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Surprise Visitor


Still a bit groggy and not quite ready to get out of bed, I enjoy stretching out for awhile longer. Thinking about my daily errands and ways to make them more interesting.

I slipped off the baggy t-shirt used only for sleeping, and replaced it with a simple light blue sundress. The cut was sweet; spaghetti straps with a plunging V neckline, tight in the waist, and mid-thigh length. It accentuated my curvy hourglass figure. Feeling rather naughty, I decided against a bra and chose a thong that just barely covered anything. I swear, this thing must only have one inch of fabric, enough to hide my clit and leave the rest exposed. I admired the reflection in the mirror, my small pink areoals slightly visible through the fabric. Blonde hair in gentle waves resting softly on my shoulders. Now, to test what the behind view offered, I bent down to touch my toes. My cheeks were fully exposed, and the small string of the thong did nothing to hide either opening. I teased myself with sticking two fingers in my pussy and slowly moving them in and out. I was already so wet! My ring finger traced the outline of my puckered pink rear, eventually making it's way in as well.

I was interrupted by a knock on the door.

Quickly arranged my dress into place, and gazed through the peephole. The gentleman on the other side was not familiar to me. I opened the door slightly and greeted him.

"Hi, sorry to bother you, my name's Josh, hope I didn't catch you at a bad time. Your neighbor underneath has a small leak, I'd like to check the kitchen sink to see if it might be the cause, is that alright?"

"Oh, sure. Right this way."

Josh wasn't too bad looking. Maybe 35 years old, tall, average build, a full sleeve of tattoos on one arm. He was wearing a button up shirt, the first few of which were undone. His pleasant smile framed beautifully by an overgrown beard.

"There you go", as I pointed to the sink. Oh, that was lame, stating the obvious. Like the guy didn't know what a sink looks like... I've got to play that one off. I could feel myself blushing and needed something to divert my attention.

"Would you like something to drink?"

"No, but thanks. This shouldn't take too long." Josh smiled and set his tool box down.

He pulled a small flashlight from his back pocket and started looking at the connections.

"Ah, found the problem. Looks like the compression fittings on the shut off valve just needed a little tightening. The water damage isn't severe, however I'd suggest you replace the board down here to avoid potential mold growth."

"Have a look right here" Josh explained as he motionined me over to his location under the sink. He quickly stood up and used the beam of the flashlight to highlight the area of discussion.

I lowered myself onto my knees and leaned in, suddenly aware that this provided Josh a view of my ass. In an attempt to not appear obvious, I let my legs part slightly and tilted my pelvis out while "looking at the damage".

"Is this what you're suggesting I replace?" pointing to the board that runs across the bottom.

"You've got it, it's a relatively easy job.

"Oh, and I'll just need you to sign a form real quick, then I'll be on my way."

As I got back onto my feet, I couldn't help but notice the large erection Josh was making no attempt to conceal. I walked ahead of him to the kitchen table, and discretely pulled my thong up between my lips before taking a seat. The dress was hiked up enough that when my knees parted he still had ample view of my now dripping wet pussy. Part of me just wanted to lean back and finger fuck myself while he watched. I was so damn horny! But, I decided to keep my display "an accident". My feet on the bottom rungs of the chair created the perfect angle for flashing.

Josh took the seat directly across from me and nervously fumbled through his folder, eventually pulling out a single sheet of paper. Our eyes locked for a brief moment before his darted down to between my legs and lingered there. I pretended not to notice, and read words on the paper I could give less than a shit about.

"If you could just initial and date... here.. and... here" he says slowly, withdrawing his hand from the paper and placing it on his hard cock.

He gives it a firm squeeze through his work pants, and keeps it there. This alone almost sends me over the edge! I can't take it anymore! I part my legs even more after leaning back, my ass is nearly hanging off the chair now. There's no hiding the fact I want him to see all of me.

My hand moves shamelessly to my inner thigh and lingers for a few moments, fighting the urge to really let my pussy have it.

"Show me how you jack off." I shocked myself at the boldness of the words as soon as they escaped my mouth.

Without hesitation, Josh unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Fuck! It was thick and veiny. Slowly, his hand slid up and down while breathing heavy. The movements steady like a metronome, precum glistening on the beautiful mushroom tip.

I pulled my panties to the side and used my own wetness to slide in a couple fingers, aiming to go at the same pace as Josh. His expression was priceless. Guess he wasn't expecting me to reciprocate.

I relocated to the floor space directly at his feet after sliding off my panties and lifting up the dress, on all fours and ass pointed his direction. He pulled forward and was only inches away, cock in hand roughly jerking off. His other hand smacked my ass cheek so hard I yelled out.

"Fucking tease" growled Josh. Although his words were strong, he had a gorgeous smile and tender look in his eyes.

With a swift movement, he grabbed my wrists and guided them down to my feet. With his free hand Josh removed his belt and used it to bind my wrists and ankles together. It was tight enough to hurt, and I couldn't wiggle free. Not that I'd want to..

He was kneeled behind me now...

...to be continued.

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