tagFetishSurprise Surprise Ch. 3

Surprise Surprise Ch. 3


Anna and I had now lived together for about four months. Times had seems to pass like a dream. Some nights Anna and I would stay up all night talking, loving, playing. We got in the habit of lounging around the house semi nude to completely naked. We lived on a full acre of land, near the edge of town. So no one really approached the house without Anna or I seeing.

The front of the house was very open, with a white picket fence, and flower beds everywhere. But the back was surrounded by a ten stone wall. I enjoyed the security of the backyard, there Anna and I could get out in the nature of things, nude and do as we please without prying eyes, watching and judging.

Often we would swim nude, or lay around in the hot tub and drink, until the feelings of sleep or sex overtook us. Nights living free we talked of many things; sometimes she would tell me more of her sexual escapades to get me or both of us in the mood. Other times she would ask about my life before meeting her. I never really felt comfortable, telling Anna about my life before her. She seemed truly interested in know what I felt eating pussies, and having sex with women. I never really enjoyed telling her stories of the past, I guess no more then she liked to tell me of her days, as trying to live as a man. I never asked too much, about those days in her life. In the end we talked mostly about, how she felt…about letting another guy fuck her while I watched.

Anna did not really like the idea, of me watching, she told me that the stories of the past were the past, and that she didn't feel comfortable doing it. She told me that dreaming about her with another guy was one thing, but doing it,…seeing it happen, even engaging it as a threesome was far far more different then thinking about it. Anna suggested, that she first go out on date without me. To have a sexual encounter, maybe video tape it. It did make sense. I had never once shared a girl, little alone watch her with another person.

Anna and I decided that she would go out, on one date with someone and video tape the sex. Too see if I really wanted to see it live. Anna told me time and again over the few weeks we posted message on the net looking for a date. We wanted the guy to know right off that this was a test, and that Anna was special. At first I wondered if Anna didn't want to do it because she was afraid she'd enjoy it so much, and that secretly she missed her life as a hooker. But when we found, "John" I knew she loved me was doing all this only for me.

"John" as he wanted to be called, was a white guy straight who was questioning his sexuality, and thought it was best to start with a girl, who had a little of both to see. He was a bigger man them me, physically. He sent a pictures of himself, he was a little taller then me, stand about 6'3" or at least that's what it looked in the picture, he remind me of football player, a quarter back maybe, tall and thick, but not like a line defense. His dick on the other was a little it of a disappointment. Anna was none too excited when she saw the picture of him nude, fully erect she and guessed he was about 4.5" or 5", thick but stubby. John had said he would meet Anna at a motel room, at town north of where we lived. I had set the room days before, and told Anna that I would be in the room next to her's so if things got outta hand just scream and I'd come a runnin'.

On the drive up to the motel Anna seemed nerves, more then once saying that she "needed a drink." But when we arrived at the motel, we went to the rooms and set things up. In the room she would be in we set up the camera, she laid on the bed and moved around a bit, to get the camera to hit the bed and foot, so she could sucks cock in full view of the camera and get hammered doggie style too. Anna knew doggie style was the easiest for guy to get in without crushing her balls, although Anna and I had found ways to make love face to face comfortably.

After the first room was ready and set up we still had about an hour before John was to get there. We stayed in the first room waiting, Anna drank a few beers, and sucked on my cock to get in the mood. At about 10 'til 9:00pm Anna got up, reach under the short skirt she wore and removed her drawers handing them to me.

"I won't need 'em. Eric remember I'm doing this for you. I don't really want any other dick in my ass, but yours!"

I stood up and kissed her deeply, and rubbed her ass tenderly.

"Anna,…it's just sex. I know you love me, and I love you too. But I need to see this I need to know if this is something, I want for really, or if it's just a thing. You know?"

Anna nodded and smiled. Turn and headed for the door.

"I can always think of you, Eric. Maybe he won't even show up!"

I heard Anna enter the other room and I guess sat on the bed to wait. She had taken a six-pack with her thinking it would be best to relax them both. At about a quarter after nine, I heard a knock at Anna's door. I couldn't make out what was being said but, I could hear talking. After about a good half an hour, I started to here Anna's bed begin to squeak. I began to get very horny, think of her fucking. I lifted her drawers to my face and began to jack off, at a quick pace. After a few minutes, the bed began to hit the room rhythmically. I could now here Anna moaning loudly, and grunts from John. The feeling was beginning to rise in me that maybe this wasn't as good an idea as I had thought. I stopped jacking off, when I heard Anna's muffed voice through the wall saying, "Fuck me, JOHN!! Fuck my slutty hole!" I put my ear to the wall and could Anna, she seemed to be enjoying the fuck a lot.

After about fifteen minutes of the moaning, grunting, and muffed voices. I could hear John, grunting loudly, and then go quiet. I could hear talking and it sounded like John was putting his clothes back on. Anna was saying, "stay for a little while, maybe I can get it hard again." Then John's voice began to get nerves.

"No Ann. I had a good time,…but I don't think this is for me."

"Well, John if you don't like then I guess you got the answer you were looking for."

"Yeah, thank again Ann. I would really like if…uh…maybe,…you'd not, uh e-mail me anymore."

"Sure, and don't worry about the video, it's strictly for my hubby."

I ran to the window, to see John leave. He back out of the room and turn to go toward the stairs leading to the ground floor. After about ten feet John began to jog toward the stairs, and disappear outta sight. A few seconds later, I went to Anna's room. I opened the door and entered. Anna's was in the shower, cleaning off I guessed.

Strange that was not like Anna to jump in the shower that quick after sex. Usually she and I laid on the bed while she'd clean off my cock, I'd lick her dick and lick my cum outta her butt hole, then would kiss for a while and usually have sex again after a while. I went to the video and saw that Anna had stopped the tape, and started it to rewind.

I began to pick the things we had brought. I put the camera, and tripod away. I threw the empty beer car in the trash and looked around one last time for anything we might have left. I heard the water of the shower stop, and movement in the bathroom. The door of the bathroom opened and out walked Anna wrapped in a towel, much of her dark tan skin showing from under the coarse white motel towel. Now was the moment of truth, my greatest fear after hearing Anna having sex was, that now she had a taste for it and would want to do this again.

Anna dropped the towel off her as she walked toward me and the bed. She stood there in her full nudity. The look on her face was, expressionless. She began to put on her clothes, without saying a word. I was the one to break the quiet.

"So how was it? Did you like it?"

Anna sat on the edge of the bed, with her back to me. She slipped on her sandals, stood and looked deep into my eyes.

"Eric,…please do ask me do this again."

With that she ran too me and fell into my arms. Almost sobbing she felt weak and small in arms. She's buried her face into my chest, and between the sniffles told me.

"Eric it wasn't something I wanted to do. After the first night in Mexico, I never wanted to be with anyone ever again. I only did what I had to do to get to you. Then once I got here and you began to talk and me with someone else, I started to worry about this happening, about this night. Tell right now do you think I'll have to do this again."

I held her and knew even before I heard John, bust his nut, that I really didn't want to do this again with Anna. Anna was mine and if anyone was going to be with her again it was going to be me and only me.

"Anna you don't have to worry. I do not ever want you to have to do this again. Now let's pack this stuff up and go home."

Anna smiled and began to pick things up as I grabbed the camera and tripod. I didn't want Anna to be with anyone else, not with me or without me. But secretly I did want to see the tape hear the story.

As we drove home, we talked a little but, not much. Anna asked if I still wanted to see the tape, even if I didn't want her do it again. I told her I was wanting to see it, but I wanted her there to watch it with me.

"I could hear you moaning through the wall while he was fucking you. Did you enjoy it, I mean you sounded like he was tearing you up?"

Anna turned to me in the car and very seriously and calmly spoke the words I needed to hear.

"I faked it. You don't think someone who has been with as many people as me, doesn't know how to fake it? Make him feel big?"

Anna broke up into laughter , as did I.

"God, Eric he was tiny. I had no problem, NO PROBLEM deep throating him.. It wasn't even deep throating, it was more like deep mouthing! We'll watch the tape together, then I'll have a real cock in my ass while I relive it!"

With that Anna lend her face into may lap and began to unbuckle my pants. My cock was more then a little stiff. And when Anna's lips touched my head, I knew a other man would ever have her again. I asked her way she had jumped in the shower so quick.

"I made John use a rubber, he didn't mind. But just before he started to cum he asked if he could shoot it on my ass. I told him fine. I felt so dirty, even so then the time in the toilet behind the taco stand. I wanted his cum off me!"

Anna continued her cocking almost the whole way home she nursed my cock lovingly. We finally got home got home around midnight. I was still not sleepy and as Anna was locking up the house I went to the bedroom to hook up the camera to the TV. I sat on the foot of the bed, waiting for Anna to come in. I could hear her coming down the hall and as she turned to enter the bedroom she hit the hall light turning it off.

I had already removed my clothes, by unbuckled from the car already. Anna began the remove her clothes as soon as she saw me and closed the bedroom door. I hit the play button on the camera and slide back up on the bed. Anna naked body climbed up next to me and we each too a cock in hand.

As the movie started it was her opening the door and John coming in. As I watched the tape, I wondered did John actually touch her cock, the cock I now held gently in my hand.

"Did John reach around during, his fucking you?"

Anna spit on hand and moved it back to my hardening cock. I too got some lube on my hand and went to work on her cock.

"No he wouldn't touch."

On the movie Anna had positioned her at the foot of the bed and John was already pulling his prick out. Anna glanced at the camera after see the dick she now had to suck. It was a looking, "O' My God, how small." On the tape thou Anna told him how huge and thick it was, it did seem t be relaxing him as she engulf the little thing. Anna's head bobbing on another dick it, was kinda making me lose my hard-on.

Anna must have felt the change in the firmness of my cock. Anna got up and positioned herself in front of me, her winking little butt hole dark brown. She wagged her ass in my face and little out a fart. The smell and the sight of her A hole open to let out the gas then close again, began to make me, firm up again. Anna knew just how to get me hard again. I climbed up on my knees and got in position, as Anna squeezed out another little fart. Beer always made her gassy.

On the movie John and Anna had already, got into a doggie style position. And John face seemed to show he was a little nerves too. They had positioned themselves so I could see them from the side, as I had told her to do. I watched as John pumped and pumped almost as quick as he could to get off. Then the moment happened when I saw him pull out, and unload on Anna's ass. At that, moment I had not even realized that my cock was limp, and I was only pushing a limp dick against her ass hole. On the tape, John quickly, pulled on his pants, and was already moving toward the door.

"So not as good as just hearing my stories?"

Anna looked back over her should at me. On the tape the look of sadness and pain on Anna's face as she moved forward and stopped the tape, told me Anna had no desire of being with anyone else. I got up and stopped the taped in the camera, then hit the rewind button. As the tape started back and the screen of the TV went back to regular cable. I turn and Anna sat on the foot of the bed facing me.

"I tried to tell you, it's not the same hearing about past stories and have to see it. I tried to stop you, but…"

Anna simply trailed off, gently shaking her head as she stood to comfort me. I fell to my knees in front of her, tears began to well in my eyes. Anna pulled me close to her body and I hugged her legs, my face buried next to her cock and balls. I felt the warmth of her body and could her limp dick now begin to harden. I had never actually just got on my knee and sucked her. But tonight seemed like the night to try.

I looked up at her, and began to lick the shaft of her long dick. She smiled , and tried to pull away.

"Let's get on the bed and 69."

Anna said, but I pulled her back and keep licking. Anna reached over me and tried to move the camera to catch this. I stopped only for a moment to set up the camera and begin taping. As it taped it showed on the TV what the camera's eye was catching. Anna moved to the foot of the bed facing the camera and I got down between her legs. Her cock was now rock hard , and precum was beginning to leak from the wrinkled for skin.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

Anna shyly whispered.

I nodded as I pulled back the for skin and began licking the precum off the head. Anna's began to moan, and her breathing increased rapidly as I began to put her dick in my mouth. I moved my tongue around and around the length, of her cock. I could really taste the salt now. Feeling the thick bulging vein on the bottom side of her cock pulsing with heat. I knew that I didn't mind sucking her dick.

"No one… has,… ever sucked…my pecker before. God it feels,…sooooo…good!"

Anna words caused a heated warmth to full my body. I began to try and deep throat, but my first try, I began to gag, and had to pull away for a minute. As soon as Anna heard the gagging, for gently helped my mouth off her cock.

"You okay Poppi?"

"Yes, but I don't see how you deep throat a guy Anna."

Anna smiled and began to giggle a little. Looking to my eyes she took my head and raised it up.

"If you want I can try and teach you. But only if you want. You were doing fine. I don't need you to deep throat me. The warmth of your mouth is enough."

I looked at her erect cock, swollen and dark brown with it's thick beat red head. I wanted to try, but I didn't want Anna to think I was turn completely to cocks. I wanted her cock. I wanted it in my mouth, I wanted try and feel the feeling of cum slide down the back of my throat.

"I'll work on it at my pace okay, Anna?"

Anna smiled and nodding closing her eyes waiting for me to start again.

"Do you want me to pull out when I get close Eric?"

I pulled the for skin back and engulfed her swollen dick once again. Taking in as much as I could. When I felt the urge to gag I pulled back a little and relaxed and keep trying to take more. Anna's moan and her hands now on the back of me head, slightly pulling me toward her told me she enjoyed the feeling. By now I had a good ¾'s of her in me and the gag feeling was nowhere to be. So I try to swallow her as she did me on many occasions. As I keep take her dick deeper and deeper into my throat I could feel the slight quivering, and taste the salty cum in my throat.

"Do,…you…want me to…me to pull out?"

Anna heaving breath and words of how close she really was turned me on hard. Anna's body started shaking, and she tried t pull out but I grab her ass and shoved her cock, as deep in 'til my nose was buried into her tummy. That's when I felt it hot cum shooting down my throat, I had the feeling to gag held her tight, and unload a good two or three tea spoons into me. As she finished I keep on trying to swallow her whole, milking the last little bit out. Anna Pulled me up to her mouth and kissed me deeply, trying to lick and suck as much of her cum back outta me as she could. As we kissed I could still feel cum ooze from for dick in my hand and her body shiver every so often as if she was freezing.

"My,… My God Eric, I don't think I've ever came that hard before in my life!"

Anna tried to clean my mouth by lick around the outside and telling me spit in her mouth. The taste of cum was rich and thick like warm cream. I refused greatly when she said we should brush our teeth. I liked Anna's taste didn't want to loss it yet.

Needless to say we went to sleep early that night. Although I would never, ever want Anna to fuck another guy again. I did know from that night on I want her dick, I love the feeling, the shape, the size and color. It made me hard just think about her cock. We laid together naked in bed her rolled over is that my dick was wedged snuggly in her butt cheeks, and my hand holding the cock I love.

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