tagMatureSurprising Susie

Surprising Susie

byLia Monde©

The summer he turned 19, Reed traveled to visit friends on the coast. He had planned to crash with his buddies for the three weeks. However, his mother offered to help fund the trip if he stayed with her friend from school, Susie. She hoped the adult influence would moderate his behavior and curb his crazier teenage impulses.

Reed had met Susie when she'd visited, but didn't know her well. She was unmarried and a mid-manager at a financial firm. Susie was of average height with moderate length, dark hair. She seemed sophisticated and with current tastes for someone his Mother's age. When the three of them talked on the phone, it was clear he could come and go as he pleased, but had to return to her house each night. Since money was tight, Reed agreed to the arrangement.

The first few days of the trip worked out fine. Susie took him out to eat and showed him some of the highlights of the city. She was a fun host, had few rules and they enjoyed each other's company. Reed had plenty of time with his friends. He actually liked using Susie's house as his base. The spacious guest room was better than sleeping on the floor of his friends' cramped apartment. He also had free access to her well-stocked kitchen.

Returning early one night, he walked into the house. Reed was a shade over 6 feet and in the summer heat wore a blue striped cotton shirt and old khaki cargo shorts. When he heard some noise in the TV room, he went down the hall to say good evening. Standing in the door, he saw his hostess sitting on the couch watching a chick flick. She had her back to him and there was an empty glass of wine on the end table.

He was about to say 'Hi' when he heard moaning. Surprised, he squinted his eyes in the dark for a better look. Reed noticed Susie's hand moving slowly back and forth in her lap. His subconscious suspected what was happening, but in the dim light he wasn't certain.

He stood for a couple of minutes observing. As his eyes adjusted, the writhing body and low satisfied sounds confirmed Susie was masturbating. His initial impulse was to back away and not intrude on her privacy. But Reed was riveted by the erotic tableau. When she shifted position, he got a better view and could see the front of her pink bathrobe was open. Her caramel colored lace nightgown was pulled up while her fingers worked the front of her matching, full brief panties. Captivated, Reed switched from accidental observer to prurient voyeur.

At forty three, Susie was a year younger than his mother. Although she wasn't thin, she didn't qualify as a Big Beautiful Woman. Rather, she was full-bodied with ample flesh and feminine curves. Like most men his age, Reed was constantly horny and easily aroused. He found almost any woman sexually attractive. So, sitting there half-naked, with her voluptuous breasts and pale thighs exposed, and playing with herself, Susie was extraordinarily exciting.

Instantly turned on by the unexpected sexual display, Reed was quickly stiffening. He repositioned his dick in his shorts. It was soon throbbing and straining his pants as he took in the salacious show. He was torn between going to his bedroom to relieve himself and continuing, at the risk being caught, to watch Susie pleasure herself. Just as he could never pull himself away from porn, Reed decided to stay.

While Susie's right hand worked her crotch, her left now caressed her breasts. Her incoherent sighs changed to quiet words: "That's good. Right there, Brad. Oh, yes.". His mother's friend was clearly fantasizing a sex scene.

His head in a lust-filled spin, Reed slipped off his loafers, stepped silently into the room and approached the back of the sofa. He saw that Susie's eyes were closed as she wallowed pleasurably in her fleshy reverie. He enjoyed the sights and sounds of her rollicking masturbation and initiated stroking his rod as his breathing deepened. He could barely control a surging desire to grab her. Several moments passed before she sensed his presence.

When she turned, her half-closed eyes appeared merrily dazed. Reed froze in place. His dick was right at her eye level. At first, she seemed to think it was part of her fantasy. When Reed shifted his hips and involuntarily rubbed his lap, she was startled into alertness. Susie gasped and her eyes went wide. Still disoriented, she gazed at his pants containing a clearly engorged cock that was inches from her face. She momentarily kept her legs splayed and gown open. For his part, Reed stared at her large tits and exposed, inviting body.

When she realized it wasn't a dream, she got flustered like she was a naughty teenager who had been caught. Susie belatedly tried to cover up. In her agitated state, she was only partially successful. "Oh dear. You're home early........You startled me. I was just watching a movie ... and was a little warm.". She croaked in an abashed tone.

With his body buzzing from surging hormones, Reed barely heard her. He shifted his glance from her now covered breasts to her still partially exposed, lace-trimmed panties. Noticing a wet spot at the front of her underwear added to his excitement. Still flustered, Susie couldn't look at him or speak.

In the void, Reed plopped down next to her on the sofa and said with a combination of innocence and desire, "You're beautiful.".

Part of her mind told Susie she should leave the room, or tell Reed to leave. But, she was still agitated and his unexpected compliment added to her confusion. "What? Uhh....thanks. I mean...I should go to my room."

Before she could leave, Reed looked at her face, smiled, placed his hand on hers, and said as if he were talking about something as routine as the weather, "It's fine. You don't have to be embarrassed, Susie. Everyone gets horny.".

His touch sent a jolt through her already electrified body. Rather than get angry or withdraw, she blushed even deeper and was immobilized. She stared down at his hand and muttered a half-hearted denial, "No...I wasn't...I was just...umm..umm."

Reed didn't know where he got the balls to continue, except that his libido was raging. It got even stronger as his leg rubbed against Susie's and he inhaled the residue of her perfume. Before she could continue, he said, "I know what you were doing. I watched you and it was incredibly exciting. You have a very sexy body."

Susie couldn't believe what she was hearing. The embarrassing situation, the lingering haze of her sexual stupor and the unexpected assertiveness of her young and sexy guest, further twisted her muddled mind. His delightful praise for her body, and their physical closeness in the dark and cozy room, triggered subconscious warm responses. Their legs rubbing added a hot zing.

The seconds ticked and they stayed in intimate contact. Reed interpreted it as an invitation. He moved his hand onto her bare thigh. He half expected a slap. Instead, Susie's mouth opened and she inhaled. His fingertips grazed lightly across her warm skin. Emboldened, he leaned forward, placed his mouth on her's and kissed.

Jolted again by surprise, she didn't resist. After long moments of sensual contact, Susie gave a half-hearted push and broke the kiss. She nodded her head forward and kept her palm on his heaving chest. Breathing deeply and not moving to stop his hand moving on her thigh, she said, "Oh, Reed. We probably shouldn't be doing this."

In his excited state and unwilling to stop, he took her mild comment as a desire to go further. With an irascible twinkle in his eyes he said, "My body says we should.".

She was older, more experienced and supposedly more 'responsible'. But in that moment, it mattered little. Her body was sending her the same signals. Both were driven my innate urges. They were equally wanton and sexually needy people.

Following his body's imperatives, Reed pressed forward. Lifting her chin, he looked into her eyes and kissed her more passionately. When her lips responded, he embraced her and pulled her close. His strong hands softly molested her yielding, feminine skin.

After a second, the stiffness left her body as she was carried away by the physical enjoyment. Susie's hands probed his torso. She wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled into his heat. Her body thrilled and her motions made her robe fall open again.

Momentarily breaking his hug, Reed yanked his shirt over his head. He bent in to kiss and nibble her neck as his hands reached for her shoulders and slid the pink robe from her body.

Susie's mind was aflame. She felt wonderful sensations from mounting sexual tensions and the giddy rush of exploring a new lover. Stretching her neck to enjoy his ministrations, her hands fumbled blindly at his belt.

Reed shook his hips to help loosen his shorts. When they slid down his legs, he kicked them onto the floor. Now clad only in his tented black boxers, he leaned his weight against her and maneuvered Susie prone onto the wide sofa. He slipped in next to her. They resumed kissing and their passionate entanglement. Reed relished the soft feel of her silky nightie under his palms.

With her body tingling, Susie was over her previous reticence. She loved the fulfilling exuberance of satisfying sex and dove into their tryst with robust enthusiasm. Her hands caressed his body and her tongue toyed with his ears and neck. She whispered directions to her young lover on how to increase her pleasure. Neither was in the mood for long or slow foreplay.

In response, Reed placed his hands on her meaty breasts through the delightfully erotic nightgown. She breathed harder and her flesh heated as he toyed with her nipples and dark aureolas. When Reed's mouth reached her boobs, she slithered out of the straps of her nightie to bare her breasts.

Reed attacked them hungrily. As he feasted on her generous melons, she emitted loud groans of pleasure and desire that drown the background noise of the television. She wriggled her body against his in a manner that increased the pressure in their loins.

Using his hands to squeeze her ass, his body matched her moves as they humped in unison. Their fervor increased and perspiration made their flesh slick and lubricated. All five senses zinged and stoked their sybaritic cravings.

When she reached inside his boxers to grab his cock, Reed paused in his tongue lashing to help force his underwear down his legs. Returning to his sucking on her erect nipples, Reed advanced his hands to the front of Susie's silky panties. They had been damp from her masturbation. Now, as he rubbed them with the heel of his hand, the moisture increased from her ardor.

She blurted, "Oh God, that feels good! Right there. Harder. Harder.".

As he pressed down and worked her slit, her hand tightened around his shaft. Reed's mind spun and uncorked new levels of bliss. He ripped her panties down and off one leg. When they hung on her other ankle, he couldn't be bothered to remove them. His focus turned to her snatch. He paused and stared. Her pubic hair glistened in the light from the TV. It was a thick and curly scarf around her vagina.

Susie had a moment of self-doubt thinking her young lover might prefer a clean shaven muff. "I hope you don't mind hair down there?"

"I love it!". He replied with gusto and matched his words with action. Reed dove between her thighs and buried his face in Susie's jungly treasure. The smells were intense and overwhelming. Even without the assistance of her hands, his cock throbbed in response to the delights of his oral explorations.

As his tongue traced the length of her swollen lips and flicked her clitoris, she lost all rational thought. Her hands settled onto his head and her knees swayed in and out as his cunnilingus moved her into frothing hysterics.

Reed ate her out for minutes to the accompaniment of her satisfied squeals. It was heaven, but he couldn't delay intercourse any longer. His dick was screaming to enter her. His face slick with her juice, he moved up her body leaving a trail of kisses.

When they were face-to-face, Susie's eyes blurred from the heated aroma of her pussy. Their tongues entangled and she lapped at her own secretions.

His fingers delved into her moist center. They quested along her gyrating cunt with gentle brushes and strong pushes.

Their minds and bodies were floating on a sensual sea. Their horny individual foreplay and mutual attentions had catapulted them to the edge of satiation. The subconscious knowledge of the taboo nature of their pairing, further raced them toward a roaring climax.

With one hand, Reed dug his fingers into her tit. With the other, he prepared her for final penetration by inserting two fingers into her dripping hole. His thumb was aligned with her clit and he used it to circle teasingly.

Susie rocked with joy overlaid with need for final release. She began to thrash and reached for his penis to guide it inside. "Reed! Reed!"

He misinterpreted and feared she was about to stop them short of intercourse. One fast look at her expression and he knew the opposite was true.

"I really need this.", she exhaled with urgency. Susie pulled him on top of her and opened wide in expectation. With a firm grip, she pulled his dripping prick along her hairy hole several times. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets and her face was ecstatic. She placed the tip at her snapper and lifted her hips to welcome it.

With a single slow thrust, they became coupled in love.

As the engorged cock eased into and filled the warm and muscular tunnel, they both let out a satisfied, "Ahhhhh.".

Reed paused to enjoy the moment of copulation, but Susie couldn't wait. She began squeezing and pulling back and forth.

Reed joined the fun and fucked every part of her body. He kissed her neck and said how beautiful she was. Rubbing his chest on her nipples, he enjoyed their engorged firmness. As his penis pumped in and out of her tight snatch, he heard the slurp of her wetness. It built in a crescendo with her throaty sighs and occasional acclamations.

As her fleshy curves rolled under the pounding of the young stallion, Susie smiled deliriously. Just as she had previously spoken while masturbating, she urged him on. "Yes. That's great. A little left ... lower. Ohhh, yah! Right there."

Their frenetic pace accelerated. As she was about to cum, she gritted her teeth and exclaimed in a near shout, "Faster. Faster. Do me hard, baby!". Reed wasn't used to such obvious joy and encouragement from his school girl partners. It had him more aroused than he'd ever been. He slammed into her with all he could muster.

Involuntary shudders presaged his approaching eruption. He was concerned that he would explode before he finished her. Just as the thought crossed Reed's mind, Susie hugged him with all her remaining strength and shouted, "YES! FUCK YES!"

He felt her body dissolve into paroxysms of convulsions.

Laying on her squirming flesh, he plunged into her spasming vagina. Within seconds, Reed stiffened and pumped his sperm deep into her box.

After the immolation of their frenzied sex, they lolled happily together for long minutes. Unable to speak, their hearts beat strongly against each other.

As her body rippled with the joy of gratification, Susie was delirious from the best shagging she'd had in months. Even more so for it being a surprise, and from such an unexpected source. She couldn't believe her good fortune in attracting the attentions of such a pleasure seeking young stud. When he rolled off her, Susie gave Reed a tender and guilt-free kiss.

Reed ogled her sensuous body and pulled her close. He felt youthful wonder at his luck on stumbling upon such an exuberant and uninhabited lover who overlooked his inexperience. He returned her kiss and was already contemplating their next round.

After that night, Reed's interest in seeing his buddies waned. They couldn't compete with Susie's spreading thighs. Two days later, Reed and Susie were in the middle of foreplay on the couch when his Mother called. After some preliminaries, she asked, "What are you up to?"

Reed grinned and tweaked Susie's nipple with his free hand. "Just horsing around and having fun."

"That's nice. How's it going with Susie?".

"Couldn't be better." He moved his hand to plunge it down the front of her panties into her moist bush. Susie shuddered in response. "She's a very warm hostess. She's really opened up and made me feel very welcome."

"That's just what I expected. I hope you're returning the favor and being a helpful and appreciative guest."

"Oh, I'm very appreciative. She says I'm the best visitor she's ever had.". Listening in, Susie stifled a giggle and squeezed his turgid cock. "I'm glad you insisted I stay here.".

"See, sometimes Mother knows best.".

Reed agreed, said goodbye and returned to showing Susie his appreciation.

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