tagBDSMSurprise Encounter Ch. 02

Surprise Encounter Ch. 02


Author's note: While it isn't absolutely necessary, you might wish to read part one to find out how we got to this situation. Or, not. It does explain some potentially confusing things, though. I think this is a bit hotter than part one, though being too close to it, I could be wrong. We were both adults. No one was harmed in the writing of this story, though a lot of self abuse did occur.


I awoke to Jim's voice saying, "What are you still doing in bed?"

"Huh? What are you doing here?" I was lying on my stomach hugging my pillow and was still groggy so I didn't even try to raise my head.

"I beat on the door but you didn't answer so I came in to make sure you were alright. I thought we were going fishing today."

"I had an exhausting couple of days and conked out. Fishing?"

"Didn't Debra tell you? I mentioned it to her before she left and she said you'd probably want to go. She said she'd tell you and you'd call if there was a problem."

"Oh. No, she didn't mention it. She must have forgotten in the rush."

"Damn! I thought it was a plan."

"Oh, sorry, I got to bed late and just didn't get up this morning. I didn't know I was supposed to call you."

"Well, what else are you going to do today with Debra gone? C'mon! Might as well haul your ass out of that bed and let's go. I have the boat hooked up and ready to go!"

Shit! I was suddenly very aware of what I was wearing under the covers! I could feel the panty stuffed bra under my chest and the erotic caress of the stockings against my thighs and legs. Those damn panties were still wrapped around my thighs, too. No way was I getting up with Jim in the room!

"Uh, OK. Why don't you go push the button to start the coffee pot and I'll be out in a jiffy."

"Good idea. See you in a couple of minutes, then."

Whew! I heaved a big sigh of relief as Jim headed out of the bedroom. I'd just dash into the bathroom and strip the stuff off, real quick.

But Jim heard the sigh and apparently thought it was a snore. He came back to the side of the bed and said, "Hey, I heard you snore. No going back to sleep, now! Haul your lazy butt out of the bed right now!"

"OK, OK, I wasn't snoring. I'll be right out."

"Damn right! I'll go when you get out of bed. Up!"

"I'm getting up now. Go start the coffee."

"Riiiiight. I'll go when your ass is out of the bed!"

"Umm. I'm not wearing pajamas. Go ahead. I'm awake."

"Since when did you become shy? Who cares?"

Jim grabbed the sheet and blanket and, with a mighty heave, tossed them all to the foot of the bed. His eyes widened in shock.

Shit, shit, shit!

"Damnit! You just had to do that, didn't you?" I didn't move because I certainly didn't want to show him more than he could already see. Besides, I had a case of morning wood.

"Uh. Yeah. I guess so..." He gave a little laugh. "I gotta admit; you definitely aren't wearing pajamas! Ooooo, and your panties are in the naughty position, too!"

"Yeah, now get out of here! I'll see you when I get out there, and we'll go fishing."

Jim started for the bedroom door again and I raised my head to watch and started to move, but he suddenly reversed directions and came back to the side of the bed. He put a hand on my shoulder and the other on my lower back over the back of the garter belt, holding me down but not hard. He sat on the edge of the bed without moving his hands.

"Not so fast! It looks like you had other plans today. Why should you change them just because I thought we were going fishing?"


He shifted his elbow and forearm to where his hand had been on my shoulder and leaned down close to my ear and said softly, "Yeah. You know? A little bird told me...little wifey bird...yeah...that's what it was. A little wifey bird told me that another little wifey bird told her some things about you. Interesting things."

As he was saying this, the hand at my lower back softly drifted lower, caressing my ass in a very deliberate way.

"Uh? What are you talking about? What are you doing?"

"Yeah, told me several very interesting things as a matter of fact." He continued to caress my backside, running a finger gently up and down the crack. I unconsciously and automatically tilted my pelvis, lifting my rear into the caress in the process and let out a soft gasp. He ran his hand down underneath me, over my balls and to my morning hard dick. "Well, at least one of the things the wifey bird told me certainly seems to be true!"

Shit again! I certainly hadn't meant to respond, but I had been caught unexpectedly and hadn't had any time to think about any of it. Trying to explain that it was only morning wood would only make things worse. "What the hell are you doing?" I practically shouted in my embarrassment.

"Testing some things I heard awhile back." He said just as softly as before. "Seeing if they are true. At least one is. Let's check another."

He raised his hand and brought it down in a firm swat across the nearer butt cheek. He raised it again and swatted the other. But this time I automatically met his swat with another lift/tilt of my hips.

I thought to myself, "Damn! Stupid! Jerry what is wrong with you?" as he took another swat. I automatically met it too!

Jim sat back upright and said in a louder, firmer voice, "Yep. Looks like another interesting thing is true, too!"

"What the hell are you doing?" I yelled again and started to get up. But he leaned firmly on my shoulder and back with his forearm and started swatting hard and fast, going all over my sit spot and upper thighs.

"Hold still! I told you, I'm checking out some information that I got, to see if it is true!"

"Hey! Stoppit!"

"I don't think so!" He switched back to caressing and, once again, ran his hand down under me. I couldn't help myself! I rose up again so he could run his hand all the way under and caress my even harder cock. I moaned, involuntarily.

"Yeah! Another thing I heard is true!" He started spanking me again moving rapidly from cheek to upper thigh, to other thigh, to cheek, covering my ass in sensuous heat. Damn! No doubt that he had my number. So it obviously hadn't been a one way revelation session between the wives! They had both told secrets that they should have kept!

Jim stopped spanking and started caressing again and leaning down towards my ear again said, "We can still go fishing in a while if you want, but right now, why don't you just move over here across my lap?"

What's a caught out spanko to do?

"Well, get off me, then."

He did and dropped his legs off the edge of the bed. I was totally embarrassed but found myself crawling over the lap that was thus made available. He pushed one leg off his lap and wrapped one of his over it and leaned his forearm into my back again, thus pinning me neatly and without another word, started spanking me again. He spanked away, 40 or 50 swats, not particularly hard, but eliciting a nice warm glow on my bottom before stopping to caress my ass again. He ran his fingers up and down the crack, the palm of his hand over the curve of my butt cheeks, then back to the fingers up and down the crack, pushing into it gently, teasingly until I thrust up to allow the fingers more access to the depths therein.

"I didn't notice the toys on the bathroom counter before." He commented. He could easily see into the bathroom from his seat on the edge of the bed. "I guess that makes the third thing I heard true, too. ... Hey? Did your wife discuss some kinky things about Celia and me, too?"

"Um. Yeah."

"And did she suggest that you should try something with me about it?"

"Yeah. Yours, too?"

"Yep. Kept pushing it, too. What did you tell her?"

"I told her I had no interest in men and that there was no way I was going to jeopardize our friendship over something like that."

"Yeah, that's pretty much what I said, too. It looks like the ladies have been conspiring!"

"Sure does!" I was still face down over his lap, of course, and he started spanking again. My butt was nice and warm from the previous round but it still felt like a warm up spanking, not a very hard spanking. I gave in to the whole thing and just gave him the best presentation I could for his swats. After quite a few more swats; I wasn't counting; he started the caressing again. "So do you feel like our friendship is in jeopardy?"

"Not really."

"OK, then here comes some more!"

"Wait! My bladder is about to burst. I've gotta pee first."

He let me up and I shucked the panties on the way into the bathroom.

Jim must have read my mind. "Hey! Don't take anything else off! No point in trying to hide it now and I like it; looks good."

"Um. OK, I guess."

When I was finished with the toilet I stopped and brushed my teeth and splashed some water in my still sleepy looking face before walking back out of the bathroom. Jim hadn't moved and had sat watching me at the sink. Thankfully the commode was in a little alcove out of sight, though we had seen each other pee on many occasions; there are restrooms around every tree at both our places. Our wives used to joke that Jim and I didn't need bathrooms.

Anyway, instead of going back over his lap I reached behind him and grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt and started pulling it up. He raised his hands so I could get it off. Then I grabbed a hand and pulled him to his feet.

"Your jeans are really uncomfortable in a tender spot!"

I knelt and unbuckled and unbuttoned his jeans, swatting his hands away when he reached to do it himself. Looking up at him I unzipped them and pulled them down. I caught the motion of his cock springing out at the edge of my vision. I looked down at it. I'd seen it many times, of course, but never like this. I took it in both hands, looked back up and said, "No underwear?"

"None. The jeans were actually getting pretty uncomfortable in another tender spot, too."

Looking back at his crotch, I cupped his balls in one hand while I slowly and gently stroked his firm rod. His eyes drifted closed and he mumbled, "Maybe we should have listened to the wives a long time ago."

"Maybe." I agreed.

He was pretty much the same size as me, maybe a tad shorter and fatter, but not much of either. The biggest difference was that his was straight and mine has a slight but definite curve to the left, the legacy of much self abuse during my developmental period when I had discovered that I could make myself feel amazingly good even before I could ejaculate and well before it was big enough to get my whole hand around. Squeezing it with a thumb and finger while I masturbated caused it to curve slightly to the left as it developed and grew. Damn, there I go again, drifting off from the story!

As I looked at Jim's erect dick I felt a totally unexpected urge to take him in my mouth but just didn't quite have the nerve to do it. I let go and stood back up and pushed against his chest, causing him to sit back onto the bed.

I looked him in the eye and said, "Debra spanks a lot harder than you do."

"I wouldn't bet on it."

"I wouldn't want to bet on it either. No marks other than redness, allowed, mister."

"No marks", he agreed. "There'll be a lot of redness, though."

"Yeah. I imagine so." I turned sideways and started to slide between his legs when he said, "I know you must have some paddles or something. Get them."

I went to the closet and grabbed all the spanky toys from the box and, returning to the bed, dumped them onto it.

Jim picked them up one at a time and evaluated them, testing their feel. It took a little while. There were about fifteen of them.

"Which are your favorites?"

I picked up a couple of the paddles and a strap cut from an old belt and handed them to him.

"Ohhh Kayyy, back into position, then."

I pushed his left leg against the bed with my body, flopping my upper body over it. I separated my legs so he could lock me in again and he put his free hand between my shoulder blades. "Here it comes." He announced, and started right back in. But his right leg was in the way a little bit so he paused and pushed me up on the bed a little more before locking me back in. Both of his legs were between mine but from opposite sides, the left wrapped around my left from the front and his right around the same leg from behind. I was well up on his left leg, my hard dick trapped between me and his knee. I could feel his erection against my hip. Once I was positioned to his satisfaction, he started right back in again, without comment.

But this time, he built up very quickly to a very hard spanking. I started squirming so he leaned across my back without slowing or stopping the rain of slaps on my backside.

"WOW!" "OUCH!" I yelped but he still didn't slow or stop.

Finally I just couldn't stand it anymore and really started bucking, trying to get up. "Enough!" I yelled. "STOP!" "STOP, STOP, STOP, stop, stop, stop, stop! No more!"

But he just ignored me and kept the flaming storm roaring all over my seared ass.

All the bucking and pleading was completely ignored until I finally stopped bucking as the endorphins kicked in and I reached the zone. Now he could spank me all day; it hurt but I no longer cared. It hurt so good!

So, of course he stopped. I moaned. But he didn't let me up. I moaned again as he started caressing my very hot bottom. Once again he started working his fingers up and down the crack, alternating with flat palmed caresses over my whole behind. When his fingers went back to the crack I opened my legs to allow more access. He accepted the offer and lightly ran a finger across my sensitive anus, before switching back to whole ass caresses. I felt his weight shift and started to move but he held me tight and soon I heard the familiar snap of the cap on the lube bottle; he had leaned over to retrieve it from the nightstand. Cool drips invaded the space between my cheeks. The fingers came back and started gently probing.

"Should be clean." I mumbled. "I did enemas last night."


A finger began probing the tight opening in earnest. I noticed his cock was very hard against my hip. The finger pushed insistently so I relaxed and it slid in easily. The invader slid in and out several times before curving to massage my prostate. I moaned loudly; I was totally and unashamedly lost in pleasure. Another finger was added, then another. I was moaning uncontrollably now but was too gone to care. He was stretching me to the limit with each inward thrust, passing firmly over my prostate each time, and then withdrawing almost all the way when I bore down and pushed back. I was grinding against his knee.

Then, without warning, he pulled his fingers out and left me totally empty and bereft of pleasure.

He gently assisted me up onto the bed. I grabbed a couple of pillows and put them under my pelvis as I lay face down across the king sized mattress. He said softly, "Don't move." and walked into the bathroom. I heard the closet open and he returned with a couple of towels. He swatted my ass and I thrust it upwards in acceptance of another spanking, but he said, "Raise up so I can get a towel under you. I rolled over to the side instead and watched him as he spread the towel over the pillows and bed. He was as hard as I was. He looked at me and patted the towel and I got the message, moving back into position.

But this time he grabbed my iron bar erection and kept it from being trapped under me, aiming it downward. He gave me a dozen or so firm swats and I heard that snap again. This time the lube was applied to my dick with a warm, slippery hand. He stroked it a few times but stopped just before I came.

"You know what happens next. Got a condom?"

"No, but unless you've messed around with someone other than your wife..."

"Not in 16 years."

"Twelve for me. Don't sweat the condom."

I heard the snap again but this time he was lubing himself.

"Do you think this is going to ruin our friendship?" He asked.

"Too late to worry about that! Just, get on with it for Chrissake!"

He laughed. "Yeah." I felt him move into position. The soft tip of his hot erection invaded the space between my cheeks and slid around before locating its target.

"I can't get in." Jim said. "I'll squash you. You'll have to get up on your knees."

"No, lay on me. Fuck me!"

I felt his weight come down across my back, his breath warm in my ear. I felt his weight shift as he moved a hand to guide himself and I raised my hips as much as I could to meet him at our mutual need. His cock pressed firmly at my sphincter and I bore down to allow entrance. Suddenly it slid in, setting off fireworks in my whole body.

"OH, YEAH!" we both moaned, simultaneously.

He slowly worked it in to the hilt and we both groaned again.

I felt him relax his weight onto me and the hand he had used to lube and steer his manhood into me came up and wrapped around my shoulder after pausing to wipe the lube off on the towel. The other hand was already gripping the other side. I tilted my ass back to thrust onto him as deeply as possible. I could feel his rough pubic hair against my hot, well spanked ass. He slowly withdrew almost all the way before reversing direction and slowly pushing in as deep as he could get.

We both moaned again. He did it again, and again, slowly increasing the pace. We were both making noises of pleasure almost constantly now. I pushed myself up enough to work my arm and hand under me so I could reach my still very slick, very hard erection. His hands slid around under me and under the cups of the bra and his weight eased but didn't go away as he transferred some of it to his elbows. He started pinching both of my nipples, sending hot sparks down to my dick, which was now firmly in my hand.

He made a couple more long, deep strokes and suddenly blurted, "Oh, Jesus! I'm going to come! Come with me!"

"Unh! Yeah!" It was a grunting whisper as I felt the familiar sensation of impending orgasm.

Suddenly it swept through me and I was crying out loud with pleasure. I knew he was coming, too but I was too overwhelmed to pay much attention. I know I wasn't the only one making a lot of noise but, beyond that, I knew very little except the slow, hot explosion that swept from deep within my groin outward through my whole body. Finally the waves of pleasure began to calm and Jim's motions slowed and ground to a halt. His full weight collapsed onto my limp body and he remained planted in my bottom. We both just lay there, too exhausted from the huge orgasms to do more than just gasp for breath.

Wow! If it is always like this, why aren't all men gay? Or at least bisexual?

Finally our breathing slowed and Jim's rapidly shrinking ass pleasuring wand slipped from its nest. I twisted my body and dumped him onto the bed beside me so I could breathe a little easier, but neither of us opened our eyes or moved for several more minutes.

Finally I cracked one eye open and rolled so I could see him. He opened his eyes and shut them again. I noticed a deep red flush come up his face and into the ear that I could see. He started to move away.

I was embarrassed, too, but I put a hand out and stopped his movement.

"You're embarrassed? Man that was amazing! You should be taking a bow!"

He opened his eyes again and sniggered and we both burst out in uproarious laughter. When it finally ran down he said, "Thanks. I didn't know what to say."

"Yeah. Me neither, but what the hell; my best guy friend just screwed me over and I loved it! Fuck you too, buddy!"

We burst out laughing again.

"Look, I gotta admit , that was better than coffee, but I think I really need some." I started to get up and looked down at my sticky hand still in my sticky crotch. "I think I need a shower, too. You're chickenshit if you don't join me. But I'm gonna start the coffee first."

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