tagLoving WivesSurprise for Dana

Surprise for Dana


I always wondered if I had a different wife would I have a different life?

Let me start by telling you I got married at a very young age, we both were very young and in-experienced but the economy was booming and we both were working and making great money. This allowed us to take some great vacations around the world and experience some of the finer things life has to offer. I grew up with a very liberal family where my wife grew up in a very strict family. This caused our sex life considerable issues especially as we grew older. My wife with her family problems started taking anti-depressants and this caused her sex drive to be virtually eliminated. Sure we still had sex once a month in the shower from behind so she could get cleaned up. In her mind this was all that was necessary to keep her husband happy.

Me on the other hand would like a little adventure in love making I am always buying her lingerie, sex toys and suggesting she and I do something a little different usually this meant one good night of sex then we would return to the standard escapades in the shower.

During all these years my wife’s best friend Dana had also been married she and her husband I thought had a great sex life. One night when my wife was out of town on business Dana called and she said she needed my help. I drove over to her house and walked up to her door. She explained that she had a problem in her bathroom. I walked into her bathroom and the toilet was clogged. I asked her for a plunger and went to work attempting to fix the toilet. It took a few minutes to get the fixture working correctly again but I was a mess and asked Dana if I could take a quick shower to clean up.

After I got out of the shower Dana asked if I had time for a beer. I noticed that she was in pajamas and you could see her nipples through the top and her ass cheeks were pretty free inside the bottoms. I didn’t want a beer but I thought why not spend some time with Dana. We typically didn’t talk much I just hung out with Barry talking about cars and sports while our wives talked about family and kids.

Dana came back with the beer and we talked for a few minutes when she suddenly said “Jim how is your sex life?”

I stammered “it’s OK how is yours?”

Dana put down her beer and said “ it sucks Barry only wants it once a month and then it’s about 4 minutes of of me blowing him followed by 3 minutes of thrusting and goodnight Dana”.

I replied “well in our house it’s typically 3-4 minutes in the shower followed by see ya later honey”.

We sat for a couple of minutes before I finally said “what is your fantasy Dana?”

She looked down then said, “I want to be tied down and fucked and sucked till I’m satisfied”.

“How about yours?”

I stopped looked at Dana again then shook my head “no you will think I am a pervert”. “Go ahead James tell me.”

I said “my fantasy was to watch a woman take a bath shave herself bald and then masturbate with a vibrator till she came then I would get between her legs and eat her pussy till she comes again. Then I’d fuck her with my cock till I come then I’d get between her legs and suck her pussy dry.”

Dana said “well what if I don’t take the bath cause I’m already smooth?”

I started getting even more excited. Were we ready to cheat on our spouses?

I said “what about Betty and Barry?”

We both looked at each other and both knew that our fantasies would remain just that.

The next day I had a thought if Dana wanted to be tied up maybe so did Betty. I took 4 of my ties and laid them on the bed and sent the kids to Grandma’s for the weekend. I took Betty out to dinner we had a nice time and when we arrived home she said her goodnight and headed to bed. In about 1 minute Betty called down asking what I was up to. I headed upstairs and grabbed Betty around her waist and tied her hands into the ties and laid her down. Then I spread her legs and tied her ankles to the bed as well. She was just looking at me when I left the bedroom. I headed downstairs and pulled out our video camera and tripod. As I entered the bedroom I could tell Betty was a little worried about me. I set up the camera and started it. Then I got between her legs and began licking her pussy and pulling slightly on her lips. She started cumming in just a few minutes her pussy was really wet, I went into the nightstand and grabbed the big dildo I had bought her, it still hadn’t been used because it was still in the package. I unwrapped it and inserted it into her pussy. I was shocked because it just slid into her pussy. It felt like her pussy was grabbing it for more. Betty’s hips were bucking like there was no tomorrow and she begged me to feed her my big cock. Well I pointed my cock at her lips and she sucked me into her mouth. I warned her I was going to cum but she kept sucking me into her throat. I pulled back just enough that my warm cum hit her on the chin and shot straight down her chest. After I shot my cum Betty usually went to the bathroom to clean up. Since she had been tied down tonight she took my dripping cock back into her mouth till I began to throb back to life. I pulled the dildo from her pussy and inserted my hard cock deep into her wet pussy. We both fucked and bucked like a couple teenagers. I bent forward and licked her cum covered tits and fully buried my cock into her pussy. The impending orgasm was building in my balls and finally I jerked and spasmed deep inside of Betty.

I quickly untied her and she went to the bathroom. I quickly removed the tape from the camera and replaced it with a blank. When Betty returned to bed she asked if I would delete what I recorded. I told her that I never even started recording, It was just to add excitement. She demanded that I prove it, I hooked up the camera to the TV and hit play and she saw the snow on the screen. My cock was getting hard again knowing that I had a hard core porno of my wife in the nightstand drawer.

I leaned over and kissed Betty again and she felt my hard cock against her ass. She asked if I was ready again I told her I am always ready and we made slow passionate love for about 20 minutes before we both collapsed with a final good night orgasm.

I woke the following morning and Betty had left for work. I spent a few minutes making a copy of the tape and viewed it. It was pretty weak compared to a real life XXX movie but the action was hot and the blowjob came out great. With great white gobs of sperm shooting out of my cock onto her chest. I thought about Dana’s fantasy and decided to drop off the tape next weekend.

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