tagErotic CouplingsSurprised By Wife's Best Friend Ch. 06

Surprised By Wife's Best Friend Ch. 06


The day went pretty much as expected, with the exception of course that even though my body had enjoyed more sex than it was used to, I was still half hard all day. Not only because my wife was running around camp with no bra on, and teasing me every chance she got that no one was looking, but also because when she wasn't around teasing me, Linda or Em were!

As an example I was sitting alone in my chair after lunch, my wife taking a nap, and Emily came up from swimming wearing that tiny bikini she has. If that wasn't enough to get my motor started, she looked around to make sure no one was looking and pulled the bottom of her suit down to her thighs, pulled my shorts down below my balls and then sat down on my bare dick with her pussy. It was extremely dangerous with my wife only feet away in the tent, not to mention all the other potential traffic, but it made my dick grow to full length in seconds, which she quickly pushed up into her pussy for two quick strokes before pulling her pants up and walking away, leaving my wet dick hanging out, or more appropriately sticking up glistening with her juices.

There was no doubt she wanted to be seriously screwed again. There was also no doubt that it wasn't going to happen. Even if the opportunity occurred, I wanted to save what I had left for the day for my wife's hot pussy.

Later in the day we were all swimming, and a game of Frisbee came to pass. Frisbee by itself is fine. But what the boys and their significant others like to play is half football and half Frisbee. Linda, my wife and my son and I were on one team, and Emily, Chase and his and my son's girl friends were on the other. I should note that both of them also wear skimpy bikini's and have pretty hot bodies. This game, played in water deep enough that you can't touch bottom, with everyone wearing life jackets could at times be a slow game, with lots of splashing and thrashing around to get to a missed disk.

Linda managed to get my suit untied within the first few minutes of the game, and had my suit down my legs not less than three times during the course of the game. Emily, under the guise of blocking me or trying to slow me down, had grabbed me around the legs and had her hand up the leg or down the front several times.

At one short rest break, I felt a hand snake up my leg, grabbing and massaging my dick underwater. I turned to see who it was and was surprised to find my wife grinning at me.

"Naughty girl." I told her as I turned to face her and slipped my hand down to her pussy and rubbed it through her suit. Much later in the afternoon I headed up to camp to make a fire, since I needed coals for dinner. I stood by the fire pit, bent over stacking sticks to start to my fire when I felt my swim suit slowly pulled down. I looked behind me and found that Emily had followed me up to camp. She grinned at me and continued to teasingly pull my suit down.

"What are you going to do if someone comes down the road and sees me half naked?"

"Simple I'll just cover your naked dick with my mouth." She answered cheerfully as she pulled it off my butt and down my legs. I started the fire and then stood to watch it, while true to her word, Emily took my dick into her mouth, slurping and sucking. "Please tell me you have time to fuck me." She asked almost desperately.

"I doubt it. I just need to wait for this to get started and then put some charcoal on it."

"OH Plenty of time then." She said as she stood up. She bent over at the waist and pulled her panties to the side, exposing her pussy. "Just stuff it in. I'm so horny for you that I'm ready to explode."

"Ok fine." I said stepping behind her. I pulled up my swim suit so I wasn't quite so exposed and pulled my hard dick out one leg and pressed it to her wet pussy, hoping no one from the road would see and no one would come up the trail. If they did at least I was covered. True to her word it only took about two minutes of stroking before she came, her body shaking and shuddering as she worked to stay quiet. She pulled off me and flopped down in a chair, her bottoms still askew. I pulled my hard dick back into my suit by pushing it down and pulling it back up again and went to work putting charcoal on the fire. I was nearly done when my wife called from down the hill. "You coming back down?"

"Down in a second. Just about done here!" I called back, looking at Emily and realizing how close that was.

Other than being horribly teased, the game was fun and we were all fairly tired by dinner time. Most everyone headed off to their tents to change and take a snooze, except me of course. My job was to get dinner cooking. I dried off and wrapped a towel around my waist while I went to work slicing onions and potatoes for dinner. I could see my wife through the partly open window as she stood and took her suit off, standing naked while she toweled off. She looked out the window and saw me watching, and turned to face me, rubbing her big tits and stroking her pussy.

She teased me for several minutes before she blew me a kiss and lay down, disappearing from sight. I went back to concentrating on cutting my food up. I heard rustling in a couple tents, meaning we weren't going to see them soon. Linda and Emily came out of their tent and sat down near the fire, both of them watching me.

My hands were wet from water and full of onion juice when Emily stepped up behind me. I felt her press her t-shirt covered tits against my back and pull my towel up around my waist. She found the waist of my swim suit and began pushing it down, making sure to leave the towel covering what she was exposing. I felt my swim suit drop to the ground around my ankles and then her hand slide into the gap at the front and stroke my now exposed and hard dick.

She seemed pleased that she had me at a disadvantage. After stroking me a few minutes she crouched down and pulled my swim suit the rest of the way off, and pulled my towel aside long enough to give my hard dick a quick suck before she stood up and hung my suit on the line. She walked by with a smile on her face as she headed to go sit down, leaving me to walk around naked except for the towel around my waist, my hard dick sticking out and making the towel tent out from my body.

I had the potatoes all sliced and layered with the ham, and carried the large dutch oven over to the fire I had started much earlier. There was simply no way to walk with both hands full and hold the towel closed around my hard dick, and to no one's surprise, I was sticking out within a few steps. The situation got considerably worse when I crouched down to put the pot into the coals. The towel very happily spread apart , hanging from my waist and down the sides of my legs, leaving my hard dick pointing up at an obscene angle.

The girls seemed to be enjoying the show while I moved coals around the pot and on top. With dinner on to cook I stood back up, making no attempt to cover myself and stepped back to my chair and sat down, allowing them to continue to view my hard dick. If they wanted to be teased, so be it. We sat that way for some time before Emily started rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottoms. Just to tease her a bit more, I gave my dick a quick stroke for her, allowing her to see the pre-cum that had oozed out the top.

Emily pulled her bottoms aside and started stroking her bare pussy, trying to tease me even further. After some time, Linda had all she could take. She stood up and walked over to me. Taking me by the hand she pulled me out of my chair and down the trail toward the lake. As she walked between the waist high grass she pushed her swimsuit bottom down, and stepped out of it, leaving her naked below the skirting material of her top. When she was sure she was out of site of the camp, she found a tree and stopped. Grabbing the trunk a few feet above the ground she bent over and stuck her bare ass and pussy at me. "If you don't fuck me right now I think I'm going to go crazy" she hissed. How could I refuse? I sunk my dick into her wet pussy, slowly feeding it into her a little at a time, hoping we didn't get caught.

"OH FUCK!" she whispered as I started stroking in and out of her pussy. I started banging harder into her making her grunt and moan quietly. Suddenly her body tensed and she shook as her orgasm took over her body. I held my dick in her until she had regained some control and then slid out, not wanting to waste the cum I was saving for later. I wiped my dick off as she gave me a hug and then I headed back to camp, trying to not get caught. I sat in my chair and adjusted my towel to cover myself in the fading light.

Dinner was ready a short time later and I pulled the pot from the coals and moved it to the table. The rolls and butter and such were set out already, along with a tub of fruit and vegi sticks. Emily helped me get the last things ready, slipping her hand into my towel on several occasions.

"Why don't you go sit down. You don't want everyone knowing your naked, do you" she whispered in my ear.

"Ok." I said before walking over to my chair. Emily brought me a plate of food and drink while Linda called everyone to dinner. There was plenty of commotion in camp for the next hour or so, as we all ate and the ladies cleaned up dinner. Mike and Chase broke down their tents and loaded Mike's truck. They had to work the next day and were heading home this evening. Being teachers Linda, Emily and my wife were off for the next several weeks, so I had taken the extra day off and we were staying until morning.

"Well, this has been fun!" My wife said, as she walked around camp after the boys pulled out.

"It has! I've really enjoyed it." I called to her as she walked into our tent. She came back a moment later, zipping the door closed. She pulled a chair around to the other side of the small fire, so now the three ladies were on one side of the fire and I was on the other. They started talking usual girl stuff, while I sat back and relaxed. It didn't take me long to figure out what she had done. Her shirt was long enough to cover the workout shorts she had put on when she took her nap, but now that she was sitting, I could see she had slipped them off and was wearing nothing but the t-shirt, her tits still giggling around when she moved. The view as she intentionally allowed her legs to spread was wonderful. I could see her pussy in the flickering light, but no one else would be able to. It immediately started my dick growing. It took some subtle moving, but I got it arranged so that it could come to full mast without exposing myself, but the bulge in my towel was obvious. Linda saw it and elbowed Em gently.

"I think I want a shower." Linda said, getting up. "Why don't you come with me Em"

"That sounds good." She answered. "Let me get my stuff."

The two of them went into their tent and came out with little bags of stuff and headed off to the shower. My wife watched them leave camp without a word, and when they were gone, got up and stepped around the fire pit to where I was sitting.

"You are so hard!" She said stroking me through the towel. "Have you been thinking about fucking me all day?"

"You better believe it."

"Did you notice what I'm wearing?" She asked coyly.

"If you mean did I notice you lost your shorts? Uh huh." I said pushing her shirt up high enough to expose her pussy. "What about you?"

"You mean did I notice you were walking around in nothing but a towel? Uh huh. Your shorts are all in the tent and your swim suit is on the line, that can only mean your naked."

"Just for you."

"I don't believe that, but I'll take it anyway." She said as she pulled my towel apart, leaving me sitting naked on the chair. With the towel no longer holding anything in place, my dick suck straight up at her.

"I know you have been fantasizing about this all week." She said as she turned around and pulled her shirt up around her waist with one hand, and bent over, reaching between her legs for my dick with the other. She aimed my dick at her pussy and sat down on me, her ample juices testifying to how turned on she was.

"OH GOD you're big!" she cooed as I slid my hands under her shirt and played with her tits while she started riding up and down my dick. 'HMMMMMM" she moaned as I tweaked her nipples.

"How about we get rid of this?" I asked, pushing her shirt up.

"Someone might see!" She protested even while she was lifting her arms up.

"It's too dark." I said as I tossed her shirt aside and went back to her tits. She was as naked as I was, bouncing up and down on my hard dick, essentially in public, I was so turned on it was ridiculous. My dick was on overload and I couldn't hold back. My dick started jumping and spurting inside her pussy, pumping the load of cum I had been saving up all afternoon. "OHHHHHH" I groaned as my dick emptied inside her. She sat and wiggled her ass around on my lap to feel my hard dick still inside her.

I didn't want her to be disappointed, so as soon as I had control, I pulled her back against me, and lifted her legs over the arms of the chair. If anyone had come by they would have had a perfect view of her reclining against me, her pussy on full display, with my dick still stuffed into her. With one hand I started massaging her nipples, while I let my other hand go to work on her pussy and clit.

She turned her head and kissed my face and nibbled my ear as I worked her clit, enticing small moans from her when I got it just right. Her breathing in my ear became ragged, followed a short time later by one long moan as her body tensed and shivers ran up and down her body as she climaxed around me.

Her pussy clenched so hard around my softening dick that she squirted my dick out of her pussy, followed by several shots of our combined juices. I hadn't ever seen her do that before, which told me a lot about how turned on she must have been. She had to be pretty far gone just to allow me to take her shirt off in public like this, and I was loving every minute of it. I continued to hold her and stroke her body gently while she recovered.

"Ohhhh that felt so good!" She whispered in my ear. "I don't know what made me cum so hard, but I liked it... a lot!"

"Maybe it was sitting outside like this, or maybe it was all the teasing we did all afternoon."

"Or maybe it was that great dream I had of you laying me across the hood of the truck naked and eating my pussy until I came!" She said with a giggle.

"That too could be a possibility."

"Hmmmm I hate to move, but I better put some clothes back on."

"Why? I like you like this!"

"Well, Linda and Emily will be back soon."

"So? You're a girl, they're girls. It's not like they didn't figure out what we were going to be doing. I saw the look Linda gave Emily when she suggested a shower."

"Well, just the same, I don't really need to be naked when they get back." She said as she leaned over to pick her shirt off the ground.

"Spoil sport!" I said.

"Besides, you don't want them seeing you naked, do you?"

"I don't really care one way or another. You know I'm not bashful."

"Well I care. I don't want them seeing you naked!" She said as she pulled her shirt on, but still sitting on my lap.

"Whatever you want sweetie." I said as I ran my hands up under her shirt again.

"Oh stop already. You're going to get me all turned on again!" She said with a giggle.

"That's the idea!" I said pushing her shirt up in the back so I could kiss her back.

"Oh stop it.!" She cried, getting up from my lap laughing while I held onto the tail of her shirt.

I got up as she tried to get away and I chased her around the fire a few times, never letting go of her shirt, I caught her, or she let herself be caught, over by the picnic table. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her gently, pulling her shirt up above her tits and then pulling her naked body against mine. She seemed to relax in the darkness that surrounded us as I squeezed her ass and kissed her face and then neck. I worked down her neck as I moved her to sit on the edge of the table top. I pushed her shirt up and off again so she was naked while I kissed and sucked her nipples. She rubbed my hair and made little cooing noises as I worked down to her pussy, gently kissing her body and thighs. I licked across her lips and clit getting a small moan from her lips.

"Oh god!" she moaned. "You better fuck me fast. They won't stay at the shower all night!"

"You mean like this?" I whispered as I stood up and put my now hard dick to her pussy lips. I pushed into her easily and quickly began stroking in and out of her while I played with her clit.

"Uh UH Ohhh Yes. Just like that!" she panted.

I really wanted her to have a good climax, since I came too soon the last time, so I concentrated on hitting her best spots while she leaned back on her elbows. She cried out once as her orgasm washed over her and she sat up and pulled me tight against her body, wrapping her legs around me. I could feel her pussy pulsing around my dick as her body shook with little tremors. "Oh god that felt good!" she whispered.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." I whispered back.

"Oh yes." She purred as she stroked my hair and kissed my neck. I stood there and held her for several minutes before I helped her put her shirt on. I was pretty sure the girls came back and watched us screwing, but I didn't want her to know, that would be way too embarrassing for her. My feelings were pretty much confirmed when they walked into camp only seconds after I had her shirt on, but she was still sitting with me buried in her pussy. Linda and Em walked into camp, freezing my wife in her position as they headed for their tent. They crawled in and had their backs to the door.

My wife quietly pushed me away, letting my hard dick slide from her pussy, and then slid off the table. She pulled her shirt down and pulled me by the hand around the table to our tent, pausing to bend down and open the zipper. Her ass and pussy stuck out from under her shirt as she moved, and I looked over to see Linda and Emily watching the two of us. I couldn't resist and pushed the head of my dick into her pussy, getting a squeak from her before she pulled off and half dove into the tent.

I bent over and followed her in, zipping just the mesh bug guard closed before lying down on the mattress. I rolled her onto her belly and pushed her legs apart before climbing on top of her. I knew from how she was laying that she couldn't see out the door, and I also knew that Linda and Emily were watching from their tent. I pushed my dick into her pussy again and she moaned appreciatively. I leaned my head down to hers while I started stroking slowly in and out of her.

"Do you think they saw us?" She asked.

"No. I think it was too dark." I lied, knowing full well that coming up the hill the fire illuminated where we were just fine.

"Good!" she said with a sigh.

"Do you want to cum again?" I asked her

"No, but I want to feel you cum inside me again."

"I can arrange that." I said as she started to pull her legs up under her so we were doggie style. I straightened up on my knees and started stroking in and out of her wet pussy, making sure to give the girls a good show. I looked over and saw Emily sitting in full view of me, completely naked, her fingers working in and out of her pussy. I pushed her shirt up until her swinging tits were in full view and spent several minutes stroking and playing with her nipples.

"Oh god." She moaned as another orgasm crept up on her. I felt her pussy pulsate as she shuddered, moaning loudly, but trying hard to be quiet. I started slamming into her pulsating pussy for all I was worth, our bodies slapping together loudly.

"Ohhhhhh" I groaned as I pushed deep into her and unloaded my cum into her, my dick pulsing and twitching in her hot confines. I didn't think it had much juice left to pump, but it made a valiant try. Together we moved forward so she was lying down with me on top.

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