tagLoving WivesSurprise Party Pt. 03

Surprise Party Pt. 03



Just as Marla pulled into a parking spot at the mall her phone began to ring with Sandy's ring tone. "Hi, baby," she said. "Your timing is perfect, I just arrived."

"Great. A slight change in plans, meet me at the Victoria's Secret store first."

"God, you are naughty. But I have enough sexy underwear at home, baby."

"I know you do. I also know you're wearing some very hot lingerie right now. Hot and wet. I thought you might like to have something a little more comfortable on while you're trying on dresses."

"Wow," she declared happily. "You're right, I would, now that I think of it. But all I've been thinking about is, 'how are you going to abuse me next?' and then you throw something sweet in front of me – no wonder I don't mind being your slave."

"Well a good master takes care of his property so he can get as much pleasure out of it as he can for as long as he can. And I am your master today, aren't I, baby?"

Softly, "Yes."

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, master." A thrill ran through her belly to her loins at the words.

"That's nice. Now come inside, your master's waiting."

Marla walked swiftly through the concourse toward Victoria's Secret. Her heart skipped when she saw Sandy waiting for her at the entrance. He took her in his arms and hugged her tight, laying a long, slow, loving kiss on her pretty mouth. "Hi, baby," he said, his lips still touching hers lightly. "How are you holding up?"

"I don't know how I'm still standing up," she laughed. "Oh, Sandy, I've never felt like this. You've been so mean and so sweet, so cruel and so hot, I don't know how to feel or what to think."

"Well, the feelings will come as they will, but the thinking you leave up to me."

"Yes...master." And she stuck her tongue deep into his mouth, drawing looks from people walking by; the guys wishing they were in Sandy's place, the girls in Marla's. He crushed her tighter in his arms and then swept her into the store.

They wandered through the aisles, sometimes holding hands, another kiss here or there, but always touching. Marla picked out a pretty bra that could go strapless if she chose that kind of dress, and some nice silk panties in 3 different colors. "Well, you may as well go into the dressing room and put those on now," Sandy said. "Here, I'll hold your dirty panties for you."

She looked at him with a question on her face, but the look on his was the answer. She glanced around, there were three or four customers and two salesgirls; none right by them, but near enough. Sandy's look hadn't changed – he was waiting. Concentrating on him, Marla reached up under her skirt, having to hitch it half way up her thighs to get to her panties. Quickly she yanked them off her hips and slid them down her legs to the floor. She stepped out of one leg, then the other and balled them into her fist, standing up straight again. It had only taken seconds, perhaps no one had noticed?

Sandy held out his open hand, palm up. Marla handed over the undies. He took them and raised them to his nose, inhaling deeply. Marla blushed scarlet. Then, oh my God, he stuck the crotch, the wettest part into his mouth and sucked on it like a popsicle. Marla looked quickly left and right, at least one customer and the two salesgirls were staring at Sandy's display. He slowly pulled the fabric out of his mouth, took another deep sniff, then finally pushed them into his coat pocket. Marla gasped, unaware she'd been holding her breath the whole time.

"Go on now," he prodded softly. "Go get dressed." Marla turned to go to the dressing room, but Sandy stopped her again when her back was to him. "Wait. Let me see that ass once before you cover it up."

Ahead of her Marla could see one of the salesgirls looking at her in wide-eyed wonder. Marla smiled at her, then slowly slid her skirt up in the back, giving Sandy a clear view of her beautiful buns. The salesgirl's mouth dropped open, somehow making Marla feel confident instead of nervous. She gave Sandy two slow circles with her ass before finally dropping her skirt and walking past the gaping girl into the dressing stall.

Inside she dropped to the bench and took three or four deep breaths to calm herself. Then she quickly pulled the tags off a pair of underpants and slid them back up over her shoes, stockings and garterbelt. Then her blouse was off and the peekaboo bra went into her purse, while the new one took its place. She hadn't realized how sore her nipples had been getting from being swollen hard most of the day and rubbing against her blouse. Having them protected again was a relief, but she also savored the pain, the electric shocks that had been flowing through her tits all day. She checked her reflection in the mirror. She looked as excited as she felt. She took some more deep breaths, put on some lipstick, straightened her disheveled skirt and headed back into the store.

Sandy was waiting by the register, one of the salesgirls who had seen their action had sped behind the register, the salesgirl that Marla had smiled at stood close by with a shopping bag; both had bright eyes and smiles for the hot couple. Marla laid her selections on the counter, including the tags from the underwear she'd put on. Sandy took her wet panties from his pocket and added them to the pile, staring boldly at the two girls behind the counter. Marla gasped, every time she thought she'd caught up to him in debauchery he did something new to surprise, shock...and delight her.

The girl with the shopping bag reached out quickly and snatched the soiled panties. She squeezed them in her hand, closing her eyes as she felt their wetness. Slowly she placed them into the bag. When her hand came out she passed it under her nose, breathed deeply and smiled. The other girl rang up Marla's panties, but tossed the bra tags into the bag without entering them into the register. "On the house," she smiled.

"Thank you," Sandy said in his most charming voice as he handed over his credit card. "It's so nice to find such...friendly...help these days." The girls giggled.

Turning away from the counter with the bag in one hand he offered his other arm to Marla. She gave the two girls a wink, wrapped her arm through his and they headed off through the mall.


As they walked toward Bloomingdale's arm in arm Marla said, "My God, are we contagious? First Beth and Angie at work, now those two girls in Victoria's Secret."

"Maybe we are baby, maybe we are," mused Sandy. "What a much funner place it would be if everyone was just walking around thinking about sex."

"You've certainly got me thinking of nothing else." She suddenly stepped ahead then spun to a stop in front of him. He laughed as he wrapped his arms around her to keep their collision from turning into a spill. Marla grabbed his crotch and looked straight into his eyes with a wicked gleam. "When do I get this?" she demanded.

"Oh, ho, getting impatient are we?"

"Maybe you're not, but I am."

In a deeper tone, "Impatient for what?"

"Impatient for your cock, impatient for a good hard fuck!" she declared.

"How much cock, how much fucking?"

"All you can give me for as long as you can give it to me."

"Hmm. Okay, it's a deal," he laughed with the last. "But for now let's get some shopping done before I reveal just how impatient I am." He spun her back around and swatted her bottom to get her moving.

In the Ladies' Department they wandered through the aisles together, each of them pointing out dresses along the way. "That one," Sandy said, pointing to a low cut black cocktail dress. "I can see you in that with a simple strand of pearls."

"Baby, it's beautiful," Marla agreed, walking over to the display. She took a look at the price tag. "The price is beautiful, too," she said sarcastically.

As he stepped in front of the dress with her a saleswoman joined them, "This is one of my favorites," she said. "Unfortunately I don't have the figure for it. You, on the other hand," she cooed looking Marla up and down. Marla blushed; were they really contagious and she'd stirred up more lesbian desires or was the woman just trying to make a sale?

"I want to see you in it," stated Sandy.

"Baby..." Marla protested, remembering the price tag.

"Marla," Sandy repeated more sternly. "I want to see you in it."

"Excellent," said the saleswoman, sensing something odd was going on, but not wanting to miss the opportunity for a big sale. "I'm sure I have your size darling, right over here," and she hustled Marla to a rack.

Alone in the dressing room Marla took off her skirt and blouse and held the cocktail dress in front of her in the mirror. "Now, the reality," she said sadly to herself. This kind of dress was made for some skinny supermodel, not a woman with the hips and breasts of a real woman. What she hadn't noticed, but Sandy had, was that the mannequin wearing the display model actually had curves to it too. Marla adjusted her new brassiere to be strapless, then shimmied the little black number over her head. Smoothing it over her hips she caught her breath when she saw the results in the mirror. The black fishnet whore stockings she was wearing didn't really go with the dress, but a strand of pearls sure would as Sandy had said. The panties she'd gotten at Victoria's were just right too, leaving a smooth line over her ass. Feeling a lot better about things Marla brushed her hair out with her fingers and walked back into the store.

Sandy let out a low whistle as Marla paraded up to him and spun around like a model in a show.

"Oh,..." breathed the dumpy sales rep. "That dress was made for you." When she saw the slightly skeptical look Marla gave her, she quickly bubbled, "Really! I'm not just selling. I wish I could wear that dress like you do – it's gorgeous."

"She's right, my love, you look fantastic," added Sandy. He turned to the saleswoman. "We'll take it. Do you know if your shoe department has something that will go good with it?"

"Honestly? They have some things that come close, but I think Danforth's Shoes, a few stores away from here, has the perfect shoe for this."

"Excellent. Marla, why don't you get changed and we'll head down to Danforth's." Marla felt like Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman' and turned back to the dressing room as Sandy ordered.

Sandy and the saleswoman watched her walk swiftly away, the black dress showing her ass off to great advantage. "Mm, mm, that's nice," Sandy purred. The saleswoman giggled. "Thank you, Betty," he said reading her name tag. "I'll be sure to think of you when I'm walking down the street with my wife – two steps behind her of course." Betty blushed and laughed.


As they walked out of Bloomingdale's Marla asked her husband, "What did you say to that woman? She couldn't look either of us in the eye without smiling and giggling."

"Just how much I appreciated her friendly help," Sandy claimed with phony innocence. "So many nice people in this mall."

"So many chicks hungry for a man in this mall," laughed Marla. "Seriously, though, baby," she continued, her tone changing. "I really do love the dress, but it was so expensive..."

"Hush," he commanded. "I will wrap my present as I see fit."

Then they'd arrived at Danforth's. "Well, at least you don't have to worry about man-hungry salesgirls here," he said. Looking in Marla could see two clerks, both guys.

"Baby, I've only ever window shopped here – the prices are so high. I really don't need anything so fancy."

"Marla." She stopped. His voice softened just a little as he continued. "You said you trusted me and would do whatever I said without question," he reminded her. She nodded with eyes downcast. Now his voice roughened. "That goes for everything, do you understand? No more doubts, no more questions or I'll put you over my knee right here and paddle you like a child." Her eyes widened. "In fact, that's just what's called for. Bend over and lift your skirt." She almost protested, but bit her tongue. Taking a step closer to a tall shoe display to at least partially block her from people in the mall she bent at the waist and lifted her skirt in the back, just like in Victoria's Secret. Only this was no sexy flash of skin, it was punishment time. Sandy stepped up and put a hand on one white ass cheek, rubbing gentle circles on the soft skin, then suddenly he jerked his wrist and a loud 'smack' sounded on her ass making Marla jump and whimper. Then his hand was rubbing softly again on the other cheek. "Do you need another?"


"Do you want another?" he asked, his tone slightly different.

'Want another?' she said to herself. Her ass cheek stung from his blow and she could practically feel the stares the sound must have attracted, staring at her in her submissive permission. Staring at her exposed ass, staring at her thinly covered pussy, staring at a grown women being spanked like a naughty little girl. A very naughty little girl she admitted, remembering the day. Suddenly her reddened ass cheek didn't sting as much as glow, glow like the heat in her cunt. "Yes," she answered, surprising herself, but no taking it back now.

Again a quick jerk back of the wrist and a solid slap on the other side of her ass that brought a tear to her eye and sent an unexplainable shiver through her pussy. Then Sandy was standing directly behind her, rubbing both ass cheeks gently. "Stand up now, Marla." When she did he wrapped both arms around her and held her tight against his chest and the hard bulge in his pants. "Is my little girl ready to behave now?" he whispered in her ear.

"Yes, Daddy," she answered, clenching her ass cheeks against his cock.

"That's a good girl." He kissed her neck. "Now, shall we continue with our shopping and get your mind back where it belongs – on sex?"

"Yes, I'm ready," she answered, spinning in his arms to face him. In a wanton voice, "Tell me again what you're going to do to me."

He kept his arms wrapped around her and brought his mouth close to hers. "I'm going to tease you," he whispered intently against her lips. "I'm going to wrap and unwrap you. I'm going to eat your pussy like the girls at work wanted to. I'm going to fuck you in the mouth – in the pussy – in the ass. I'm going to make you wait when you don't want to and not let you wait when you think you need to. I'm going to be sure as many people as we meet know what a slut you are just by looking at you and seeing the desire in your eyes. I'm going to use you and abuse you and have you saying please and thank you to all of it. You are my toy and I'm going to play."

"Play..." she moaned, crushing her lips against his.

Eventually they broke their embrace and entered the store. The two clerks had been staring, each sending prayers to the shoe gods that the couple would come to his section. Unfortunately for the younger man, Rod, as the junior rep he had the men's department, so his face dropped as the hot broad and her man moved over to the ladies' dress shoes. His colleague Jim had a shit-eating grin on his face as he swept in with, "Welcome to Danforth's, how can I assist you?" "Ladies' black dress shoes? Oh yes, we have the newest styles and the best in the classics, right this way."

"Betty was right," Sandy commented as they looked at the displays. "There are some nice shoes here – I'm sure we'll find something just right for the dress."

Marla's eyes were wide as she looked at the designer names and the beautiful shoes. She was no Imelda Marcos, but this place was great!

"What about this one?" Sandy asked holding up a classic black stiletto.

"Ooh, that's nice," agreed Marla. "What do you think of this one?" She held up a more modern design for Sandy to see.

"Yeah, that might work too. Guess you'd better get to trying things on."

Salesman Jim, a decent looking guy, about twenty or twenty-one, escorted Marla to a chair. Sandy sat opposite her, behind the salesman. After asking her size Jim scurried through the curtain at the back to the store room. Jim had already stripped off one of her shoes, caressing Marla's fishnetted ankle and foot more than was strictly appropriate, but the hottie hadn't complained to her husband, so things were off to a good start he thought to himself as he quickly scanned the storeroom. Out in the store, meanwhile, that husband looked at that hottie with a challenging smile. He slid his hands to his hips and pantomimed pulling up a skirt. Marla got her own smile as she reached down and inched the much abused skirt a few inches up her thighs. From where he sat Sandy could see the tops of her stockings and just a hint of the garterbelts holding them up. He grinned.

Jim returned, took a seat on his stool and offered the first shoebox with a flourish. When he almost dropped the box Sandy knew that he'd noticed the improved view of Marla's hot thighs.

"Uh, mmm," he stuttered. "This is a really beautiful leg, uh, shoe you've chosen, ma'am." He grinned sheepishly.

"Yes...it is nice," she answered throatily. "Won't you put it on me?"

"With pleasure," the happy man answered. "With pleasure." He cradled her foot in one hand and smoothly slipped the shoe on with the other, kneading and massaging her from ankle to calf as he pretended to straighten the shoe.

"Ooh, that's beautiful," cooed Marla. "And it fits like a glove, so soft."

"The best Italian leather," purred Jim. "It's a special feel, isn't it?"

"A very special feel," she agreed. Then suddenly she lifted her leg and rested it on Jim's shoulder. This hitched her skirt even further and gave the flustered young man a wide open look at her pink panty-covered love mound. Looking past him Marla asked Sandy, "What do you think, baby?" Time for him to be a little shocked, she thought.

Sandy didn't actually look too shocked, but he did smile broadly. "It looks even better than I thought it would," he answered. "Let's have a look at the other one."

Marla slowly dragged her leg back across Jim's shoulder and held her foot suggestively in front of Jim's crotch. "Can you get me, er, I mean the shoe, off as easily as you got it on?"

"Getting it on and getting off – those are my specialties," he assured her. Slipping the shoe neatly from her foot he guided her in the rest of the way to his crotch. She could feel a bulge growing in his pants and clenched her toes over it. While Jim slowly replaced the first shoe in its box and took out the second, Marla continued to massage his growing meat with her talented toes. When she pulled her foot away to allow him to put on the classic stiletto Sandy had chosen she could see from the size of the bulge that the cocky stud was pretty well hung.

Putting the shoe on he let his hands wander even more freely over her lower leg before finally letting go, trusting that his back was blocking her husband from seeing the liberties he and the woman were taking with each other. She tilted the shoe back and forth, liking its classic lines, then repeated her leg on the shoulder trick to show Sandy. Jim stared entranced at her crotch, seeing the dark stain forming on her panties where her pussy juices were beginning to flow. His cock throbbed as he imagined getting beneath the pink silk.

"Well, what do you think?" asked Marla

Jim was about to answer exactly what he thought when Sandy's voice chimed in, "I like it." 'Shit,' the boy thought, 'I almost screwed that up.' He breathed deeply to calm himself as Sandy continued. "But I liked the first one too. I think I need to see them with the dress to decide. But they're your shoes, baby, what do you think?"

"I'm like you," she answered. "I thought the one you picked was nice, but too old fashioned, but now that I see it on, I like it a lot." She pulled her leg back and dangled it in front of Jim. "What do you think? Which one looks better?"

Jim cleared his throat nervously, "From where I'm sitting it all looks good, I mean they both look good."

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