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Surprise Bang


I was invited over to a guy's house cause his wife wanted to have a 4-6 men gangbang. While I'd played with this couple before with my wife, I'd never played without her. Now this couple was completely bisexual. John loved oral and anal in both getting and giving and Kathy loved woman as much as she did men. She also loved to put her harness on and fuck John as it made him hornier for her later.

I got over to their place about 7pm and Ted had gotten there about the same time. After walking in, we seen Carl and Pat there having a drink. Kathy walked in and made the introductions. I learned that each guy there was a bimale and had played in all positions with the others before. I got asked if that would bother me and I said that I think I could handle the fun. With that everyone started to undress and follow Kathy to the bedroom.

Now most of the guys were about 5-6" in length but Carl was the longest at 7". John started to suck on Pat while his wife started to work on Carl. Ted got into position and was giving Kathy a very good licking getting her pussy all wet. I felt a hand on my cock and it was Pat stroking me. I was told that I'd better get hard as I got to be the first with Kathy or would I rather try someone else. I agreed to do Kathy and got behind her as I like doggy style and this could allow her to still suck one of the guys.

As I'm about to cum in Kathy, I felt hands on my ass and it was John trying to finger my ass. That pushed me over the edge and I exploded into Kathy. As I pulled out, I laid next to Kathy to watch and Carl started to move toward her. But before he got to her, he started sucking me and Ted shove his cock into Kathy.

Ted was fucking Kathy with all he had as Carl was sucking me good. Pat then walked over and asked if I'd suck him as it was his turn to do Kathy. I open my mouth and slowly started to suck on Pat, getting him to his full 6". Ted exploded into Kathy and pulled out. Pat and Ted switched places and I started to suck Ted who had Kathy's cum all over his cock. Carl, who was sucking my cock, started to finger my ass.

A comment was made that I seemed to be enjoying myself and maybe a double bang was in order. I was having my cock sucked and ass fingered good that I mumbled my agreement, not knowing that I was to be the one getting banged.

Without that knowledge, it shocked me when I felt my legs being raised and lube being put on me. I felt John putting his 5" cock into me. John eased his cock into me slowly working me before telling me that he was going to cum and pulled out to cum on me. I'd never experience anything like that before and to be honest it felt good. Pat moved from Kathy's pussy to my ass and started to fuck me next.

Pat was about 6" long but was thicker than John was and slowly started to work me. Pat was pumping me just as hard as he had been with Kathy. I was moaning and groaning just as both of us started to cum. Pat said that he was surprised that he could do me that hard for being a virgin ass. John laughed and told him that he had gotten me first so I wasn't a virgin any more.

Carl then moved to Kathy as Pat had me and a small circle began. One guy was in her pussy as another was in my ass. With someone either in my ass or her pussy, the other guys were having their cock sucked.

As Pat got done fucking me, Carl was about to explode and pulled out of Cathy. I thought that he was going to let her suck him, when he shove his cock into me. Carl did my ass hard and fast till he too exploded.

We took a break for a minute when Ted said that I'd taken everyone else and that Kathy took us all, could he try if he was slow and ease. I told him that I wanted Kathy as I'd not gotten a good chance at her again. Ted agreed as well as did Kathy that if I got on top of her to ride her, that Ted could position himself to ride me as well.

So after I'd eased into Kathy's pussy for a good ride, I felt Ted ease his thick 7" cock into me. Now I thought by now I was properly stretched but I was wrong. Ted did slowly ride me, but the more Kathy wanted us to fuck her, the harder he did me to make me fuck her harder. I think all 3 of us exploded at the same time.

After about 2-3hrs, all the guys needed a break and so did Kathy. I was thanked for being a part of the fun as some didn't think I'd be up for it. I told them that I had fun but my ass was going to be sore.

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