tagGroup SexSurprise in the Stockroom

Surprise in the Stockroom


Laurel could feel herself releasing with them, the two vampires. One was ramming her from the inside of her ass, and the other was rock solid in her mouth, his balls knocking her chin as her mouth rode his entire shaft. She was on her knees gracing a small, but sturdy block of wood and loving every second of this moment as they all three reached the inevitable rhythm of climax. It was simply one of only two missions in her young life.

She was completely naked; they were fully clothed except for their jeans, unzipped and partially pushed down their hips. Alec, the vamp filling her mouth, was quite tall and standing in front of Laurel, reaching with his hands to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples with his considerable vampire strength. Punished mercilessly, they rushed thousands of sensations to her brain. Alec, as do all vampires, knew how to create the ultimate coveted mixture of pleasure and pain.

Michael, as the other vampire was known for too many years to keep count, kept his hands firmly on Laurel's hips, guiding them in a deliciously wonderful gyrating rhythm. His exposed fangs had already dug into her long, tender neck twice. While Michael could not resist licking and suckling the fresh wounds, Alec's handsome face was contorted in the ultimate dilemma of any vampire to finish off his climax or abandon it to bend down toward her neck and drink her rich blood. He chose the former thinking there would be plenty to go around afterward as they drained the bitch dry, although he looked on as his partner tongued Laurel's dark blood with obvious envy.

Laurel herself took to massaging Alec's amply heavy balls with one hand while her other found her moistened clit. The kernel that needed to be popped, as she liked to call it, was already swollen. Her hand wet from her own juices, she quickly started to pick up the rhythm with her middle finger taking the lead. Her index and ring fingers were like wings of an airplane gliding along the sides of her clit while the middle finger purposefully stroked the ever-swelling region in a circular motion, faster and faster and faster.

Her head tilting upward with Alec's bulging cock in her mouth, her eyes rolled upward until she rose into a state of utter bliss. Laurel felt the two vamps beginning to ride the same wave of climax she was enjoying, and she suddenly focused on her second mission.

With almost imperceptible speed for a human, Laurel released her hand from her satisfied clit, totally unnoticed by the two vamps, and reached downward into her opened black patent leather bag hanging on a hook below the wooden block. Wrapping her hands around two impossibly sharp wooden stakes, she pulled them out and brought them upward toward her chest. In the midst of his cum being emptied into her mouth, she released Alec's balls to free up her other hand for a stake. Twisting her body in an upright manner, she was able to place one hand on either vamp's chest. Clutching the stakes, she gave each vamp a violent shove. Totally unaware of her intent, Michael and Alec were caught off guard at such rough treatment from a mere human, and their suddenly exposed cocks were aching to be back inside her warm body. The vampires opened their eyes to their last sight on earth as Laurel repositioned her hands to holding the pointed ends of both stakes forward as the two vampires fell back onto them. Driving the stakes deep into their chests, they obliterated into dust.

Swallowing Alec's salty cum, Laurel relaxed onto the smooth surface of the block to enjoy the remnants of her climax. Staking vamps was always such a turn-on for her, partly because she envisioned the stakes being huge cocks that she held in her hands. Still slightly shuddering from her climax, she massaged her clit with the base of one stake letting it slide in and out of her wet pussy only to massage her clit again and again. She slid the other stake carefully along her mouth, tonguing it with relish. She only used stakes she had sanded smooth for this very reason. Laurel allowed herself the ecstasy of slowly licking the vampire blood off of the stake, the only part of the vampires left aside from the dust around her.

Two surprising facts regarding vampire blood came to her attention a few years ago. It tasted terrific, and it made her stronger, enhancing her senses including a new ability she'd discovered within herself to detect vampires.

When she had licked all the blood off of the stake, her hands switched duties so she could lick the blood off the other stake. As she finished sliding her tongue up and down the shaft of the stake savoring the potent blood, she began to reach another climax. Rising up on the block again and bucking her hips, she rhymically pounded her own pussy with the stake while her other hand found her clit again. Without Alec's stiff vampire cock in her mouth, she let out first a glorious moan and then an intake of air that vibrated through her body, the sound matching the pulsing sensation of her pleasure center beat for beat. Her climax washed over her, producing a satisfied sigh from deep within her. God that felt good, she thought over and over, and massaged her new juices all over her pussy.

She eased off the wooden block and took a few swipes at the vampire dust that lingered on her body, mingling with the beads of sweat covering her body. She dressed slowly in her wide-legged trousers with fuck-me stilettos and a garnet red satin blouse with a collar to hide her bite marks. Gathering the stakes and the rest of her belongings, she tousled her hair and moved toward the locked door of the stockroom in the bar she frequented each week on her quest for vampires.

Her hand on the doorknob, she let the events of the past hour soak into her brain. She, a slayer, had killed two more vampires. Slayerdom didn't choose her; she chose it after a vicious vampire drained her boyfriend's blood five years ago. She didn't even know they existed until that moment, but she immediately developed an intense hatred of them. Laurel would never forget finding Paul after that brutal attack. Shuddering at the painful memory, she composed herself. From that point of discovering her boyfriend's body, she knew that killing vampires was her goal; she just didn't realize having sex with them would be just as important to her as killing them. Her shrink would just say it was cathartic, she thought wryly.

Most people didn't believe in vampires. Not only did Laurel know they existed, she discovered a special propensity within herself to find them. Part of it, she figured, was gaining more and more experience about vampires, and part of it was a "talent" she had.

As she opened the door of the stockroom and walked down the narrow passage into the bar, she wondered if she would someday come face-to-face with a vampire that was so powerful sexually that she couldn't resist, that she wouldn't want to kill. Pushing open the doors of the bar, she hoped that day would never come.

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Seems unfinished. No dialogue, little to no backstory, no plot or character development

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