Surprising Mom Ch. 1


I lapped up all the juices that were flowing out of my mom until she was cleaned up. I got up on my moms bed and sat up on the top of the headboard. My legs were spread and my cock was hanging down between my legs.. I made sure the camera would be able to see me. My mom got up on her knees and knelt between my legs. She just starred at my cock. She slowly moved closer, the whole time examining every inch of my manhood. My mom moved closer and dragged her tongue in one strip from the tip of my cock to the base. Oh my god, that felt like heaven.

My mom repositioned herself so she was looking up at me as she now opened her mouth and accepted my member. She began by sucking on my head, the whole time gazing lustfully into my eyes. My erection was full blown now. My mom moved higher on her knees and began bobbing her head up and down, taking only about half of my length into her mouth. I reached out and ran my fingers through my moms hair and held on to her head as she was blowing me, her son. I gazed over into the mirror of her vanity and just watched her as she knelt before me sucking my cock.

My mom was making gurgling noises in her throat as she began taking more of me into her mouth. My balls began to tighten and I knew I was going to cum, and real soon. I looked down at my mom and held her head as I began to thrust my hips as my orgasm began. I started fucking my moms mouth and the first gob of cum rushed through my cock towards her mouth. Wave after wave of my orgasm rocked through my body. My moms mouth never pulled off of me as she swallowed the entire load except for a slight dribble out of the corner of her mouth. I checked my positioning on the bed and glanced at the spy camera making sure that I was in range. It was perfect. I now had a video of my mom giving me head and swallowing.

But I wasn't finished yet. I moved on the bed and turned my mom part sideways on the bed on her hands and knees so the camera could get a good erotic view of us. I moved behind my mom and began to slide my semi hard cock up and down in her soft ass crack. With in moments it was totally hard again. My mom had already spread her legs and was reaching up between them for my cock. She grabbed a hold of it and guided it into her steaming hot box. My mom let out a moan then a sigh as I slowly began to slide into her. I heard my mom moan "oh yeah baby fuck mommy, fuck mommy hard". With that I grabbed her hips and began to thrust in and out. Gradually I picked up the pace. I slid one hand around and fondled her breasts while the other hand remained on her hip. Then with the other hand I decided to be a little risqué. I slapped my moms ass with it. This really turned my mom on so I slapped her ass again.

Now her slight moans turned to grunts and her hips began to thrust back at me. I slid my other hand from her tits to her bush. I began to rub her clit as my cock fucked her and my other hand slapped her ass. The third slap on her ass caused her to scream "oh yes" and she began to cum. My mom popped out one orgasm after another. I couldn't believe how kinky my own mother was. Here I was giving my mom a string of multiple orgasms as I kept on slapping her ass. She kept screaming and cumming.

After about ten minutes of non stop orgasms I flipped my mom on to her back. I grabbed her ankles and raised her legs high onto my shoulders and moved my cock to her waiting wet pussy. My mom grabbed my cock and guided it into her wet hole. I began to pump in and out of her hard. The noises of my cock pounding in and out of her pussy along with my balls slapping against her ass hole were intoxicating. I couldn't stand it any longer. Just as my mom began to cum she screamed out "oh my god, I'm gonna cum again" With that I felt my balls tighten. My mom had an extremely strong orgasm which caused her to scream out quite loudly.

I began to feel that tingle in my toes which was telling me I was on the verge of cumming too. Just as I couldn't hold it in any longer I pulled out of my moms cunt and shot a stream of hot cum all the way up to my moms face and chin. The next wave of bliss pushed a jet of cum up onto my moms tits and the rest shot on to her belly. I was totally spent. I let my moms legs fall to the bed and when I looked at her she was out cold, sleeping like a baby. I pulled a blanket up over her and tucked her in and turned out the lamp. I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower and went off to my room and fell asleep.

I woke up early the next morning and I was laying on the couch reminiscing about what happened last night when my mom walked in the living room. She was surprised when she saw me. She asked me if I slept O.K. last night then she asked me if she made any noises in her sleep. I told her that I didn't hear anything and I slept soundly. She said she had a dream last night and she wasn't sure if she screamed out loud or not. Little did she know it wasn't a dream last night. My mom was surprised.

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