tagGroup SexSurprised Again

Surprised Again


After our first night together, Sherry, Lani, and I woke up at about the same time, and with the same idea- more. Lani began to suck on Sherry's nipple as I used a hand on each pussy, inserting one then two fingers in each as I caressed their clits. I tasted their juices, and both were flowing as they went into a '69', and ate each other out. Lani was on top and I gently raised her head to get access to her mouth.

I kissed her deeply, savouring the taste of pussy on her lips, then straightened up and fed her my hard cock. She held me with both small hands and took a surprising amount in her mouth without gagging. Her head bobbed up and down the shaft as I became harder. Lani then sat up and guided my cock into Sherry's liquid heat, sucking and twisting my nipples as I fucked Sherry. The sight of the two girls accelerated my orgasm, and I shot white streams onto Sherry's belly as Lani swooped to lick the final drops from the tip of my cock. They resumed eating and licking each other and within moments both women were rewarded with their own orgasms.

After a shower and breakfast, the girls began chatting about their time apart. We arranged to meet for lunch, and I left them and went to take care of some business.

A few hours later, we met on the terrace of a beachfront bar. The food was simple, but the view was superb, whether you liked people or seascapes. Sherry wore a cropped top and painted on denim short shorts. Lani had on a pink tank and spandex shorts. Both looked sensational, and every eye was on them, men and women. I joined them and we ordered some drinks. Our waiter was a college kid, one of many who flocked to the town every summer for jobs, sun, surf, and sex. His name was Rick, and he had slim and almost effeminate good looks.

"See anything you like, ladies? If it's not on the menu, just ask."

The two girls looked at each other and smiled. We ordered and ate quickly, and then tried to make plans for the afternoon.

Sherry said, "I didn't see him on the menu, but I sure saw something I liked."

Lani had a huge grin as she nodded, and called Rick over. She whispered something to him, and he smiled, nodded and was gone. I knew something was happening, and smiled in anticipation of a pleasant surprise.

That afternoon, we ended up doing what Sherry and Lani considered a form of foreplay- shopping and trying on sexy outfits. The both had perfect figures, and I had the pleasure of being flashed by both of them as they tried on the shortest, skimpiest, tightest, sheerest, and most transparent clothing they could find in the many boutiques on Pacific Ave., the hottest fashion area in town. The bought a few things, but the main purchase for each was a short metallic dress, Sherry's a red halter top, Lani's silver strapless. When we got home, I expected a repeat of the previous night. Instead, I was told stay out of the way as the two girls were getting ready to go clubbing that night. Two hours later, I finally got into the bathroom and ten minutes later was ready to go. When we left an hour later, the girls looked fantastic and sexy. They both wore the new dresses with black stilettos, thigh highs, and not much else. Both had tried on several pairs of panties and thongs, and had finally decided that in this case, less is more. Sherry had a closely trimmed bush, and Lani was shaved bare. I thought quite a few people were in for a sight from these two.

At the club, we got some drinks and a booth, and the girls immediately made for the ladies room. I enjoyed the sight of college girls out to party the night away. A few were almost as pretty as Sherry or Lani, and dressed to kill. The girls took forever so I struggled through the crowd to the bar. On the way, I was hijacked by a tall blond girl. She didn't say a word, just held me and swayed to the beat, then kissed me. I hesitated for about two seconds, then kissed her back. We were unable to move in the crowd, and my cock was growing at the touch of her body. Then I felt her tongue in my ear, and she said one word, "Outside."

In the dark parking lot, she kissed me again as she opened my pants and found my hard on, then dropped to her knees and took it all in one swallow, and bobbed up and down on it, one hand gripping the base of my cock, the other reaching between my legs to massage my buttocks and gently finger my anus. I placed both hands on her head, started to fuck her mouth. She took all my cock with ease, and her warmth and lively tongue soon had me on the verge of coming. Abruptly, she stood, and with both hands on my shoulders pushed me down to return the favour. She had one leg on my shoulder as I ran my tongue along her naked pussy, pushed it inside her a little, then settled down to tongue her clit. I had one hand on her ass and with the other I put one, then two, then three fingers inside her dripping cunt. I fucked her hard with my fingers, and my tongue was rapidly bringing her to orgasm.

Her ragged breathing was interrupted often by something that might have been "Fuck me" or "I'm coming," but when she finally came it was with high pitched moan. Then she pulled me upright, turned around and leaned against a nearby car and put her hand between her legs to guide my cock into her. I entered her slick tunnel easily, and fucked her with the full length of my cock. She then grabbed my balls and massaged them, as she began to finger her asshole. I got he message, and quickly lubricated my fingers in her streaming pussy, and began to fingerfuck her ass. I got two fingers in easily, and she gasped as I pushed in the third finger. I pulled out of her cunt and pressed the blunt head of my cock a into her ass. I slowly advanced as she grunted and moaned. I pulled back a little then advanced more until half my cock was in the vice of her ass.

One more thrust and she gasped, her buttocks tried to squeeze together, but I was in her completely now. I paused and began to fuck her, faster and faster, and found that she was pushing back to meet every thrust. I blew my load of cum inside her bowels and shuddered at my orgasm. There was a slight pop as my cock left her ass, and she turned and smiled and then returned to the club. Moments later, I followed in her footsteps, and grabbed some much needed refreshment at the bar , and began to look for the girls.

I found them in the booth, with a young man I guessed to be Rick. I couldn't see him very well as Lani was sitting facing him on his lap, her breasts hanging out and skirt up around her waist showing off her perfect ass as she ground her pussy into him. Sherry had one hand on Lani's ass and the other between her own legs, as she rapidly thrust two fingers into her pussy. Rick still had his pants on, but from the look on his face, he was close to orgasm. I gave Sherry a deep kiss and leaned forward to kiss Lani on the neck and at the same time grasped both her breasts. She reached back to grab my cock through my pants.

At her touch, I rapidly recovered from the anonymous blond and filled her hand with hardness. I noticed she had her other hand inside Rick's pants, jerking him off. Just then, Rick groaned and his body relaxed. Lani pulled her hand out of his pants and licked the cum from it. Then she kissed Rick, returning his cum to him. I felt this arrangement had some interesting possibilities, so I suggested to the girls that we return home. They both liked performing for an audience, so I wasn's sure if they would agree. Lani put her breasts back inside the skimpy top, and curled up on Rick with a amile. Sherry whispered to me, "Just give me a taste of your cock, I'm ready to cum, I just want your cock!"

Being a perfect gentleman, I obliged. Sherry licked the head of my cock, and she immediately recoiled, smiled broadly at me, and took all my manhood in her mouth as she continued to fuck herself with her fingers. Moments later she gasped as her orgasm hit her. She wanted to continue to suck me off, but I managed to get all three out of the club rapidly, and back to the apartment. And that's another story...

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