tagErotic CouplingsSurprised By Wife's Best Friend Ch. 05

Surprised By Wife's Best Friend Ch. 05


I gave my wife a gentle kiss before climbing off the air mattress and sliding a pair of shorts up my legs. It was early, the sun barely peeking through the trees and dancing on the sides of the tent. I grabbed a power bar and a Gatorade and headed down to the boat. No one wanted to come along this morning, but that was fine with me. It meant I could work some of the back bays real slow.

I headed down the hill from the campsite to the small bay where I had the boat moored, the morning being quiet and misty. There was a light fog hanging above the water obscuring the camp by the time I got down to the boat. It was a silent still morning, perfect for this kind of fishing. I waded into the bath warm water and pushed the cover back on the bow to allow me to climb in. I levered myself over the railing, not a graceful move, and started pulling the cover off the boat. To my irritation, one of the straps fell over and got hung up under the depth finder transducer on the stern. I leaned over the stern and did my best to try and clear it, but with no success. The only way now was to get into the water. I didn't have my swim suit, but with the fog I wasn't too worried about being seen.

I stripped my shorts off and lowered myself down using the swim ladder, just touching bottom in the five foot deep water. It took a minute to feel for what was tangled and get it free. I tossed the strap up into the boat and then waded around to the side. I picked up the cover and walked up out of the lake and dropped it on the shore. Since I was already out I started uniting the bow lines so I could pull out, trying to save myself a second trip over the bow rail.

"Wow!" I heard a voice say. I turned and saw Mary standing on the trail above me. She was apparently on her way back from the bathrooms. I guess I hadn't counted on that possibility. She was wearing some kind of long shirt that came most of the way down to her knees. "If I keep running into you like this I'm going to have to start wearing something a lot sexier than this!" She said pulling on her shirt.

I held my finger to my lips to quiet her, I really didn't want the sound traveling up the hill to the tents.

She came down the hill and stood on the shore a few feet from where I was crouched down. "Where you headed?"

"Out to fish." I said quietly "Why? Want to come?" I asked, half joking.

"Go fishing? That sounds interesting. I love to fish. Do I need anything?"

"Nope, but you'll have to be quick. I'll pick you up on that point in five minutes if you're coming."

"Ok." She said getting up and practically running up the trail"

I shook my head as I finished untying the boat and waded into the water and levered over the rail. I walked to the stern and pulled my shorts back on before starting the engine to warm up. I let it idle for a minute or two before pulling up the final anchor and dropping it in gear. To my surprise Mary was standing on the shore at the indicated point, still wearing that long shirt thing, so I moved in as close as I could to pick her up. She swung her leg over the bow and tried to climb in, getting hung up in the process. I stepped through the open windshield and pulled her easily up into the boat. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me wetly on the lips before letting go of me and letting her body slide the few inches down for her feet to hit the deck.

"Thank you. For the show and for taking me along." She said over the sound of the idling engine.

I stepped back to the driver seat and pulled the gearshift to reverse and backed away from the shore while she settled into the passenger seat. I dropped into drive and applied some power, adding more as I cleared the inlet and hit the main lake channel. It was pretty foggy, so I followed my GPS and kept my speed down, not wanting to hit another boat on the way.

"I wanted to wear something a bit sexier for you." Mary said over the sound of the engine.

"Oh?" I responded. "That looks like the same shirt."

"Oh that part is. But this isn't." She said as she pulled the shirt up and over her head. She was wearing a pair of pink sheer lace panties and a matching lace bra with her nipples poking prominently over the top edge. She spread her legs slightly giving me a view of her pussy lips encased in the shimmery material.

"Wow! That certainly is!"

"So you like it?"

"What's not to like?" I answered. I really liked how she looked naked, but the material just teasing the view made her look even sexier.

"Good!" she said with a grin as the cool air blowing over her nipples were making them rock hard. I eased back on the throttle and pulled into a small cove and shut down the engine. It was dead silent as I dropped the electric trolling motor in the water and eased us into the fog. We could hardly see ten feet, making it difficult to fish.

"This is going to be hard to fish." I said out loud.

"So let's wait the fog out a while. I'm sure we can find some way to spend the time." Mary said as she moved to the padded engine cover in the stern of the boat. I turned around to face her and she was sitting on the cover with her legs spread wide. "Can you think of something to do?" she asked coyly as she reached behind her and unsnapped the fastener of her bra, and let it fall down her arms. "Or should I suggest something?"

"I think I can find something." I said as I moved toward her. She tossed the bra off to the side and leaned back on her arms. I leaned over her and kissed her neck and gently kissed back and forth on her chest until my kisses carried me to her tits, which I licked and sucked in turn. I spent several minutes on her hard buttons, getting a variety of gentle moans and coo's in response. My real target was lower though. I kissed down her belly while she leaned back farther, resting on her elbows now. I slipped my fingers under the material and gently pulled, not wanting to ruin the sexy little bit of cloth. She helped by lifting her rear off the padding and I continued to slip them down until I could toss them away. I had her completely naked now, not even wearing water shoes. She was an extremely attractive woman, even more so sitting in the fog shrouded boat.

I knelt down in front of her and began kissing up one thigh and across the top of her shaved mound and down the other. I started a second trip, this time stopping to lick up between her lips. She moaned and lifted her legs high in the air and spread them wider to give me as much access as she could, which I wasted none of. I pushed my tongue deep into her tunnel, tasting her tangy juices before drawing my tongue up between her lips and across her exposed clit.

"OH!" she cried as my tongue flicked across her hard nub, the sound of her voice absorbed by the shroud of fog. I repeated the trip a second, and third time, each time getting a shudder and cry for my efforts. I increased my tempo and soon was making the trip across her clit every few seconds, making her body almost shudder constantly.

"OH GOD!" She screamed as I stopped working between her lips and concentrated on her clit. My tongue flicked rapid fire across her engorged nub, causing her body to rock with spasms as her orgasm washed over her like an ocean wave. I continued my assault on her clit until she pushed my head away from her pussy, not able to take anymore stimulation. "OH FUCK! That felt so damn good!"

"I'm glad I could please."

"Oh you did, no doubt of that!" she panted. "God that feels so good after not getting any for so long."

"How long?"

"My bastard husband left me two years ago for some tramp."

"He clearly didn't know how good he had it."

"NO he didn't! The really sad part is that I feel like I'm doing the same thing."

"Not really. I mean, I wouldn't normally mess around like this on my wife, but somehow this trip has taken a life of its own."

"I saw. How long have you been fucking them?"

"Linda and Emily? Well, really Linda and I did it once a couple years ago, but until this week I hadn't even thought about it with either of them. I guess they had other ideas though."

"It seems like you still like screwing your wife though, based on last night at least."

"What about last night?"

"I was sitting in the bushes watching you to go at it. It seemed like you still love each other."

"We do. And if she knew I was doing this she would plant me, literally."

"Well, we better make the most of it then and make sure she doesn't find out, hadn't we?" she said getting off the padded cover. She knelt down in front of me stroking the huge bulge in my shorts through the material. She pulled my shorts down to my ankles and helped me step out of them, tossing my water shoes over her shoulder in exaggerated motions. "Gotta have you completely naked!" she said with a grin. She turned me around so I had my butt against the engine cover and pressed me back so I was half sitting on the padded cover with my dick sticking up in the air. She continued to push me back until I was leaning back on my elbows with my dick pointing at the sky. "Much better." She said as she kissed each nipple as I had hers and then began kissing her way down my front. Each kiss was a delicate, soft wet half kiss half lick. They tickled slightly, but also were extremely erotic.

I wanted to hurry her along toward her obvious target, but I also wanted to keep feeling those incredible kisses. Unlike what we had done the previous day, she was intent on making this slow and sensuous. She worked her way slowly down my stomach, slowly moving around my rock hard dick without ever kissing it directly.

I was so hot for her right then that I was ready to grab her head and stuff my cock into her mouth, but I held back, waiting to see what she would do next. She blew air across the head of my dick, making it twitch and bob, then she brushed her hair across it, tickling the head gently while she blew her hot breath across it. Finally she bent her head down and kissed the base again, slowly working her soft kisses up the top until she was kissing the very tip of the head. She licked around the head, with her tongue and then slowly slid her lips down and over it, swirling her tongue on the bottom side as she went deeper.

I watched in amazement as she pushed her head farther and farther down until her nose touched my pubic hair and my dick was seated well into her throat. I could feel the pressure on the head change as she eased back up my dick, continuing to play her tongue around it until her mouth only covered the head. She moved down on my dick again, this time faster, dragging her nails along the sides as she pulled back up again. A third time she went down, all the way to her nose pressing against my body, her fingers tickling my balls as she pulled her head up again.

I groaned loudly in appreciation. A fourth time she went down, this time wrapping her hand around my hard dick and squeezing it as she pulled up. This time she allowed her mouth to come completely off my dick while she held it in her hand. She leaned forward and gently rubbed the slickened head around first one and then the other nipple, taking care to use her hard nipple to rub the delicate underside of the head.

I groaned and tried not to push my hips up, more turned on than I could remember. Finally she let go of my dick and pressed her body against mine, trapping my dick in the valley between her perky breasts. She slowly started to crawl up my body onto the engine cover, dragging her body along mine so that the sensitive bottom of my head dragged along her sexy body. She was nearly on top of me when I felt the head of my dick rub across her smooth mound. She reached behind her and caught my dick as it started to spring up between her legs, holding it and rubbing it on her wet pussy lips, rubbing her juices onto my head. She pushed her body back slowly rocking back on her knees, allowing her velvety wet pussy to envelope my tool inch by inch. With agonizing slowness she pushed herself down until she could go no further.

She moved her knees so they were tight on either side of me, curled under her like frog legs. She slowly lifted herself up, arching her back and dragging her tits along my chest. She stopped when just my head was still inside her and slowly pushed down again, her breath becoming ragged. She pulled up again and leaned close to my ear, nibbling and licking my ear lobe.

"My god you fill me up!" she whispered into my ear before starting her stroke down again. When she got to the bottom I could feel my dick pressing against her cervix while she wiggled her ass back and forth rubbing her clit across the base of my dick. She stroked back up again, rubbing her tits on my chest all the way up until only the head of my dick was left inside of her tunnel.

"God I am sooo ready for you to explode inside me!" she whispered before nibbling my earlobe and starting back down my dick again. She had me seriously ready to explode, but she was going just slow enough to keep me from going over the top. When she got to the bottom she did that little wiggle thing again, driving me even higher. She slowly climbed my body again, dragging her nipples along my chest, stopping with them pressed into mine.

"God I am so ready to cum!" she whispered before she nibbled and blew in my ear again. It was enough to tip the scales, and I moved my hands to her hips and shoved her down, slamming my dick up into her body until her clit impacted on the base of my dick.

She screamed in pleasure as her body began to shake, her pussy spasming around my dick as it started pulsing and spewing cum deep into her pussy. The two of us held each other while our bodies each jerked and shook from out simultaneous explosions, the actions of each other's bodies driving our own climaxes higher. Slowly our bodies started to return to our own control, our breathing still coming in ragged gasps.

"Holy shit!" I gasped.

"Jesus." Mary panted. "That was.... absolutely ....mind blowing!"

"Where did you learn that?" I asked as soon as I could really talk again.

"Read about it in a book!" She said, laying her head on my shoulder.

"I must be reading the wrong books!"

"I never tried it before! Hell, I never had anyone to try it on before!"

"Well, as an experiment, it was a huge success."

"God you were so big! I felt like every inch of me was filled with you."

"Between your warm-up and the multiple sensations, your pussy, your tits, playing with my ears, and the things you said... It was incredible."

"Well, it was pretty incredible for me too. I can't ever remember cuming so hard...ever!" she said, lifting her head up and looking in my eyes. "I may not be able to have you forever, but I'm glad I got you for a little while!" She finished, punctuating her statement with an extremely sensuous kiss that lasted several minutes.

"You're a great kisser!" I said when I could breath again.

"Thank you!" She said with a giggle. "You're not too bad yourself." She finished as she lay her head on my shoulder again. "I don't know about you, but I could stand a shower."

"I can't do much about a shower, but I can manage a bath."

"You can?" she said surprised.

"Sure... we have bathwater warm lake water and a bar of soap. What more do you need?"

"Ohhhhh that sounds nice. Right now even though I feel a bit chilly, I probably smell pretty rank."

"Not to me."

"Well, that's nice of you." She said climbing off of me, letting my deflated dick finally pull out of her pussy. "But I could still stand a bath."

"No problem." I replied as I stood up. It only took me a second to find the remote for the trolling motor. We had been drifting the whole time, and even though there was no wind, I couldn't see shore in any direction. If anything the fog had gotten thicker, not lighter. I checked the gps, and yes, we were still in the little cove. I gave us just the slightest amount of motion and the boat silently glided through the blanket of white.

"This is almost spooky" she giggled as she wrapped an arm around mine and pulled her naked body against mine.

Slowly the shoreline began to appear through the fog. I reversed the motor to bring us to a stop a few yards from shore, not wanting to get things torn up on the rocks that I knew were hidden under the glassy surface. "Here we are! Hope you don't mind swimming a few yards."

"Nope. That will be just fine!" She said as she bent down and pulled on her water shoes. I did the same and grabbed the bar of soap in its water tight container. I always kept one in the boat to wash up after a particularly messy fish. It's one thing to eat fish for lunch, it's a totally different thing to eat fish slime on your sandwiches while you're fishing. I stepped to the back of the boat and put the boarding ladder down and then stepped over onto the little platform. I eased into the water and then floated, waiting for Mary to join me. I had a great view of her ass and pussy as she bent almost in half to find the step and lower herself into the water. We swam the few yards left to get to the shore and stepped out on the rocks.

"Here we are." I said as I pulled the soap from the container. I wet the soap in the water and lathered up my hands and went to work on her body. I enjoyed rubbing the soap all over her, paying special attention to her tits and nipples. I worked my way down and she spread her legs apart so I could easily wash her pussy. Once I had her all soaped up she stepped into the water and I helped her rinse off.

"Your turn!" she said cheerfully, taking the soap from me. She seemed to have as much fun washing me, making sure to get my cock and balls cleaned, and of course stroking it back to hardness in the process.

"You just love to see me hard don't you?"

"Oh yes. You have such a sexy dick." She cooed as she rinsed it off with lake water. "Don't you want me to play with it?'

"Oh, no, that's fine. You can play with it all you want!" I answered as I put the soap back into the container. "Come on. Let's go back out to the boat."

"Uh uh. Let's go walk in the woods first. It's so beautiful with all the fog."

"If that's what you want to do."

"We might as well. I mean we can't go anywhere in the boat, can we?"

"Not really."

"So what's the harm?"

"I guess none." I said as I followed her out of the water and up a little trail in the woods. I had to admit it was kind of fun to hike around the woods stark naked without any clothes for a backup. I think it was getting her turned on as well because she kept stopping to bump her butt into my hard dick. "You keep that up and I'm going to just shove it right into you next time."

"Promises promises!" she giggled. We walked on the trail that lead toward the main part of the lake, winding up through the thinning fog and soon came to the end of the trail on a bluff overlooking the lake. From how high we were, we could see all the way across the lake, which was blanketed in white. Where we were we were completely exposed in the morning sun, but there was no one to see us because of the fog below. "God this is a turn on!" she breathed as she pushed back against me.

"I warned you." I said as I pushed my dick between her legs.

She held onto a tree and bent over. "I thought you said in me!"

"I did." I replied as I pulled back and lined my dick up with her pussy. She was as tight as the first time I was in her but her wetness made entering her easy and I was soon banging away on her right in the middle of everything. I could feel a slight breeze pick up as I stroked in and out of her, but she didn't seem to care.

"OH YES!" she cried out as her orgasm started to build. "FUCK ME HARDER!" I could hear the slap of our bodies echo at us as the light breeze started to break up the fog. We had been at it several minutes when I realized that the fog was moving away and we would soon be able to see the water.

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