tagLoving WivesSurprise Party Pt. 04

Surprise Party Pt. 04



The toilets were the opposite direction, so they did a 180 and headed back the other way. As they walked back in front of the shoe store both of the clerks came to attention, hoping against hope for another visit from the lucky bastard and his hot wife. Marla smiled and waved at both boys, but showed no signs of stopping. Behind her back, however, Sandy pointed at Jim and made a beckoning sign.

"You lucky fuck," moaned Rod as Jim headed out of the store. Looking back at his partner with a big smile Jim said, "Your time will come...just not today." He laughed as he practically skipped out of the store.

Up ahead he saw the couple turning a corner -- towards the restrooms. 'Aah,' Jim thought, 'just where I was getting ready to go myself, only now it should be a lot more interesting.' He wondered just how far the man intended to let him go and hoped he wasn't in for just another cock teasing. Once was fun, but twice...then Sandy first held up his hand in a stop sign, followed by a finger across his lips in the 'shush' sign. Jim got the message and stopped at the corner, quietly peeking down the corridor so Marla didn't catch sight of him. Two chattering teenage girls entered the Ladies' room just ahead of the hot couple, so Marla and Sandy stopped in front of the Men's. Sandy held the door open and scanned the room -- empty -- then he ushered Marla through the door, pushing her towards the stalls.

As she made her way forward, Sandy hesitated at the door and gave a signal that brought Jim sprinting down the short hall to meet him; on his face was the eager look of a hunting dog when its owner takes the shotgun off the wall rack. Sandy smiled and quickly whispered, "I'm afraid there won't be any contact, but if you want to hear some hot action you're welcome."

Jim's face fell a bit, he was really hoping to see what was under those wet pink panties, but what the hell, jacking off to the sound of the hot slut getting boned was still better than just jacking off to her memory, which is what he'd been about to do anyway. "I'll take it," he answered. He couldn't help adding, "Is she loud?"

"She will be," Sandy promised with a smile, then he was walking swiftly across the tiled floor to join his wife in the larger handicapped booth.

"What were you doing?" she asked, looking back at the slowly closing door.

"Just keeping a lookout, making sure no teenage boys were cruising after those two girls. I'm not ready to share you just yet."

"Oh ho! Not just yet, eh? Then why do I feel like you've been sharing me with everyone in this mall?" she demanded with a smile, wrapping her arms around him.

"Hmm," he considered, as he sneaked a peek through the gap as he closed the cubicle door and saw Jim quickly making his way into the room. "When you put it that way I guess I have been sharing you a little," he admitted. "But it's a selfish kid who refuses to share his presents with anyone else, isn't it? Besides, I think you've enjoyed being shared, haven't you?" he demanded.

Marla blushed, "Yes," she admitted softly.

"What have you liked best so far?"

Normally she was too shy to talk like this, but she knew that today, hell, for the rest of their marriage she hoped, she had no choice but to do what Sandy told her.

"The guy in the shoe store," she whispered huskily, putting a hand on Sandy's chest and playing with his nipple through the shirt. "I thought he was going to attack me right there, even with you sitting right behind him." She was getting into her story telling now, "I'll tell you a secret, he had a big dick."

Of course Sandy had seen the bulge in Jim's pants for himself, but to Marla he said, "And how do you know that my little slut?"

"I touched it," she said in an excited rush. "First I massaged it with my foot when he was putting on my shoes, and then at the checkout stand I grabbed it with my hand, like this." She grabbed her husband's crotch and squeezed his swelling cock just as she had squeezed the stranger's in the shoe store.

"And did it feel good, baby, did you like having that strange meat in your hand?"

"I felt so...powerful...does that make any sense?"

"Really hot sex is always about power, baby. Having power over someone and giving someone power over you. You had power over our young friend, that's for sure. And who has power over you?" he demanded.

"You do," she answered without hesitation. "You have the power," and she squeezed his prick harder, giving 'the power' a different meaning.

"Take the power in your hands," he commanded.

Jim could hear the familiar jingle of a belt buckle being undone, followed by a quiet zziipp. In his own stall he silently undid his own pants, pushing them down around his knees.

"Oh, baby," Marla cooed. "It feels like I've been waiting for this for years." She gently massaged his tightly swollen testicles in one hand while the other slowly stroked up and down the iron hard shaft. "What are you going to do to me with this beautiful prick? I can feel the cum bubbling in your balls."

"Now that I think about it," her master replied, "it has been a long time since my cock got any action. You, on the other hand, have already had two orgasms today, haven't you?"

"Yes, two wonderful orgasms, baby. You always make me come so hard; I can hardly wait for the next one."

"Well, you're going to have to wait this time," he declared. "It's time for a little catch up, my pet, now it's time for the man to come."

"Yes, oh yes," she agreed. "I'm going to make you come so hard, baby; I can't wait to feel you explode."

'Fuck, this guy is good' thought Jim, his own meaty cock jutting stiffly between his squeezing fingers. 'He's got this hot bitch so well trained.'

"Take off your panties and bend over," the trainer commanded.

Marla quickly skinned off the new panties, now as wet as the old ones had been, raised the window shade skirt up to her waist one more time and bent over, once again exposing her bottom to Sandy's wants and desires. She put her hands against the wall behind the commode and rested one knee on the toilet seat for better balance. A shiver went through her when she wondered (hoped?) if Sandy was going to spank her again. A different shiver hit her, however, when instead of his sharp hand she felt the dull end of his stiff cock pushing against her swollen pussy lips, pushing its way in like a battering ram.

"Unnh!" she grunted loudly, and between that and the delicious wet noise of a sloppy wet pussy Jim knew that his partner in the other stall had just driven his nail home. He had to bite his lip to keep from letting out his own supportive cheer.

Sandy froze in place. "So fucking good," he growled. So good that he wasn't going to last more than two strokes if he wasn't careful, he thought. And while a quickie might be just fine for him and Marla he had made a promise to shoe boy. He breathed deeply to regain himself, then continuing to hold still deep in his wife's wet heaven he said, "If I remember right, the last time you came today you were having a fantasy about something else being buried in your pussy like this."

Marla flashed back to the phone sex session in her car, Jim describing her fantasy to her so vividly over the cell. She knew without being told that it was now her turn to describe that fantasy. "Yes," she admitted in a husky whisper, "a fist. Angie's fist was filling my poor cunny the way your big cock is now. The little slut was raping me with her hand, shoving it all the way in up to the wrist."

Jim's eyes nearly popped out of the sockets. He gripped tighter and stroked faster as he pictured another hot bitch giving this one a fist job, 'fuuccckkkk!'

"Did you ask her to stop?" questioned Sandy as he finally moved his hips, slowly withdrawing his rod until only the head remained inside.

"Hell, no!" Marla declared, meaning both Angie's fist and Sandy's cock. "I loved it in me; I never wanted it to stop." Sandy slammed his balls back against Marla's ass. She pressed hard against the wall to keep from getting knocked off her perch, grunting like an animal each time he pulled out and slammed back into her. After five hard, deep strokes Sandy froze in place again, just barely able to hold onto the white lava ready to explode from his volcano.

"What else?" was all he was able to get out in a strangled gasp, but Marla knew what he meant.

"You and Beth were fucking my mouth," she panted. "The little whore was grinding her pussy all over my face and you were shoving your cock down my throat."

"Suck...?" hissed Sandy.

"Yes, I was sucking both of you, trying to suck the cum right out of your balls and sucking on college girl's clit until she came in my mouth." She shoved her ass back against her husband, wanting more hard pounding, but instead he yanked his meat out of her. Marla immediately spun around, sitting on the toilet seat, knowing what was coming -- and here it was; Sandy's hand roughly grabbing the back of her head while his rod pumped toward her mouth. She quickly took him in her hand and guided him into her hungry mouth.

"Suck it bitch, suck!" commanded her shaking husband. Marla used her lips, tongue and teeth roughly on the sensitive head while one hand yanked his balls and the other flew up and down his shaft.

In the next stall Jim leaned back against the thin wall that separated them and yanked at his own balls and cock with shaking hands.

"I'm gonna come," Sandy said aloud, Jim silently. "Do you want my hot cum; are you going to swallow it all?"

Around his cock Marla grunted in assent, "Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh," she chanted, shoving her face down over his cock till she almost gagged, then pulling back just enough to let her hand go back to it's sperm milking rhythm. Beneath her fingers she swore she could feel the pulse of his jet spraying through his skin tube just before she felt and tasted the salty hot seed exploding into her mouth. "Mmm mmm mmm," she grunted, happily swallowing down spurt after spurt of his man cream, God, there was so much, so much, so fucking much, it was so good, it tasted like raw sex, and the joy of drowning in his hot spunk sent a small orgasm coursing through her body.

It was a big orgasm that was shaking young James on the other side of the wall. His white jet of cream flew across the stall, hitting the opposite wall with the first spurts. On both sides of the stall divider hands worked to wring out every last drop of liquid sex from happily abused penises.

On Jim's side it meant leaning forward to make sure he didn't mess all over his pants.

On Marla's side it meant finally releasing Sandy's meat from her mouth so she could make a mess all over her face, smearing his goo from chin to cheek to forehead and back to loving mouth.

Jim finally collapsed onto his toilet seat, grabbing a handful of toilet paper to catch his final drops, while trying to catch his breath and muffle his gasps at the same time.

Sandy reached gently under Marla's chin and drew her up to her feet, bending down to kiss her cum-covered lips and taste himself on her slutty tongue while he fumbled his dick back into his pants.

He reached behind himself and undid the lock and the two stumbled through the door barely keeping their feet; both laughed, then he caught her up and kissed her again. "Mmm, not bad, I guess," he mused, "but not nearly as nice as sweet pussy juice."

Marla giggled, "Well, I don't mind tasting myself on your lips, or fingers, but there's nothing like fresh, hot cum. The taste is so...nasty, so...slutty."

Sandy grabbed her close, "And you like being nasty...slutty...don't you?"

"Yes, master," then she was kissing him again.

Sandy suddenly broke off their kiss and said, "Shh, do you hear something?"

"Wha? No, just you treating your wife like a whore," she laughed.

Then he was looking over her shoulder with a serious look on his face. "Is someone there?" he demanded. "Come out now."

Marla spun in his arms, a look of shock coming over her cum-painted face.

The door of the next stall slowly opened, revealing a red-faced Jim with pants barely fastened. Marla gasped.

But Sandy relaxed, "Oh, it's just Jim," he said, winking merrily at the young man with a secret signal. Jim relaxed too, 'just more of the fun', he thought.

"Gee, I hope we didn't bother you," Sandy offered.

"Not at all," reassured the grinning man.

"Hope we didn't keep you from 'your business'," the older man said apologetically.

Jim decided to go for it and take a part in this perverted play. "Not at all," he repeated. "In fact you helped with 'my business'."

Speechless and bewildered up until now Marla whispered, "What do you mean?"

"I mean you got me so hot earlier in the store, I had to come down here to relieve myself. No offense, dude," he added to Sandy.

"None taken; she has that effect on lots of people." He squeezed his wife with one arm and when she looked up at him he had a happy, proud smile on his face.

"Well, imagine my delight when the very woman I was fantasizing about shows up in the next stall and gets so deliciously fucked," Jim said bluntly, looking deep into Marla's staring eyes.

"You heard? You listened?" in small voice.

"I wished I could have recorded it," Jim agreed happily. "You were so fucking hot I'd be able to jack off to that tape for years. Hell, I'll still be able to get off just on the memory of it. Again, no offense."

"Hey, man, no problem, I know what you mean. What was the hottest part for you?"

"What!?" Marla looked up at Sandy, finally coming out of the shock of their discovery as she heard her husband discuss her performance like a play or film.

"Marla," quietly but sternly. She fell silent. "If I did a little unintentional sharing of my present I'd at least like to hear how he enjoyed it. I remember you saying you enjoyed being shared and that you especially enjoyed feeling Jim's big cock swell under your touch. Didn't you say that?"

The confused woman stared at the floor. "Marla?" "Yes," she admitted in a low voice. "So tell me, Jim, what did you like?"

"It was all good, man, but that part about the other woman fist-fucking your wife, oh, Christ that was hot."

"Oh, yeah," Sandy growled appreciatively, "fucking hot. How about sucking another girl's pussy while getting fisted? How fucking hot was that?"

"I'll show you how hot," offered Jim. He pushed his stall door wide open and stepped to the side. From where they stood Marla and Sandy could easily see the huge gob of spunk dripping down the side of the wall to a puddle on the floor. The woman mewled under her breath and Sandy laughed, "Fuckin'-ay, dude, looks like you nearly put a hole through the wall."

"Your woman's got that effect on a man," Jim answered with a smile.

"That she has, bro', that she has." He stepped forward, did a high-five with the shoe salesman, then again offered Marla his arm and walked her out of the Men's room.


Sandy could feel how shaky and unsteady on her feet Marla was, so he kept a tight grip on her arm as they reentered the hallway. They took a step or two, then Marla stopped and began to turn back. "Where you going?" he asked.

She nodded toward the Ladies' room door. "I, I thought I'd wash my face," she said in a confused voice.

The man spun her around to face him and took her shoulders in his strong hands. "Oh, no you don't. That cum is your slut badge of honor and you'll wear it proudly." She looked up with a question in her eyes. "You know what you just did in there, don't you?" She nodded yes, then shook her head no. Looking her straight in the eye he said, "You just made two guys come at the same time. You made two...big...hard...cocks explode and shoot their loads like cannons. Did you see how much spunk Jim sprayed against that wall? And he was just listening to you -- you hot slut."

Marla just made that same small mewling sound she had when she'd seen Jim's prodigious deposit on the wall.

Sandy reached up and smeared the come he'd left on her pretty face across her cheek, scraping one big drop to her mouth where she snapped onto his finger and sucked hungrily. "Too bad Jim had to waste his on the wall, huh? I should have invited him over to empty his load into your mouth the way I did." Marla just sucked harder on his finger. "Would you have liked that, baby, two big loads to swallow?" Marla released his finger and turned her eyes to the floor, too afraid to speak. Sandy put a finger under her chin and tilted her head up to look at him. "I bet his cock still has a good coating of cum on it, do you want to go back and lick it clean for him?" Marla's eyes grew wide, but still she didn't speak. "Hell," her pimp husband continued, "a young guy like that, I bet he could get it up and give you a fresh load of spunk right now. How about that, Marla? Want to go back in for more?"

Marla's mind was spinning. Was Sandy serious? Did he want her to suck some stranger off in a mall restroom? Or was he testing her? The memory of Jim's big cock swelling in her hand and all that cum dripping down the wall made her knees weak. My God, am I really a slut? Do I really want to feel that strange cock in my mouth and drink that jizz? And what would Sandy do? Would he get mad if Marla really succumbed to his teasing and prodding? No, Marla suspected her loving husband would happily hold her hair out of the way while the young shoe stud fucked his wife's face.

Fortunately (or unfortunately?), just then a family turned the corner into their hallway and headed toward the restrooms. Dad leading two young boys into the Men's and Mom guiding a little girl who obviously needed to go very badly into the Ladies'. Sandy took Marla's arm in his again and started guiding her back into the main mall with a laugh. "Oh, well, maybe next time."


They both got into Sandy's car, leaving Marla's for a return trip. Marla pulled down the sun visor and looked at her face in its lighted mirror. Sandy's cum was drying on her face, still a little shiny. Her face had the hungry, desperate look she recognized from a few women she'd seen in porn films, the ones who looked like they weren't acting any more, but just going crazy with all the fucking.

"You look great, baby," Sandy declared. "You look so fucking hot I'm tempted to just take you home right now and fuck you some more."

"Why don't you baby? Please? Take me home and fuck me, I want it so bad."

"Me too, my love, me too. But there's more we need to do first and I'm going to stick to my plan. Believe me; it will be worth the wait."

"What plan? What are we waiting for?"

"Now, I told you, no questions. But think for a minute, baby. You've had hot sex in your office, in your car, and in a public restroom. Just imagine what's going to happen when I get you behind closed doors."

Marla trembled all over. My God, think about what he'd done to her in public. There would be nothing to hold him back in private. She trembled again, but in fear or passion she couldn't have told you. "We have to wait?"

He laughed, "Just a little longer my hot slut, just a little longer."

A mile or so away from the mall he pulled into a smaller, rundown strip mall off the main road. "Ho ho, well how about that?" Sandy said happily.


"I came here for one reason, but realize we can do something else here too. Hungry? 'Cause I'm famished and I bet that little Mexican joint has some good homemade stuff."

'Hungry? She just wanted to go home and fuck, but...actually she hadn't eaten anything (other than Sandy's semen) since breakfast and the thought of some good Mexican food got her stomach rumbling right away. "A little, I guess."

"Excellent. You'll need to keep your strength up for the rest of the day, wouldn't want you passing out from hunger right in the middle of the fun," he laughed, pulling into a parking spot right in front of "Madre Anna's" -- "The Real Taste of Old Mexico."

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