Surprise Honey Ch. 09


Anne lay there under me as I held myself over her barely touching our bodies. I could tell she was getting very worked up. I lowered my body just a fraction and felt the head of my cock rubbing across her tummy.

I leaned over a bit freeing up one of my hands, and began to stroke her body. Starting at her breasts, I caressed and fondled them. Lightly moving it downwards, feeling her smooth skin on her belly.

As my hand reached her wetness her moans grew louder. I let my fingers drift slowly through her lower lips, feeling the wet heat and silky smoothness of her most tender spot.

"I need you Bill...I want you to fuck me please"

Her voice was raspy and inviting. I felt my cock throb as she said those words to me. Even though I had just had some pretty hot sex a little bit ago I was ready to go again.

I grasped her hand, removing it from my cock. I pulled it up beside her head and held it there. I moved a bit and then took her other hand, placing it beside her head also. With her hands trapped by mine on each side, she gave out a shivering cry.

Her hips rocked upwards, trying to locate and take my cock into her. I let my cock drift through those lips, wet and needful of my hardness.

I could see her nipples sticking out and red. She had a flush across her upper chest that was threatening to take in her breasts too.

She cried out in frustration as I held off building her need to a threshold somewhat like Sandra had experienced last night. Her eyes looked into mine with a silent plea for release.

"Please...please...I n-e-e-e-d you. I want you."

"You need me Anne? You really want me to give you my cock?"

"Yessss...please...ummmm...your cock...mmmmmm...fuck me."

Hissing those words out in the manner she did caused my cock to jerk. I felt a voodoo like feeling of power and strength flow through my body.


Confused for a minute Anne looked at me with actual hurt in her eyes. Then realization dawned there. She understood what she was going to have to say and do to get my cock. At that moment she knew that she would have to submit to me and beg for me to fuck her.

I saw a look of anger flash there, followed with a look of anguish. Her need of my hard shaft was outweighing her strength of purpose. I saw her surrender just before she begged me.

"Bill...PLEASE! I need your cock. Mmmmmm...PLEASE...sir."

"What do you need Anne?"

"Sir...please may I have your cock? Please Bill?"

"Please what?"

"Bill...I mean...Sir...please will you fuck me sir?"

"Hmmmm...You don't deserve it I am thinking. You show no respect."

"Uhhhhnnnnmmmmmm...No...I will do anything...please...sir...Sir...mmmmm...Master."

"What was that?"


"Hmmmm...I guess you may have learned some respect after all. I still don't know though."

Her hips were thrashing up and down and side to side in her desperation to have me fuck her. She wanted my hard shaft to split her wide open. I saw a little bit of spit at the corner of her mouth as she moaned and cried out.

Leaning close to her face I stuck out my tongue and licked that spit up. My tongue slipped across her lips and drew her head up off the bed as I pulled away. Her tongue was sticking out as if to capture mine and draw it into her mouth.

'Please Master. I will do anything, anything at all. Please."

By now even I couldn't stand it. I had to stick my cock into her and just rut with her until we both had release. I aligned my cock with her wet shiny opening.

Her cries were louder and her hips shot up trying to take me inside her. I let my hips pull away with hers so that just the head of my cock penetrated her pussy. Holding that distance I waited for that look.

It didn't take long at all. As I held her arms up over her head I saw her eyes roll back a bit then refocus on my face. Tears in the corners of her eyes showed me that she was in dire need of a good hard fucking at this point.

I don't think that anyone had ever been with her like this before. Her body betrayed her need so openly and wantonly. Unable to resist anymore, I waited until she settled back on the bed and then drove my cock into her tightness.

Her gasp of pleasure and pain was thrilling to me. I felt her muscles straining to accept my shaft as it plunged into her fully. My pubic mound crushing her clit and grinding on her for a bit before pulling away.

Pulling out until only the head of my cock was in her pussy I waited yet one more time. Her urgency grew and she screamed out in need and lust.

"MASTER...PUHHLEEASE FUCK ME, Please fuck me."

I drove my cock back into her hard as the first time. I kept this pattern up for quite a few strokes, driving her and myself to a plateau of sexual feeling.

The longer I held her back from her need the louder she got. Her voice was almost loud enough to hurt my ears as she moaned and cried out for my cock to pleasure her.


I waited.

"PLEASE! Oh God...PLEASE...I NEED you...Oh God...please?"

Finally I decided I needed to cum. My balls were almost pained with the same need that served Anne. I began to thrust in and out of her in rapid full strokes. Grinding as I bottomed out each time.

Anne was crying as I fucked her harder and faster. Her orgasm started and flowed over her. She looked into my eyes just as it hit her and I saw gratitude and something else. Some indefinable presence was lurking behind those eyes.

As her orgasm rolled over her she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. I felt my own orgasm welling up and soon I was shooting my hot cum deep into her welcoming pussy.

Collapsing on top of her we caught our breath. Anne was holding my asscheeks as she calmed down from her very hard orgasm.

Looking to the side I saw that we had an audience. May and Julie were standing naked by the bed with open-mouthed stares. Anne was wiping the tears from her eyes as I pulled out of her.

Our combined juices flowed from her red pussy, spilling between those tender and soft ass cheeks, onto the bed. I got up and sat on the end of the bed. Anne sat up behind me and hugged me close to her. Her breasts poking into my back.

I felt her soft lips on my ear and neck as she hugged me tightly. Then I heard her whisper softly.

"Thank you master. That was the best orgasm I have ever...ever had. Thank you so much."

I felt a little shiver flow through my body as those words caressed my ears. I had just been the best she had ever had. I felt so strong and so...powerful knowing that I had done something nobody had ever done for her.

May and Julie were silently standing there looking at me with stunned and uncertain eyes. I laughed a bit breaking the tension that had covered the room.

" that was some hot sex. Heh Heh Heh."

"Hot sex? May had found her tongue. "That was more than hot sex. I have never seen a man bring a woman off like that before."

" was just the moment and the feeling between Anne and I. No big deal."

I was embarrassed. I had never had sex like this before. I had never had a woman reduced to tears as she came. I had never had a woman beg me like Anne had begged me. I was shocked at myself as much as Julie and May were at me.

Anne was still hugging me and kissing my back and neck. Her hands were softly touching my cock and balls. Light smooth strokes up and down.

I slipped a hand under Anne and let my fingers slip through the lips of her still very wet and dripping pussy. I caught a bit of our juices in the palm of my hand and then held it up in front of May's face.

May looked into my eyes and then at my hand. Julie stepped in closer and taking my hand in hers she offered it even closer still. May suddenly bent slightly and opening her mouth she sucked those juices off of my hand and then licked it clean.

Anne lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide, seemingly knowing what I wanted May to do. As I pulled my hand downwards, May followed it keeping oh so close.

I stopped just above Anne's slick opening. May crawled onto the bed and buried her face in Anne's pussy. I heard her moan as she licked and sucked on the feast before her.

Julie looked into my eyes and then went down on her knees. She came over in front of me and began to lick my cock from its base to its tip. Her eyes on mine the whole time.

May had her ass sticking up right behind me. I reached up and began to run my fingers through her pussy and up between her ass cheeks. I fingered her asshole and slipped two fingers into the depths of her pussy. I inserted one finger into her ass and working them together I began to finger fuck both of those tight holes.

Julie was now taking my whole cock into her mouth and down her throat. I felt her gag reflex try to work a few times but she gracefully managed to control it. I could feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat.

May was really into eating out Anne by now. Anne was moaning and her hands were on May's head pulling her in firmly to her pussy.

I took my one free hand and began to caress Julie's breasts and nipples. Her moans were causing my cock to vibrate and felt my need growing yet one more time.

Soon, before I really realized it, I felt an orgasm welling up in me. It may have been from the just past dominating sex I had with Anne, or Julie's skillful blowjob. All I knew was I was suddenly cumming.

My hands on Julie's head, her lips at the base of my cock, I began to shoot off. Julie kept her head down on my cock and I could feel her swallowing my load. It wasn't much of a load since I had shot quite a bit out already today, but a load nonetheless.

I moved over on the bed and sat still, catching my breath. I watched as Julie got behind May and began licking her exposed asshole and pussy. May moaned into Anne's pussy as Julie lovingly sucked and licked those beautiful holes.

I could see Julie's juices on the lips of her pussy. Her hips were rocking a bit and then I saw that she had one hand on her pussy and was masturbating herself as she ate out May.

Looking around I saw Jan and Carl standing in the doorway watching the lesbian three-way scene taking place on the bed. They had big smiles on their faces. Jan had Carl's cock in hand and was stroking him. Carl was fondling her pussy and breasts. They headed over towards the bed as I got up. I couldn't take anymore. Tired, I got up and went to my cabin. Showering up I crawled into bed. Just below my I could hear the orgy of human flesh moaning and groaning as I fell fast asleep.

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i love this story

very well written. unbelievably sexy. the master thing - so-so. but its a terrific story.

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