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Surprising Dowdy Dani


I hope someone can divine why my muse ejected me from bed and pressured me to write this. I haven't a clue. It is a fun read too. You may want to read the story behind this story which is appended, for now.


Gary and Daniella, Dani to most folks, had invited Sue and me to a casual card game and dinner. Two of Gary's younger friends were still there, helping him with the same car that had crushed Gary's legs two months ago. Gary asked them to join us, so they laid a thick 4x8' plywood sheet on the basement Bumper Pool table over some towels to protect the rails. Dani pulled a painter's tarp over the makeshift table and covered it all with a heavy tablecloth. The conversion was so fast and smooth that it must be a frequent happening. Gary cleaned up and used the small elevator, which accessed all three levels of their Colonial home, to go down to the well-finished basement playroom.

Dowdy Dani finished preparing finger foods, salad and frozen pizza then sent it all down on a small table in the tiny elevator. While the two friends cleaned up, Sue and I helped Dani set the 'table'. Neither of us commented on the extreme improvement in Dani's appearance despite the long, somber, charcoal dress.

We'd only known the couple three months, yet in all that time we rarely saw Dani dressed in anything but the most conservative and bulky clothes. With her hair always up in a bun, and her long, bland sweaters and skirts, we had to assume she hid some figure tragedy or was extremely shy. She earned her 'dowdy' nickname with her uptight appearance that nearly tripled her real age. Her face, hands and ankles were the only skin normally showing and they all looked young.

After setting out the food, Dani changed into a snug, yellow print dress that hugged her shocking curves and flattered her amazing figure. She had dropped and combed straight her chestnut hair so it accentuated her already beautiful face. The alluring, front opening dress was held closed by just five big buttons spaced between the low, square-cut top that exposed two inches of deep cleavage, and about six inches above the hem. Each footstep daringly revealed a fetching knee and hinted at a slim and shapely thigh. When she paraded down the stairs, teasing us with the hope of seeing what she wore under the sexy dress, my wife whistled at her. She blushed silently, but smiled at the compliment. I stealthily licked my lips in hopes of tasting this new Dani. Gary smiled broadly at all the attention his scene-stealing wife got. She glowed crimson and asked, "Ohhhhh, maybe I should change into jeans and a sweater?"

All of us nearly shouted at once, "Don't you dare!" As she made her way into the room, the gaps between buttons constantly opened and proved she wore no slip and probably no bra. I stared at her. "Wow! You clean up really, really well." escaped my lips before I could censure myself.

Gary beamed, "It was my idea to let you all in on the secret of her beautiful body. Outside, she has to stay completely covered because she's so sensitive to sunlight. I often call her my little vampire, which has nothing to do with her urge to suck." We giggled and squirmed at the surprisingly revealing and unnecessary comment. "She's also shy about exposing her flawless, porcelain skin. I told her I wanted to see lots of skin tonight. She has no tolerance for booze, so if we get her drinking, we might see ALL her skin." Now THAT was a tantalizing thought!

Sue complained, "Now I feel like a slob in my shorts and tube top. I better go change."

Gary shouted, "Don't you dare!" echoing the earlier demand of his wife. "It was your long, sexy, slim legs and abs so beautifully exposed that pushed me to insist that Dani expose herself to us. So you can't change your clothes, but you CAN remove them, if that helps you." The tent in his pants revealed his preference.

"Gary! Stifle yourself and put your pickle away." Dani's shocked outburst pulled all eyes to Gary's crotch.

Sue giggled, "Don't hold your breath for that!" She hesitated, unsure if she were ready to reveal secrets, before she added, "We don't know you well enough to go there ...yet." Dani's eyebrows shot up. The surprising twinkle in her popping eyes said she was more than just a little interested in the possibilities. Was there a suppressed sexual side to this uptight beauty?

"Since Gary crushed his legs, we haven't had any really satisfactory sex. So many positions cause him too much pain and stop us cold. I've even been afraid to undress in front of him lest he gets too aroused and hurt himself. It's been very frustrating for both of us." I held my tongue as I pondered how to best use all that info later to all our advantages.

Sue didn't hold back, "So THAT's why you're both so horny tonight! Don't bother denying it. Maybe we can help you both later." She stared shamelessly into Gary's eyes. The not so subtle innuendo was lost on no one. Her blunt suggestion opened the door to unhindered flirting.

The two squeaky clean twins came into the room just then and stereo wolf whistles escaped before they could stop themselves. With ogling, bulging cartoon eyes, Bill blurted out. "Dani! OMG! You look great. So sexy, so beautiful, so naked...for you."

Bob added, "WOW! Yeah, WOW! I've never seen you show so much skin. What a fine figure you've been hiding under all those bulky clothes. We heard your last comments about horny frustrations and we are volunteering to help relieve them any way we can. ...soon, I hope."

"Down boys or I'll have to get out my whip! Kidding. I haven't used that in years." The unexpected comment showed she had a real sense of humor and could be frisky.

Sue, pretending offense, said, "What am I chopped liver?"

Bill chimed in, "I love chopped liver, but you are far more than that. Bob and I have drooled over your little outfit immediately, but were too polite to mention it. But with all this flirty sex talk and bare skin around here, I'll admit you had us worried about resisting you. We, ummm, even made a bet..."

"Don't tell them about that Bill." blurted Bob.

"Why not? Maybe the ladies will help us settle it. The bet is who would come first, in or out of our pants."

"I don't think watching you idiots whack off over our wives will relieve our problem." said Gary. Then more daringly, "Unless, maybe, you're really standing over them and whacking off. I might get off watching that. They might even give you a hand... or mouth... or..."

"Don't even finish that thought, you pig." Dani's protest didn't carry any convincing force... just the proper defensive words. The brothers hadn't stopped scrutinizing Dani and she didn't protest the admiration.

"Let's pick this up after dinner." I suggested. So we ate, teased and drank. Following Gary's suggestion, I kept refilling Dani's glass of wine. I sat between Dani and my wife. We couldn't get our knees under the pool table, so we either leaned in or took the plates into our laps and sat upright, away from the edge. The twins put themselves at the corners nearest Sue and Dani so they could stare at four beautiful, bare legs. We let Gary have the whole opposite side of the table to himself... ostensibly for his wheelchair. He caught us all leering at his surprisingly alluring and now tipsy wife.

My beautiful Sue felt left out and ignored again. They had all seen her catching rays in our front yard in her tiniest bikini. Some may have even seen more of her, but no one had ever seen so much luscious bare skin offered by Dani. Each time she leaned forward, her snug dress slid up her shockingly shapely thigh. The six-inch slit below the last button teased all the male heart rates to extremes, but the sliding gap kept halting conversation until it stopped climbing. She reveled in the sudden silences and attention. I caught her flipping her nipple length ...I mean chest low hair that still framed her angelic yet horny face. She caught and held my eye until she purposely and slowly crossed a leg over her knee. She could not miss my eyes blinking and fighting to stay on her face before losing the battle and gawking stupidly at her great gambs! Sue gently put her hand on my thigh and loudly whispered, "Stop drooling already." She rested her chin on my left shoulder.

I turned to kiss her and saw Bill stroking her bare thigh from her knee to just UNDER her shorts. She abandoned that leg to him. Dani uncrossed her legs and the bottom button slipped open. She didn't close it, so another four inches of tantalizing thigh were exposed to all but her husband. She sat with her knees slightly apart as even my wife stared at her legs. Dani stood, plate in hand, and innocently asked if anyone wanted more food. What food? There's food? When she stood, she held onto the open part of the dress closest to me. The result was that as she slowly stood, that hem went up with her hand, exposing nearly all of her bare thigh to me and Sue, just inches from my face and hands. She tucked the hem under so it stuck.

Sue lurched against me and I suspected Bill had gotten even more daring with my wife, but I still couldn't stop staring at the amazingly shapely, shy ass and fully bared leg next to me. Dani took a half step back without looking and bumped her soft ass against my shoulder. She held it pressed lightly against me and clenched her butt. What an amazing offer. As if in a slow motion dream, I watched my right hand stretch out to the beautiful bared leg.

Gary could see his wife's ass touching me. Since he smiled, I had to believe his sweat pants were about to burst and he had worked out some kind of seduction plan with his hot, horny wife. I could only hope. What else could I do but play along and help them. See, THAT's what friends are for. My hand touched her bare knee and she flinched, but stared silently at Gary.

Sue lurched again, one hand on my shoulder, but the other moved up dangerously close to my stiffened tool. As my hand slid up Dani's leg under her dress, I looked at Sue. She watched my hand slowly climb Dani and breathe deeply even as her hand crushed my stoney rod. I saw Bill's hand completely under Sue's shorts, obviously stroking her groin. Her leg was widespread to give him third bas access, over or under her panty I couldn't tell. She was engrossed and her eyes half lidded.

I moved my left hand above my right on Dani's bare, nervous leg then brushed open her dress around the back of that tasty thigh and held it open with my right hand. My left hand advanced up the front of her firm thigh as my right climbed the back and finally, tenderly caressed her muscular ass. She gasped lightly. Gary watched me hold and squeeze his wife's sweet ass. By then, my left hand was visible above the table so everyone saw it slip high under the dress. A little leveraged pressure in the right place popped open another button. The dress was now angled open to her groin and we all saw her DAMP, lacy, tiny bikini. I turned her toward me for a better view. She still stared at her husband. He was locked on his wife's exposed panty and his shoulders were jerking in an obvious way. Everyone was still locked on to the beautiful Dani, even Bill though he frequently gawked at Sue's tits or shorts.

When I saw Gary startle and freeze as he glanced at Sue, I looked too. Bill had just pushed her tube top to her waist. Gary was surprised at how firmly my wife's tiny titties popped over the camouflaging tube top. One at a time, her tantalizing nearly B-cups jumped out and stood tall and proud. Whenever they came out, her perfect, tall nipples always stole the attention from her teensy teat. Bill already had a tasty nipple in his mouth while still fingering my wife.

She, meanwhile, had run her hand under my shorts and was warmly squeezing my aching manhood. She had wormed it out of my briefs and was just pulling it out of a loose short's leg. Quickly, she pushed the shorts aside and stood my stiff cock up for everyone but Gary to see. She like displaying my hard dick almost as much as exposing her pussy.

Dani turned to see what could possibly have stolen Gary's gaze and attention from someone new groping his wife. My hands on her body and under her dress should still be demanding his focus. She gasped in shock. She was being so daring, so far beyond her comfort level, yet here were bared tits and cock next to her. Bill was squeezing his dick thru his pants while awkwardly sucking Sue's bare tit while also pumping his finger inside her shorts. Ahh, the elegance of multitasking. As if that wasn't enough to shock her, Sue was licking and pumping my exposed cock. She offered it to Dani as Gary watched.

Paralyzed with wide-open mouth and eyes, she didn't notice, or maybe ignored, Bob who was furtively opening the last two buttons on Dani's dress. The top button was just below her nipples, so when opened, it revealed how full and deep her tit flesh went. Her heavy mammaries were supported by a narrow push-up bra that made her full C-cups proffer themselves as full, lusty Ds. Bob opened the last button and the dress fell wide open. Gary sighed. She quickly dropped the plate and pulled the dress closed - briefly. Three disappointed men moaned. That and the sight of my exposed cock in Sue's mouth, her bare tits in Bill's mouth and Bill's finger pumping Sue's pussy all convinced her the time had come. She released the dress and let it fall open. Bob caught it and slid it down her arms then draped it over a chair. Her astoundingly fit and pale body glowed with a heavenly halo around it. She opened her arms toward Gary to show she was hiding nothing, surrendering all to us.

Gary, Bob and Sue could then see my left hand nudge her legs apart, my right hand polishing her shapely ass over the large, lacy panty back. My left hand finally reached its heavenly goal. It lightly stroked the moist delta, up then across her swollen camel toe and obviously turgid clit. My breathing sped up as Dani watched my straining staff explode in Sue's mouth. She caught all three bursts, but didn't swallow. We all watched her roll over and pull Bill to her for a long, wet kiss.

She passed my cum into his mouth and held him by the neck so he couldn't escape. His eyes bulged and he grunted, but Sue kept her tongue in his mouth. He pulled his hand from her cunt to help him pull away. The three fingers glistening with my wife's pussy juice removed all doubt if he was inside my wife. Gary grunted loudly and emptied his balls at the sight.

Dani froze with her hand over her mouth. Again, she didn't notice Bob unhook her bra. She instinctively dropped her arms to let the bra fall away. Bob put it with her dress and added his pants, shirt and briefs to the stack. I turned her fully to me to behold this incredibly beautiful creature and admire her classic, perfect bosoms and inhale her intoxicating, womanly aromas. "Sue, come smell her. She's so hot and wet, and she smells like heaven on pot." I rubbed my nose and tongue against Dani's still panty-clad pussy. However I feared disappointment over what MUST surely be the ugly deformity the panty hid for her husband not to want to spend his life inside this incredible beauty.

I looked back at Sue. Bill apparently had swallowed my cum and was just then pulling her tube top, shorts and panty off her ankles in one smooth motion. There laid my beautiful, naked wife on her back, her tits flat against her chest, her legs spread wide. She offered her wet, aromatic cunt to Bill's mouth. "Busy here, dear. I want him to push some of your cream into my pussy then lick it all out. After I cum, I'll come check her snatch. Get her panty off already. You know we all want to see if her pussy is perfect too. Mine is wide open for you all, but I want to see hers." She truly spoke for all of us.

Dani gasped again at the lewd sight and the unavoidable, impending loss of her final barrier to her remaining modesty. Bob and my wife were completely naked, my dick was throbbing and exposed, Gary had worked his pants to his ankles and was slowly stroking his stiffie and Dani's big tits were free and exposed though Bob was mauling them. "Gary, is THIS what you wanted? Me naked, your friends touching me while others screw?"

"All that and much more, my love. You still aren't actually naked though. Ooops..." Since Sue spoke, I pushed Dani's legs farther open, ran my hand high between them and up to her lusty mound and ass. I pressed my mouth over her steamy pussy and sucked her elixir from her panty. She shuddered as my nose nudged her clit and I sucked her pussy. Not yet noticed by her, my fingers found her panty waist and crawled inside the final roadblock to her wanton nakedness. Still pressing my tongue firmly against her while trying to push the panty into her wet cunt, I pulled the back down, over her rear. I could only imagine the bare perfection that only Bob and Gary could see. For now, my hands used a braille method to look at her smooth, tight ass. I tugged the panty front down over a very hairy crotch, but only to her hard clit. Though unshaped, her bush was clipped to about half an inch. I paused when I exposed her clit.

Gary groaned when he saw his wife's hair exposed. "I never thought it would really go this far or I would have insisted she shave her pussy. Though there's a lot to be said for a little hair. I didn't think she'd show more than a bare leg and a glimpse into her cleavage, but you guys are wild. My dick is so happy she got caught up in your debauchery. I certainly never expected to see Sues expose her tits, or naked or being fucked by Bill. Look, sweetheart, four hard cocks all exposed because of you. I hope you believe me now that you are so beautiful and desired by any breathing man."

Dani blushed again at the admiration, "Shut up Gary. You're just saying that." I again pressed my nose against her clit. After one last slurp thru her panty, I pulled it just below her lips. I was the only one who could see this naked wonder and I took a moment to treasure it. The flowery, heavenly aroma clouded around my nose and I slowly inhaled it deeply. I felt dizzy from it. Dani reached for her panty. Did she want it back up, or down? I held her hand still on the rolled rim.

"Please, Dani, let me savor the moment and your divine fragrance, let it be all mine a little longer." She looked surprised that anyone would want to see, touch, smell or taste her 'piss hole', as she called it. "I hope that isn't what Gary calls this treasure. I think my wife has the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen, but yours is a strong competitor for that title."

Hearing our whispers, Gary spoke out, "Certainly not what I call it. She demeans it, saying it's ordinary and everyone has one. So tonight, I wanted to show her that you all appreciate her beauty and that wonderful treasure, even if that meant I had to flaunt her naked body to you or share her with you. My injury hasn't clouded my appreciation of her and doesn't solely drive my lust for her. I just haven't been able to please her as she should be, so I decided to share her with friends I trust. I want to watch her cum with each of you anyway you like. I want to see her cum face again. Satisfy her and you'll satisfy me." A sincere tear of love dropped off his cheek.

Silently, I pushed her legs closer so I could finally drop her panty to the floor. Bob picked it up for the clothes pile. He licked then kissed her ass, spread her high, firm cheeks against some resistance and licked her sphincter. She lurched her crotch into my face. I licked and sucked it while Bob moved to sucking her tit. She groaned in Gary's direction. "I've never been fondled like this by two men in a room full of people. Everyone watching, including my husband, is making me nervous, but it IS thrilling."

As my hand found and stretched a nipple perched on a supple and firm hill, I split her swollen, wet, hairy lips open with my nose then tongue. She spread her legs and my fingers held her lips open while I licked every bit of her I could reach. I pushed one, then two fingers into her tight, heavenly, ignored-for-months hole and rocked them slowly in and out. My fingers went up each side wall and across the bottom. She moaned and clenched my fingers. Still standing, she twisted and pulled her nipple, groaned and vibrated in a long slow shake. "There's your first orgasm tonight, my love." Gary said. He had removed all his clothes and moved his chair close to us to better observe his wife. While Bob sucked her tit and I fingered and ate her, he reached out to stroke and assiduously admire her flushed ass and tits.

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