tagFetishSurprised after 10 Years Ch. 01

Surprised after 10 Years Ch. 01


After a decade of marriage you would assume that a couple would know each other inside and out, but the over the next few days that assumption would be blown out of the water. They had been planning for months their tenth wedding anniversary and the focus on romance and family had driven the organisation of the celebrations.

There was to be a hotel lounge party with over 200 guests with fine wine, dinning and live entertainment. In all the evening was due to finish at 2am with the majority of the hotel rooms booked for family and friends to fall into. Well that was the plan.

Perhaps the biggest decision had been what Alex should wear. Should it be formal and glamorous? Sexy and suave maybe? Or plain raunchy as Alex had always liked dressing provocatively? At this point it is probably important to detail that Alex is a shapely 36D, with pure as snow soft skin, deep round brown eyes, long thick glistening Autumn red hair and perfectly formed mouth with gentle moist lips.

Alex the weekend before had spent the day trying on every combination of outfit: A long black number with no back, a short black baby doll dress, A crop top and short skirt, a formal dress and jacket etc., etc. Eventually she decided upon a short tight black dress with a heart shape cut out on her cleavage. This was the easy part, now for the underwear!

Now this had been an adventure in itself, as it had required a tour of all the lingerie shops in town, culminating in an excited first time visit to Anne Summers. A selection of underwear was made and placed into the basket and then Alex rather sheepishly suggested looking at the back of the shop where she believed they stocked 'adult' items. Adrian laughed as this was unlike Alex, but he was not unhappy to examine what was there.

"They stock Rabbits here!" exclaimed Alex.

Adrian smiled and said, "Where would we keep one?"

Alex blushed and said, "No stupid, you know Rabbits!"

Adrian laughed a little louder and said "I know, so which one would you like?"

Alex had never really played with toys although Adrian had always been curious about how they might enhance things. They had used a standard looking vibrator before but had never really explored its' possibilities.

"That one!" Said Alex

She had pointed to a large Pink Rabbit. The Rabbit was added to the under wear and taken to the counter.

At the counter the sales lady carefully tilled and wrapped the items, wrapping the Rabbit last.

She said, "If you have never used one of these you are in for a treat!"

Alex blushed.

"Have you seen our latest lines in peekaboo bras and crotchless panties?" questioned the saleslady.

Alex paused and then with a slightly hesitant and nervous reply said, "No, not sure what they look like".

The Saleslady took her to the rack and passed her size to her to look at.

"Oh" responded Alex.

All the time this had been going on Adrian had been distracted by some activity in the changing area where another female customer had not closed her curtain properly and was half undressed and trying on a Wonder Woman costume. She was about 19 and was part of a Hen Night group getting their costumes for a Hen Party. Adrian knew this because he had been following their conversation as they had come in.

Now she was stepping out of trousers and was stood in the changing rooms with just panties and bra on. To Adrian's delight she had reached to her back and was unclipping her bra! Any second now those small but very pert breasts would be loose and in full sight.

"Adrian, what do you think?" asked Alex breaking his concentration on the pert 19 year old.

"About what.... oh the underwear set, yes they're great." Stammered Adrian.

With that Alex passed her charge card to the sales assistant and they were off. Adrian tried to glance back but the girl had disappeared.

"I saw you looking at that girl!" exclaimed Alex.

"What girl?" Adrian said dismissively.

"The girl with the pert tits!" mischievously responded Alex.

"Oh I didn't think you had seen." Adrian dropped his eyes.

"Well I did and wow she looked great!" This is not what Adrian had expected.

"I can appreciate a nice pair of tits too you know, although she was very small compared to me!" said Alex.

Adrian was surprised but decided to go with it.

"Well I'm sure you could teach her thing or two, especially if you were wearing that Peekaboo bra and knickers."

"You bet I could" she replied with a hint of lust in her voice.

The week raced past and the Party loomed nearer as Alex got more excited about her new outfit and the dancing and partying she would do. Then disaster! The weather had come in cold and uncommon for the time of year huge bands of snow had come in leaving great blankets of impassable snow. Most of the family guests cancelled due to the weather and the list of attendees was becoming smaller and smaller. Twenty-Four hours before the party was due to start a decision about whether to go forward with the party or not was needed.

Alex was the first to voice an opinion.

"Lets cancel, but if we do I want something special in its' place!"

Adrian replied anxiously "Ok, but you have been looking forward to wearing your party outfit and dancing for months."

"Well I have 'modified' the outfit and I can still dance!" Alex said suggestively.

She beckoned him upstairs and into their room. Laid out on the bed was a small, short red wrap around dress, a pair of high-heeled red shoes, lacy stockings, a red suspender belt and the peekaboo bra and crotchless knickers.

She whispered "go and cancel the party and I'll re-organise our party here!"

With this Adrian went downstairs reflecting how awkward it is to walk with an erection to cancel the celebrations. Once completed and with much sentiments of regret shared with all he scampered back upstairs wondering what he would find.

As he went through the door Alex was clipping the last suspender clip to the tops of her stockings, but with her foot resting on the corner of the bed as she stood, the dress was riding up her perfectly formed bum to reveal the outline of her crotchless knickers. Adrian could just make out the smallest hint of flesh of her pussy peeking out between the flaps of her knickers. The room was cold and with the Peekaboo bra Alex's nipples were poking hard and erect beneath the flimsy material of that tiny dress.

"So what next?" asked Adrian.

Alex simply walked towards him brushed her hand across his crotch and towards the door. Adrian followed. Before she reached the door she stopped and removed from the top draw of her bedroom wardrobe her new Rabbit, a blindfold, a string of anal beads and small red evening bag to place them in.

"Well? Shall we go?" She asked commandingly.

They stepped out of the house and into the car.

"Take me to dinner and wine and dine me" she asked cheekily.

Adrian knew a nice restaurant, which they had been meaning to visit for sometime. Despite the weather Adrian managed to navigate his way from the house and towards their destination. This was one night he wasn't going to miss. As they pulled into the restaurant car park Adrian noticed a minibus pull up and out jumped the group of girls he had seen in the Anne Summers shop earlier in the week. There were nurses, Nun's and an array of naughty schoolgirl's and secretaries. As yet he had not spotted Wonder Woman.

"You are dressed appropriately to be with them." Stated Adrian lustfully.

Alex winked and giggled.

They sat down at a table for two slightly out of the way of the main dinning area; across the way they could see the hen party group.

As they sat down Alex pointed over and said "Adrian your wonder woman is over there!"

With that Alex lent forward and deliberately exaggerated her cleavage by pressing her arms together to wriggle her breasts upwards.

"Wouldn't you prefer these?" She said naughtily.

Adrian laughed and said "Can't I have both?"

Alex lowered her voice and leaned towards his ear and whispered.

"Play your cards right and who knows!"

With that she slipped her foot out of her shoe and towards Adrian's crotch. The waiter came around and took their order. They selected a bottle of House wine and made their orders for food. Alex quickly knocked back a glass of wine followed by a second, just as the starter arrived.

"Will you excuse me my sweet?"

She headed towards the toilets.

10 minutes passed and there was no sign of her. Adrian also noted with amusement that she had taken her bag with her, some use that would be...or? He looked across the room at the Hen party and noticed that Wonder Woman was not sat at the table. With a start his mobile vibrated on the table and as he picked it up he had a text from Alex. Where had she put her mobile, for there was certainly no room in her handbag! He flicked over the keyboard and read the text. It simply said bring your camera, make sure the flash is off and enter the smaller ladies room off the day bar quietly.

Adrian's heart raced at the possibilities. He checked his pocket for his camera, changed the setting and duly followed instructions. He pushed the outer door to the toilets gently. This toilet was not the main facility and indeed was generally only used during the day. As he edged inside the door, heart pounding he was anxious not to draw attention of anyone outside the toilets. He checked both ways and again to be sure. It was all clear, so he pushed on in further.

He could make out some groaning and heavy breathing. As he turned the corner there laid back on the sink ledge was Alex, dress rolled up to her tummy, breasts hanging out, one of her stockings laddered with Wonder Woman knelt between her legs face buried into her pussy. Moisture glistened on the lips of Alex's bald pussy as that young head bobbed up and down the length of her exposed pussy.

Adrian slipped the camera out and started clicking away. Alex looked up and winked at him. She then rolled over and pressed the crack of her Arse onto the nose of that pretty pert girl, who was now lapping quicker, harder and faster and now moving from pussy to anus. Adrian fired away a few more shots and then Alex spun around pulling the costume of that athletic 17 year old over her head, thus tying the young woman's arms and blindfolding her.

She beckoned Adrian over and between them they licked and caressed her tits and pussy ensuring she squealed with every flick of the tongue. Alex in a firm voice demanded to know if she was enjoying her tongue bath. The young woman breathed a heavy yes and then Alex pulled the costume completely off. The 17 year old that Adrian had strained to see fully naked at the Anne Summers shop was now before him completely naked with glistening moisture from the licking she had received all over. In addition Alex had a dress rolled up exposing her bald pussy, her large erect breasts hanging out and likewise had moisture, but for her running down the insides of her legs.

To Adrian's surprise the woman looked at him and rather than being alarmed, shocked or angry was positively calm about his presence. Indeed, she moved towards him and unzipped his trousers. Alex helped pull both Adrian's trousers and pants off, to reveal what was now a very hard and slightly dribbling penis. Alex demanded the young woman to continue licking her and went on all fours. She again did as she was told.

Adrian began to wank himself as he watched this amazing sight, until Adrian called back that she needed a cock. The young woman moved to sit on the floor in front of Alex and split her young slightly hairy pussy for her to bury her face. Adrian had never dared to fuck Alex's Arse before, but with the vigorous licking and the angle that Alex was kneeling in to lick the young girl's pussy he decided to try his luck.

He took his cock in his hand and placed the throbbing head and the entrance to that tight virgin Anus. Alex reflexed slightly at the shock, but was clearly enjoying that young pussy too much to give resistance so Adrian pushed gently on. As more pressure was applied that tight Anus relaxed sufficiently to allow his penis to slide in. As he gained traction he pushed with a sharp shove to the hilt. Alex bit down on that young pussy thus sharing both the pain and pleasure of that shock.

She took her head from the young woman's pussy and shouted at her to lick that cock into her Arse. She slipped head first down between her legs and licked at the cock and arse to help its journey. Alex as she relaxed re-buried her head into her pussy and licked furiously. Adrian jerked and shot a full load into Alex's Arse, which then dribbled down into the face of Wonder Woman. That thought made Adrian chuckle.

Simultaneously Alex and the young woman climaxed and grunted loudly as they both tried to maximise the sensation of blood pumping both to the pussies and brains. The woman was the first to slide out, grabbing her costume, slipping it on in one quick movement, washing her face down and then with a smile skipped out of the toilets.

Adrian and Alex took a little longer as both were trying to recover from the shock, joy and the adrenaline rush. Alex smoothed back down her dress and amazingly despite the toys found a spare pair of stockings which she slipped on, adjusted her, re applied her lippy and stepped out of the toilets, passing to Adrian her cum and saliva covered crotchless panties as she exited.

When Adrian returned to the table Alex was there tucking into her starter. She looked up and asked if he was ok.

Adrian hesitated.

"Are you kidding? Ok? Bloody hell that was..."

Before he could finished she leant over and said that was just the starter, see the Italian looking waiter over there he is very aware that I am no longer wearing any panties! Over the main course and into the ordering of desert, Alex proceeded to flash and play with the waiter as much as she possibly could.

Adrian had steak for his main course and Alex Spaghetti Bolognese, which she used to demonstrate her sucking prowess. The main meal was excellent and further enhance by Alex insisting on flashing across the table at Adrian. Adrian could not believe the sexual monster that Alex had become, but loved it. Just as Alex was sucking the last morsel of spaghetti from her plate the Italian looking waiter that she'd been 'playing with' came over and said that there was a telephone call for her at the reception.

Alex padded her mouth clean licking the Bolognese from the corners of her mouth as she withdrew to follow the waiter to the waiting telephone call. Adrian thought this strange, as everyone knew she always had her mobile with her, but left it at that. A few minutes later it occurred to him that they had not told anyone where they were eating tonight.

Adrian got out of his chair and headed in the direction that his wife had been taken. As he neared reception he noticed a door to the left, which had not been fully closed, seeing that his wife was not at reception he entered the half open door. He could hear sounds from the staircase in front of him, so he slowly ascended the steps making sure not to be heavy on his feet. As he reached the top he could see another door half closed with light spilling out on to the landing. He went up to the door and pushed slowly at it.

He gave a gasp as he saw his wife tied face down on a bed with nothing on but her suspenders and stockings. The Italian looking waiter was kneeling behind her using the Rabbit that she had brought with her in her handbag. Adrian could see that she had been blindfolded too with the one she had placed in her handbag. He was about to rush forward when his wife gave out a huge moan and demanded more.

He stepped back, mind spinning to compute the scene and comprehend what to do next. As he calmed, he realised how turned on he was at the site of his wife tied to the bed, blindfolded and pleasured by an Italian waiter with a Rabbit. He was about to re-enter the room when a hand was placed on his shoulder from behind a deep voice whispered in his ear.

"You are a lucky man yes?"

Adrian turned to see the man who had previously manned the reception desk. He was an older man, well dressed and groomed. Adrian guessed that he must be the owner from his manner.

"What do you say that we take our turn eh?" he said to Adrian.

Adrian nodded and with that both men entered the room. The waiter was clearly experienced to this because rather than jumping or running he simply stepped to one side and started to masturbate.

The older man dropped to his knees and ran his hands over Alex's pure white bum, slapping them gentle driving a slight grunt from Alex. He then started talking Italian which Adrian could only guess was something dirty as he was getting more and more intimate a he slapped and rubbed those beautiful arse cheeks. As he did, some cum from Adrian's previous encounter with Alex trickled out of her bum.

"You are naughty Madame!" Declared Adrian's Italian.

Seeing the previous rewards of her last encounter on her arse, the older Italian unzipped himself and pressed forward with his uncut throbbing cock. Adrian could not believe what he was seeing, but could not help but unzip himself and take his own throbbing cock in hand and join the waiter in masturbating to the scene in front of them.

The older Italian took no mercy upon Alex and considering this was only her second arse fuck in her life he went about pushing deep and hard quickly. Alex rived on the bed as she absorbed that monster and started to demand in a very dirty and unlike her way to be fucked and made into the slut she was.

Before the older Italian unloaded himself, he untied Alex's hands and arms and demanded her to stand up. He then lay back on the bed and signalled the waiter to guide her to straddle his huge cock. It was at this point that I could only marvel at the fact that Alex had accommodated such a huge tool in her arse.

Alex was guided and then lowered slowly on to the waiting cock. She did so expertly despite the fact that this was the first new cock she had experienced in ten years. The waiter looked at Adrian and Adrian waved him forward. The waiter did not hesitate he was on Alex's arse quicker than a ferret up a trouser leg.

Adrian stood back and enjoyed the site of the two Italians ravaging both her bald pussy and wide anus. He felt to his pocket and removed the camera; he had to picture this amazing site in front of him. As he did so, Alex shocked him by starting to scream and shout.

She screamed "Fuck my dripping Cunt with your large Italian Cock, fill me with thick Italian spunk!"...

"Fuck my arse harder I want my holes filled with Italian spunk."

Adrian was shocked, this was not how his Alex behaved, but well he liked it.

The Younger waiter went tense and then gave a huge moan as he released his load into Alex's Arse. He withdrew and pulled his trousers back up and exited.... to clear tables Adrian Presumed. Alex fuck my spunk filled arse demanded Alex. How did she know? Who cared Adrian was on that one and any way she probably knew because of the shape and size, which was very different to his.

As Adrian plunged his now very erect cock into her arse it slid in very easily with no resistance and as it reached the hilt sperm trickled out. A few moments later all three of them were groaning and moaning when with a flash Adrian gave way and came again hard, realising that the Italian and Alex had done so too.

Adrian dismounted and pulled his trousers back up; he decided to leave, as technically Alex had not seen him, although he was sure she had known he was there. He went downstairs in a slight daze not quite believing the incredible sequence of events had actually happened. He returned to his seat where the Italian waiter offered him the desert menu.

He said cheekily "would you like more desert sir?".

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