Surprised Him


I wanted to surprise my hubby at work. He had a real bitch day from what I heard when he called. Dumb machines breaking and customers being difficult and the boss taking too much of his time to boot. On top of everything he had to work past closing time, just to be able to get the machine running for the next day. I just had to cheer him up. I know he would have appreciated me just coming up and talking with him for a few minutes, but I just couldn't stand knowing, he was having a bad day.

His work area is in relatively tucked away place, but is also right in front of the store. Kind of weird, describing it that way but it's true. It really looks as if it is just one long wall with a big window cut out so people could be helped. His tallest machine, a photo printing machine, runs the same direction as the counter, so everything that goes on behind it is almost out of sight. Well, it's is for people like me, who aren't as tall as he is. The other runs along one wall and isn't very useful for what I had in mind. His supply closet is small but is totally hidden from view of anyone who might walk by, even if the door is wide open.

My initial idea was to wear a coat, nothing underneath, in to the store and surprise him with a little nudity, a little flirting, yes, we still do that, and brighten his day. I know this would do the trick because, he absolutely loves my body. I've caught him watching me sleep, not letting him know, with his hand gliding just above the surface of my skin. Just high enough to tickle the little hairs on me but not really touch me. He can do this for hours. A nice quick grab of my ass as I'm getting into the car or trying to look down my shirt, like a school boy or something. Oh yes, I can't forget to mention that he usually tells me at least 10 times a day and don't forget the bulge he gets just from me kissing him. All the flashing does for him is multiply all this and everything else by about 1000 times! Any way, it was a great idea, except, it is summer and summers here are murder. That meant, no coat. I couldn't let this opportunity go by but how to pull it off.

I could wear his favorite skirt, plaid school girl type that was too long button up sun nighty, that I pretend is a dress...none seemed quite right. I almost decided on my black voyeur body suit, that I stalk the neighborhoods with, but it was hell to peel out of...My white lace cover that went over my wedding dress. We use it all the time for doing lighting photography. It is completely see through, but not. At night, I could wear it around and no one would be the wiser, but under the lights of the store, he would be able to see me easily. That is what I was going to wear!

I didn't call him ahead of time or he would have known something was up, but I had to be careful about how busy the store was, even late sometimes it could be very busy, and this is where he works, hell if one of his co-workers saw me, he would never live it down or might even get fired or something. Pulling into the parking lot, I noticed only a few cars, that meant that it wasn't busy. I pulled close to the door that leads to his area the fastest and parked. Crossing the lot and reaching the door, it wouldn't open, damn! After 10:00pm the locked this door. Forgot that damn it. That meant walking down to the other door and then all the way across the front of the store again to get to where he was at. Well, if I was quick maybe no one would notice.

I guess fate was really on our side tonight because there was only one register open an she was busy trying to help an older lady with some coupons or something and didn't even see me go by. I walked over to his counter and didn't see him, knocked and he still didn't come. Wasn't in here I guess, probably went to the back for something, well, I would just have to surprise him double wouldn't I.

I quickly opened the door to his area and shut it behind me, just in time to hear someone walk right by it. I hurried into his supply closet and looked around. Not really as clean as I hoped but it would do. Taking off the lace cover I was wearing I could feel my heart beating so hard that I thought it was going to explode. This was one of the more daring things I'd done and was very nervous. Getting caught here was not an option. Setting my cover to one side I now stood naked in a store, waiting for him to come back, just hoping he didn't have anyone with him. I turned the light out in the closet and opened the door so I could see for sure if anyone was with him when he came back, not that it would have really mattered, I would still be naked, but it made me feel better any way. I positioned myself so I could see people walking by and it suddenly seemed that it got much busier than it had been when I came in. Standing there, I could feel myself getting wetter by the minute.

After what seemed like an eternity, I heard the door to his area open. My heart had just began to slow down and now it was back at full force, threatening to burst my chest open again. I stepped back from the light into the darkness. I had been in here before when he was working and knew that it was difficult to see anyone standing here if the light wasn't on. He walked by me and went about what he was doing for a moment. Suddenly he stopped, stood up right and looked directly at me with this real dumb founded look on his face. Not really doing anything just looking, I guess to be sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing. Then he came to me, stepped into the darkness with me and slipped his hands around the small of my bare back, kissing me deeply. His hands moving all over my back in slow deliberate strides and then cupping my ass cheeks. Damn it felt good to have him touch me. I could feel the bulge in his pants getting larger by the second. He stood back and admired me like he was seeing me naked for the first time, I loved it.

"What are you doing, baby doll?" he asked me under his breath, as to not draw any attention our way.

"I just wanted to surprise you and this is the only thing I could come up with, did I not surprise you?" I asked him with a fake pout.

"Surprise me? You damn near gave me a heart attack! I want to do you right here and now." still under his breath.

I just hopped up on the freezer that is in his store room, spread my legs and pulled my pussy lips apart. It didn't take me asking him or anymore words, he dropped to his knees and buried his face in my pussy and sucked my clit between his teeth and lashed at it with his tongue, damn that felt good, I wanted to scream and moan as load as I could, I settled for biting my lower lip and running my hands into his hair and pushing his face into me harder, grinding his face against me, I'm surprised I didn't smother him.

Bringing me close to a huge orgasm he suddenly stopped. I held onto his hair, not wanting him to, I was so close! He would have it though and stood up and pulled me close to him, I wrapped my legs around his waist and we kiss like new lovers for several minutes. Pulling away he pulled me off the freezer and turned me around, with my ass in the air, I spread my legs just wanting for him. It didn't take him long before he had his dick out and at the slits of my pussy. he teased me with his head by running it up and down my pussy lips, being sure to hit my now very sensitive clit, I might add. He circled my clit for a moment then back up and without any warning him drove it into me all the way and nearly caused me to scream at the top of my lungs. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, but it still caught me off guard.

Pumping into me like a locomotive I was surprise that no one heard the slapping of him hitting my ass with each thrust. When he reached around and started playing with my nipples that was just about it, I wanted to cum and I wanted to now! He turned me to the left some which took me away from the freezer and I reached for the wall and started pushing against his thrust, matching him with each stride. I stuck my fingers into my mouth and then found my clit, that was it, no more waiting, I was cumming and it was coming fast. What sent me over the edge was feeling his nails dig into my hips and pulling me into him hard, he was cumming as well and as soon as I felt the first wad of his load hit me inside, I came! Writhing around and bucking like a newly ridden horse, it took all I had not to make too much noise.

Before I was done he quickly pulled out and rammed straight into my ass, let me tell you, I wasn't prepared for that, my legs were getting weak from all the other and he goes and does that! He nearly pushed me through he wall, because my arm gave way and I might have been pissed if I wasn't so damn hot and so fucking horny for more. I just let he ass fuck me until I felt strong enough to push myself off the wall then I started matching his thrusts again. It was my turn to stop him this time, I felt his dick swelling and I hopped off him before he could ram me again, grabbed him by the hair and pushed him to his knees and told him to eat me and to do it now! He never argues about eating my pussy, he would do it 4 or 5 times a day if I let him. While he was bringing me to my next climax I ran my hands over my body, feeling the sweat against my skin and that's when I noticed we weren't alone.

There was a young woman crouched behind his machine so no one could see her, she was wear a skirt and had it pushed up to her waist and was fingering herself while watching us. I know all the girls that work for him and I didn't recognize this one. She looked to be about 20 with jet black hair, very attractive. I couldn't tell much more about her, because of the way she was crouched, but who cares, she was watching us fuck and it sent a new thrill to my loins. She hadn't noticed that I had seen her until I blew a kiss at her. At first she started to get up and bolt for the door, but I shook my head no and put one finger to my lips as to tell her not to go any where or say anything.

I looked down at my husband eating away at me and my fingers about an inch apart. I mouth the words, "I'm so close" to her and she acknowledge that she was too. I started rubbing my body again, very sensual like and she unbuttoned her shirt a little and played with her nipples while staring directly into my eyes. It was a very intense moment and then he did it again, sucked my clit between his teeth, bit down slightly, and the sweet pain that followed sent me to another world. I started cumming and I grabbed his hair with such force that he couldn't have moved if I were choking the life out of him. I managed to open my eyes enough to see our guest had sat down on her ass with her legs spread as far apart as she could and had her eyes closed tightly while biting her lip and pumping 3 fingers into her nicely trimmed pussy.

My hands released his hair and he quickly got up, good thing too, I was just about to hit the floor when he caught me and bent me over the freezer again. Damn, He was going to fuck me some more, I couldn't take it any more without letting the entire store know. He didn't though, he pulled me back far enough to have access to my throbbing pussy and he wiped my entire body with a nice cool rag. It felt so good, and it sent chills and other sparks through my entire body when he reached my pussy. When he turned me over and sat me up, I looked for our guest, but she had gone. I looked at him and wondered if he ever saw her and started to ask be for some reason didn't. I just let him cool me off.

After he had finished, I told him, "I guess I had better go."

"Not without me, I'll just leave my car and I'll drive you home." he replied with a tone that meant no discussion. Hell, normally that might had bothered me but not right now, maybe I could get him to fuck me again on the way...yeah, a new spark hit me and my body started to get excited again. I want him to fuck me standing in front of my car with the high beams on, and see if he can cum and make me cum again before anyone drives by. I just smiled at him and kissed him gently on the lips, he gave me his little smirk grin and I knew that he wanted more. Now all I have to do is get out of the store again without causing to much of a scene. I wonder where the hell that girl went.

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