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Surprise Surprise


Lisa threw her head back and screamed at the top of her lungs as she felt her climax rip through her. The thick cock buried deep inside her cunt throbbed in response to her inner muscles tightening and relaxing around its girth. With a loud groan, the man beneath her pulled her hips downward onto his with greater force, driving his cock into her completely as his voluminous load of cum exploded inside her. The sensation of Lisa's climaxing body clamping down onto his cock, combined with the added friction caused by the cock in her pussy was more than John could handle. The first blast of his climax filled Lisa's wildly humping ass as he drove it into her to the hilt and held perfectly still, content to leave his cock buried deep inside her as he filled her ass with his load...

Moving into a new house is always exciting. Lisa discovered that their new home would be even more so when she met their new next door neighbor, Scott. Standing a little over 6' tall, Scott's shaven head, black goatee, dark tan, and thin, yet muscular, build did much to hide the fact that he was over 40 years old. He was shirtless, leaning over the fender of his car as he worked away on something under the hood. Lisa immediately liked what she saw.

Wanting to meet their new neighbors, Lisa, and her husband Mathew called out a friendly greeting to him. Scott stood up and walked over toward them, wiping his hands on a rag. Introductions and handshakes were passed around, and Lisa found herself warming to her new neighbor rather quickly. When he told them that he was single, Lisa gave her husband a stealth smile and a wink. Matt knew that she would soon be trying to entice Scott into her bed.

Later that night, Matt asked Lisa what she thought of the new neighborhood. "Well, the neighbors seem nice enough," she said as she settled under the covers.

"You mean Scott seems nice," he corrected her. "So far he's the only one we've met."

"Details, details..." she smiled.

"Yeah, and you're only after one detail..." he replied.

"Is that a problem?" Lisa asked seriously.

"Before you rape the neighbors, you might want to consider whether or not he's a bit close to home - literally."

"Yeah, I thought about that too," she replied as she rolled over to rest her head on her husband's chest, her left hand trailing over his tummy, and finally finding his flaccid cock.

Matt felt his cock twitch slightly as his wife wrapped her slender fingers around his shaft. As his cock began to grow within her grasp, he reached behind her and cupped one cheek of her tight buttocks. "So how do you want to proceed?"

"Let's just play it by ear," she said as she snuggled into him closer, her left leg wrapping over his legs, her pubic mound pressing against his hip. "I'll drop a few subtle hints here and there that I might be available to play with, and see how he reacts. You never know," she squeezed Matt's stiffening cock, "he might not even like women."

Lisa suddenly lifted the covers and ducked beneath them, wrapping her warm lips around the head of Matthew's cock. He groaned out loud when he felt Lisa's tongue glide around the rim of the tip. Lisa suddenly took his cock all the way into the back of her throat, her tongue scrubbing the underside of his cock as she sucked on the head firmly...

Time moved along as it always does, and Matt, Lisa, and Scott developed a neighborly friendship. They weren't close friends; Scott being single, he tended to be away from home a lot. They always had a smile and a bit of friendly conversation with each other, and did manage to spend several hours with each other, making small talk as the months rolled by.

One summer evening, after being in their new home for a little over a year, Lisa found herself chatting with Scott in his front yard. Lisa is a world-class flirt, and knows how to apply just enough charm to the most innocent of conversations to make any man crave a cigarette afterward. She found herself putting a little bit extra in her flirtation, and Scott was responding.

"I noticed that you had quite a crowd over at the house last Saturday," he said.

"Yeah," Lisa replied, "We had a little party. We thought about inviting you, but we didn't know how you'd react. It was a different kind of party, and some of our friends can get pretty wild."

With a slight chuckle, Scott asked, "What, a Tupperware party with punk rock music?"

Lisa bit her lower lip, as she does when she's deciding whether or not to do something. Deciding that it was time to take the plunge, she said, "No, a swinger's house party."

Scott didn't say anything for several seconds. He stood in place, as if in shock. Finally, after a clumsy silence, he said, more to himself than to Lisa, "You and Matt are swingers? I kind of wondered, but..."

"Yeah, we swing, Scott. We had a party, and were hesitant to invite you because we didn't know how you'd react. Matt said you'd take it in stride; I said you'd freak."

"Well, I didn't freak, but I didn't really take in stride either." Scott looked deeply into Lisa's eyes before continuing. "I was in the lifestyle for a while with an old girlfriend. I haven't thought about it in years."

"We think about it all the time," Lisa replied. "It doesn't rule our lives, and we're not looking to replace one another. We think of it as a sexual enhancement."

"That's how we looked at it too. I completely understand; I'm just a little surprised by it, that's all."

With the air cleared, Lisa's advances became even bolder. She did back off of him a little when she discovered that he had a new girlfriend, and that they had discussed the swing lifestyle, in oblique terms. Scott informed Lisa that his girlfriend was dead set against it, and really couldn't understand how anyone could seriously consider, let alone actually permit, their significant other to have sex with someone outside their relationship. Lisa of course understood that Scott wanted to remain faithful to his new girlfriend, so she turned down the bawdiness, but not much. She teased him, but not to the point that he was actually tempted.

Lisa's teasing took on many forms. Everything from wearing skimpy shorts and see-through tank tops, to actually answering the door topless one evening, when she knew it was him at the door. Scott took the teasing in stride, teasing her back just as intensely. All Matthew could do was shake his head in resignation, as the teasing became almost a competition between his wife and his neighbor. The main difference was that Scott tended to keep things verbal, where Lisa never missed the chance to flash him a quick peek of her body - whether that be a nipple, her entire breast, or even an unobstructed view up her skirt when she was wearing nothing beneath.

With August drawing to a close, Matt began to plan for Lisa's birthday in mid-September. He knew exactly what he wanted to do for a special weekend evening, and he made the arrangements while he was at work, phoning everyone to be involved in Lisa's surprise party. By the first week of September he had everything arranged.

The weekend after her birthday, Matt and Lisa lounged around their livingroom. Nothing interesting was on television, and they were contemplating an early trip to bed. Matt went into the kitchen to get a drink, when he suddenly saw something out in their front yard. "Scott's coming over," he said a bit too loudly.

"Is he alone?" She asked, grinning to herself.

"Yep - just him," Matt replied.

He turned back toward the livingroom just in time to see his wife toss her top onto the couch and head for the front door. Stepping out of the kitchen, but staying back, away from the door, Matt watched as his wife waited for their neighbor's knock. He wasn't disappointed.

Lisa waited a second or two when she heard the knock at the door before suddenly throwing the door open in front of her in an effort to surprise their neighbor. Instead, she was the one who was surprised when John, a close friend of theirs, bent low and scooped Lisa into his arms, throwing her upper body over his shoulders.

Lisa screamed in a playful manner, then tossed the hair out of her eyes to see what was going on. Looking behind John, she was startled to see two more of their male friends, lined up behind John, and following them as he carried her into their bedroom.

John unceremoniously dropped her into the middle of the bed as the rest of the men gathered around. Wasting no time at all, John and Ed climbed onto the bed with her and held her down by each taking a nipple into their mouths. Not to be outdone, Victor walked over to the bed and leaned over her lower torso, taking the waistband of her shorts in his hands. With one deft movement, her shorts were off of her, and sailing through the doorway. Lisa soon groaned deeply as Victor's lips wrapped around her clitoris.

Matt decided to get involved by stripping off his clothes and taking advantage of Lisa's wide-open mouth by first kneeling on the bed with his head between her legs, then gently placing the head of his cock into her mouth. Lisa wrapped her lips around her husband's cock, and looked up only to see his scrotum hanging above her face. Deciding that she'd already seen enough of that view, she closed her eyes, and allowed her body to enjoy the sensations the three mouths were creating.

Victor worked the tip of Lisa's clit with the broad, flat surface of his tongue, and felt her labia spread open around his bottom lip. Moving his neck slightly to change his angle of attack, he used his lip to spread her open even further, then lightly tease her moistening opening.

Lisa wrapped her arms around the heads of the two men who had attached themselves to her breasts and sucked at her husband's cock a bit firmer. Her hips began to slowly lift, then fall back downward as she directed Victor's ministrations to her increasingly wet pussy. She felt the cock in her mouth stiffen, and she groaned around it as three pairs of hands openly explored her body. She inhaled deeply when she felt a finger slip into her, and another begin to tease her ass.

She rocked her hips from side to side, guiding the tongue and fingers, and signaling that she liked what was happening to her down there. Victor kept his fingers at just the very edges of both of her openings, teasing her vaginal entrance by running his fingertip around its circumference without dipping inside her past the first knuckle. He teased her other entrance by simply pressing his fingertip against it and letting her move around. Lisa wriggled her hips, increasing the pressure of Victor's finger against her ass, slipping just the tip past her wrinkled opening. Another groan escaped her as he held still and let her direct the action.

Victor lifted his head to take a breather, and found Ed watching him intently, Lisa's nipple still held between his lips. Ed's hand traveled down Lisa's tummy, slipping over her pubic mound, and finally ending with his middle finger gently strumming her engorged clitoris. Victor watched Ed gently, yet firmly, rub Lisa's clitoris, causing her to again lift her hips, moving her crotch upward toward his finger. He leaned forward and slowly licked at her labia, taking one of the thick lips into his mouth and gently sucking on it.

Matt looked down at his wife as three pairs of hands roamed, explored, and stroked her. Her body remained in motion, her hips swaying from side to side as she luxuriated in the sensations flowing through her. His cock being fully erect, he signaled to Victor that he wanted to trade places with him.

Victor withdrew his fingers and slid away from Lisa just as Matthew backed his cock away from her mouth. She opened her eyes just long enough to observe the change in position, and the rearranging of bodies. Ed's hand retreated from her clitoris as Matt positioned himself between his wife's widely spread legs. He leaned his body forward, supporting himself on his left arm as he guided the rubbery tip of his stiff cock between her labia. He slowly guided the tip of his cock up and down between her lips, grazing her entrance, dampening himself with her secretions. He rubbed her clitoris, causing her to moan and wriggle her hips toward him.

Seeing that Lisa was concentrating on the sensations between her legs, Ed got up and moved around to position his swelling cock in front of her still open mouth. Sensing a presence above her, she let her tongue slip forward, grazing the tip of Ed's cock. He moved his hips forward, letting her draw his cock between her lips. As his cock hadn't yet reached it's full tumescence, he was able to slip his entire length into her mouth. Lisa groaned as she felt his pubic hair tickle the tip of her nose, and sucked at his length hungrily.

Matt watched as Ed started to slowly withdraw his cock from Lisa's mouth. When he reached the halfway point, he pushed it back in. Matt looked down at his wife's dripping pussy and positioned his cock at her entrance. Timing himself with Ed, he slid his cock into her warm cunt at the same instant Ed drove his cock back into her mouth.

Matt felt Lisa's body stiffen, her legs straightening on the bed as his pubic hair met hers, his cock fully embedded inside her. She inhaled deeply through her nose as Ed held his position, his cock throbbing against the back of her throat, just missing the trigger of her gag reflex. Victor stood back away from the bed to watch for a few seconds, and John kept himself busy with her breasts, suckling and squeezing them.

Matthew started to rock his hips into his wife, setting his cock into motion within her. The tempo of his thrusts increased slightly, as they settled into a slow, gentle fuck. Ed kept his thrusts slow and gentle as well, not wanting to orgasm, just keep himself ready for his turn between Lisa's shapely legs.

Lisa lay back on the bed with her legs held wide open, sucking on Ed's thickening erection and bathing the tip with her tongue. She concentrated on the sensations that her husband's cock was causing within her, and she could feel her wetness increase along with her excitement. Snaking her hands through the tangle of bodies on the bed, she finally succeeded in taking hold of Matthew's hips, guiding his cock toward the places inside her that felt best. Matthew increased his tempo when he felt his wife respond to his thrusts, feeling her hips undulate beneath him, feeling her return his thrusts.

Lisa's response drove Matthew to speed up his thrusts. He was soon pounding his cock into his wife, his shaft scrubbing her clitoris as he plunged into her. John backed away to watch, and Matt leaned forward over his wife, using the extra room to reposition himself for better leverage. Ed withdrew his cock from Lisa's mouth and sat up on his knees to watch his friend fuck his now squirming wife. He stroked his erection as he watched her take hold of Matt's forearms and use the added leverage to meet his every thrust, grinding her crotch against his on each deep thrust.

Lisa suddenly felt her first orgasm rushing toward its peak. With a loud squeal, she came on her husband's cock as it continued to drive its way into her, each thrust more powerful that the last. Victor stroked his own erection as he stood behind the couple, watching Matt's cock plunge between the lips of Lisa's wildly clutching cunt, filling her with cum as she jerked and spasmed beneath him. With a loud groan, Matthew collapsed on top of his wife, his cock lying still within her as he inner muscles milked him of his load of cum.

Within just a few seconds, Matt rolled off of his wife, his cock slipping noisily out of her slippery pussy, and rolled onto his back beside her. Not wasting any time, Victor took his place between her legs. Crawling over her still panting body, Victor felt the length of his cock glide into the hot, slick confines of the wettest pussy his cock had ever experienced. Knowing that Lisa's orgasm was just starting to fade, he began to thrust his cock into her with as close to the same rhythm that Matthew had used as he could.

Lisa felt the slightly longer, and slightly thicker, cock plunge into her pussy, and felt her orgasm intensify momentarily. As Victor pounded himself into her with the same intensity that her husband had just fucked her, she felt her muscles clench as if to attempt to draw the rigid cock into her even deeper. Her head rolled from side to side as the waves of her climax finally began to recede, fading only to the point that her muscles no longer convulsed, while the warm, tingling feeling deep inside her remained.

John and Ed stood next to the bed, each stroking a proud erection as the watched the dark-skinned Latino fuck the panting brunette with deep, powerful strokes. Lisa's hands held on to Victor's buttocks, urging him on as her hips gyrated wildly beneath him. He increased his tempo slightly as he felt his climax rapidly approaching. Lisa could feel his cock stiffen inside her, and she moaned in anticipation. Victor suddenly drove his cock into Lisa and collapsed on top of her.

His hips kept moving in short, staccato thrusts as he filled Lisa's quivering cunt. She felt his load of cum erupt inside her in warm gushes and moaned. She rolled her head toward his and kissed him deeply, their tongues frantically chasing each other as his cock continued to spasm inside her. They broke the kiss seconds later, and he pressed his cock into her all the way, holding himself as deeply inside her as possible as the last dribbles of cum poured out of him and into her.

Ed waited patiently for Victor to withdraw from Lisa's pussy, as his cock was by this time almost painfully hard. He had moved to a position where he could watch Victor's cock move in and out of Lisa, and the sight had spurred him on immensely. When Victor rolled off of Lisa, Ed enlisted John to help him guide Lisa onto her hands and knees. He knew that his position sometimes made Lisa have prolonged orgasms, and that fact that it was his favorite position was only icing on the cake.

Lisa settled into a comfortable position on her hands and knees and Ed approached her from behind. Taking up a wide stance on his knees behind her, Ed looked down to see the cum already beginning to leak out of her. Taking the firm cheeks of her ass in his hands, he positioned himself behind her, his erect cock jutting out from his body, pointing directly at her slipper pussy. Moving his hips smoothly forward, he adjusted his angle as he felt the tip of his cock part her labia, then slowly entered her.

Lisa's head came up and her eyes slowly closed as Ed's cock slid all the way into her in one stroke. When his hips met the cheeks of her ass, she hissed through clenched teeth and practically begged him to fuck her. Ed didn't hesitate more than an instant. He pulled backward, drawing almost half of his cock out of her, then plunged it back in. Lisa threw her head back down and leaned forward on her elbows, resting her head on the bed and turning it to the left as Ed began to fuck her in earnest.

Ed pounded his cock into Lisa's dripping wet pussy, his hips slapping against the cheeks of her ass and his balls smacking into her clitoris as they swung forward with each thrust. Lisa's inner muscles clenched at his cock, attempting to draw even more of him inside her as his cock drove into her repeatedly. Her back and hips bounced as her tummy muscles spasmed with the renewal of her orgasm. She lifted her head, her eyes tightly closed, and groaned as her orgasm intensified, her breasts swaying violently as Ed pounded his cock into her.

Lisa suddenly felt a hand lift her chin. Opening her eyes, she saw an almost hairless stomach, a thick patch of dark brown pubic hair, and a thick, erect cock right in front of her. She couldn't help but think that Victor certainly had recovered quickly. Closing her eyes again, she took the sizeable erection into her mouth and sucked at it hungrily. She felt the velvety length of the shaft caress her lips, and used her tongue to tease the underside of it as he thrust it in and out of her mouth. She felt Ed's thrusts increase in speed, and sucked even harder on the thick cock filling her mouth.

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