tagGroup SexSurprised By Wife's Best Friend Ch. 07

Surprised By Wife's Best Friend Ch. 07


It had been nearly two weeks since our camping trip and I was starting to feel like my side action with Linda and Emily would go unnoticed. Somehow things never quite seem to go like you plan, and this appeared to be no exception. My wife had used my suburban to go buy groceries, a relatively normal occurrence. The surprise came when I walked in the door from work and my wife stood up to greet me.

"So did you have a good day?" she asked me.

"Actually, I think it went pretty well," I replied.

"Good. Maybe you can explain this then?" she asked, holding out her hand with a very tiny red swim suit hanging on her finger. It took me several seconds to recognize the tiny bit of material as the Speedo that Linda and Emily bought for me on the camping trip.

"Oh lord." I groaned, feeling like I was about to be nailed to a wall.

"Oh, so you do know it? Can you explain why there is a receipt in the bag with Linda's credit card on it?" She challenged with a very angry expression.

"Um... Remember when I took Linda to buy a new suit? She saw that and insisted that I buy it, and when I wouldn't, she bought it for me. She thought I'd look good in it." I said sweating out how this was going to go.

"OH? And have you tried it on to see how it's going to look?" She asked, her expression not softening much.

"No. Actually, I kind of forgot about it."

"Well, since she spent so much on it, maybe we should actually try it on and see how it looks then?" she asked, tossing the material at me.


"Yep. Right now!" She answered, walking over to sit on the sofa. "I'll wait while you put it on."

"Ok. If that's what you want," I answered as I walked off toward the bedroom. It only took me a few moments to change into the small suit and walk back out to see her, now wearing nothing but the tiny red bottoms.

"Wow... You do look pretty sexy in that." My wife said as she admired how I looked.

"I really couldn't wear it in public. It'd never cover me if I got a hardon." I said turning to go back and change.

"Hold on... Come back over here!" She said. "I'd kind of like to see that."

"What, you want to see my dick sticking out of it?"

"Sure, why not? I mean that might look kind of hot," She said, her anger evaporating while she looked at me.

"Oh so I'm just supposed to stand here and get a hardon for no reason?"

"Nope, you're just supposed to stand there and watch me and get a hardon," she said as she sat forward and pulled her t-shirt off, tossing it on the floor. She pulled her sports bra off, tossing it so it bounced off me, allowing her full tits to swing free. "Well, is that starting something?" She asked with a smile. Watching my dick slowly start to harden in my tiny suit, she undid her shorts and pushed them off with her underwear, wigging her butt on the sofa to work the material off, her tits swinging and wiggling as she did.

"I like that." I said as I gently stroked the slick material of the suit covering my hardening dick.

"No touching!" she said as she lifted her feet, still wearing her running shoes, and set them on the sofa so her legs were spread wide. "I want to see what it does."

"Ok," I answered as I watched her fingers move to her pussy and begin stroking her lips. This was far from what I would call 'normal' for her, but who was I to complain. Usually she wouldn't even come out of the bedroom naked, let alone undress and play with herself in the family room. It of course went a long way to increase how quickly my shaft was hardening, which was now sticking sideways in the suit, threatening to push right out the top waistband.

"Hmmmm Almost showing." She said as she stroked her fingers up and down her slit, which was growing wetter by the second.

"Oh god." I breathed quietly as I watched her push a finger into her pussy.

"I can see you really like this," she said huskily as my dick forced its way out of the confining material. You're dick really does look pretty hot sticking out like that."

"You like?" I asked her with my head and about three inches of dick now sticking out of the waistband.

"Oh yes. Come over here now." She said, pulling her fingers from her pussy and holding her hands out toward me.

I stepped over to her and she pulled the suit down until my dick was sticking out but my balls were still contained in the slippery material. She put her legs down and held her hands out for me to help her up, which I did. She turned around and bending over, pushed her ass against my rigid dick and her pussy against the material. "Ohhh that feels nice." She groaned as she wiggled her clit on the material. "Now put it in me."

I didn't have to be asked twice. I pressed my dick down as I moved back a few inches and engaged my head into her soaking wet tunnel.

"That's it," she said as she pushed back against me, rubbing her clit against the waistband of the material! "OH yes. Fuck me now!" she grunted as she ground against me.

Using her hips as leverage, I started sliding in and out of her wet tunnel, the material of the suit covering my balls pressing into her clit with each stroke. She arched her back down to push more of her pussy against the material, changing the angle of my dick inside her. "Oh fuck yes!" I groaned as my body quickly approached the impending climax.

"That's it! Almost there!" she squeaked as her tits swung around with each impact. "YES!" she groaned loudly as her body trembled and shuddered.

I felt her pussy contract around my dick, my own climax coming only two strokes later. My body jerked and twitched with each surge of cum that I gushed into her clenching pussy. "OH god." I grunted as my body jerked time and again, emptying a huge load of my juices into her.

When I had control of my body I turned us around and pulled her down with me to a sitting position on the sofa, managing to keep my dick stuffed into her pussy. I wrapped my arms around her and played with her tits and hard nipples while we both tried to catch our breaths.

"Too bad Linda won't get to see just how good I did look in this suit," I said with a laugh.

"Oh you are bad. I suppose you'd like to show off all you're wares to her, wouldn't you?" My wife said with a laugh.

"I didn't say that, I just said that it's too bad she won't get to see how I look in what she bought," I explained while my wife stroked my balls through the slick material now getting wet with our combined juices leaking from her pussy.

"Yep. It's a shame. You looked pretty hot with your dick sticking out the top like that. If she saw that she probably couldn't keep her hands off you."

"Well, maybe you understand how I feel when you're wearing sexy stuff then," I told her.

"Maybe," she said. "But for now we better put some clothes on. You never know who might walk in." she said as she stood up, unleashing a flood of our cum from her pussy. "You better let me wash those now too, they're soaked."

"If you want," I said, standing up and pushing the suit off and handing it too her. "Too bad you want to get dressed, I like seeing you running around the house naked."

"You're so bad," She said responded with a gentle slap on my naked ass!

"Uh huh," I answered as I turned and wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me, squeezing her tits to my chest. "But that doesn't change the fact that I love looking at your naked body!"

She leaned her face to mine and gave me a gentle but quick kiss on the lips. "I'm glad you like looking at my body after all these years."

"Never stopped loving it," I said as I kissed her back. "I'm just glad I can still turn you on."

"Well, that tiny little suit may have had something to do with it," She said with a grin. "Now go get some clothes on and help me put the rest of these groceries away."

"Yes maam," I said with a grin as I squeezed one of her nipples gently before turning to go find my clothes.


It was a few days later I got home from work and Nancy informed me we were going out to Linda's for dinner. I asked what was planned and she said swimming and bar-b-que down at the swimming hole and that she had everything packed. I changed into a pair of shorts and t-shirt and was ready to go.

We arrived at the swimming hole and Linda was already there with a charcoal grill going. To my surprise she was wearing the brown two piece suit that we got new bottoms for, instead of her more usual one piece suit.

"Hey Mike. Glad you could come!" Linda said cheerfully from the lounge chair she was sitting on next to the water.

"Hey Linda. How you doing today?" I called back.

"Pretty good. Why don't you get changed? There's plenty of time for a swim before we put the food on!" She called to us.

"Good idea," My wife responded! "Come on. I've got the bag." She said as she headed up one of the trails into the wood line. It was pretty common practice to change in the woods, since the only sandy spot on the lake, and the only really good swimming hole, was a long ways from the house. Today appeared to be no exception, and it was a normal outing, until I was standing there naked next to my wife, digging in the swim bag for my suit.

"Where's my suit," I asked her?

"It's in there," she said with a grin.


"Right there," she said pointing to the small red suit.

"You really want me to wear this," I asked incredulously, my dick already half hard just from standing around the woods naked with my wife for a few minutes.

"Unless you plan on going naked," she answered with a grin!

"Ok," I said as I stood up and pulled the tight material up my legs and stuffed my semi-hard dick into it.

"Ohhhh looks hot," she said, crouching down naked and reaching over to stroke my hardening dick through the material. "I figured since she bought it she might as well see what it looks like."

"She may get to see a lot more than that if you keep that up," I answered as I tried to will my dick to go down.

"If she does she does," Nancy said with a shrug. This was far from her normal behavior, especially with regard to me being seen by other women, but the hormone overload from her attention to my shaft was quickly dulling my senses in that direction.

"Ok. It's up to you," I said as I stuffed our clothes into the bag and pulled out our water shoes. The lake may have a sandy beach, but the land around it was rocky and not suitable for bare feet. I pulled out her swim suit but she took it from me and stuffed it back in the bag without putting it in.

"I don't think I'll need that," she said with a grin as she wrapped a towel around herself and stepped away, heading back to the lake with the bag in her hand.

I followed my naked wife down out of the woods to the lake, I could see Linda's eyes staring at both of us, but mostly the purple head of my dick that was already peaking over the waistband. I almost missed the fact that Linda was now sitting covered up with a large beach towel.

"So... what do you think of it," Nancy asked Linda as she took my hand and pulled me over so I was standing at the foot of the lounge chair facing Linda.

"Wow... I have to say that does look pretty hot," Linda said with a soft whistle.

"It does seem a bit small though, doesn't it," Nancy asked her, stepping behind me and wrapping her arms around me, one hand going to one of my nipples and the other stroking my dick with her fingertips, making it stick ever more prominently over the top.

"Maybe a little, but then I'm not complaining about the view," Linda replied, clearly looking at the head of my dick while my wife continued to gently stroke the material that still covered part of me.

"Well, you bought it, I thought you should have a chance to see how it looked," Nancy said as she moved her arms from around me. The next thing I saw was the towel she had wrapped around herself flying off toward the picnic table. She took my hand and pulled me down to the water and stepped in, pulling me along while I looked at Linda, pulling her towel off and getting up from the chair, completely naked. "Might as well look. I figure fair is fair after all." She said to me before Linda caught up to us. "So what do you think of it," My wife asked Linda?

"Like I said pretty hot," she responded as she stepped close to us and reached out and gently stroked a finger up the material and across the exposed part of my dick.

"So, if no one was going to stop you, what would you do with someone in a suit like this," Nancy asked Linda as she stroked her finger up along my hard dick again.

"Well, if it wasn't your husband, I'd probably try to either get the suit the rest of the way off or try to have sex with him. I mean it's pretty hard to ignore that dick sticking out like that." Linda said as she stroked one finger back and forth across my engorged head. "What would you do?"

"Well, if he wasn't my husband I would certainly try to stroke it or see more of it. That is if he would let me." Nancy answered. "So would you?" she asked, looking directly at my face while her hand joined Linda's stroking my cock through the tiny suit.

"Since this is all just hypothetical, how could I resist two beautiful naked women wanting to touch me?" I answered, wondering what was exactly going on.

"So let's just pretend this once that you're not," Nancy said quietly.

"HUH? Not what" I asked, my eyes the size of saucers?

"My husband. You always wanted to do some role playing, so why not? She paid for it, she must have wanted to see you in it. Might as well let her have some fun with it to."

"You want me to have sex with Linda?"

"Nope... I want you to have sex with both of us," Nancy said seriously. "I know the fantasy of every man is to have two women at once. Don't think I didn't see Linda teasing you and grabbing your dick while we were camping, and don't think I didn't notice you enjoying the attention. So here's your chance. Let's just pretend we're all back in college and still single. You can do whatever you want to both of us, but... you have to please both of us. If I walk away feeling left out or shorted you won't be a happy camper."

"I think I can accept that," I answered, putting an arm around them both and pulling them against me. "Any other requirements?"

"Just one," Linda said quietly. "You have to leave the suit on until I take it off of you."

"Ok," I answered, stroking my hand up and down both of their backs and across their round asses. My wife pulled my face to hers and kissed me sensuously while I allowed my hand to roam around Linda's body. I felt like asking my wife what had gotten into her, but that thought lasted less than a fraction of a second. For years I had tried to get her to have sex with me at the lake, or to skinny-dip, and here I was getting half a dozen fantasies at the same time.

I lost touch with Linda moments before I felt a mouth close around the head of my dick as the material was pulled down enough to free my cock but not my balls. I moved my now free hand to Nancy's body and stroked her tits before letting my hand trail down her bent over body to her crotch and gently stroke her pussy lips from behind, while Linda worked her mouth up and down my shaft.

"I think we should go out to the swim platform," I said, breaking the kiss.

"Good idea. I want to feel you eat me out while I watch Linda ride on your fat cock." My wife said quietly.

I reached down and pulled Linda up, and guided both of them to deeper water where we had to swim to the floating platform. I followed both of them up the ladder, admiring how Linda's pussy looked, this time not having to pretend not to see.

Once on the platform I lay down and guided my wife until she was crouching over my face. I licked and sucked her wet pussy lips while I reached up with my hands and found her big tits, squeezing and rolling her nipples as I played with her body. "Ohhhhh" I groaned into her pussy as I felt Linda's wet tunnel sink down over my shaft. I had absolutely no idea how long I was going to be able to hold off as Linda began sliding up and down slowly.

"That's it... right there!" My wife cooed as I worked my tongue across her clit. "So nice."

I licked and sucked her hard nub while I played with her tits, finally bringing her to a shuddering climax that flooded my mouth with her sweet juices.

"Ohhhh that was nice." Nancy said as she moved off my face and lay down next to me. I could now see Linda's face as she rode my rod, her head tilted back and her face pointing to the sky while her chest heaved and her somewhat smaller tits bounced enticingly in time with her strokes.

I reached up and cupped both her tits in my hands, allowing her nipples to stick out between my fingers so I could squeeze them while I squeezed her tits. Her orgasm came over her almost suddenly, her body shuddering and shaking while she made a single long low groan. I continued to gently squeeze both her soft mounds while her body shook and trembled, her pussy clenching and spasming around my hard dick. After what seemed like several minutes, she leaned forward and looked down at me. "Ok. Fill me up now." She practically pleaded.

She lifted herself up on her knees to allow me to stroke up into her and I began humping my hips up, driving my dick in and out of her pussy. My wife moved over and began to kiss and suck one of my nipples, making me groan and pump up even harder.

My climax came with a jerk, slapping my hips up into Linda so hard it lifted her off the deck, my cock squirting cum deep into her pussy. She cried out once in pleasure and then let her weight settle on me, my body jerking and my dick pumping cum deep into her pussy as her body shuddered with a second small orgasm.

"Very nice." My wife said quietly as she lay her head on my chest. "Now you have to get hard again so you can do that to me."

"It may take a few minutes," I said quietly, "But I can promise you I'll be more than happy to fuck you silly more than once this evening."

"Good. Maybe we should go cook some food while he rests?" My wife asked Linda.

"As long as you two stay naked," I said from under Linda.

"That can be arranged," Linda said with a smile. "I'll stay naked as long as you keep trying to put that dick in me."

My wife laughed a she got up and climbed down the ladder into the water. Linda climbed off of me and pulled the suit down my legs, making me as naked as they were.

"There, that seems a bit more fair," she said with a grin. My wife was quite a ways from the platform when Linda knelt down over me again and whispered to me. "When she asked if I wanted to see you in the suit I had no idea what she was thinking. When she told me she saw me grabbing your dick I was worried. I haven't told her that we screwed, or that Em was part of it either."

"Ok. I'll leave that for you to decide if and when."

"Ok." She said as she leaned down and kissed me gently on the lips.

"Come on you two. Don't make me swim back out there and get you." My wife called as she waded naked back toward the shore.

Linda climbed off of me and dove into the water, leaving me alone on the platform. I took the easy way and climbed down the ladder and did a breast stroke until I could walk. I waded up the shore and climbed out, water streaming from my body.

"That looks sexy," my wife said, walking over with a towel. Instead of drying me off she wrapped it around my neck, and pulled my face to hers to kiss me again. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her soft tits against my chest and returned her enthusiastic kiss.

"Make sure you're fair to both of us now." She said with a giggle when she let go of the towel.

"Yes maam," I responded quietly as I stepped over to where Linda was setting hamburgers on the grill. I wrapped my arms around her and played with her tits, gently squeezing and stroking them while she worked.

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