tagLoving WivesSurprise Party Pt. 05

Surprise Party Pt. 05



Outside the restaurant Marla blew out a big breath and Sandy broke out laughing as he gathered her up in his arms, "Oh, baby, you're incredible, that was great!"

"So I did good, huh?" with a wink.

"Fuckin-ay, your training's going better than I ever hoped."

She squealed, pushed him up against the wall and hit him on the chest, "My training?! My training?"

He grabbed her shoulders and spun her around so now she had her back up against the wall, then he grabbed her tits and leaned in close. "Your slut training. You've always has these wild thoughts, but now you're learning how to act on your fantasies." He pinched her nipples just as she'd done in the restaurant. Squeezing them tightly he asked, "Are you enjoying your training?"

Her eyes closed as she swooned from the wonderful pain in her breasts. In a breathless voice she answered, "Yes, yes. Teach me more."

He released her nipples, but continued to crush each breast in a strong hand as he leaned in and gave her a deep, probing kiss. "Oh, believe me," he said staring into her gleaming eyes, "there are many more good lessons yet to come. Are you ready?"

"Oh, yes! Take me home and train me."

"Just one more stop to make," he replied. "Remember I said there were two things we needed to do in this shopping center." He released her breasts, took her arm and guided her down the sidewalk.

Looking ahead she saw a liquor store. "Oh, are we picking up some wine?"

"No, there won't be much drinking today; nothing happens because someone's drunk and loses control. Everything that happens to you will be because you want it to happen and I know you want it to happen because you gave all control over to me."

A little anxiety made Marla burst out, "Oh, Sandy, are you going to hurt me?" She immediately bit her lip, knowing she'd spoken out of turn.

Sandy gave her a look, but decided to let this one slide. "Did it hurt when I pinched your nipples?"

"Yes," she admitted.

"Did it hurt when I swatted your bare ass in the mall?"

Her face flushed at the memory. "Yes..."

"Yes, I'm going to hurt you some more. Do you want me to stop?"

He could just barely hear her answer. "No."

He stopped and faced her. "Did it hurt when you pulled your nipples out at that waiter?"


"Do it again, pinch your nipples until they hurt."

Marla immediately grabbed her nubs, but it was hard to get a good grip through her bra. Her blouse was already half undone, so she just reached inside and lifted the bra above her breasts like she'd done for Jose. The hot brown nuggets were jutting out like pencil erasers and she pinched each one between thumb and forefinger and started squeezing. Her eyes closed and soon a high pitched whine started in the back of her throat. "Harder," her master commanded.

"Oooh, mmmmm, uh, uh, uh," she panted and moaned. Her knees felt weak and she took a step back, leaning on the wall, but not releasing her tight grip.

"Now twist and release."

She gave each sensitive nub a vicious twist before letting them go and collapsing against the wall gasping. Her instinct was to cover the poor abused nuggets with her hands, but even without being told she knew that wasn't what Sandy wanted so she just placed her palms flat against the brick behind her. Her tits thrust through the half open blouse as her chest heaved, the nipples an angry red and standing out even farther than before.

Sandy leaned down and dragged his tongue across one of the abused cherries. Marla let out half a scream before biting on her hand to quiet the noise. Then he moved to the other breast and sucked the globe into his mouth, attacking the sore nipple with his tongue. Again she screamed into her hand as pain shot through her, shot from her nipple to her clit like an electric charge and suddenly her pussy was flowing with juices.

Her loving husband raised his head and looked at her with fire in his eyes while she whimpered around her hand, struggling to catch her breath. Finally he reached in and gently pulled her bra back over her fuck handles. In a low, throaty voice he said, "Those are going to bruise. And when they do I'm going to tit fuck you. And the bruises won't make me feel sorry for you, they'll make me want to fuck you harder."

"Fuck me harder," she agreed. "Bruise me more with your hard fucking." Then they were desperately grabbing each other and kissing like overworked teenagers.

They didn't break it off until Marla happened to open her eyes and saw some real teenagers staring at them from in front of the liquor store. She moved her kisses to the side of Sandy's face and whispered in his ear, "We have an audience."

Sandy turned to look at the grinning kids, two boys and a girl. He turned back to Marla with a smile, gave her his arm and walked toward the youngsters. The bold young rats just smiled more and Sandy smelled the sweet scent of marijuana, 'Ah', he thought. The older couple stopped in front of the kids and Sandy asked with a smile, "Playing hooky? Why not in school?"

The taller of the two boys answered, "We thought we'd learn more from the Sex Ed class you two were giving." The girl gasped and then she and the other boy giggled.

Sandy laughed at the kid's quick wit and said, "Well we're always happy to help young people who are eager to learn."

The boy laughed too, then said, "Hey, if you really want to help us out, how about buying a six-pack for us in there?" tilting his head toward the liquor store.

Sniffing the air, Marla said with a smile, "You sure you really need beer, seems like you're doing okay already."

"Yeah, well, unfortunately all our other 'refreshments' are finished, so a couple of beers will have to do. Unfortunately, being old enough to vote in this state doesn't make you old enough to buy beer."

"Who's driving?" asked Sandy.

"No one," answered the shorter boy. "Too many fucking cops cruising around to risk getting busted – we party on foot."

"Excellent. Because of your common sense party plan I'll be glad to get you some refreshments."

The teens all smiled and the quick-witted one handed over a $5 bill, "Thanks, man."

Sandy and Marla walked into the small store and Sandy headed back to the beer cooler while Marla waited by the checkout stand.

When they came back out Sandy handed the bag with the beer to the tall boy. Marla handed a smaller bag to the girl and said, "Use these or the beer, but not both."

"Huh? What is it?" She reached in the bag and brought out a small box. It took her a second to register what they were. "Rubbers?!" she squealed. The two boys' jaws just dropped open.

"Like I said, use one or the other, the beer OR the rubbers. If they have to get you drunk, or you have to be drunk to fuck them, then you shouldn't be fucking them. But if you are going to, then make sure you're protected. No accidents either way, right?"

The girl had gone bright red and even the tall smart alec was speechless. "You think I'm going to...? That I would..."

Marla reached out a hand and tousled the short boy's long, stringy hair. "Well, this one does need a haircut, but otherwise they're pretty cute." She nodded her head, "Yep, I'd fuck 'em." Then squinting at the two slack mouthed boys she said, "If they know how to treat a girl right before, during And after, that is. Swinging dicks who act like dickheads aren't worth a woman's time. Well, you kids have a good time and keep thinking smart, like about the car." With that she linked her arm through Sandy's and the two once again left stunned and horny people in their wake.

A few steps away Sandy said, "Well done, my love."

"Our good deed for the day," agreed Marla, then both broke out laughing, squeezing their arms tighter together.


A few steps farther down Sandy pulled Marla to a stop in front of a shop door. She'd thought they were walking in front of an empty store since the picture windows were blacked out, but now she noticed the words 'Pleasure Emporium' painted in purple on the black window of the door. Below that was a white sticker saying, 'No one under 21 admitted.' "What is this place?" she asked.

Pulling the door open and waving her in Sandy answered with a smile, "Why, your friendly neighborhood porn shop and sex store." She turned her head up at him with eyes and mouth in wide 'O's and he gave her a gentle nudge on the hip to keep her moving into the store. They dodged through some hanging beads and entered a dimly lit shop that smelled of burning incense.

Once through the beads Sandy stopped alongside as Marla scanned the scene in front of her. In racks across the floor were rows and rows of videotapes and DVDs. More ran along shelves on the side and back of the store. Over there was a spinning paperback rack filled with books; behind it were magazine racks. On the other wall was a pegboard with all sorts of objects hanging from hooks. Some racks in front of the wall seemed to hold clothing.

Marla laughed and turned to face Sandy. "After all I've been through today did you really think a dirty book store would shock me?"

"Don't think of it as a dirty book store," he replied in his most professor-like voice. "Think of it as a school supply store." Seeing the question on her face he continued. "If you'll remember, someone still has some lessons and training ahead of her." Marla nodded dumbly. "Well, here we'll find some of the things we need to get the most out of those lessons. Come."

He strode off toward the pegboard wall and Marla scurried after, looking nervously around the room again. 'I'm the only woman in here,' she realized. 'Not really surprising though, is it? Whoa, there is another woman here!' Behind the counter, lazily smoking a cigarette was a young girl, maybe college age. 'What's a hot chick like that doing working in a place like this? Poor kid,' Marla thought.

By then she'd caught up to Sandy and could see that the wall held a wide assortment of sex toys and gadgets. Her mouth went dry. Sandy picked up a hand basket from a pile on the floor and handed it to Marla. "Hold that, will you, baby?"

He reached up and pulled some kind of pink thing off the wall and dropped it in her basket. Looking down Marla saw it was a satin blindfold. "Blindfold?" she asked in a small voice.

Sandy turned back to her with something else to add to the basket. "Blind trust." He stared into her eyes, "You trust me, right?"

She gulped. "Yes," she whispered. Looking down at his second selection she saw more pink satin material – long sashes they looked like. 'Strong and Soft' the package proclaimed. 'Gentle Bondage' it promised. Marla gulped again. He was going to blindfold her and tie her up? That was scary. But then why was her pussy starting to tingle again? Marla closed her eyes and saw an image of herself blindfolded and struggling against her bonds as Jim and Jose played with her tits. Her eyes flew open, Jim and Jose!? Oh fuck, Sandy really had turned her into a slut.

Now Sandy was holding a small package in front of her. "Hm, I hadn't planned on these, but after your hot titty twisting in the restaurant and outside, maybe you'd like to add them to our list?"

Marla focused and read the package in front of her. 'Nipple-Pins'. Two rubber coated spring clips were connected by a chain. The picture had a cartoon of a huge-breasted woman with the clips on her nipples and the chain between her teeth. A jolt went through Marla's nipples like it had outside, but her face was uncertain. Sandy put them back on the hook, "Maybe next time," he mused.

Now they were at the section of the wall with the dildoes and vibrators; Marla couldn't believe how many different kinds there were. Sandy reached up and took down two shrink-wrapped dildoes. They were both huge, life-like rubber cocks. "9 Thick Inches!" screamed the labels. Molded veins ran the length of the monsters, from balls at one end to blunt heads big as large plums. The only difference was that one was pink, the other black. "Have you ever fucked a black man, baby?" Marla could only shake her head no, staring at the club in her husband's hand. "Okay, big black cock it is," and dropped the black dildo in the basket. 'He expected her to put that thing inside of her?! He expected her to take this fucking monster inside her pussy? Big fucking monster forcing its way into her tight, wet pussy?' Hypnotized, Marla reached into the basket and touched the obscene black toy. Picking it up she suddenly found herself flashing back to the shoe store, 'Was Jim's cock this big?' She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feel of the latex rod in her hand and the memory of the young guy's bulge through his pants. My God, he may have been this big. She squeezed the toy hard, the way she had the shoe salesman. Then she was remembering all the cum that the salesman had sprayed on the bathroom wall while listening to her fuck and suck her husband.

Suddenly Sandy's hand was grabbing her arm tightly. "Marla, are you alright? You look like you're going to pass out." She shook her head and opened her eyes, breathing deeply to calm her jagged nerves. "No, I'm okay, it's just stuffy in here."

"Okay, we're almost done," he promised, then he turned away with a sly smile on his face. He knew 'swooning' when he saw it and he had also seen the way she was clutching the big black dildo.

"Just two more teaching aids should do it," he declared, taking two more packages from the wall. One was a string of small balls strung together like some kind of necklace or something. The other was another dildo, but short, smooth and slender; not at all like the big, bumpy, black monster. He held the more delicate dildo in front of her. "This one's for your ass," he explained, then dropped the package into the basket. "And these balls we're going to shove all up into your hot cunt, then pull them out, one...at...a...time. We can also play that game in your ass, but I'll let you decide, how about that?"

Marla was speechless, but her cunny was twitching with the thought of the abuse Sandy had planed for her.

"Okay, just one more thing," he said happily, taking the basket from her. "Let's go pick out a video." He took her elbow and turned her back toward the rows of pornos. She could see each section was labeled like in a regular video store, only instead of Action, Adventure and Romance she saw Bondage, Amateur and Gangbang.

"Baby," she moaned, "I don't need any video to get in the mood. Hell, if I was any more in the mood I'd fuck you right here."

He wrapped an arm around her and nuzzled her cheek. "Hmm, that is an idea, but I'll wait until I get you home." She looked at him crossly and he laughed. "You're right baby, we don't need a video tonight, but it's not for tonight, it's for some other time in the future. I just want you to pick it out now while you're feeling hornier and nastier than you ever have before. Pick out as many as you like. Hell, they say you shouldn't go grocery shopping when you're hungry, but I think porn shopping when you're horny makes perfect sense. Go ahead, baby, what kind of nastiness are you in the mood for?"

Marla started looking at the video boxes with a different eye. The boxes all jumped out with graphic photos that enflamed her mind. Girl on girl, guy on guy, fancy professional films, cheap homeshot videos, facial cum shots, all anal, teenagers, old people... Marla found herself drawn to the Amateur section; she wanted to see real people, not actresses paid to fake it. A lot of cheap packaging here, but there was a box that caught her eye with a high quality photo on the front, two women on their knees surrounded by a dozen or more guys. The men you could only see from the chest down, all naked, all sporting erections of various shapes and sizes. The two women were smiling directly at the camera, each holding two hard cocks in her hands, other cocks pressing against their cheeks. "Like MILF, Like Daughter" said the title. In medium print alongside the main picture, "Mom teaches daughter how to gangbang." Marla flipped the box over and read, "Carly's teenage slut adventures left her with baby Cindy, and now, 18 years later, Carly's introducing her baby girl to her mom's wild sex life." And, "Cindy's an eager student; watch as Mom teaches her how to take two cocks into her ass at the same time and a whole lot more." There were a series of images from the movie scattered over the back. In one, the women were cheek to cheek as two hard cocks poked in front of their lips. 'My God,' Marla thought looking at the women. 'It's true', it really is her mom.' The similarity between the two was obvious and since Carly had apparently only been a teenager herself when she got pregnant with Cindy she was still hot and sexy, the two almost could have been sisters. In another photo Carly was pulling apart her daughter's ass cheeks while a huge cock forced its way into her tiny butthole. Marla gasped and gulped.

"Like that one?" Sandy whispered in her ear. She jumped.

"I – I, what's a MILF?" she said lamely, trying to cover her excitement.

"Mom's I'd Like to Fuck", answered Sandy. "It's usually the 'fuck your best friend's mother fantasy." Looking at the picture on the front he whistled, "That is definitely a MILF."

"She's teaching her daughter to be a slut," Marla said in awe.

"Like I'm teaching you, huh?" Marla blushed, but nodded. "Gee, I wonder what your mom would think if she saw you in here – or in your office – or in the shoe store – or..."

It was like she was someone else, it couldn't really be her saying, "I think she'd like slut training." Marla's mouth snapped shut with a click.

"Well, well. Your mom's, what, about 50? But looking good. Yeah, she could still be a MILF." Marla giggled nervously. "But who would do her training?" Sandy continued. "Me – or you?" Marla groaned.

"I think it's time to take you home now," he said in a deep voice.

They walked to the front of the store and put their shopping basket on the counter, 'Like MILF, Like Daughter' on top. The sales clerk rang up each item and put it in a plain white plastic bag. Sandy looked at some of the items under the glass top of the counter and asked the young woman, "Which of these sex lubes is best?" Marla turned her eyes to the floor.

The girl smiled and took a tube and a jar from under the counter. "Well, if I was going to be trying to shove that black mamba into my twat I'd use the Jaxon's Sex Butter" she said while holding up the jar. Marla looked up in wonder. "On the other hand, if I was going to be doing a lot of fucking, say, pulling a train," Marla's eyes got even wider, "then I'd want this HappyTime Gel so I could get lubed up quick and easy." She stared straight into Marla's eyes a moment, then turned to Sandy. "So," she asked with a wicked smile, "what kind of action are we looking at tonight?"

Sandy's answering smile was just as evil. "We'll take both." The girl laughed as she took his credit card and rang up the sale.

As they turned to leave the counter girl said, "Have fun, honey, but remember..." Marla turned back. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." Then she added with a wink, "But of course, there isn't anything I wouldn't do."


Sandy climbed behind the wheel and Marla immediately slid across and into his arms; the two disappeared in a desperately horny kiss. Finally he pushed her away and inserted the key in the ignition. "Home," was all he said as he turned the engine over.

"Now," Marla answered with a low growl. While he tried to concentrate on backing out of their parking spot she was getting his zipper open and working his hard cock loose from its restraints. As soon as the hot meat was poking through his fly she dropped on it like a hungry dog, swallowing the tube steak in one gulp. Sandy hit the brakes and closed his eyes for a moment to regain his mental balance. A horn honk from behind brought him back to the real world, somebody was waiting for him to get moving through the small parking lot. Sandy slipped it into drive and carefully guided them onto the streets toward home, Marla's head bobbing busily up and down in his lap.

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