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Surprise Visit at Cafe


Britt worked at a cafeteria close by to my workplace. I visited one time around lunch and saw that she was serving a customer, so I waited in the back room/kitchenette for her to come back.

She walked in the door and I grabbed her from behind. I was already hard from what I had planned. She had a feeling it was me and when she felt my erection against her ass she wriggled her hips a bit. I had her mouth covered and then I quickly grabbed a tea towel from a counter and wrapped and tied that over her eyes. She whispered that I was naughty, but as she had her back to me, she didn't really know how naughty.

She said that she hoped I was going to frisk her now, so I spun her around to face me but stepped back.

The young sports store attendant, from down the mall, Becca, had been hiding behind a corner as we had planned. She stepped up to Britt and started running her hands over Britt's body. Britt was loving it, but could feel something was wrong as she was frowning a bit. Becca didn't give her the chance to think too much as she did three things at once at that point. She started lightly teasing Britt's now hard nipples through her shirt with her fingertips, then lightly tracing her fingertips of her other hand between Britt's legs and then lightly blowing and licking Britt's neck. Britt moaned, enjoying the stimulation but her curiosity got the better of her and she reached out for who was making her feel so good. I grabbed her wrists and spinning her around, brought her hands behind her back.

She gasped, shocked and starting to understand, her fingers groping for my hard on as I held her wrists with one hand and with the other pulled up her top, exposing her pale small breasts to Becca who seized the opportunity and licked one stiff hard nipple and then the other. Britt whimpered with arousal, rubbing my erection through my trousers.

Considering Britt's hands were busy, I let her wrists go, pulled her top up over her eyes and pinched one of her nipples, my other hand diving down the front of her yoga pants as Becca kept sucking on one of Britt's nipples. My finger found Britt's clit between her wet pussy lips and she thrust forward and sighed as I rubbed it in circles. She whispered over her shoulders at me that she needed something in her mouth otherwise she was going to cry out in pleasure.

I told her to get on her knees and I would give her something to occupy her mouth. Britt did as she was told and as she did so, I pulled Becca over and reaching under her sports skirt, whipped her boyleg panties off her. I told her to get closer to Britt who was now on her knees, her face upturned, mouth open and tongue sticking out.

She looked so sexy with her firm small tits exposed like that I was tempted to fill her mouth with my cock but I guided Becca's pussy closer to Britt's lips. I traced my fingers around Britt's open mouth and she sucked my fingers in, showing me how skilled she was at oral. I told her to open up and say, 'aaah.' She did, and I moved Becca closer who was so turned on now. Britt's tongue brushed against Becca's lips and Becca jumped. Britt couldn't get close enough so was whipping her tongue around furiously to get some more contact.

Becca breathed out, 'fuck', as she was tickled mercilessly. Britt caught on and reached out, grabbing Becca's ass and pulling her pussy to her mouth, sliding her long tongue deep into her cunt. Becca started bucking her hips and I lifted Becca's top and placed an ice cube from the freezer I was leaning on, against her nipple, watching it harden and grow before I licked and sucked it.

Britt was insatiable, licking and sucking on Becca's pussy and I couldn't contain myself any longer. I stood Britt up and she complained that she wanted more pussy. I told her she could lick Becca's pussy as much as she likes, but I had to fuck her tight pussy.

"Thank god for that," she breathed, as I yanked her yoga pants and top right off her, leaving her naked except for her shoes. I picked her up, facing me, and I kissed her, her tongue pushing into my mouth and I could taste Becca on her lips and breathe.

I scooped her petite body up under her tight ass and lifted her high enough for Becca to guide my throbbing cock into Britt's pussy. Britt sunk all the way down and she whimpered with delight. She asked how I was going to get her to eat Becca's pussy now. I pushed her back, my cock still in her vice-like pussy, and Becca guided her back and down. Britt got the idea and holding her body up by clasping her hands around Becca's narrow hips, held her face just between Becca's toned thighs.

I started fucking Britt hard who just wanted more pussy and licked Becca's clit like she was so hungry for it. Becca was breathing heavy and trying to be quiet. She reached forward and rubbed Britt's exposed clit and both girls came so hard. Becca dropped to her knees, almost pulling Britt off me, but I lifted her up and kept fucking her. I was about to cum myself and Britt, sensing this, pushed herself off me and dropped to her knees next to her friend, both of them licking and sucking on my cock while their hands played with each other's sensitive bodies.

Their pace quickened and I knew I was going to cum so hard. Becca was strumming Britt's clit and Britt's mouth opened in a silent orgasm, so I aimed my cock at her tongue and let loose. Britt didn't hesitate and plunged my cock down her throat swallowing as she came. Becca licked Britt's lips and they kissed each other passionately around my still-hard shaft. I kissed Britt on the head, got dressed and told her I'd call.

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