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Surprise Seduction


I gazed happily at my toes, which were buried in the blindingly white sand of the beach at the all-inclusive Caribbean resort. My wife sat next to me in her bikini, and I caught her eye as a beach waiter placed an ice-cold Corona for each of us on the table between our chairs. Perspiration beaded off the bottles. The waiter, having made sure that we needed nothing else for the moment, walked away, and I squeezed my lime into the bottle with one hand and then slowly pushed it into the bottle with my index finger while looking my wife straight in the eye. As she watched, I slowly inserted my finger in and out of the bottle another couple times, then ran my finger around the inside of the bottle, and then placed the finger into my mouth. My wife smirked, but at the same time I knew that she liked my flirting with her... and especially when my flirting crossed into being raunchy.

"I have a couple ideas for what we can later," I said, deadpan.

"I bet you do." She smiled, and picked up her own beer.

We both settled back in our chairs and looked out at the turquoise water in front of us. We had arrived at the resort only an hour before, and after quickly getting settled had headed right out to the wide strand of beach that overlooked crystal-clear water. Another small island or two was visible in the distance, and the sails of a few boats. A few other couples shared the beach with us, some under umbrellas and little cabanas, others just laying in the sun on chairs or chaises. No one was too close to us, which was perfect. For now, we just wanted to relax and try letting some of the accumulated stress roll off of us. It had been years --actually, ten years-- since we had had a vacation alone together. We'd been in the whirlwind of having a couple kids over a few years, careers, aging families, and everything that comes with it. Our kids were all now a bit older, and somehow we had finally found that there was a bit of money left over in our bank account for the first time in ages. I told her that we'd be taking a vacation alone together for a week and that our babysitter, now in college, would be fine watching the kids for a week while we were away. After some back-and-forth, she finally agreed, and here we were.

Mary Kay is a beach person; I am not, so suggesting the beach as our vacation was my bribe to her to get away from it all for a bit. My real interest was to actually get to have sex with her... long, ambitious sex, rather than our current late-at-night-after-all-the-rugrats-are-deep-asleep sex, where we're both so exhausted that 'big' sex consists of me whispering dirty stories into her ear as I try to get her libido going before she nods off. I usually get her off with my hand or mouth at least once before I mount her, then she goes again as I'm fucking her and continuing to whisper whatever dirty story I'm making up into her ear. I'll sometimes make her count down and ask permission to cum. Our relationship has a power structure in the bedroom that works, and that I like: in our domestic life, I don't give much of a shit about how we furnish the house, what we do on weekends, even where we take our family vacations, I let her have whatever she wants there. My wife is an assertive and dominant personality in general, but I insist that we have a relationship of mutual respect and of equals.

This is sometimes a bit of a challenge for her: she packs a hugely hot temper in her 5' frame. Her huge heart is matched by her wide hips and DD breasts, and she's fiery judgmental about many things, and tends to view the world and the people in it in very black-and-white tones. Cross her at your peril. This can lead to arguments and accusations that occasionally throw me off balance, but at the same time, she wants and needs someone to keep her in line, and there are certain bad behaviors I simply don't allow, like her being rude, disrespectful or selfish. When she crosses the line I usually stand in front of her and look down at her, and tell her that her behavior is not acceptable and will cease immediately. This bangs her attitude right into shape... and when we used to have more time, would often lead to a punishment spanking scene in the bedroom as soon as we could fit one in. Somehow, being spanked for her transgressions really is cathartic for my wife, and does reset the power balance mentally somehow, with her being happier and less bitchy for a while. For me, it's just hot as hell when your wife willingly lays herself over your lap for her spanking, and then the post-spanking sex is awesome and animalistic, and completely clears the emotional slate. It's a hell of a pressure valve...

I stretched as my mind wandered, and felt the relief in my back muscles as a tiny bit of tension dropped away. Bottom line, I thought, was that our relationship worked, and I didn't want to be with anyone else. I had slowly learned to push back on her occasional bullshit, and that was one of the things that made our relationship work. I work in upper management, with a department of 80 people and five managers reporting into me. I deal with people issues and hiring and firing every day, and as I've advanced in my career, I've been less willing to put up with unreasonable demands and emotional outbursts from her, or from anyone, really. Earlier in our marriage, I was much more accommodating; I wanted and expected a marriage of equals, and I thought my wife did too, but she'd started becoming more assertive and aggressive over time. My initial take for the first 5 or 10 years of our marriage was that if she felt that strongly about it, and I could give to her, sure, why not. But over time, as I gave her what she wanted, I noticed that she was becoming increasingly bitchy and disrespectful. We had played some bondage games before we started our family, with me spanking her, ordering her around, tying her up... but since becoming parents we hadn't had time for that for ages. But at some point it occurred to me how things fit together... and how she wanted and needed for me to set firm boundaries for her, and show her in charge. That she wanted me to spank her and dominate her took this son of a feminist mother a while to figure out, but all-in-all, our marriage is stronger since I did.

For those not familiar with dominance and submission, it comes in many different flavors and extremes: our D/s relationship is more symbolic and perhaps more restricted to the bedroom than most who identify themselves as living that lifestyle. But it works for us, and when we can, we'll have scenes where I'm completely in charge, and she's completely submissive to me. Not regularly, though... there's always a time and place for romantic, vanilla sex, too, although I usually throw in something in our normal lovemaking to spice things up, like holding her hands over her head, giving her butt a few spanks, or most commonly, whispering dirty stories into her ear of what I'd like to do to here when we get time. For me, it's less about dominating her to my will than exciting her and giving her what she needs and maintaining a power structure that makes our marriage strong.

But, over the past few years, our sex life had suffered given everything else we were trying to cram in. All of us get the same number of hours in a day, but the demands placed upon us --and that we place on ourselves-- varies a lot. As mentioned, our priority for the past couple years had been to raise our family and also to care for our rapidly aging parents. Beyond that was my demanding job which was important for me to excel at, in order to make sure I could continue to provide the upper-middle-class suburban lifestyle we had decided was right for our kids. That hadn't left much time for us... we always made time to spend at least an hour together each night just catching up and talking, and we were able to get away for the occasional date... but not nearly as much as we would have liked and really needed to. Time and money were both short, and we just didn't have any other family to help us, so our relationship had definitely suffered. But we both recognized it, and promised each other that someday we'd get away.

And finally, it was someday.

I had left my Blackberry in the safe, and my out-of-office was turned on. I had a beer in my hand, and my wife was sitting next to me in her bikini... and I knew that later we'd probably nap, and when we woke up, we'd have sex. I felt the pressure start to ease off a bit, a bit less strain in my chest. Hopefully, in a couple days with enough sleep, sex and relaxation, I'd soon be feeling relaxed... whatever that felt like. With that thought, I then thought of the couple special items I'd packed in my suitcase, and smiled. With both of us relaxed and rested, and with time on our hands, we'd be finding time for some D/s roleplay... and I was really looking forward to that. Looking at my redheaded wife contentedly starting to read a trash paperback she had packed, I knew that this was going to be a great vacation.


Three nights later, we came down to the dining room for dinner. The previous two nights and three days had been great. Both of us had surprised ourselves by sleeping a lot more than we had in years, and our routine had been to get up, get breakfast, go to the beach, come back for lunch, have sex, nap, go back out to the beach, have a nice dinner, more sex, then bed. Not exciting, but exactly what we needed with our batteries so discharged. The sex had been great, if not noteworthy: It was nice just to spend time talking, tracing the line of her jaw or hipbone with my finger, until it came time to embrace, kiss, and make love. Being able to nap together, and wake up together, without anyone calling for a drink of water, turning on the TV, or breaking something was just a great vacation in itself.

The package had included two 'private dinners' in the resort restaurant, which we had used the previous two nights. The rest of our dinners would be in the communal dining room. Dinner was buffet style, and the food great. You'd then pick a table and make conversation with the other folks at the table. We weren't terribly interested in making friends that night, but were happy to chat before we went back to our room. I already had some ideas about digging something out of the suitcase, and was starting to get a feel for the dynamic between my wife and me and whether it would be a night of dominating, tying, spanking, pleasuring, or some combination of those things. In our afternoon lovemaking session I could tell that she was getting ready for something new... as I pumped into her from behind, I had given her ass a few sharp smacks just before she came, and she had moaned aloud each time as I did so and ground back into me. I had reached up and put one hand around her shoulder and neck as I fucked her from behind, and with that she cried that she was cumming. "I'm cumming too!" I replied, and did. It was good, and a barometer that she was also ready for more than standard ol' vanilla sex, too.

As we lay in bed afterwards, with me spooning her from behind and running my hands running over her naked breasts and belly, I said after a few minutes of contented silence, "Tonight, after dinner and maybe a dip in the Jacuzzi, when we get back to our room, I want you to go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, and knock on the door when you're ready to come out. When I tell you to enter, you'll come out wearing nothing but your sexiest underwear, heels, and a smile. You'll stand in front of me, and spread your legs to shoulder-width, then you'll put your hands behind your neck, presenting yourself to me. Then, you'll say, "How can I serve you tonight, Sir?"

She said nothing for a moment or two, but my hand was still massaging her breasts and large, meaty nipples. I could feel her heartbeat pick up. Then: "Then what?"

I smiled, and for effect, took my time answering. I whispered, very slowly and clearly, "Whatever I want."

She said nothing, but I could feel her heart beating faster. I moved my hand down to her pussy. She was still wet from my cum... but I could feel the new heat and wetness there. My own heartbeat picked up, too. I nibbled her ear, and then whispered to her, "And you know what else? As you stand there, you'll realize that I've deliberately left the curtains open. Anyone walking by will be able to see you. They'll be able to see us, and whatever I'm doing to you."

Her thighs closed tightly on my hand, and I could hear her inhale sharply. This was something we had always fantasized about, but had never done. She said in a small, breathy voice, "I'm scared of that. Someone might see us."

"I know," whispered in her ear. "Maybe a couple will see us as they're walking by, and stop. They'll move back into the shadows and watch everything. They'll watch you as I get you completely naked, and they'll see what a dirty slut you are."

My wife shivered and whispered, "I can't." I actually knew that she liked the idea, and the idea of being forced to do it, as we'd talked about the fantasy before. But we also both knew that it was something that we were very unlikely to make happen. But it got her hot to talk about.

"You know you'd like it," I replied. "Maybe instead of leaving the curtains open, we'll meet another couple tonight, and I'll tell them to come by while you're getting ready in the bathroom. I'll have you come out blindfolded so you can't see them there. Then when you come out, they'll be in the room, watching you. Watching us."

This time she didn't say anything... and I knew it was because she liked the idea. I had worked by fingers between her legs, and was rubbing her clit with two fingers. Her own hand joined mine down there, and she started working her clit while I moved my fingers into the opening of her pussy. She was hot and wet, and I knew that the more sex she got, the more she wanted. I decided to leave her hot and hanging, and I took my hand away. "You'll have to be a good girl and be patient... you'll find out what I have planned for you when we get home tonight."

And then I added, "Of course, you were very bad before vacation, as well... hmm... we may need to make things right."

"I've been good!" she cried with no hesitation. But she didn't turn around or add anything else, and I kissed her ear again as I pushed myself up and out of bed. "You think so? We'll discuss it later. I'm getting in the shower."


Now we were in the dining room. We decided to stop by the salad and cheese bar first, and then turned around and looked for a place to sit. Several tables were full already, and as we walked across the room we noticed a table with a single couple, perhaps in their late 20's or early 30's. They were a nice-looking couple and since we wouldn't have to interrupt any ongoing conversations at other tables, I guided my wife over to them.

"Can we join you?" I asked.

The couple looked up, smiling, and I was immediately struck by the woman's striking grey eyes and clear skin. "Please," they both said at once, and I felt something in their demeanor I couldn't quite place... almost like they were together, but not so.

I placed my plate in my spot, then pulled out the chair next to the chestnut-haired woman, and seated my wife.. I then sat down. For some reason I couldn't really fathom, I looked directly at the woman, who I was realizing was particularly attractive, and said, "I'm Luke, and this is my wife Mary Kay." As I finished, I then included the man in the introduction with a quick glance and smile.

They were both wearing wedding rings. "I'm Mike," the man said. "And I'm Jessica," the woman said with a soft melodious voice with a southern accent. "Where are you from?" I asked. "Florida," answered Mike. "We're from Philly," I said. "This beats the hell out of Pennsylvania." They laughed, and it was funny how relaxed we felt already with these folks.

"We used to love getting down to the Keys on vacation," I said. "Although we haven't spent much time in Florida for a while... well, besides Disney World." I smiled and rolled my eyes. Looking at her, I was seeing that she was a striking woman; her makeup was expertly applied, eye shadow and eyeliner highlighting her eyes, which were definitely her best feature. She was dressed in a simple red dress with plunging neckline, and no bra.

"Really?" Jessica asked. "Do you go to Disney a lot?"

I looked at my wife, who answered for us, "Too much. Kids. But let's not talk about that... they're blissfully far away right now." She laughed, and Jessica and Mike laughed politely as well. "It's just good to be able to finish a sentence without someone spilling something." They laughed again, and we all talked, and the conversation meandered comfortably. Mike and Jessica were both about 30 and we liked them, and they seemed to like us. Both gals were a bit shy, but warmed up to each other quickly. We all had similar backgrounds, but they were surprised that we were in our early 40's... "I would have thought you were only a couple years older than us," Jessica said.

My wife dimpled. "I love it when people tell me that." She looked at me and then at Jess, and said, "People tell us that all the time that they're surprised we're not in our 30's... but I'm not sure what we're doing right. It's not clean living." With that she raised her wine and had another sip as we all laughed. She noticed Jess' jewelry. "Is that necklace Silpada?"

Jess looked down at her necklace, and I took the chance to get a good look at her breasts... with no bra, I could get a really nice look down her cleavage. Her breasts were nicely shaped and full but not overly huge; I had to try hard not to stare. I decided that if the opportunity arose, I'd really like to see her naked. My wife and I don't play, but hell, you never knew... maybe we could invite them to join us in the Jacuzzi after dinner and we could get Jess to take her top off... or more. It had been a recurring fantasy of ours to maybe watching another couple have sex, or being watched, or maybe watching a husband dominate his wife. We had agreed long before to a general policy of "look but don't touch." But one always wonders, and I had just run that fantasy scenario by Mary Kay before we came down to dinner...

"Why yes, it is. One of my best friends does these parties..." The girls talked more, and soon were chatting like old friends, despite the age difference. The waiter came by regularly with more wine, and two other couples joined us. I made small talk, but spent most of my time talking to Mike about general guy stuff. We had enough in common to be comfortable, and found that we even watched a few of the same odd shows on television.

In what seemed like no time, our table mates had long since left, and we were nearly the last ones in the dining room. As we talked, we had watched through wide, open windows as the sun settled down over the horizon in beautiful reds and oranges, and dusk had fallen and it had become early evening. A cool breeze fluttered the gauzy drapes that framed the windows, and busboys came by clearing other tables. The waiters had kept our wine glasses full of wine through dinner, and I had lost count of how many times they'd topped us off. No one was drunk, but we were comfortably buzzed. Mary Kay and Jess were happily gabbing away, and were leaning towards each other as they talked, and I could tell that my wife was having a good time talking with Jess. Running off didn't seem quite right... we tend to be quiet, and don't always make new friends this quickly or easily. I still planned to get my wife back to our room for ravishing, but it was still a bit early, and we had talked about maybe going in the small Jacuzzi near our room tonight, before I told her she would have other plans... and I was still thinking that I'd really like to see Jess in her bathing suit... and even better, naked. I grabbed a chance to quietly ask Mary Kay if she was still maybe interested in the Jacuzzi, and maybe inviting our new friends, and she agreed, "sure."

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