearing one of my sexy outfits. I would either put on a show for him or let him fuck me right there in his office. I love the idea of us maybe getting caught, but I also didn't want to get him fired.

In reality though just thinking about it always gets me real horny and I would, usually end up playing with myself after talking to him. Sometimes I would even play with my self while we chatted. Our talks always leave me frustrated and sexually charged. My husband always loves to hear about our talks, we end up having hours of endless sex.

After chatting some more with Nick and finding out some additional information about him, I decided that today was a good day to give him what he wanted. I knew he was in his office, I also knew he was horny as hell (We had just talked on the computer). Of course I just led him on, he had no idea of when, if ever I would actually come in and see him.

Today was the day I was going to show up and give him a present to die for. I knew he was a bit lonely and that he needed some cheering up. I found out that he had just broken up with his girlfriend a few days earlier, and how he was dreading the rest of the day. He told me how he had planned something special for his girlfriend, but since they broke up he was depressed. Since today was Valentine's day and me being the softy that I am I decided today would be an excellent day to give him something he would never forget. Plus I knew once I got home and told my husband what I had done my evening would be even hotter.

I had seen picks of Nick, wow I have to tell you he is one hell of a hunk. Nick is about 6'2, dark brown curly hair that falls just to his shoulders. He has eyes the color of milk chocolate and a body to die for. He had even sent me some hot picks of his marvelous 81/2-inch cock. (I couldn't wait to try it on for size.)

I get myself ready; take one last look in the mirror and head out the door. I walk into the bank dressed to kill. What I'm wearing into the bank wouldn't turn too many heads, cause I 'm wearing my long black winter coat. It's what I had on underneath that was sure to make Nick's eyes pop right out of his head.

My skirt is electric blue; the thing barley covers my ass. A white see through top that ties in front, and a pair of killer white thigh high spiked heel boots, they make me look to be about 5'3, I am actually only 5'. Nick wanted me to look like a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Our talks always included how I would be dressed. I knew this outfit was sure to get a rise out of him.

Walking into the bank, my eyes glance around, noticing that I have caught the attention of the customers and some of Nick's co-workers. The lady behind the counter conscientiously looks at me. She asks, "may I help you?" (she is actually scowling at me.) I informed her I'm a new client and wish to speak to Mr. Carry about a bank loan. She instructs me to have a seat and he will be right with me.

Sitting down, I purposely sit so my coat parts exposing my creamy legs to everyone. While waiting I watch the men who walk in, give me a second glance. I also love the looks of the woman, most of them thinking I'm a slut. I just smile at them and wait for Mr. Carry. It isn't very long before I see him, (Wow, I think to my self, he is in reality better looking in person then in his pictures.)

When I seem him I start to feel bit nervous about doing this. Not that I haven't done this kind of thing before, it was just that I hardly know the man and this is his work. Its then that Nick walks up to me smiling.

He introduces himself giving me that look as if to say I don't believe this! His eyes undressing me right there. He stares for a few minutes, and then instructs me to walk with him to his office. As we leave I can feel the glaring stares of everyone.

Once in his office, I take a moment to look around, noticing that his office is extravagantly decorated. In the middle of the room are a large desk and 2 chairs. He motions me to one of the chairs; I pick the one closest to the door. Sitting down so my coat falls away from my legs giving him a glimpse of my pussy. He stands at the door for a moment not knowing what to do. His mouth wide-open, like he is about to say something. Then closes it, not saying a word.

"Shut the door, Mr. Carry, you wouldn't want anyone to disturb us," I say smiling. He shuts the door. I can tell he is in complete shock that I have cum to see him. Slowly he walks over to his desk his eyes never leaving me. I have to say my eyes never leave him either. As he walks around to his desk I notice the extremely large bulge forming in his pants.

" HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!" I say standing up. I leisurely undo my coat. His eyes bulged out of his head as he takes in what I 'm wearing. He doesn't say anything, he doesn't have to, and I can tell by the look on his face he is obviously satisfied with his present.

Slowly I walk around to his side of the desk, letting his eyes undress me. I stand right next to him. He reaches out to touch me, but pulls back. "It's all right you can touch me... touch me anywhere you want!" His hands reach out to undo my top. My erect nipples happy to be free and begging for him to touch me. His hands feel so good. He squeezes my breasts, and then pinches them. He's teasing me squeezing my nipples soft at first then harder. My body reacts with pure pleasure. I can feel cum already dripping down my legs.

"Nick, I want you, I want to fuck you... right here.... right now!" (I can't believe I am being so bold) I want you too he says grabbing my waist, pulling me down on his lap. We are now face to face; Nick kisses my lips, his tongue probing into my mouth. I don't want this to end. He kisses feel so good.

While our tongues dance my hands find Nick's large cock. Rapidly my hands start kneading him through his slacks. I want more... I need more...I want to see his enormous package, I want to feel him. Quickly moving down to my knees I attempt to unzip his slacks. I want the delicacy I know is laying in there. Nick shifts in his chair giving me better access. Soon I have his pants down. Slowly I start to tease him, my hands gliding all over him. "Oh yeah that feels soooooo good," he pants as I knead his man hood. Suddenly there is a knock at his office door. He motions me under his desk. I hear him tell who ever it is to come in. Crawling under his desk I get in as comfortable as I can. Working myself between his legs, forcing them apart. My eyes glued to his big cock just inches from my face. My lips gently brush up to kiss the tip of his cock already dripping with pre-cum. He tastes so sweet.

Nick squirms as he tries to focus his attention on his co-worker. I feel him shift again, as my tongue wrap around his cock, giving him a good licking. My tongue and lips tease him at first then increase in suction.

I skillfully attack his cock into my mouth and suck him down deep into my throat. I graze my teeth along the length of his rock hard cock. I can feel him getting harder and harder. I nibble gently on the underside of his cock, lightly massaging his balls. I can tell Nick is having a real hard time focusing on what his co-worker is telling him. He adjusts again trying to focus his attention once more, eagerly anticipating his co-workers exit.

I start to increase the sucking power on Nick's cock, with my tongue gliding over the tip, taking in all of him. Just as he is about to cum his co-worker leaves. Nick sits back I continue my sucking. I don't want him to cum though I want him to fuck me. I am so hot and horny that I can't stand it much longer. With my female juices running down my creamy thighs I have to feel his cock deep inside my quivering pussy.

Standing up, I lick my lips, and then face him planting a big fat kiss on his lips. I then draw his hand to my honey hole. He sticks a finger in...teasing me. I lean back on his desk, my legs opening further for him to see just how hot I am. Nick fingers me with a swift and steady rhythm. My whole body seems to shimmy and shake as I feel a climax start to rush through me. He is now staring down at my snatch and the unbelievable gushing flow of fuck juice. I want him and I want him now. Nick senses my urgency.

"You want this baby, you want my golden rod?" he says holding his cock "Say it, say you want my cock!" he growls at me. "Yes I want it, Yes Nick I want your thick rod in me, pleeeeease!" I beg him.

I feel his hands cup my ass as he lifts me up. Lying on his desk; I wrap my legs around his waist. ", You're so fucking wet!" he gasps, "I'm so hot and ready for your cock, Please! Please fuck me!"

He answers me with a hard thrust of his hips, driving his shaft deep into me. He pulls back, bringing his fleshy tip almost out of my pearly-slick entrance, and then rammes back in, plundering my welcoming heat. With each forceful stroke, my pussy milking his throbbing staff. Soon, we were both letting out steady pant and grunts as our pleasure builds.

Nick Shifts his weight back balancing on his heels positioning his hands between my gaping thighs stretching my pussy even wider. He positions his dick in and out, gliding deliciously between my clinging folds. As our juices smack and slide the sound of our lovemaking fills the silent room, he fingers my engorged clit, rubbing it and rolling it as he works his magic.

Thrusting deeper and deeper, bringing his tight, velvety balls up to slap against my smooth ass. With every jerk of our hips, my firm breasts shimmy from side-to-side. Sending another shock wave through me.

Wrapped in a haze of pleasure, I feel Nick's thick, meaty penis swell even further. I look up at him through heavy, lidded eyes and see his face screwed up in a grimace that looks almost painful. He pants his mouth wide open, gulping down breaths, his entire body seems to stiffen with unbearable tension.

Even racked with the pleasure-pain of near-orgasm, Nick manages to feel out different angles until his cock thrust directly against that divine spot he's found. My body instantly goes stiff as I cry out in ecstasy. Having found my hidden treasure, Nick attacks it persistently, sliding his rigid length in and out, in and out again and again until I am mindless with pleasure.

"Oh, you feel so good...Nick, god, your cock feels so good...I want it in me...fuck me...fuck me hard ...oh GOD!" "Make me cum! I want to cum!"

As I feel my orgasm building, he slows down teasing me. I grab at him begging him to make me cum. He then slowly starts moving his meaty cock into my inner depths. I feel the orgasm build again, I cry out "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, Yes that's it...Oh God Yes,"

It is then that I feel Nick explode in my body, "YAAAAAAA, OHHHH YA" he screams out, his body shaking as I feel his hot cum explode deep within me. Exhausted we both let the moment pass not saying a word. We are both totally content. We hold each other for what seems like hours as we slowly cum down from our heated session.

My heart is beating so fast, mostly from pure exhaustion but also in anticipation of someone coming through the door. Wondering if anyone may have heard our pleasuring screams. We unfold from each other not saying a word. I stand striating my clothes, give Nick a quick kiss on the cheek and head out the door. Leaving him with a look of sheer pleasure on his face.

As I walk out I notice the disapproving stares of Nick's co-workers, mostly the ladies. Wondering if they may have heard something. I flash them a grin and walk out the door.

Later that evening when my husband gets home, I tell him of my escapade, he is shocked that I was so bold, yet totally turned on, we end up missing our dinner reservation and spend the night having some of the best sex we have ever had. Later on I get an Instant message from Nick saying thanks for the great Valentine's gift and hopes that we can do it again sometime soon. As of today I have not done that kind of thing again, but who knows sometime soon I may need to go to the bank and make another withdrawal.

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