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Al was pleasantly surprised when the hearings he was involved in was completed a day and a half early. His expert counseling had been readily accepted by the Senate Committee, therefore he was excused from further testimony.

He hurried to the nearest phone and called Dullas Airport and had his Leer Jet readied for his return home.

The limo was waiting when he departed the Capital building.

"Dullas," Al told the driver. They whizzed thought the traffic and arrived at the airport as his jet was being pulled onto the flight apron.

Al filed his flight plan and hurried toward the jet. His Air force hitch had been of great benefit to him. He had finished Law School and was now a very successful business lawyer specializing in government law. He purchased the Leer Jet so he could commute from Indiana and DC, thus saving hundreds of dollars and hours on commercial airlines and could be in either place in a matter of minutes.

He taxied to the runway, received clearance to take off and shot out into the blue.

His thoughts turned to his wife, Lorain. She had been rather distant lately. She suggested he might think about finding a way for them to spend more time together or, as she put it, find a substitute.

Al was not sure just what she had meant but his imagination ran rampant. Was she suggesting they find a substitute person for their sex life?

Lorain's sex drive had always been very active. More often than not she initiated their sex. He pondered the idea of switching mates.

It would be a relatively easy situation for either of them to "find a substitute".

Lorain was a stunning brunette. Her figure was perfect. Slim waist, large breasts, protruding ass, shapely legs, blue eyes, pert nose, and extremely intelligent and, oh yes, very sexually fixated.

Al was short and stocky. His muscular body was hard and well developed. His thinning coal black hair with graying sideburns made him look distinguished. Besides being very well off financially, he was very well off in the groin area. He was hung like a stud horse. Ten and a half inches long, and two inches thick. He had the air of sensual passion.

Al checked his watch as he landed at the university airport. "One twenty!" "Not bad considering I wasn't supposed to get home until tomorrow evening or later," he thought.

He had the plane towed to his hanger. His Jaguar was parked inside the hanger. He transferred his suitcase and briefcase into the Jaguar. He pulled into the traffic and dialed his office from the car phone.

Trish, his administrative assistant, answered the phone on the second ring.

Her voice sent shivers up his spine. It was deep and sexy. "Law firm of Martin, specializing in government law, this is Trish," her voice floated over the phone to him.

"Hi doll," Al answered. "I just got in and am on my way home. Is there anything you need from me?"

Her sexy laugh made him smile. "Nothing except you," she said with a lilt in her voice.

"Some day I'll take you up on that," Al said laughing.

She laughed again. "You always say that, but never do," she said, her voice more sensual than usual.

"I'll be in tomorrow," Al replied, his voice getting husky. "Be ready for a busy day."

"No playing around?" she joked.

"Maybe a little," Al returned her joke.

Her deep laugh made the hair stand on his neck.

"I'll be ready and waiting," she giggled as the line went dead.

"One of these days, I'm going to surprise her," Al thought.

He drove hurriedly toward his house. When he turned into the drive he was surprised to see Lorain's car in the drive.

"She is home early," he thought to himself.

The garage door was open. He pulled the Jag into the garage. "I'll leave it open for her," he thought as he hurried toward the front door, his suitcase and brief case tucked under his arm.

He pushed the door open and put his brief case on the table by the door. It was then that he noticed the suitcase sitting by the guest room door down the hall.

"I wonder to whom that belongs?" he said to himself.

He started down the hall. He heard voices coming from the master bedroom. He recognized Lorain's voice as he neared the door to the bedroom.

"Oh God, yes!" her voice carried to him. "Fuck me deep and hard! Put you big hard cock into me deep! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she wailed.

Al stopped short at the door. He peered in.

Lorain was bending over the edge of the bed, her bare ass in the air.

A rather brown skinned, muscular man was behind her, ramming his cock into her upturned cunt fiercely. His deep moans filled the room and echoed down the hall along with hers.

Lorain was begging him for more. Her voice was getting louder and louder as he banged into her. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she shrieked. "I love your cock in me. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she chanted vulgarly.

Al stepped back from the door. He watched as the stranger fucked his wife with abandon. He could not believe what he was seeing and hearing. Lorain had always been so quiet when Al fucked her, but now she was screaming and begging lewdly.

Al watched aghast as the dark man hunched into her, each blow driving her onto the bed. With a loud roar, he drove into her with a hard thrust. White liquid spewed around his engorged cock. "I'm cumming," he bellowed.

"Meee tooo," Lorain screeched.

Their mingled cum spewed around them, drenching the floor and bed with sticky liquid.

Lorain rolled over onto the bed, her legs spread wide, opening her cunt widely. The white cum drained from her red cunt lips. Her head rolled from side to side. "What a great fuck you are, Mark!" she said emphatically.

"Mark! That must be the famous Mark Bower that Lorain is always talking about," Al thought.

"You are terrific," Mark's deep voice echoed in the room.

Al stepped back out of sight.

"Fuck me more," Lorain's voice came through the open door.

"My cock is drained and getting soft," Mark remarked.

"I'll take care of that," Lorain growled.

Al peeked around the door.

Lorain had Mark's cock in her hand, jacking it fiercely. She pulled it to her mouth and ran her tongue up one side and down the other. Suddenly she opened her mouth and swallowed his entire cock. She gagged slightly as the last of his cock disappeared into her mouth. Her head moved back and forth quickly.

Mark's cock appeared and then disappeared.

Lorain groaned lecherously as she sucked his cock into stiff erection. Her lips parted and his cock slipped from her sucking mouth with a loud pop.

"I knew I could make it hard again," she bragged loudly.

"What a wicked little nymph you are," Mark remarked as she rolled him over on his back, his cock protruding stiffly from his belly

Lorain's soft, sexy laugh reverberated in the room as she mounted him. His cock slipped into her wet cunt as she straddled him. Bouncing up and down, she groaned sensuously. "Fill my pussy with cum," she demanded carnally.

Al watched and listened as his wife rode Mark. Her ass was bouncing up and down. Her cunt captivated his cock tightly, lifting him off the bed and then driving down again, until he gasped for air.

"I like to fuck you like this," Lorain groaned as she rode his hard cock.

"My God," he choked out. "I am cuming again."

"Wait for me," Lorain howled. "I want to feel you in me. Fill me with your tremendous cock."

Her voice quavered as she bounced up and down on his engorged cock. "Just a little more," she begged. "Don't cum yet!"

Mark groaned loudly. "Cum, you fucking relentless bitch," he shouted loudly.

"Oh yess," she cried. "Talk dirty to me, you fantastic cunt full of cock."

Her raunchy language spurred Mark on. He clamped his lower lip between his teeth so tightly a small drop of blood appeared.

Lorain bounced harder and harder.

With an ear splitting scream, she drove down on his cock with such force Mark could feel her clit slam against his balls.

Mark's shout signified his release. His cum shot down his cock, spurting into her hot cavern.

"Yess!" she cried. "I am cuming again. I love your cock buried deep inside me."

A hissing noise came from her cunt as she clamped her cunt over his cock viciously. Their mingled cum squirted from around his cock.

Lorain rocked back and forth slowly, her cunt milking his cock of every drop.

Mark grunted loudly as he slowly was drained of cum.

His cock became flaccid and limp as Lorain squeezed and released it with her cunt lips.

"You are a terrific lover," she said breathlessly. "I love to fuck with you."

Mark smiled as she dismounted. "You are wild," he said grinning. "My balls are shriveled up like a prune."

A small drop of cum tendril hung from his limp cock.

Lorain smiled. Her tongue snaked out and caught it deftly. "MMM, that is good," she mewed softly.

Mark groaned loudly as she ran her tongue over the head of his limp cock.

"I'll have to rejuvenate that," she said, catching his balls in her hand while licking the slit of his cock head.

Mark slowly sat up on the bed. "Give me a few minutes, and I will be ready to go again."

Lorain laughed. "OK, only hurry. I love the feel of you in me," she said lustfully.

Mark slowly walked into the bathroom.

Lorain moved to the edge of the bed, her red pussy dripping cum on the floor. "Two more days of passionate love making before Al gets home," she sighed.

"What?" Mark shouted over the noise of the shower.

"Just thinking," she shouted.

Lorain walked toward the bathroom. With each step, cum dripped down her leg.

"God I feel wicked, but wonderful," she said. "What a glorious fuck!"

"What?" Mark asked again.

"Move over," she said. "I am making a sticky puddle on the floor."

Mark laughed roguishly. "I hope you enjoyed making love," he shouted over the roar of the shower. "I have wanted to fuck you since the first time I saw you," he admitted.

Lorain laughed. "We sure wasted a lot of time then," she said. "I have wanted you from the first time I met you too. We have two days before Al gets home," she said. "You had better be in good shape."

"Don't worry," Mark said as he dried his naked body. "I will give you more than you can handle."

Lorain laughed heartily. "No way," she exclaimed.

Al had been listening to them from the doorway. He found himself smiling as they joked back and forth.

He quietly hurried back down the hall. He gathered up his luggage and returned to the Jaguar. He tossed his bags into the seat. Silently he backed the car out onto the street and drove away. At first he was angry, but the more he thought about what he had seen and heard, the more he approved of the situation.

"Now I don't have to feel guilty if I have a little transgression of my own," he thought.

He picked up the car phone and called his office. Trish answered on the first ring.

"Are you busy tonight," he asked bluntly.

After a short silence she answered, "No! Why?"

"I just thought we should celebrate," he answered.

"Celebrate what?" she asked.

"Just celebrate," he said mysteriously.

"That sounds uh, interesting," she said after a short, deep breath.

"I'll pick you up in ten minutes," he said.

"Wow, you are serious," she said after a short silence.

"I have never been more serious," he replied.

"I'll be waiting," she said, her voice husky and soft.

Al's thoughts turned to Trish and her lovely body as he propelled the Jag toward the office.

Trish was very well built with large breasts. She had golden blonde hair. Her face was round and full. Her dimpled cheeks accentuated her button nose. Her waist was trim and her hips flared sublimely. Her long legs were perfect. Her protruding ass bounced delightfully when she walked.

He stopped at the curb in front of the office building.

Trish bounded from the door, nearly running over a pedestrian on the sidewalk in her haste.

Al held the door open and she scrambled in. Her mini-skirt rode up on her thighs, giving, him a generous look at her blue bikini panties.

Al gasped audibly.

Trish smiled and tugged her skirt down slightly.

"What are we celebrating?" she asked coyly.

Al smiled. "Just be patient," he admonished her as he drove into the traffic and headed for his house.

Trish sat quietly until they stopped at the curb a half block from the house.

"What is going on?" she asked.

Al looked serious. "Lorain and Mark Bower are at the house," he said. "I caught them making love."

Trish gasped loudly. "Oh God," she exclaimed. "I was supposed to tell you that he couldn't find a hotel room and was staying at your house. I never imagined they would-" her voice fell off.

"It is OK," Al assured her. "I was angry at first, but after I thought about it, I believe it is a blessing in disguise."

Trish looked puzzled.

"I won't feel guilty if I, we-" his eyes met hers.

Her smile confirmed his feelings.

"Why are we stopping here?" she asked, her voice husky.

"I want you to see, so you know I am not lying," he explained.

Trish gasped. "You want us to-Watch-" she said hesitating.

Al smiled. "It is quite a sight," he said. "I never knew how-" Al hesitated- "exciting it could be to watch," he continued.

Trish gasped again. Her blue eyes grew wide. "I, We, shouldn't!" she exclaimed unsteadily. Her eyes glanced down the street toward his house.

Al took her elbow. "Come on," he said guiding her toward the house.

They started toward the house. Trish was reluctant at first, but the closer they got to the house the faster Trish walked. When they turned up the drive, Al had to trot to keep up with her.

He silently opened the front door. They could hear muted voices coming from the area of the swimming pool.

The pool was constructed so half was inside and half was outside the house. The wall separating the halves could be moved so the entire pool could be opened to the outside or totally enclosed.

Al guided her toward the door leading to the pool. Pushing the door open slightly, they peered through the opening.

Lorain and Mark were swimming in the pool. Lorain laughed loudly as Mark ascended the ladder out of the pool. His cock stood out from his groin stiff and hard.

Trish gasped.

Al put his hand over her mouth.

Lorain was naked when she scampered up the steps. Her tits bounced wildly as she followed Mark up the ladder. She grabbed him by his ass buns.

Marked yelped at her touch.

Laughing loudly, they fell into the lounge beside the pool.

Lorain took Mark's face between her hands and kissed his forehead. She moved to his nose and kissed it gently. Her mouth found his and she brushed it gently with hers. Next she kissed his chin and on down to his neck. His hairy chest was next. Then to his belly. Then to the hollow on each side of his balls. She kissed his knees and then tip of his toes.

Mark groaned audibly at her administrations.

Sighing deeply she took his cock in her hand and kissed the tip ardently.

Mark groaned loudly.

Her mouth opened and she gobbled the head of his cock into her mouth.

Trish sputtered under Al's hand.

After several minutes, Lorain stopped sucking Mark's throbbing cock and bent over the lounge.

"Ass fuck me," she demanded loudly. "I want to experience every pleasure."

Mark bounded up. Holding his cock in his hand like a giant pole, he aimed it at her ass sphincter. With a gigantic lunge, he speared her in the ass with his stiff cock.

Lorain screamed in ecstasy as he drove his cock into her to the hilt.

Mark lunged back and forth, driving his cock back and forth in her ass unmercifully.

"Yes, fuck my ass off," Lorain growled.

Trish gasped loudly, and sagged against Al. "Oh God," she whispered throatily.

They watched as Mark fucked Lorain's ass for what seemed like an eternity. He finally shuddered violently and pulled his spurting cock out of her ass.

Lorain grabbed his cock and gulped the sticky fluid ravenously.

She smiled widely as Mark's orgasm subsided. "You taste so good," she cooed, wiping cum from her chin.

Mark lay back on the lounge as Lorain sucked his cock desperately. It was slowly wilting even with her lips tugging at it.

Trish shuddered as she watched the scene in front of her. Taking Al by the hand, she tugged him back down the hall.

"Oh God," she exclaimed husky. "What a sight!"

"It is quite a turn on, isn't it?" Al asked.

"Please fuck me!" she said when they were out of hearing distance.

"And you were the one that didn't want to watch," he laughed.

"Shut up and fuck me!" Trish demanded, pulling her bikini panties off.

Al steered her toward the master bedroom.

They left a trail of clothing as they hurried down the hall to the bedroom.

Trish fumbled with the clasp on her bra as they entered the bedroom. Her mini skirt dropped to the floor beside the bed. She was on the bed instantly, her naked body shaking violently.

"Please hurry," she begged passionately.

Al pulled his shirt and trousers off frantically. His under shorts were next.

Trish gasped again when his huge cock sprung into view. Her eyes grew wide as he slowly walked toward her. His cock swung menacingly as he moved toward her.

"Oh my god," she exclaimed passionately. "I have heard rumors about you, but I never believed they were true."

Al smiled. "Now that you know, are you sure you want to try it?" he asked softly.

"More than ever," she breathed. "I have wanted you to make love to me for months," she admitted.

He slipped into bed beside her.

"Please be gentle," she whispered as he moved between her spread legs.

Al's cock rubbed against her clit.

"Yes!" She moaned gutturally.

He pressed his thick cock against her hot cunt lips. She bucked up to meet his throbbing cock. The head slipped into her tight cunt.

"More," she growled.

Al began to move back and forth, each time penetrating her throbbing cunt deeper.

He felt a restriction. Withdrawing all but the head of his cock, he drove into her fiercely, past the restriction, until his balls banged against her ass.

Trish screamed boisterously. Her body stiffened and then went limp. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she fainted dead away.

Al pulled his cock from her soft cunt and hurried to the bathroom.

Taking a damp cool cloth, he wiped her forehead gently.

She was just reviving when the door burst open.

Lorain and Mark stopped short.

"What in the hell,"-Lorain stopped short when she saw Al.

Mark held a mop over his head menacingly.

Al began to laugh heartily at the sight.

Lorain was completely naked and Mark's limp cock swung flaccidly between his legs.

"What are you doing home?" Lorain asked loudly. "You scared us to death. We thought you were burglars or something," she shouted at Al.

Mark lowered the mop. "I take it this is Al, your husband," he said to Lorain.

His words brought Lorain back to reality. She glanced at Mark and then to her own nakedness.

"Oh God," she exclaimed loudly and started toward the door.

"Wait!" Al exclaimed. "I think we have something to discuss," he continued.

Lorain turned around and looked at Al and then at Trish.

Trish was trying to pull the covers up over her naked body.

Al smiled at Lorain.

"We watched you out at the pool," Al said softly. "I guess we got a little excited when Mark fucked you in the ass. Trish couldn't take my entire cock and passed out," Al told her in the brief way of explanation.

Lorain looked at Trish and then at Al. "You watched us-" her voice trailed off.

Al and Trish were nodding affirmative.

Lorain turned scarlet. Mark coughed loudly.

Al chuckled. "I was here earlier," he elaborated. "I saw you and Mark on this very bed," he continued. "I see the floor is still damp," Al added, pointing to the wet spot on the floor.

Lorain gasped.

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