tagLesbian SexSurprise Lesbian Initiation!

Surprise Lesbian Initiation!


(The last story Shara invited me to meet Brenda at the beach and mix it up with her lesbian group warning me they may make me a free for all party! The strapon sex is vivid but believable as the author has personally been strapon fucked for two hours at a time!)


Shara invited me to the gay/lesbian alternative nude beach that was hidden away in private property inside a cove away from prying eyes. My first time was a real eye opener seeing both guys kissing guys and women kissing women walking off hand in hand into the brush to play. The first day at the nude beach Shara set me up with one of her wild bisexual girlfriends because it was taboo to go there without a partner. I saw the girls down the beach tucked away in a semi-private spot away from the gawkers. When I arrived Shara and her girlfriend Gina were all over each other kissing and fondling on the blanket. Hara waved d hello saying she was busy but meet Brenda on the next blanket. Shara introduced Gina whom she was fingering like a puppet as she shamelessly stuck her tongue out at me saying she will catch me when they are done. Shara and Gina returned to fingering and wildly kissing each other. Next to them was a buxom freckled long curly redhead I assumed was Shara's girlfriend Brenda who wanted to meet me. I introduced myself and immediately Brenda noticed the pink kerchief in my back pocket. Complimenting me on the signal Brenda promising me I won't leave the beach without getting rode. Demanding why I was still dressed Brenda told me to get naked like the rest of the girls. I quickly stripped showing off my muscular but slim hair free body. Smiling Brenda complemented me that she liked what she saw.

Brenda offered to massage my body with suntan oil which was always a good icebreaker to get to know someone better. Grabbing her special scented massage oil Brenda straddled my thighs and went to work massaging my body. In the meantime Shara and Gina stopped playing taking time out to say hello and welcome to their blanket. I acted like I never saw Shara naked before but at a nude beach it was supposed to be no big deal so I just gave a wink put my head down and enjoyed the massage. Shara didn't want the other girls to know about our fun at my place. Shara did tell Brenda all about my strapon experiences from the past which made Brenda's pussy wet. After their welcome, Shara and Gina slipped into 69ing right next to us oblivious of everything on the beach. I was sure there's going to be a lot of firsts for me today so I tried as hard as I could to ignore the couple eating each other's pussies. Brenda was beginning to turn me on pushing her fingers into the crack of my ass teasing me by goosing my asshole with a finger to see how I responded. When she heard me begin to moan pushing my hips upward into her finger she didn't hesitate as she began finger fucking my asshole with her right middle finger massaging my shoulders and back with the other. I could feel her hooking her finger into my butthole pulling towards my head testing the strength of my muscles.

Whispering in my ear she told me after feeling my asshole she knew I wasn't a virgin telling me she is going for a test drive later.

Rolling me over Brenda sat on my thighs facing me massaging my chest, belly, and slowly working her hands into my groin. Showing no signs of embarrassment she started massaging my cock and balls until I was rock hard. Pouring oil all over her "D" size breasts Brenda rubbed them all over my chest belly and massaged my cock in the crack between. Finding me begging for her pussy to my amazement she straddled my hips and started to lower herself on my cock stopping only to tell me she was on the pill and then swallowed my cock with her pussy. Shara stopped eating Gina long enough to start giggling telling Brenda that she must like her new friend now that she has me pinned down to the sand. Pinching my nipples and looking into my eyes Brenda chuckled to Shara that she could never pass up a hard cock. Giving me a slow grinding screw I could feel her twisting and squeezing her vagina muscles as she slowly rose up and down.

Then to my amazement my ex-wife Judi strolled up stark naked arm in arm with a girlfriend named Tony stopping to talk to Shara. Brenda never missed a beat continued fucking me giving a wave to Judi who finally noticed me. Only Shara knew we had been married but kept the secret from the other girls. Judi finally noticed me under Brenda telling me I found my proper place with a lady on my back. Brenda wondered where we met. Judi said it was a long story. Judi looked rather jealous I didn't think she cared now that we're both single and she was experimenting with her lesbianism. I could hear Shara inviting Judy and her girlfriend Tony to her birthday party. They accepted the invitation telling Shara that they would be delighted to help celebrate. Judi strolled around to the other side of the blanket where Brenda was still fucking me. Judi asked Brenda where we had met and Brenda giggled out right here on a blanket about a half hour ago. Kicking sand in my face Judi called me a fucking bastard leading Tony further down the beach to a more private place. Brenda told me that she sure sounds like a real bitch today and continued fucking me anyway. I watched Brenda's beautiful body heaving up and down on my cock as she frantically rubbed her clitoris until she came. Slowly pulling off of my cock so that I wouldn't shoot, Brenda finished her orgasm sitting on my belly falling forward kissing me passionately thanking me for the orgasm.

Leading me by my stiff cock into the ocean we swim out beyond the waves into each other's arms trying desperately to stay afloat and kissing at the same time. Brenda told me she doesn't normally fuck every guy she sees on the beach but Shara filled her in about losing my girlfriend. Squeezing my balls underwater she told me that she was not going to let them go until I filled her in about Judi and my muscular asshole. I told her that ten years ago I was married to Judi in a relationship that didn't work because of her lesbianism. I confessed that I had a well trained asshole because my girlfriend in my last relationship took my cherry with a strapon dildo fucking me two to three times a week after that. Brenda let go of my balls wrapping her arms and legs around me forcing me to swim for both of us as she gave me a long passionate French kiss. Brenda told me in a sexy voice that I may be in luck because she happened to bring a harness and dildo in her purse in hopes she could find someone on the beach to bend over. Brenda told me that my ex-wife Judi who is now making out with her girlfriend Tony will get a real eye opener if she sees me getting fucked in the ass right on the beach by a beautiful bisexual woman. Before I could even say yes Brenda told me that she is quite experienced having strapon fucked both men and women and is particularly fond of fucking unwilling women's asses.

Leading me back to the blanket by my cock Shara and Gina had finally finished eating each other's pussies and were drinking some wine and smoking a joint. Brenda asked her girlfriends if they didn't mind her fucking me with a strapon. Both girls started giggling already high from the pot handing the joint to Brenda to take a few puffs. Asking Brenda for a drag she refused telling me she wanted me to feel every last inch of the dildo when she was fucking me. Shara told me that I will fit right in here at the beach because sexual encounters are encouraged by all the ladies who love seeing men get what they deserve. Brenda told Shara to stick to eating pussy because she was going to fuck me at the moment. Reaching into her purse she pulled out a leather harness and started buckling it to her waist. Pulling out a 10in. long 2in. diameter black silicone dildo Brenda told me that since I wasn't a novice this may take some time to accommodate but it would give us both a good ride. Pushing it into the ring and pulling it in a place Brenda started stroking her "cock" proudly calling out to Judi that she was about to fuck her old friend in the ass. I could hear Judi cursing as she flipped Brenda off.

Pushing me on all fours Brenda said that was exactly what she wanted to do by pissing Judi off assuring she was going to watch. Giving my asshole a good greasing with her oil Brenda told me that because the dildo is bigger than what I'm used to it's going to hurt at first but once I'm relaxed I'm going to get the best buttfucking of my life. Shara giggled saying I think he just experienced that last week baby. Shara and Gina knelt on either side of me grabbing my shoulders stopping any way of escape. Shara called me a brave man willing to take on that big daddy. Brenda kept working my asshole until she was able to almost get four fingers inside spreading me apart forcing me to relax. Once she was satisfied that she could get the tapered head inside I could feel her sliding the head of the dildo up and down my crack finding my anus. Ordering me to push out as if I was going to the bathroom Brenda began to push the large head inside. I started to struggle as Shara and Gina held me down keeping me in place. Brenda gave me a two handed spank as the head popped through my sphincter muscle easily pushing another 3in. deeper as I gave out a loud girlish scream. Ignoring my begging for relief Brenda kept rotating the dildo like a corkscrew forcing my asshole to give it up. I knew dominant women had no mercy and Brenda wasn't any different. Brenda gave Shara and Gina high fives telling them she knew I wasn't a rookie at buttfucking.

Brenda looked over to Judi who stopped playing with Tony looking quite jealous watching me get fucked. Brenda just laughed giving my ass another hard slap telling me Judi strapon fucked Tony's pussy in plain sight on the beach last week. Slapping me again Brenda said this is pure beach justice saying she was probably going to enjoy watching her ex-husband getting fucked in the ass. Brenda started slowly pushing the dildo in and out spitting on my asshole and pouring oil on the dildo to get enough lubrication to push it all the way inside. I had never been fucked by a dildo this big in my life but Brenda was determined to properly break me in. Continuing to rotate her hips Brenda finally bottomed the dildo skewering me with all 10ins. I'm sure the whole beach could hear me crying out above the girl's cheers and catcalls. Shara and Gina had to hold me down tightly to keep from prematurely pulling off the dildo. Forcibly keeping the dildo inside my violated asshole with her powerful hips Brenda celebrated by slapping my asscheeks so hard with both hands at the same time screaming at the top of her lungs that I'm totally fucked and my asshole belongs to her.

Before she started fucking me Brenda gave me a "reach around" stroking my oily cock until I was rock hard. I looked over at Judi I could see that she was steaming. I never thought she could still be so jealous I gave Brenda the go ahead to fuck me long and hard showing no mercy I even told Shara and Gina I would take turns eating their pussy while I got fucked. I didn't know if it would make these two lesbians angry but to my surprise they agreed stipulating that because of their dislike for men they both were going to piss on my face afterwards. Brenda slowly began pistoning the dildo in and out of my tight asshole. Grabbing my ponytail Gina pulled my mouth to her pussy so I could start licking. As soon as she felt my velvety tongue separating her labia lips she knew I was experienced telling Shara she was in for a treat. Shara told Gina don't worry she already had a sample. Slapping my ass Brenda told me to concentrate more on getting my butt fucked ordering me to squeeze down each time she pulled away. Gina started moaning telling Brenda she was going to have to get a turn with his tongue volunteering to fuck me so I could eat Brenda's pussy.

Fucking me even harder Brenda squealed that Judi was strapping on her own dildo and she already had her lover Tony bent me over on all fours. I found out later that Judi being the older butch on the beach never wanted to be outdone loving to show off her skills. I told myself that my ex-wife Judi has come a long ways from being a prude to queen dyke of the beach. Even though Brenda was fucking my ass off I was still fantasizing about Judi fucking her sexy girlfriend and what it would be like to get fucked by her in front of all these people knowing that she used to being married to me. Meanwhile I was enjoying eating Gina's bald pussy and getting fucked with 9in. strokes from my flaming bi-chick Brenda. Every time Brenda thrust forward she pushed my tongue deeper into Gina's pussy making her moan louder and yank my ponytail harder. The dildo was so huge it felt like my entire body was being violated. Brenda started getting carried away clawing my back with her long fingernails scratching just short of drawing blood. She even started clawing my asscheeks forcing me to wiggle and squirm on her dildo. Shara was right when she told me that Brenda was the wildest chick on the beach. As she fucked me my own ignored erection was still rock hard dangling uselessly beneath my legs. Having sex with lesbians does have its drawbacks as all three women completely ignored my cock.

Shara who was waiting patiently for a turn with my tongue started squealing when she saw Judi wiggling the head of her dildo into Tony's asshole saying that dyke never violates a woman's asshole especially her bitch. Brenda blurted out that she was only doing it to show off adding that Tony has an attitude problem and the bitch deserves a good buttfucking. Giving my cheeks several slaps Brenda started bearing down hard fucking me with full force. Bending forward Brenda told me I hope you like getting fucked because it's a nice day and I'm in the mood to fuck your ass all afternoon. Gina started instructed me to suck her clitoris. Already sticking out of its hood her huge clit was fun to suck as I personally surrounded and teased it with the tip of my tongue sucking quite hard. Gina responded by pushing her pussy into my face so hard she was almost smothering me. Women usually take a long time to orgasm but because they had been eating pussy Gina was still riding the magic carpet of her plateau stage. Grabbing the back of my head with both over hands clawing my scalp Gina started to orgasm flooding my face with come. Her whole body was shaking as she climaxed. I had never eaten a lesbian's pussy before on the beach in front of her lesbian lovers but I could really tell her she enjoyed oral sex by how much she squirted.

Shara knelt next to Gina caressing and kissing her as Brenda continued fucking my ass complimenting me on my tongue work saying she was going to get a piece of my tongue after she fucked my asshole sore. When Gina got her breath she asked me how I learned how to eat pussy so well. Motioning over to Judi I told her I spent hours in training licking her crotch until she was satisfied. Gina said I had the best trainer because everyone on the beach brags about getting their licks from Judi. Gina looked over where Judi was fucking her lover saying she was literally pounding her into the sand. Brenda drove the dildo all the way inside of me and started rotating her hips reminding Gina if she was forgetting something. Grabbing my ponytail Gina ordered me to open my mouth telling me she rarely allows a guy to even touch her pussy let alone give her an orgasm with his tongue but she was glad she made an exception. My girlfriends know that I have a saying I'd rather piss in the guys mouth than allow him to eat my pussy so they would never let me down if I didn't piss in your mouth drowning you in my fluids.

Gina told me that this won't be the last time you eat my pussy take a good look at it because you got me really excited. I was staring right into her pussy. Her labia lips were excitedly swollen, her vaginal opening was dilated and wide open to fuck, and her huge clitoris was fully erect and swollen. Grabbing her pussy with her free hand she separated her labia lips squirting a jet stream right into my eyes blurring my vision. She shot another squirt over my left shoulder spraying my ass and Brenda. I could feel warm pee sliding down my crack lubricating the dildo. Brenda started cursing telling Gina to be a better shot. Pushing my mouth right into her pussy Gina started pissing into my mouth. I had to swallow fast to keep from drowning in her golden champagne. Gina had been drinking a lot of water so her urine was quite refreshing because I actually needed to drink. This seemed to turn Gina on watching me swallowing like a thirsty man in the desert without fighting prompting her to empty her bladder watching me slurp away. Holding my mouth to her pussy so I could clean it with my tongue Gina said I think we have our own portable human toilet with us today.

Brenda was getting pissed because she was doing all the work and not having any fun. Shara suggested that we all change positions telling me that if she knew earlier that I enjoyed eating pussy and drinking pee she would have invited me to the beach a long time ago. Pulling her huge dildo from my asshole leaving a gaping hole Brenda wiped it clean with a few tissues unbuckled the harness handing it to Gina. Shara suggested flipping me over on my back so Brenda and Shara helped me get into position while Gina strapped up. Looking over to Judi I could see that she was furiously fucking her lover Tony still looking at me as if fire and knives were coming out of her eyes. As soon as I was on my back Shara sat on my face settling her pussy on my mouth. Kiddingly she told me I think our friendship has taken a giant leap forward but if you're as good today as Gina says you are it's going to be worth it. When she felt my tongue drilling her vagina Shara settled on my mouth like last week. Just and I shot my tongue all the way into her vagina giving her a golden handshake. Shara was so startled she almost fell off my face when she felt my tongue inside her.

Kneeling behind me Gina was stroking her huge dildo and looking at my asshole. Asking Shara to lift and spread my legs in a wide "V" handing Shara my ankles. The girls had me spread wide open making my asshole and easy target for Gina. Quickly she poured more oil on the shaft easily wiggling the head of the dildo into my dilated asshole skewering me with all 10ins. I could hear Gina giving Shara a kiss celebrating my impalement. Shara was enjoying my tongue wiggling deep in her vagina slowly dancing on my mouth to the pleasures. Not to be left out I felt Brenda swallowed my cock squeezing my balls pulling them away from my body with one hand and squeezing the base of my shaft with the other to keep me from prematurely ejaculating. I could tell Gina knew her way around a cock thanking the universe that there was at least one woman willing to give me a sucking today. I couldn't believe that I had one lesbian fucking my ass while I was eating her girlfriend's pussy and getting my cock sucked by a wild bisexual redhead. At the same time my ex-wife Judi was jealously watching like a hawk wishing she could devour every bone in my body.

Gina had her own style of buttfucking nice, slow, and rhythmic varying the strokes using the sensuality of a skilled lesbian. I wondered how the times she had fucked Shara's sweet ass the same way. Meanwhile Brenda was an exceptional cock tease with her mouth. I could feel her long hair covering my crotch tickling my bare flesh as she and continued sucking me expertly keeping me on the edge. I know that once she feels my tongue inside of her pussy I will have won over her charms and possibly found a new girlfriend. Shara desired to turn around so that her pussy was easier for me to service. Flipping around and facing my head Shara was able to rub her pussy and all over my lips from chin to nose fucking my face. Brenda decided to sit back in the saddle and fuck me again. I could feel her frantically rolling a ribbed condom over my cock sliding it down the shaft stroking a few times to make sure that it was sealed. Straddling my hips facing Gina she grabbed my ankles for support she slowly lowered herself swallowing my cock with her well developed pussy. Keeping me inside I could feel her squeezing her vagina muscles tightly around my shaft with enough of pressure to keep me hard forever. I caressed Shara with one hand and Brenda with the other stroking their thighs reassuring both of them that I was enjoying pleasuring them. After Brenda came aboard Gina shoved the dildo all the away into my asshole giving Brenda a long French kiss.

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