Surprise Seduction


I looked at my wife, and said, "Actually, that's kind of like the fantasy we were talking about before we came out to the Jacuzzi."

Jess and Mike both sat looking at us. I noticed that I didn't know where their hands were underwater either. My wife squeezed my hand that was in-between her legs with her thighs.

"We were talking about leaving the curtains open when we were making love, so people could see us." I smiled. "Imagine if that same guy was walking by when we were doing that... he'd probably physically explode."

We all laughed this time, and Mike actually spoke up. "That would be hot."

Jess looked at him. "You'd like that?"

Mike was reluctant to answer, so I prodded him. "C'mon Mike, you're on vacation and no one but us will ever know that you want people to see you and your wife. Admit it."

He smiled helplessly, then nodded.

Jess looked at Mike appraisingly, and I tried to sort out her expression. It was interesting... it was a bit of pleasure maybe, and satisfaction... and, I don't know, defiance. I filed that away for future consideration.

The silence started to stretch, so as usual, I filled it. "That's hot to think about. Would you ever do it?"

To my surprise, Jess took the question seriously, and seemed to be considering it. An expression of surprise --and lust—crossed Mike's face, and he was looking at Jess intently. I rubbed between Mary Kay's legs with a little more pressure, and her hand came down and squeezed my wrist. She was hanging on Mary Kay's words, too.

"Once, in college, some people saw me and my boyfriend..."

Mike's jaw visibly dropped. He, apparently, was learning a lot tonight. "Jess, you never told me that!"

Her smooth shoulders rose, then fell back. "You knew I had boyfriends before you. We were at a party at his school and I didn't know anyone, and we snuck upstairs, and he convinced me to do it in somebody's room. I was almost completely naked when these people walked in." She looked at Mike, then at us. "I was horrified, but they left right away, and I just let him finish, and it was so hot. And when we came downstairs later there were still people there, and I felt like they all knew what I had done. Maybe some of them did, I had no idea who had walked in."

She looked at her drink.

"I still think about it."

"Wow," I said. It had taken a bit for her to loosen up about stuff, but the alcohol or something else had definitely done the trick. There was sexual tension in the air now, and if Mary Kay and I were horny, Mike was almost vibrating with repressed desire. Other times I'd have almost definitely changed the topic to something safer, but there was no way I was doing that tonight... I felt us getting up to the edge of something, and I didn't know what, but I had to get some sort of concrete signal that they were open to our advances to figure it out. So I actually asked the question that occurred to me, and looked to Mike. "Hey Mike, how do you like the idea of seeing another guy with your wife?" As I said this, I could feel my cock stiffen to full hardness.

Mike looked at me, and then Jess, blinking rapidly.

"I don't know..."

My bullshit detector rang hard. He was avoiding the question, probably afraid of being rejected by Jess. But I realized he needed this out there... I had found that having things on the table was actually best, so I did what I hoped would be a favor to him and put in, "I don't know 'maybe,' or I'd don't know 'no?'"

He struggled to say something for a moment, then admitted, "Maybe."

I don't know why I said it, but it just came out. "Which really means 'hell, yes!'"

Mary Kay suddenly laughed the laugh when she laughs with someone, as Jess looked at Mike with an expression I couldn't read, but which definitely wasn't rejection. "Luke, you're embarrassing Mike," Mary Kay said. She looked at Mike and said, "You poor thing, you're getting outed by people you've just met and in front of your wife." She smiled and crinkled her eyes in amusement, first at Mike and then Jess. "It sounds like he has a fantasy he'd never have admitted to you unless some people," she turned her head and looked right at me, "weren't being pricks."

"I'm not being a prick!" I shot back, hoping that it was true. "It's just that I thought it would help to get stuff out there... you've got to talk about stuff. And besides, it's really interesting and I don't think Mike or Jess are offended." I looked to Jess, "I didn't offend you, did I Jess?"

Jess shook her head slightly, and her mouth set in a quizzical manner. "No... no, I'm not offended. I just never expected... that."

"Hey, this is all fantasy," I said. "And it's funny, but actually you guys seem to be turned on by the same things. That's actually a good thing. Hell, we get turned on by similar stuff, too."

Linking us to them suddenly seemed to ratchet up the sexual tension, and that funny sort of silence fell, the kind falls when two people are waiting to see who makes the first move. Both Jess and Mike were clearly waiting to hear what I would say next, and not avoiding eye contact or changing the subject. I spoke up, my heart beating.

"You know... Mary Kay and I were saying that if we got the chance..."

Voices intruded on my words as two other couples opened the gate to the Jacuzzi area and came in talking with their towels and drinks. As they came through the gate we nodded and said hello, as I thought, "Aw shit." I realized that these folks came in right when I was about to make an overt move on this couple, and my wife was on board with it... and my heart was beating rapidly. Not only had I not expected to be making a move on anyone, but I was shocked that my wife was cool with it. I had to act fast if I was to salvage this... I could feel the moment slipping away, whatever might be in store. I leaned forward and spoke quietly. "Hey, I know I was just saying we're on vacation so we can speak openly, but I don't want to share what I was going to say with the whole resort." I laughed. "And I think Mary Kay and I have been in the Jacuzzi long enough, anyway. Let's get another pitcher of drinks and go back to your room and we can hang out there. Sound good?"

It was a tiny bit awkward and a lot more forward than I'd usually be, but time was tight: The first of the other gals had dropped her wrap and was heading for the water. Mike and Jess looked at each other and Mike said, "Yes, that sounds good... is that cool with you, Jess?"

Jess knew where this could head if she agreed, and was hesitant. Then my wife spoke up, "Don't worry, he's tame. He just just likes to talk about stuff. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but this has been fun and it's definitely not something I'd usually talk about, either."

Mary Kay's word's convinced Jess, and she nodded, smiling. "Okay."


We stopped by the bar and made small talk as we refreshed our pitchers and walked back to Mike & Jess' room. My heart rate was elevated, and a good part of my attention was on thinking through what I'd say and do when we got to the room. I didn't have much time to plan. Luckily, Mike was almost completely silent, and my conversation with the two girls was light enough that I didn't need to follow it too closely to be involved. Both girls seemed cheerful and had regained their previous rapport amazingly quickly, and were yammering away. I took this as a great sign... if they were uncomfortable, well, we might as well part now.

I felt like I needed a plan, and to have an idea of what I was after, and I was trying to sort out in my mind what each of the other three people wanted, and how far I could push.

My wife... we'd always had a no-touching policy: she didn't mind me looking, but she didn't want me touching anyone else, and had felt it was cheating. I walked behind her and Jess as they walked, and she had wrapped her towel around her waist, and I was disappointed I couldn't see her butt move as she walked... I thought of how much I loved her shape as I thought that I'd been fine with our no-touching rule for fifteen years and hadn't thought any more about it. But it seemed that now there might be some play in that rule, in limited circumstances like these. I'd probably very carefully watch her to see how she reacted to whatever happened, and I'd try to get her to participate in each step forward. Actually, she'd already inserted herself in a couple of times before and got us where we were now... so we'd see what happened and figure that out.

Mike: I was having trouble reading him and what he wanted. It could be that he was shy or embarrassed, but I was starting to wonder if he was sexually submissive. I had really had to twist his arm all night to get direct answers out of him about stuff, and he just didn't seem to want to volunteer much, probably for fear of what Jess might think. But I felt on pretty safe ground that he was looking to me to lead everything here, and whatever happened here would be making it happen, not him. I wondered if he would suddenly have a freak-out at some point and run off or make them leave. No way to tell, and I decided I'd just try to take it easy and push firmly but not too hard. But, for the moment, the signs pointed to Mike wanting to just stay in the background, and let whatever happened with Jess happen. It was interesting, I realized: my wife was also involved here, but I knew that anything that happened would likely not involve Mike at all. It was between me, Mary Kay, and Jess.

Jess. I'd been getting another long, good look at her in her bikini, and was admiring again how it really highlighted and revealed her curves, and also her figure and smooth skin. Her butt moved delightfully as she walked, and the fabric left nothing to the imagination. She wanted to be looked at, there was no question about that, and now she even knew that I was looking at her. She also had definitely liked the compliments we'd given her. That my wife was there and supportive of her I think made things less threatening to her. I had also noticed that while Mike might answer for them, he always did it in a way that deferred to Jess. She was obviously the one had more power in the relationship, but I doubted either one of them would admit it. I wondered if that was an issue for them, and if there was any awareness of it: I knew from having been married for quite a long time now that my wife really needed to me to take charge sometimes, for me to just drop into the old 'traditional' role of "me husband, you wife." It was anathema to how I was raised, but I'd noticed it really set the dynamics of our marriage back on a solid ground when I did. As I thought this, I felt my the stress in my chest drop down a notch: I felt pretty sure I'd figured out part of the dynamic for tonight, and that playing an assertive, almost dominant role was the way to go here, and it would get me what I wanted. Also, we'd all had more than a few drinks during the course of the evening, and I was sure that was loosening us all up as well.

The question was, what did I want? Earlier, I'd have been absolutely psyched to have just seen Jess naked, and Mary Kay and I had talked about maybe watching another couple have sex, or having them watch us, or maybe watch another couple in a Dominance / submission scene. That had all seemed so far out there as to be impossible, and was probably about all I would let myself fantasize about. But now, a lot more seemed possible, even likely. I grimaced momentarily as I walked. The first priority was to not fuck up my marriage, or hurt my wife. That was absolutely not something I wanted to do. But I was pretty sure I had the green light to move ahead here and find where the limits were. I wondered if maybe my wife would be interested in getting it on with Jess, and vice versa. I thought that my wife might be interested, but I suspected that would be too much for Jess. I thought about having Mike and Jess let us watch them have sex, or the other way around, and that just didn't seem to resonate right... Mike, I was pretty sure, was only going to be a spectator, and that's all he wanted or was capable of for whatever reason. But bottom-line, this was all around Jess. She would be the center of whatever happened. The trick, I thought, would be making it about her and getting her to do things that way. I nodded imperceptibly to myself. She liked the attention... that would be the key lever.

But what did I want? I suddenly had a small pang of guilt as I admitted it to myself: I didn't just want to see her naked, I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to touch her, and feel her smooth skin. I wanted to see my wife with her, but I also wanted to run my own hands over that glorious ass of hers just like I did with Mary Kay's, and feel her let her legs part when I put my hands between them and spread her knees. I wanted to feel her mouth on my cock, and suddenly I realized I also wanted to fuck her good, much better than I suspected her husband could do to her. I wanted her know what a good, animal fuck felt like, as her husband and my wife watched. And I felt like I was close on understanding what Mike wanted with that thought. For whatever reason, Mike wanted his wife to be pleasured by someone else. It crossed my mind to wonder if his dick was really small, or he just wasn't good in the sack, or maybe he was gay and didn't know it. I didn't know, and I wasn't likely to find out. All I knew was that he was stepping back as I took the lead here, making his wife available to me. And it was up to me to make whatever was going to happen, happen.

I looked at my own wife. She had about fifteen years on Jess, and had also had three kids. She wasn't as thin as she was when she was in her twenties... but she still looked great for her age, and her curves were awesome. She was everything I wanted in a woman. And I just liked her, and liked being with her. Even more, I loved her, and when I looked at her, I constantly thought of how beautiful she was. But a streak of honesty compelled me to ask myself if she really was everything I wanted if I was thinking that I wanted to fuck this other woman? And I realized my thoughts had come full circle to my earlier conversation with Mary Kay: this was just sex, not anything more than that. It was exciting and fun, but not a replacement for my wife. I knew that I actually wouldn't be doing anything without her there. But she was there, and she was doing it largely for me. But not entirely ---my wife has a dirty, dirty mind, and I knew she thought about stuff like this just as much as me--- but she was doing this because she knew it was making me hot. But these thoughts made me get a firm grip of my sparking gonads: I'd play this one by ear and keep a close eye on my wife and how she was reacting to everything, and if she showed the slightest sign of not being cool with what was happening, I'd immediately back off. I nodded to myself, committing myself. I actually knew it might be hard to stop if I had to, but I would, and without resentment. Hell, how many guys had wives who would let things go this far?

I considered again trying to get just my wife and Jess to hook up, and dismissed the idea again. While that was almost as good as being involved myself and I'd be insanely happy if that happened, I just suspected the girls wouldn't be into it. I'd either just get Jess nude and get a good look at her, or... well, who knew. Enough thinking.

All this raced through my mind as we got to Mike and Jess' room and came into the door. I trailed, and shut the door behind us. I felt --no, I knew-- that I'd have to take control as soon as I could, to keep a whole little game of inches from playing out and having to make a bunch of little moves. That could take all night, and who knew how that would end if everyone had lots of chances to get cold feet. They knew as well as we did what game we were playing, and I decided that I had to get things moving, but in a non-threatening way.

I was last through the door and I shut it behind me. The curtains were already pulled. Mike had seated himself in one of the two chairs at the little table by the curtains, and the two gals had seated themselves on the bed, talking about other things to do on the island. Their conversation hit a lull right as I turned around, and I jumped right in. "Jess, those stories you were telling about what men will do to get a look at you in your skimpy outfits were really hot. I've got to ask: would you ever do that back in Florida?"

Jess shook her head, "Heavens, no. That's only something we do on vacation when we don't know anyone."

We all nodded. "Yeah, we'd never talk about any of this stuff with anyone that we knew in our normal lives." I said. "And I just kinda realized that just talking with you guys about this stuff is actually one of my fantasies. It's not something we ever talk about with other folks."

Jess answered, "Not us, either. I guess some folks do, though..."

"Yeah," I said. "Um, you know, I said I was going to tell you guys about the fantasy Mary Kay and I were talking about this morning and how it's like yours... and I just want to say that it's really cool you guys are so cool about talking about this stuff... I think most people are interested, but don't. I'm really glad we've fallen in with you guys. Hell, most people we meet at resorts we're happy to just avoid for the rest of the vacation... you know, people just talk about such inane stuff."

I paused for a moment, and looked for nods, which I was pleased to see I got from all three of them. Good.

"It's just really cool how we can talk about stuff that we never talk with anyone... and it's really fun."

My wife spoke up, "You're doing most of the talking."

Everyone laughed, including me. "Yeah, I guess I do that."

"Anyway, talking about this stuff in the Jacuzzi was fun but kinda embarrassing, because you never know how people are going to react, and I was thinking, ya know, we really don't need to be embarrassed. We're adults, if we want to talk about this stuff, we should. And we should just drop the acts and just be who we are and have fun. Let's agree to not be uncomfortable about anything when we're talking, and that we also agree to just be entirely honest in everything we say here, so there's no guessing or wondering about stuff. God, I was thinking of what a relief it would be to actually say what you're thinking and knowing you're not going to get rejected. And if someone's uncomfortable talking about something, just say so, but give it chance." I paused, looking for reactions.

Heads nodded again: Mike shrugged. Good. The trap was set, time to spring it, "And we'll just be honest with each other in general, and answer each other's questions and stuff."

I looked at Jessica as I said this. I knew it really came down to her answer here.

"Sure," she said.

I looked at Mike and Mary Kay. "Yeah, that makes sense," said Mike. "Of course," said my wife.

I nodded. Cool. I didn't think that Mike and Jess realized that they had just given me the authority to ask them direct questions about stuff, and then push them for real answers instead of answers that dodged the questions. They weren't stupid by any means, and who knew if they'd actually hold to their word if we got to things they didn't want to admit, but this was good: from here on out, I could really start driving the conversation and the night the way I wanted.

"Well, all right then," I smiled radiantly, and my wife laughed. "Top off my glass and I'll pick up from where we left off in the hot tub." Mike was sitting at the small table with two chairs that would overlook the courtyard outside if the curtains weren't pulled, and he poured punch into my cup as I walked over to the other chair. I pulled it out, spun it around, and sat down on it, resting my arms on the back.

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