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Surprise Sparring Partners


While it wasn't her given name, Princess was the nickname she had been dubbed with by her father when she was a little girl. Princess grew into a stunningly attractive young black woman. She had light brown skin, a 36-C, 24-36 body with long sexy legs. And straight black hair that hung just below her shoulders.

Princess had taken up dance as a young girl and continued it throughout high school. She was going to college but was working part-time as a dancer in local musical productions. She had even once earned a spot as a dancer in a music video for an up-and-coming local band that had sense moved on.

Knowing that she was a sexy looking 21-year old, and after hearing stories of a couple of girls getting raped, Princess enrolled in a Karate class at college last year. Her firm, limber body and dance training made her a natural at it. She had recently begun sparring in competition and so far was doing pretty well.

The nickname Princess was a two-edged sword for her. While she liked the name, thinking that it could help her with a dance career by having a sexy sounding name. It was also used by others as a derogatory reference to her. She had earned a reputation for being stuck up. Even the men in her Karate classes and dance classes were shunned by her. Princess wasn't a virgin, but was not about to give it up to just anyone. No matter how many times she found herself turned on by some of the other men she met. Another concern for her was that most of the men she met were white. And Princess didn't have any desire for inter-race dating.

Princess was in the school gymnasium practicing her karate late on Sunday night. She had a friend who worked in the gym who had given her a key so that she could come in after hours to practice both her dance moves and her martial arts when no one else would be around. Wearing her tight tee shirts and stretch pants she usually felt uncomfortable with the stares she would receive from the men who were there during regular hours. She had a match coming up the following weekend so she planned on using the gym several times this week to prepare.

It was after 10:00 PM and she was just about finished up with her routine when she heard a voice coming from the front of the gym.

"Well well, if it isn't the little Princess." One of the men from her class said.

She jumped with a start, turning around to see six white men in jeans and white tee shirts, all wearing celebrity masks. Represented before her were Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Gene Simmons from KISS and Beavis, of Beavis—one half of the Beavis and Butthead cartoon team.

"Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?" She asked nervously. "The gym is closed."

"Then why are you here?" 'Nixon' asked.

"Damn, look at the body on her." 'Clinton' said.

The men came closer. Princess began backing away, but the only exits were behind the six men.

"Damn, girl. You get me so hard watching you work out." 'Nixon' commented as they approached.

She knew that she had to make a move before being backed against the wall. Otherwise there was no hope. Seeing 'Nixon' as the closest, and with a direct path behind him to the door, she feigned a move to run to her left then bolted forward, using her leg to kick his feet out from under him, knocking him flat on the mat.

"Why you little bitch!" He exclaimed as his buddies laughed.

Princess tried to run past him, but 'Nixon' managed to strike her leg with his fist, causing her to stumble forward. By the time she recovered she had 'Simmons' and 'Beavis' before her. She made a quick move, but both men dodged and responded with kicks of their own. Princess managed to block their attempts, and retreated to her right. "Damn, these guys know karate too." She thought to herself.

She instantly went over everything she was taught on how to defend yourself against multiple attackers. She knew that all she needed to do was fight her way around them and then make a dash for the door. If she could make it outside she could start screaming for help. They probably wouldn't follow her any farther after that.

'Nixon' was back on his feet. "Girl, we're going to teach you a lesson."

"Bring it on then." She said with a smile. Trying to show confidence against them.

'Nixon' made a move but she was faster. She knew that he hadn't advanced to her level yet and was confident of her ability to best him. But the others were closing in. She tried maneuvering around them but one or more continued to work ahead of her.

She saw her chance and took a step towards 'Beavis'. But somehow 'Clinton' jumped behind her and drove his foot into her left thigh just as she began to pivot on her left foot for a roundhouse kick. This knocked her off balance and 'Beavis' locked onto her arm, pulling her to him then they both dropped to the floor. As soon as she hit the mat the others were all over her.

"Grab her legs!" Nixon yelled.

She struggled with all her might but could not escape the hold the six men had on her.

"Let me go!" She cried out.

"I think we need to really teach you a lesson, cunt." 'Reagan' said.

Princess panicked and began struggling harder.

"Strip her!" 'Reagan' ordered.

'Nixon' got down and began tugging her tee shirt up. Princess screamed, but even she knew that there would be no way that she would be heard outside of the gymnasium complex. Her shirt was pulled up over her head and her arms were forced through the sleeves. While she was resisting this the other guys began pulling her sweatpants off. Now she was held down wearing only her white sports bra and pink panties. These were the next target. The bra came off easily, all it took was a snap of the clasp and it was gone, allowing her large breast to pop out and sway to the side. Each tit was quickly grabbed and fondled by two of them men. Princess could feel her nipples growing under their assault. Her panties were more of a struggle, but they too were quickly pulled down over her shapely legs. Then there were fingers rubbing her mound and probing her tight slit.

"Stop it!" She begged. Hoping that they would end this by just humiliating her.

"Have you ever sucked a white cock?" 'Nixon' asked her. Princess looked up to see that he had undone his pants and his 8-inch pecker was sticking out fully erect.

"Please don't rape me." She begged.

"Tell you what, Princess. You suck our cocks and we might just be satisfied enough to let you go."

She was revolted by the suggestion. But she knew that she couldn't risk allowing herself to be fucked by any of these men. Princess swallowed, thinking that she could get this over with then call the campus police and see to it that these men went to jail before the night was through. Then she nodded her head.

She was dragged across the mat to the bleachers. There, 'Nixon' sat down and forced her to kneel between his legs. The other five men were all around her, groping her body and fingering her pussy while holding her down.

She looked at the cock staring her in the face. Princess had sucked off two boyfriends before. While she hadn't thought highly of the act, she did not find it distasteful either. But now she was being forced to perform this act on someone she didn't even know. Or, she thought with a panic, someone she might actually know. There was no telling who these men were underneath their masks.

"Suck it!" 'Nixon' ordered.

Princess leaned closer. She opened her mouth and allowed his cock to enter. She closed her lips around his shaft and began sucking his pole. Hoping to get this over with as quickly as possible. As she sucked, she could feel her pussy getting wet from the fingers that continuously jabbed inside her. She felt embarrassed that her body was responding to their actions, believing that they would take it as a sign of her enjoying it.

She tried to block everything out of her mind. But it was all too much for her. She worked her mouth up and down on one cock, feeling her hands being pulled up to either side where she found two other dicks placed into her grip. Now she was being forced to play with them as well.

'Nixon' began moaning as she continued sucking him. Then his hips thrust as his orgasm began. Princess felt the first blast of his cum strike the back of her throat. "Swallow it all!" He ordered, so she began gulping down every drop of his cum as it continued spurting from his cock.

As soon as he had finished she was pulled aside and forced to suck 'Clinton's cock. He was slightly smaller than 'Nixon'. But he shoved his cock into her mouth, grabbing both sides of her head, and began fucking her face. Princess nearly gagged as his cock rammed its way into her throat. He fucked her mouth hard and fast, and began spilling his load into her mouth after only a couple minutes.

Clinton was replaced by 'Simmons'. He had shorter, but fat cock, and he too decided to fuck her mouth roughly. Princess fought back the desire to gag as his thick tool filled her throat. His balls slapped her chin. He was even rougher than 'Clinton' and Princess thought that he was going to damage her throat with his vicious jabs. Then he blasted his load into her mouth, forcing her to swallow it all.

"Half way through this." She thought to herself as 'Beavis' took position in front of her. She took his average sized pecker into her mouth and began blowing him. She was relieved that he was simply satisfied with allowing her to suck him. Although part of this disgusted her even more. She sucked his cock for several minutes before he clenched her hair tightly with his fingers and squeezed his ass tightly as he sent his jizm into her waiting mouth.

She turned her head away from his cock to find 'Reagan' waiting with his wang ready for her mouth. She caught her breath and began sucking on him next. 'Reagan' was running his fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp as she sucked his tool. His delicate touch almost made her wish that she could have met him under other circumstances. The thought ripped through her as she realized what she was thinking. She tried to ignore his caresses as she worked as quickly as possible to finish him off. It was with relief that she felt his sticky, salty load let fly in her mouth.

She turned to 'Bush', but he directed her to lie on her back on the bottom bleacher. With her head hanging over the edge he stood over her and pushed his cock into her mouth and began fucking her face in a position that drove his cock deeper into her throat than any of the others. While being face-fucked she could feel the other's taking advantage of her exposed body by playing with her tits and fingering her pussy. Then she felt someone straddle over her chest on the bleachers. With her head pinned as it was while her mouth was being impaled by 'Bush's rod she couldn't see who it was. But she could feel him place his cock between her ample bosom and squeeze her tits together. "Oh Christ!" she thought, "One of the bastards is tittie-fucking me."

Her throat was getting reamed by one cock, and another was sliding back and forth between her brown tits. And someone else had three fingers buried in her snatch. Princess was helpless against their assault, and worse, she could feel her clit throbbing as her body began getting turned on.

"Ahhhhhhh." 'Bush' moaned as he began pumping his cum deep into her mouth. She swallowed it all then waited impatiently until he finally withdrew from her mouth. She raised her head to see 'Nixon' fucking her tits. She looked down at her chest only to see his white cockhead popping in and out of view between her large boobs. She begged them to let her up but got nothing but jeers in return. Then hand banging her pussy was using a thumb to rub her clit, which was beginning to really get her aroused. She ground her teeth together trying to ignore the warm sensation growing between her legs.

"Oh yeah, gonna cum between your titties!" 'Nixon' bragged as he squeezed her boobs tighter together and began pumping faster. Princess couldn't tear her eyes away from the meaty flesh that kept riding back and forth in her cleavage. "Oh god…" He cried out. Princess saw a glob of white launch forth from his cock, striking her on the face. More and more shot out, landing on her chin, neck and chest as 'Nixon' milked himself between her tits.

"Ok," She said weakly as 'Nixon' began getting off of her. "You've had your fun. Now please let me go."

When the men began laughing she almost started to cry.

Before she could even think to move she was grabbed and tossed onto the mat. 'Clinton' and 'Bush' and 'Simmons' held her down as 'Clinton' got down between her legs.

"No, please god, don't fuck me!" She cried out as 'Clinton' pressed his cock against her wet cuntlips. She had just sucked all six of these white men off, now she was going to be fucked by one of them. She cried loudly as he thrust his cock into her pussy and began fucking her hole. Hands were once again abusing her tits and nipples as 'Clinton' rammed his cock into her again and again. Her ass was rising and pounding the mat as his thrust became more savage. Worse, his cock was rubbing against he G-spot, and this was causing her body to respond against her will. She begged him not to cum in her pussy but he just laughed and said, "What's a matter, Princess. Don't you want me to give you a little white prince?"

She tried to resist, but she felt herself losing control. It had been far too long since she had last made love to a man. And 'Clinton's cock was really feeling good inside her. She tried not to let it show but she knew that he was going to bring her to a climax. She closed her eyes and tried to control her breathing. But nothing was working. Finally she let herself go and welcomed the sweet release of orgasm. Her insides spasmed with delight and her legs shook as she climaxed.

"Jesus Christ, guys. Miss Princess is enjoying this!" 'Clinton' yelled. Now she was totally humiliated knowing that they all recognized that she had had an orgasm. Now she had lost to them. They knew that they had brought her pleasure. That thought alone was worse that the rape.

'Clinton' began fucking her harder and faster. She could tell he was about to cum and renewed her pleas for him to pull out. But this only stirred him on more. He drove his hips harder into her as his balls began spilling their seed into her belly. Princess clenched her entire body as she felt his semen filling her hole.

As he got off of her she was grabbed by 'Beavis' and pulled over him as he lay on the mat. She struggled at first, but the others forced her to sit on his stiff pecker. Once he was inside her she began riding his shaft. Then she felt someone behind her. She turned her head and saw 'Simmons' climbing behind her. 'Beavis' held her tight as 'Simmons' pressed his cock against her ass. "Oh god, please don't!" She begged, remembering how fat his cock was. She had never taken it in the ass before and the thought of his thick cock impaling her just about sent her over the edge. She tried to struggle but was held to tightly. 'Simmons' pressed his cockhead against her anal ring. She clenched as tightly as possible but her ass was coated with a mixture of her own juices and 'Clinton's semen that had dribbled out of her cunt. This provided 'Simmons' with enough lubricant to begin forcing his way inside her bung. She screamed in agony as his cock broke through, pressing deeper and deeper insider her until the two poles were rubbing together on either side of the thin wall of flesh between her ass and pussy. Then the two men began fucking her. Each thrust brought about a new wave of pain. She gasped and cried out continuously as they both fucked her holes. 'Beavis' was pawing her tits as she was forced to rise and fall on his cock each time 'Simmons' pounded her. Her twin fucking had already lasted ten minutes and both men were still going strong. The pain began to subside as her flesh loosened up around the thick shaft in her butt. She could feel her body once again starting to respond. Ten minutes later she was climaxing again. As her orgasm died down 'Beavis' blew his load into her pussy. But 'Simmons' was still plowing her asshole. The cock in her cunt began to go limp as her body still rode it. Then 'Simmons' bellowed out his enjoyment as he thrust faster, filling her asshole with his cum.

When he pulled out of her ass she collapsed on 'Beavis', her entire body shivering both from the shock of what was happening to her and the delight of two powerful orgasms. She wanted to relax but was quickly grabbed up for more action. This time she was forced to sit on 'Reagan's cock while 'Bush' took his turn banging her asshole. Once he had shoved inside her there was little pain. It was with some shock that she realized that she was now eagerly fucking back the two men who were ramming her. Her body was becoming stimulated by their meaty assault. She felt another climax mounting. But just before it hit her 'Reagan' bucked his hips and shot his load into her. He quickly went soft inside her and no matter how hard she tried she wasn't able to keep his pecker inside her. She felt robbed of another opportunity to orgasm. "Bush' was banging her asshole so hard that she was forced to raise up in order to keep up with him. She wished that he would take her pussy but he wanted nothing more than to fill her ass with his cum. His balls were slapping her cunt causing her to get more and more aroused. Then 'Bush' blasted his load into her.

The two men cast her aside, then 'Nixon' forced her onto her hands and knees. She remained still until he pressed against her ass. "No, please fuck my pussy." She begged. She cried out as he rammed all 8-inches deep into her asshole and began fucking her. She was dying to climax and all she could get was a cock up her ass. "Please fuck my pussy!" She yelled out. Surprising even herself.

'Nixon' stopped with his cock buried to the hilt in her ass. "What did you say?" He asked.

"I said please fuck my cunt, goddamn it. I need your cock up my pussy!"

"Well look at this, guys. The little Princess is begging for me to fuck her pussy." He said. "I guess your not so high and mighty anymore then."

She didn't care what he said. All she wanted was to have his cock up her twat. When he pulled out of her ass and began pushing his dick into her cunt she shoved her hips back to meet his thrust. "Oh yes!" She cried out as his shaft filled her. As he began fucking her pussy she was wracked with the most powerful orgasm in her life. Her cunt spilled her juices around his cock as he banged her hard and fast. He continued pounding her pussy, ten minutes past, then fifteen. Princess had two more orgasms and was losing control of her body as he continued to ram her drenched hole. Another fifteen minutes and another pair or orgasms had her mind reeling. Then 'Nixon' blasted her insides with his cum.

Princess lay on the floor exhausted as the six men dressed and left the gym. She continued lying on the mat for another half-hour before finally getting up and finding her clothes. Her mind was a mix of emotions as she dressed. On one hand she hated everything that had just happened to her. She had been violently gang-raped by six white men. But at the same time she had never had such fantastic sex or so many orgasms. She thought that she should call the police, but knew that there was plenty of evidence that she had climaxed many times during it all. She hated to admit it but she knew that she had enjoyed it way too much to ever tell anyone. So she returned to her room and went to sleep.

The next day she went to her karate class. She looked at the faces of the many men who came and went while she was there. None of her attackers had any features that were noticeable, at least not while clothed. Many of the men looked at her, but that was normal since she was so sexy looking. It drove her crazy knowing that at least one of them had fucked her the night before. Now she knew that every time she came to class, or went anywhere on campus, that someone would be watching her, knowing how good it was to fuck her. Knowing that they filled her with cum and took advantage of her until she was completely satisfied as well. And she would never know who they were. She would have to act differently to everyone now, because at least six of them knew her for the slut she really was. But she decided one thing. She would continue working out late at night in the gym, hoping that one day they would return again.

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