tagFetishSurprise Surprise Ch. 5

Surprise Surprise Ch. 5


Winter had turned, in to a very warm spring. Anna and I had been swimming since last month, of course the pool was completely black bottomed, so even in March or February the water was beginning to get warm. Well at the beginning of May some buddies of mine were talking about a week long camping trip to the mountains. Anna and I began cleaning the Motor Home. After a few days, we were still deciding if we were go to go for the whole week on not. Anna was in the house cleaning the living room, when the phone rang. I was outside watering the back yard flower beds.

"Hello, Oh Tim. Yeah Eric's out back watering.

I could hear Anna talking on the phone. Tim had always wanted me to try and talk Anna into a three-way, but he didn't know about Anna. I keep listening, not because I was worried about Anna and Tim doing anything. Tim was a big guy, more then a little heavy. Tim was about 5'9" and weighted about 220lbs., not in, muscles, but in fat. He drank at least a twelve pack a day. He didn't have a steady girlfriend, but always had some girl to go with him on trips. He had a lot of money. Tim had at least two or three hundred acres of farmland throughout the Valley.

"Yeah Tim. Eric and I are coming up. Well I want to stay the whole week, but Eric is not totally sure about it."

Anna saw me looking at her through the glass, she waved for me to come in. I turned-off the water and went inside. Anna had me the phone as she went back into the kitchen to finish putting the dishes in the dishwasher.

"Hey Tim, what's up"

"Notta Eric, you?"

"Nothing just watering the flowers out back. So were leaving to head up tomorrow morning right?"

"Yeah, Eric. You guys going to stay the whole week right? Come on Eric, I'm bring Wendy up with me."

Wendy was a fucking hot red hair. She and I had messed around in the past, Tim never knew. I had told Anna about her before, but she didn't care too much. But I knew Wendy all too well, she must have been thinking about the beer, food, and water sports. But Tim was to dumb to see that Wendy was using him for a week long trip.

"Tim come on, you know Wendy, as well as I do. She's only going to use you. I bet she's not even sleeping in the same bed as you."

Tim voice went kinda low, and his response told me all I needed to know.

"Wendy lost her apartment. And is staying with me, she sleeps with me every night!!"

Tim didn't know Wendy at all., she needed a place to stay and she wasn't above, fucking to get it.

"Yeah Eric, and two nights ago the first night she got here, she sucked my dick to get it hard then let me jack off on her back, while,… she uh, she watched TV."

That was Wendy. Wendy used people all the time, but I knew her all to well. Once she needed a ride to the Bay Area, I told her she'd have to suck dick the whole drive up, fuck that night we stayed up there and suck the whole way home. She did it was a fun time. She did try to renegotiate the deal, but I stood firm, and she had no choice but to give in.

"Tim who else is going?"

"Well me and Wendy. Sam and Jerry. And you and Anna if you guys stay the whole week.

Sam and Jerry were cool they had been over before, and played cards with Anna and I. Sam was a hottie too, she was a petite little blond, with sweet tits. I had never seen them but, Jerry and I would brag about our women, and he told me Sam loved to be fucked hard and her nipple squeezed. He had also said that, she wanted to try a three-way, but he never asked me.

"Oh yeah, Tina and Rod are going too."

Now Rod and Tina were partiers too, they loved to drink and were really cool. Anna and I had had them over for Bar B Q's before and Tina and Anna got along real well. Tina was a sweet black girl with an ass to die for, and she loved to go around topless, when she was swimming. Rod never cared too much he was one of the guys, who saw Anna flash her tits, and had told me she had a sweet rack. He and I exchanged pictures of your women topless. Anna didn't care she thought it was really hot that guys loved to see her tits. Tina too loved to have guys look at her, and I think Rod and her had swung in the past.

"Well then I guess we'll go for the whole then Tim. I mean if you got that many people then we should a hell of a poker game."

Tim and I chatted for a few minutes more mainly about who was bring what games, and who was bring what beer. Anna and I opted to bring five twelve packs of beer, two bottles of Rum, and two bottles of Banana liquor. As for games we brought the cards and Trivia.

Anna was very excited, jumping up and down her tits bouncing along with her cock, as she heard me tell Tim we'd stay the whole week. I hung up the phone and Anna ran into my arms, and began to kiss my face. I picked Anna up and carried her to the couch. I sat and she positioned herself to set on my cock as we did. I was kinda worried, Anna had never been on one of your camping trips, and was thinking about how Wendy was when it came to drinking and partying.

"Anna, I need to tell you,…"

Anna leaned back and put her finger to my lips to silents me.

"I know all about Wendy going, Tim told me. And as for Tina and Rod no biggie, I'm sure Tina and I well have a lot to talk about. And as for Sam I know you would love to see her spread eagle, on a bed waiting for you. It's okay, we've always had an open relationship, we shouldn't change now."

Anna was right she and I had always talked about, all the people that were going to go with us. And more then once I had commented about wanting to fuck Sam, and Anna had sucked and jacked me off while I looked at the pictures Rod had given me of Tina. And as for Wendy well Anna knew Wendy was a slut and that she was nothing more then a fuck. Anna and I had tried almost a year to swing, me letting her fuck that guy John, but I could handle it. But Anna had known I still liked to fuck women too. At first we just watched straight porn, and I loved to see cocks sliding in and out have pussies. And for Christmas Anna had actually gotten me a whore, to fuck. Anna taped it while me and whore fucked like dogs. Anna and I watch it a few weeks later and I sucked Anna off as she watched me fuck a slutty whore.

"So your okay? You don't mind that I well probably be trying to get a look at Sam nude?"

Anna smiled and I could see her cock was beginning to grow.

"I well try and talk Sam and the other girls to go topless while we swim and maybe I can get you some pictures."

I lifted Anna off my cock, and stood to lead her outside. We had a blanket next to the back door there for fucking outside. I spread out the blanket on the grass next to the pool. Anna laid down and I got down between her legs and began to lick and suck her cock. I took her all the way in and began to try and swallow her whole. I had be practicing on her for weeks, ever since my family had come to visit back at Thanksgiving. Anna moaned softly and began to pump up into my mouth in and out at a steady pace. Anna lifted my head off her cock and got up on her hands and knees. I got up behind her and pushed into her shot hole.

"Yeah Poppi, I'll let you see those slutts, I'll get as many pictures as I can Poppi, and then you can fuck me and look at the pictures of those slutt's titties!!"

Anna talking was really making me hot, I spit on my hand and reached around to start jacking her off! I started stroking fast, and Anna tilted her head back to look at me and give me looks like a growling dog.

"Yeah baby. I love you Anna! You are soooo good too me."

I could Anna butt hole tighten with pleasure from me stroking her cock. I could feel Anna getting close, she must have been thing more about taking the topless pictures of the girls.

"Poppi,…Poppi you want me to try and steal some of there drawers so you can smell their stinking twat?!?!"

With that Anna began to shoot her load all over the blanket and buck like a crazy horse. As I heard what Anna was willing to do for me, I unload a fat load of cum in her ass. Anna pulled off and began to finger her own ass to get my cum outta her butt hole. I began to lap up her cum off the blanket, the taste was mixed with old cum shots from both she and I. We left the blanket out now that the it had stopped raining letting it dry in the sun. We walked into the house and Anna continued with her dishes.

As she put the dish in the dishwasher, she bent over to expose her winking little ass hole. I don't know what came over me but I dropped to my knees and began to lick and suck the last bits of cum which now leaked slowly outta her ass. Anna stayed bent over until, I finished cleaning her out. I went to the couch in the den and laid down, I turned n the TV and began to watch, a rerun of Star Trek, The Green Woman episode.

Anna came, in and began to rub the backs of my legs as I was laying on my belly, She lend over and began to lick my ass. First just the cheeks, but then she opened my cheeks and began to lick and tongue my butt hole. I had had her finger it before and it felt good, but to feel her tongue probing me like this was a real turn on. I lifted my ass so that it was high in the air and opened even more.

"Ohhh, Anna that feels sooo good. Don't stop yet."

Anna reached around and began to stroke my cock. She had never done this before, but it felt sooo good. My cock was still slick from fucking Anna ass. A only a few seconds of licking and tonguing may ass hole and stroking my cock. She stopped and stood.

"Can I use the car Eric?"

I looked up at her confused.

"Uh,…yeah I guess. No problem. I guess I'll start packing my stuff for the trip we leave tomorrow morning. Make sure you get home in time to pack for a week."

Anna rushed off toward the bedroom, before I could even tell her, to just pick something up to eat.

I rose after a few minutes, when I heard Anna come back down the hall to the living room. I walked into the living room and saw Anna was dressed nicely in a knee length dress. She grabbed her purse and keys off the hook next to the door, but not before turning and saying.

"I'll pick something up for dinner okay? I should be back around 6:00pm."

With that she head for the car port and the car.

I stood shocked at her, dashing off like that. I turned moved back into the den turned it to the Spice Channel. Sat and began to stroke myself.

That night Anna came home, about a quarter after six. She had some bags, nothing too big, I saw a Wal-mart bag, and some I didn't know clothing stores I guessed. She told me there was a pizza in the car, to go get it. I walked to the door grabbing my house coat off the coat rack, and covered my nakedness. I return with the pizza, and Anna had already put the bags away and removed her clothes too.

We ate that night and Anna I watched TV in the den Anna packed her clothes.

"I should take some laundry soap and drier sheets, right. The camp grounds have water hook-ups right?"

As she entered the room she asked me this things, her limp cock swinging from side to side, as she went in the laundry room just off the den. I was watching, 'Keeping up Appearances', Anna knew this was one of my favorite shows and had to ask again.

"Eric should I bring laundry stuff, or did you pack for the whole week?"

I broke outta my TV trace and nodded as I spoke.

"Yeah bring some laundry stuff. The camp grounds have water and power hook-ups."

Anna knew the motor home had a stacked washer and drier. So she could do laundry if we needed.

As the night wore on, I got in bed about 11:30pm, leaving Anna up still packing. I had loaded the motor home already with my stuff and most of the food and snacks we had stored in the carport pantry, and refrigerator. The games and a few DVD's were all that was left to out in the motor home. I fell asleep, not even knowing when Anna came to bed, this was not something we normally did, but sometimes when I had worked hard outside, I fell asleep and Anna never bothered me just quietly climbed in bed and slept.

The next morning, I awoke and Anna wasn't in bed, that wasn't unusual. Anna often rose before me and showered and applied some make up before starting breakfast. I rose showered and walked down the hall, I wore my house coat, just in case some one was there. Plus I still needed to out it in the motor home. Anna was there setting drinking her morning tea, toast, ham and fruit sat on the table as well as a cup of tea for me in my usual set. Anna sat naked, looking at the Sunday edition of the Times Delta. I kissed her on the cheek, of her face, and sat.

"Did you sleep well Poppi?"

I smiled seeing her put down her paper and stand to clean off her plate, and top off her tea.

"Yes, I did Baby, but when did you finally come to bed. I didn't even know when you did."

Anna turned and came back to the table to set next to me as I ate my breakfast.

"It must have been about 1:00am, I knitted for a little bit after packing my stuff."

I smiled happily. I loved Anna so much. Even though I did like to look at other women and did like to fuck pussy sometimes, I would never ever leave Anna, nor not love her. Anna knew this and I knew she felt the same way about loving me, she knew the other women, which were not that often at all, were just sex. Anna knew as did I we would be together for a long, long time.

"After I finish eating, we should get dressed. I'll load your stuff in the motor home for you and the we can turn everything off and go."

Anna smiled and rose to put her cup in the dishwasher and turned to go into the bedroom. Turning to face me from the other side of the breakfast bar that divide the dinning room from the living room Anna told me.

"I already loaded my stuff in the motor home and got few DVD's I know you like for up there. I'm going to go get dressed and I'll clean up while your dressing so we can go after you finish locking up the house and carport."

Now I never bother to ask Anna about things she bought normally she would tell me about the shopping showing and modeling for me, but this time she hadn't it made me wonder what she had bought. Anna had turn to head down the hall but I caught her before she got too far.


She turn to look around the corner at me.


I cleared my throat with a slip of tea and asked her.

"What did you go out for last night to buy?"

Anna face became flush and she smiled puckishly.

"I got some new things, panties, and a few see through bras. I got some snack and a throw away camera at Wal-mart's. And that it why?"

I knew the smile on her face said she had a surprise or two for me, but I didn't ask I just smiled and nodded okay. With that Anna, went on down the hall to the bedroom.

I finished my breakfast, and put my cup and plate in the dishwasher. And turned to go to the bedroom to get dressed. Anna came down the hall toward me wearing a pair of jean and a bikini top. The little triangles of cloth cover her nipples were yellow, it stood out well again Anna dark skin. She kissed me on the cheek as we pasted. I dressed in loose jeans and T-shirt, and grabbed my wallet and some other last minute stuff before leaving the bedroom.

Anna was already standing at the front door with it open.

"Anna did you get the cell phone?"

Anna nodded as she put on a little more lipstick.

"Yes I got it, the extra battery, the Camcoder , and the extra battery for it too. You want to go out the back or pull the motor home out first and me lock up and head out the front?"

I needed to move the motor home up along side the home still.

"Uh, follow me and lock the backdoor. I'll move the motor home around to the side, and you lock and set the alarm for the from the front door."

Anna locked the back door as I walked across the backyard to the back gate leading the motor home port I had made. I locked the gate behind me and climbed abroad the motor home. I took only a minute to warm up, I had started it last night when I loaded the stuff in it. I had checked the gas, oil, water, and spare tire, already and did feel it needed it again. I pulled the motor home up next to the house where Anna waited, on the driveway.

Anna climbed abroad and pulled the CD magazine out the CD player as she sat in the passenger set. I took one last check of the road and pulled out heading west. Anna loaded the CD mag back in the player and cranked up 'ZZ Top', as she put on her sunglasses and settled back for the ride.

After a good hour and a half we were almost to the camp grounds high up at Mono Lake. The cell phone rang and Anna turned down 'Black Dog' to answer the phone.


I had up graded the cell phone to the top of the line I hated getting a call and there just be static.

"Yes Tim we are almost there. We just pasted Yosemite Village about thirty minutes ago. Yeah I know we should have been there by now but it hard for Eric to driven this gargantuan motor home, we can't just jet up there in a Chevy and a fifth wheel. Okay! Who's there? Yeah and? Okay Tim we're almost there, you got the site paid for already right? Okay the ticket is waiting at the booth as we pull in okay. Okay, bye."

Anna ended the call, and sat the cell phone back down. She turned the CD player off as we were getting close to the park entrance.

"Tim says you should sell him this and buy something smaller for us."

I laughed, I had bought motor home from a IRS auction dirt cheap it was only about two years old and in sweet condition. It had a queen size bed in the back a little living room area and a separate kitchen area, had a good size shower and nice toilet, it had two other stops that could make out into beds, but I never used them. Plus it had a huge generator that was housed in a near sound proof port. I could sleep and let the generator run all night no one would hear a thing but a light humming sound. It even had the washer and drier, which had been specially put in by the past owner.

" Yeah right, Tim would love to get his hands on this little gem."

I patted the dash, with pride of my great find. I was huge no doubt but it was well worth every penny.

We got the slot number and ticket, and pulled into the spot. The motor home fit nicely in the half circle drive made for big rigs like this one. Tim and the gang came walking over from Tim's fifth wheel, which was just across the little road from us.

Anna and I opened door and piled out to say hello.

Tina and Rod had taken the camp next to us and Sam and Jerry camped next to Tim. Anna and the girl began to climb back into our motor home, no doubt to gossip and me and the boys headed for Tim's fifth wheel.

I had always liked Tim's fifth wheel he had tricked it out pretty nice, but I would never tell him that. Tim and guys had already had a few beers I could tell, I grabbed one outta the frig, and took a set on the couch down from Jerry. Jerry was an okay guy, he was small framed like me and had light colored hair, not really a ladies man, Sam must have hooked up with him for the security. Jerry was an accountant, and did pretty good, he and Sam were going to get married in September. I guess Sam's parents had gotten married in September and they were still married, Jerry really didn't care he love Sam. He would probably share her if Sam's had told him too.

I drank my first beer pretty fast to try and catch up with the other guys, we talked bullshit about sports, although Jerry and I didn't really care for them too much. We sat and began talking about our women. Jerry said that Sam couldn't wait to get and lay out topless. I bet Jerry could have waited, he knew we all wanted a piece of Sam. Rod laughed out loud say that Tina had flashed some guys on the drive up she could wait. I told how Anna had sucked cock as we pasted through Chowchilla. Tim didn't seem like he wanted to share his drive up, No doubt Wendy had talked about fucking other guys and sucking them off 'til they shot a load on her face. I felt like pushing Tim into telling us, but then thought no it wasn't right to rub it in about Wendy being a such a slut.

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