tagLoving WivesSurprise Party Pt. 01

Surprise Party Pt. 01


Chapter 1

"I was thinking of making it a surprise party, but I'm no good at keeping secrets from you," Sandy told his wife Marla.

She kissed his cheek. "You're right about that," she laughed. "But I'm glad you told me anyway, I might have planned something else that night since it's actually two days after my birthday."

"Well, I figured Saturday night was better for a party and I didn't think you'd mind waiting a couple of days. We'll do something special, just the two of us on your real birthday," he growled.

"Oh yeah, what did you have in mind?"

He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close. "It's going to be lots of fun," he promised. Nibbling her earlobe he whispered, "and very naughty."

"And what makes you think that's what I want to do on my birthday?" she replied, pulling away, but with a sexy smile on her lips.

"That's the special part," he answered. "You're going to Be the birthday present and I get to do whatever I want with you."

"BE the present? What kind of deal is that? I'm supposed to Get a present!"

He pushed her up against the wall, grabbed a tit with one hand and her crotch with the other and brought his face right up to hers. "Oh, you're going to Get it, alright. And for a slut like you, that Will be a present."

"Slu..." she started to protest, but he cut her off by pressing his lips hard against hers and forcing his tongue into her mouth.

She fought against him, but only a second or two before the feeling of eroticism from his rough handling washed over her and she melted under his pressure. He quickly undid the buttons of her blouse and yanked her bra down from her full breasts, bending to take a fleshy globe in his mouth. His tongue and teeth worked at the sensitive nipple while his hand continued to massage her womanhood through her jeans.

He straightened and brought his lips just up against hers, speaking a question directly into her mouth. "Slut?" His hands pulled back, just barely touching tit and crotch, like birds ready to fly away.

"Slut," she admitted and his hands crushed her sex parts again as he gave her another deep, searching kiss.

He released her, took a step back and stared straight into her eyes. His hands undid his zipper and worked his stiffening cock free from his underpants so it poked out like a flagpole from his fly. "Slut?" he asked again.

Marla kept her eyes locked on his, but slowly dropped to her knees and took his meat in her hands. "Slut," she growled and lowered her head to suck him in. He'd started her off so rough and she was losing herself in that feeling, taking in as much of him as she could right off the bat, feeling him grow the last inch or two into the back of her throat, almost gagging her. Then she started working her head up and down, impaling her pretty face on his angry tool.

She could feel his excitement and knew it wouldn't take long at all before he was shooting his load into her mouth and she couldn't wait. But suddenly he was pulling her head away from his cock, pulling her gently up to her feet. She shook her head, dazed, not wanting to stop sucking him, but maybe he was going to fuck her now? That would be great too.

Instead he kissed her gently, then forced his swollen member back under the cover of his Levi's. "I forgot to tell you," he said with a wicked smile. "You don't get any sex until your birthday. At least not enough to have an orgasm and you're not allowed to jack off for release either. Now I have to go plan your party." And with that he gave her a small kiss on the lips and walked away.

Marla's jaw dropped as she tried to deal with the suddenly frustrated quivers running through her body. Her cunny was dripping, ready for the pounding she thought she was going to get and instead she had to wait four more days? The bastard! The sexy bastard.

Sandy's own thoughts were also running a mile a minute as he continued out the front door to his car. He really had been close to blowing his load, but it wasn't just because of his hot wife's sucking, he'd also been thinking about the party he was planning. Not the Saturday night dinner with friends and neighbors, but the Thursday night party. He'd told a fib when he said he couldn't keep anything from her. Thursday Was going to be special as he'd told her, because he was planning his wife's rape. Of course, Sandy was very sure it wouldn't be rape very long, he was sure his sultry wife really would show her slut side and become a willing participant to her own ravishing.

Chapter 2

The next four days were delicious Hell for Marla. Sandy kept doing things, little and big to build up her excitement, but he never let her finish. He'd spend a slow gentle half hour on cunnilingus, drinking from her soaking flower, but only teasing her love button. He laid down in the bath and made her crouch over him and pee on his cock while he stroked it. He was never in a room with her when he wasn't kissing, stroking, kneading, licking or somehow touching her. And each day he got a bit bossier, a bit more in control and she was surprised at how much she enjoyed it. By Wednesday night she was a wreck, but waiting anxiously for the next thing.

He lay back in their bed, propped up to watch a video while sipping a glass of wine. The video was of the two of them, one he'd made by setting a camera on a tripod by their bed a few years before. Sandy made Marla undress and get on her hands and knees at the foot of the bed facing the TV screen while her ass pointed back at her husband. She was just to watch the video and slowly "dance her ass around" for him. The action on the screen was centered on Marla's asshole and she was embarrassed to see her screen self so lost in the anal action. She was also incredibly excited by it. The movie started off with her in the same position she was in now, shaking her ass as she was now, the only difference being that Sandy's face was in that ass, licking and kissing. Her soft cheeks went from side to side, up and down, rubbing her rosebud all over his face, including over his probing lips and tongue.

Marla snuck a look back between her legs and saw Sandy had a wine glass in one hand and his swollen cock in the other, slowly squeezing up and down. He saw her looking, smiled and nodded back up at the screen. She returned her gaze to the TV.

The slut on the screen was narrowing the circles her ass was making; zeroing her dirty hole more and more on the man's thrusting tongue. Soon she was just pushing straight back, encouraging him to stick that tongue deep up her backside. Her hand appeared between her legs, rubbing her clit with more and more energy as he made love to her ass with his mouth. Soon she was shaking in orgasm and the video Sandy held his tongue deep inside the woman's butthole.

"Remember that?" Sandy asked.

"Oh yeah," Marla admitted, again shy and horny at the same time.

"Oh, and this, I remember this too," growled Sandy, drawing his wife's attention back to the screen.

The video Sandy was getting to his feet, crouching over Marla's backside so the camera could see both of their asses. Hers was shiny with spit and gaping open a bit. Sandy took his hard cock and started pressing the swollen head against her sensitive hole. Video Marla and real Marla both moaned, then video Marla grunted as the big cock was shoved through her backdoor.

Real Marla's hand sneaked back between her legs and started rubbing as video Marla was still doing. "Oh, no you don't", said Sandy, his foot reaching to push her hand away from her suffering clit. "Put your hands on your ass and pull your cheeks apart, let me see that nasty, lovely asshole open up."

Marla did as she was told, her face and chest dropping to the mattress as she reached around behind herself and opened her most private area to her master's admiring gaze.

"Put a finger inside," he insisted. "Get your fingers wet in your pussy, then stick them in your ass." She reached between her legs again and slowly slid a finger, then a second into her dripping pussy. She took the opportunity to press her palm against her sensitive clit, shaking with the pleasure, thinking maybe she could sneak in an orgasm quickly, she was so hot.

But Sandy was on to her. "Feels good, doesn't it?" he purred. "But no cumming for you yet. Let's see those fingers in your other fuck hole."

Reluctantly she pulled out of her front hole, but excitedly started rubbing her slick finger tip in circles on her rosebud. Then she was pressing through and finger fucking her ass, her index finger buried all the way inside, then stroking in and out like a small penis while on the TV screen a big penis rammed into the wonderfully abused ass.

"Another finger. Now."

Marla's middle finger pushed in alongside the index and soon she was reaming herself deeply with both. On the screen the man's breath was becoming ragged and behind her Sandy was copying him as both men prepared to cum. Video Sandy grabbed his wife's hips and buried his cock to the balls in her ass, his own ass shaking and thrusting wildly as he shot his seed deep into her bowels. Real Sandy stroked his rigid pole harder and faster and soon his seed was flying up in the air, splattering his cheek, then down across his chest and belly, the last gobs flowing over his clenched fingers.

As Sandy's gasping slowed and calmed, Marla slid her fingers from her ass and collapsed on her side, facing her husband, fighting to keep her hand from crawling into her bush and bringing herself the relief she so desperately craved.

Sandy smiled at her and said, "You did so good, baby. You deserve a reward." He beckoned her with his cock-stroking hand. As she crawled forward he held the cum-covered hand in her face. "Suck," he commanded. This was her reward; not an orgasm of her own, but tasting the remnants of his.

She licked his hand clean with pleasure, luxuriating in the salty taste of his seed. After finishing with her tongue bath of his hand she moved a little farther ahead and sucked the sperm from his still half-hard cock and licked it out of his pubic bush. She followed the trail of ejaculate along his body, licking up every drop she could find, sucking hard at his navel and his nipples on the way up. The last glob was on his cheek and she sensuously licked his face with the flat of her tongue, picking up all the white cream. Before she could swallow her last bit of treasure, though, he turned his face towards her and gave her a deep kiss, stealing the cum from her tongue with his, then giving it back.

Her body was absolutely humming with passion, but he just cradled her head against his chest, cuddling as if they'd both just had tremendous orgasms – not just him.

"I think you're really going to enjoy tomorrow," he said, his voice trailing off. "Slut?"

"Slut," she confirmed, then he drifted off to the sleep of the satisfied, while she lay awake another hour, willing it to be her birthday so she could get/be a present.

Chapter 3

The constant tension of the last days had exhausted Marla and though she had trouble falling asleep, she was also having trouble waking up.

"Okay, sleepy head," Sandy laughed. "I let you sleep in as long as I could since it's your birthday, but you have to get up for work now."

"Uumm, can't I skip work today?" she pleaded.

"No, but I do have some good news on that front. I convinced your boss Terry to let you off work early today and you do get tomorrow off, so you have a 3-day weekend. How's that?"

"You did that?" she asked, coming awake.

"You bet, it's part of your present – and you're welcome." He bent down and kissed her lightly. "Now, up out of that bed."

Marla saw she really didn't have much time left to get ready, while Sandy was already dressed and ready to go. She skipped into the shower for a quick rinse. When she came back to the bedroom to dress Sandy was seated in a dressing chair and Marla saw he'd made the bed. He'd also laid out some clothes for her. The outfit he'd picked was a good choice and she gave him a warm smile for being so thoughtful. Then she looked more closely at the under things he'd selected. Or should she say, lingerie? Turning to look at him she held up the crotchless panties and peekaboo bra.

"That's what I want my present wrapped in," he stated simply. "You do remember the rules for the day, don't you?" "Or do you want to forget the whole thing?"

Marla wasn't sure what 'the whole thing' was, but she wasn't going to miss out after all this torture. She nodded demurely and put on the raunchy underwear, which was accompanied by fishnet stockings. Suddenly the conservative skirt he'd chosen for her felt skimpy, though it almost went to her knees. The uncovered cunny made her feel totally exposed. And the blouse he'd selected wasn't sheer, so you couldn't really see her nipples, but it was a heavy silk that rubbed them tantalizingly and she suspected her nubs would be very obvious as they swelled and stuck out like pebbles under the shirt.

She put the outfit on and did a slow pirouette at his command.

"Very nice," he purred. "I am a lucky son of a bitch. Turn around." When she hesitated just a moment his smile was quickly replaced with a stern look. She turned without having to be told again.

"Lift your skirt – slowly." She crept it up to her waist, exposing her fine ass.

"Bend over – slowly." She bent forward at the waist, her neatly trimmed bush framed in the opening of the sexy panties.

She started as she suddenly felt his lips on her ass. Gently he smothered the smooth skin of her butt cheeks with butterfly kisses. Then his lips centered on the lips of her pussy. Next came his tongue, gently stroking, massaging, wetting and finally parting the petals of her flower. Speaking directly into her love hole he purred, "Remember this, think about this all day. If I stop by to see you at work, you will immediately find a way to let me do this some more. Do you understand?" His tongue pressed back into her love canal for emphasis.

"Yesss," she groaned.

He gave her ass a final kiss, then stood and took her in his arms. "Do you know how much I love you?" he asked, looking deep into her eyes.

She looked back and saw the truth in his eyes. "Yes," she said huskily.

"And do you know how hot you make me?" His eyes twinkled merrily.

"How hot?" she dared.

"Hot enough to eat you out in front of your whole office if you're not ready with some place more private when I show up. Is that hot enough for you?"

"That's hot," she moaned.

"And between this love and this heat do you trust me enough to let me do whatever I want with you?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, do whatever you want with me."

He kissed her. "Happy Birthday. My present." Then he left.

Chapter 4

Marla pulled into the parking lot of her office building about 40 minutes later and was surprised to see Sandy standing beside his car in an empty corner of the lot. She drove over and parked alongside him as he climbed back into his car. "Already!?" she thought to herself. All the way over she'd been wondering if he had been serious about coming to visit her and especially if he really meant for her to be ready for him to eat her pussy and here he was already waiting for her.

She got out of her car and climbed into his passenger seat. "I thought I'd make the first time easy," he smiled. "Plus I couldn't wait any longer to taste you again."

She thought he would say something else, but he just sat there looking at her. Obviously she'd been given her commands earlier and he shouldn't have to repeat himself. She took a quick, worried look around their parking spot, but didn't see anybody near them yet. She also knew Sandy wouldn't have cared if someone was staring through the window at them and now she wasn't sure if she would either.

She reached down and – slowly, she remembered – pulled her skirt up until it was bunched around her waist. Her thighs wrapped in fishnet, held up by a garter belt, and the hair of her cunny bursting through the slit in her panties made for a breathtaking image and Sandy drank it in. Then Marla spread those hot thighs as far apart as she could in the small space and Sandy bent down to put his head in her lap. Reverently he kissed her lower belly and upper thighs, skimming over her mound. Eventually he centered in on her sex, pressing his horizontal lips against her vertical ones and working them apart with his seeking tongue. Not even caring anymore who might be outside the car Marla put her right foot up on the dashboard, giving her horny husband even better access to her juicy treasure box.

She figured she was in for another pleasurably agonizing torture session, where Sandy only manipulated her clit enough to drive her crazy without bringing her to orgasm, as he'd been doing the last four days. But she was ready to take whatever teasing he wanted to hand out in order to get the incredible pleasure that went with it. But this time was different. Sandy had certainly done a lot of sucking and licking of her lips, fucking her wet hole with his hardened tongue, but this time when he went to her clit he gave it his full attention and stayed there. Marla was moaning, thrusting her hips off the seat at his face. She had a flash of fear that he was going to still pull back after pushing her farther than ever and didn't know if she could handle that, but he didn't stop. He bore down harder, grabbing her soft pussy lips between his teeth and working the tip of his tongue faster on her hard, swollen love button. The orgasm hit her hard, ripping a scream from her throat as she grabbed his head and shoved it even tighter into her crotch as she shook and jerked. He kept up the licking and sucking, prolonging her orgasm to incredible lengths, only softening and slowing his attack as her body went from shaking to trembling. Only when she was just a gasping wreck, jerking spasmodically when he brushed her hypersensitive clit, did he leave her poor flower alone.

He sat back and watched her with a shiny smile on his lips and a wicked gleam in his eyes. When she finally had some breath back all she could say was, "Wow!" Sandy laughed. "Oh, baby," she groaned, "that was so good. I was afraid you were just going to tease me again, make me wait until tonight."

"I would have if I thought that would leave you satisfied and not horny any more, but I expect it did the opposite."

"What do you mean?"

"What do you want to do right now?" her husband asked.

She thought for a moment. "I want to fuck. Oh God, I want you to fuck me so hard right now. Will you?"

"Here in the parking lot where anyone could catch us?" he laughed. "Oh no, my horny wench, for that you have to wait." He leaned in to kiss her and she could taste her juices on his lips. "However, I may be back for more of your honey, so my instructions from earlier still stand. Do you understand?"

Marla's eyes gleamed as she imagined another explosive orgasm under her husband's talented tongue. "Oh, yeah!" she replied.


"Ohh, yeaahh," she growled, kissing him deeply again.

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