Helen was sifting through the latest batched of replies to her online adult dating advert when she came across Graham's and laughed! His self-assurance bordered on arrogance - in fact it didn't border on arrogance - it was arrogance! He was a self proclaimed master of the bedroom, promising Helen a time she would never forget, with complete satisfaction guaranteed. He would, he said, send her home knowing just how good sex could be, so long as she did as she was told!

Normally Helen would have treated such apparent conceit with disdain and would have consigned the message to the recycle bin, but for some reason today was different. After reading it a time or two she found she had to take him seriously, she didn't know why, but something about his attitude appealed to her. In fact, the whole idea of surrendering herself to him was turning her on, and before she knew it she had emailed back to signal her interest. But even as she did so she wondered if she dare become involved with someone with such leanings? What was he, egotist, dominant, or psychopath?

Over the next three or four weeks Helen nervously corresponded with Graham via email, trying to discover just what he was about, trying to make sure of his intentions and her safety, the possibilities both exciting and scaring her.

Eventually Graham became impatient with her caution and wrote bluntly that while he was dominant he was no sadist. He was not what was known in BDSM terms as a 'Dom', he had no wish to be called 'Master', and he would not torture or 'damage' her. But she would, he said, do things his way and enjoy it, and that would involve a certain amount of erotic pain along the way. If she wasn't prepared for that, then he was not for her! To Helen's intense and pussy wetting surprise, she was not only prepared for it, but found the whole idea extremely arousing!

And so it was that a week later Helen found herself in Graham's kitchen waiting with clammy hands for him to begin the fun, and still marvelling that she was actually daring to go through with it! Strangely, the fear had gone, replaced by a thrill of anticipation!

She looked at Graham properly for the first time, hmmm, not bad looking, well built, dark hair and eyes, in his early forties to her late forties, and only a couple of inches taller than her 5'7", but seeming much more somehow because of his forceful personality.

He was speaking. "Let's make sure we're clear. The door facing you at the top of the stairs leads to my bedroom, once you walk through there you are mine totally until tomorrow morning, and I do mean totally! You will do as I say, anything I say, when I say it, and without argument! If I tell you to strip off, stand at the window and show the street your cunt, that's what you will do! Got it?"

'Oh, yes, I've got it' she thought, that self same cunt suddenly filling with juices at the idea. But she didn't say that, somehow she didn't think he wanted to hear it, so she simply nodded dumbly.

"If you prefer, you can walk through the front door and we'll say goodbye, no hard feelings." He looked at her and went on, "But once we start there is no backing out, now is your last chance. Which door are you going to go through?"

The doubts had gone, there was no way she was going through the front door. Yes, the doubts had gone, but the butterflies hadn't, she could feel their wings fluttering all up inside her pussy, adding to the anticipation of things to come. She stood up, put the coffee cup firmly down on the worktop, deliberately walked through the hall, climbed the stairs, pushed open the bedroom door and walked in, heart pounding!

Graham followed her through, closed the bedroom door behind him, leaned back on it as if to emphasise her imprisonment, and gazed openly at her body, drinking in the trim lines and causing her cheeks to flame to the open lust on his face. "Right you little slut, time to see what you're made of. Strip!" The last word came as an order, one which she could not disobey. But she could not face him as she did so, gazing at the floor as she unbuttoned her blouse, slipped it off and unclipped her bra. 'Is he watching me?' She wondered, half hoping he was, and half hoping he wasn't. She slid her jeans down and stepped out of them, then hooked her thumbs into her panties and slipped them off, all the time holding her gaze firmly on the carpet, her natural shyness still holding sway! "Look at me". She raised her face and found to her surprise that while she had undressed so had he, his state of arousal very obvious. He stood naked in front of her, revelling in the shock on her face! His erection was long, thick and obviously very, very, hard! "Lie down" he said "pointing to the bed". She did so, wondering what was to follow. She soon knew! "Open your legs, show me your cunt" She spread her legs slowly revealing the lips of her pussy to his gaze, the silly thought that she should have trimmed her pubic hair before leaving home momentarily flitting through her mind! As more and more of her sex came under his scrutiny and her legs went wider, seemingly of their own accord, her mind screamed 'God, he'll see how turned on I am'. But before she could worry his next command came. "Spread yourself, slut! Use your fingers; I want to see your clit". She did as she was told, adrenalin and arousal keeping her shyness at bay. He leaned forward and for a joyous moment she thought he was going to fuck her. But he simply stared at her glistening pussy. "Now hold your legs right back so I can see your arse. I might want to fuck it later" Again she did as she was told, his orders leaving little option, but this time shame flamed on her cheeks. With the very recent exception of Andy, no-one, not even her husband, had ever seen her anus, let alone peered so closely at that puckered little hole and so casually threatened to penetrate it!

"Ok, very nice, now stand up and turn around". She stood with her back to him, seeing him take something from a cupboard drawer out of the corner of her eye. That 'something' soon turned out to be a blindfold and as he put it over her eyes and fastened it around her head she knew she was even more completely in his control. He turned her around with his hands on her shoulders so that her back was now to the bed, and then pressed her down, not too roughly, but firmly enough for her to be unable to prevent herself from sitting down on the edge of the bed. His motive soon became clear. Putting his hands behind her head he pulled her forward until she could feel the head of his penis against her left cheek. She raised her hands to grasp his shaft, but a sharp, "No! I'll tell you when!" made them drop back quickly to her sides. He began to rub the head gently around her lower face, using one hand to hold her head still. She felt it move fleetingly across her lips and she began automatically to part them, ready to take it in, but it had moved on, leaving a little wet trail of pre-cum across her nose as it made it's way back around to the left cheek. As the new circuit of her face began this time he paused it on her lips, making her heart beat harder as she believed for the moment she could suck it. But again it moved on, tracing the same moist line around and around her face, pausing for a second each time to tease her mouth as it passed and making her want to beg for it to enter. Then, this time it didn't pause, it stopped, and suddenly forced its way between her surprised lips, not giving her the chance to invite it.

With both hands now back behind her head Graham began to move his hips, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth before withdrawing it almost out again. With each movement he pushed harder and deeper, never letting her pull back, until she began to feel panic that she would retch as it reached the back of her throat, before learning to accommodate it's length! 'This', she thought, 'is the best blow job I've ever done', but even as she thought it she realised it wasn't true. She wasn't giving Graham a blow job, he was fucking her mouth! And fuck her mouth he did, thrusting in and out until his movements became spasmodic and she knew his climax was approaching! The nearness of his orgasm and the prospect of tasting his cum made her own arousal even more intense, her juices flowing again and dampened the bed beneath her.

And then he came, pushing right into her mouth in his need, spurt after spurt of cum gushing into her throat! With his climax so nearly came her own, but she didn't quite make it and as he withdrew his rapidly shrinking cock she felt hot, shaky and quite unbelievably frustrated, her body aching for release! But Graham seemed oblivious to her heat, as his cock subsided and slipped from her mouth he just pushed her away, to fall backwards onto the bed, and she heard him move from the bedside without a word! Beneath the blindfold Helen felt tears well up in her eyes. Was this going to be it? Was he simply going to use her body for his own pleasure without thought for her needs? She knew that he had said it would be his way, but she had never thought that he could be so selfish, and he had said she would enjoy it! Even as these thoughts went through her mind she knew, perversely, that the very humiliation he had just heaped upon her was helping fuel her desires! She wanted to be his plaything, needed him to use her, his pleasure was going to be her satisfaction!

Suddenly she felt his hands hook under her arms from behind. In her reverie of desire and frustrated self pity she had not realised that he had moved around to the head of the bed. Now, back into reality, she felt herself pulled bodily right onto the bed, full length down its middle. Graham then took her right arm, pulling out away from her body and holding it firmly just above the wrist. Before she could fully wonder what was happening, she felt something wrap around her wrist and heard the sound of Velcro fastening! Sudden realisation hit her! This was a bondage strap; he was tying her to his bed, surely not! But he was, he now had the other arm and had repeated the process before she could protest. She tried to pull her arms away but they were securely held straight out away from her body. And still he hadn't finished, first one ankle and then the other was firmly bound to the bed, leaving her like a starfish spread across the bed, all dignity and modesty lost!

Again she could hear him fumbling in a drawer, but again she had to wait to find out what it was. But the wait was not long; she felt his fingers delving between the lips of her pussy, searching for the entrance. He found it suddenly, his two fingers sliding easily into her wetness, the revelation of her arousal bringing more shame to her cheeks. For a few brief, but wonderful moments, he fingered her, pushing his fingers far into her and hooking them up as if searching for her G spot. She felt a moan escape her lips and immediately his fingers withdrew, leaving her cursing her inability to keep quiet. For a minute or so nothing happened, but she sensed him standing beside the bed, gazing at her helpless nakedness, but then she felt his hand return to her pussy, parting her lips once again with his fingers.

But it wasn't fingers that entered her this time. This time she felt something hard and cool press against her before entering, almost with a plop, her lips closing behind it! What now? But then she knew. Beautiful and stimulating vibrations suddenly flooded through her vagina, making her gasp with pleasure and then panic that the sound might cause it to stop again. He had inserted a vibrating egg, one of the sex toys that she had long thought of buying but had never dared! God! But she would after this! It wasn't going to take much of this to bring her to a jerking, helpless, mind-blowing orgasm!

But Graham was not about to let her have that release. No sooner had her hips begun to twitch with the approach of her climax than the vibrations decreased, subsiding to an almost undetectable buzz. Just enough to keep her simmering, but not enough to make her come. 'You cruel bastard,' she thought, not daring to say it out loud for fear of consequences! For a moment she thought he must have read her thoughts because she heard him open the door and leave the room, leaving her to her frustrations!

She lay for what seemed forever, though she learned later that he was gone only long enough to smoke a cigarette, all the time her pussy on fire, never quite reaching orgasm, but always near the edge, held there by this little gently vibrating bit of plastic. It was the longest, best, worst, most fantastic, pleasurable, unendurable, and awful, wait of her life!

When he returned she heard him come around the bed and place something (what now?) on the bedside table. She felt his weight transfer to the bed as he sat on the edge and she waited to see what new thing he had in store for her! To her absolute surprise this turned out to be a gentle, compassionate, almost loving, kiss full on the lips, not aggressive or given with lip bruising passion, but a lovers kiss, full of affection. His mouth transferred it's attentions to her nipples. First one and then the other received this same gentle, pussy melting, kiss. The shock of this change of approach left her totally bewildered, her mind racing, wildly trying to make sense out of the whole session! His lips closed again over her nipple, this time sucking, nibbling, and pinching it between his lips. The tempo of his kisses increased, the sucking harder, now nipping with his teeth, stretching the nipple out from her breast before letting it fall back, it's release sending a jolt of pleasure through her, adding to the sensations from her still vibrating pussy. He concentrated his efforts on her left breast, ignoring the right, until the pleasure was almost painful, the nipple becoming sore from his teeth and lips, before he let it go and she felt him sit up.

But he had not finished with it, for a sudden drop of cold water heralded a new sensation as he plied the overheated nipple with ice, running a cube around it, widening the circle until it covered the whole of her breast. By now she was moaning softly from pleasure, past remembering that this had previously caused the pleasure to stop!

He leaned forward again to kiss, she thought, her right breast. But once again he surprised her with a new sensation! This time her sensitive nipple received the full benefit of the hot coffee he held in his mouth! Again her back arched with new pleasurable feelings, an orgasm again threatening to overwhelm her. More ice, this time sending shivers through her as he trailed it across her stomach and onto her upper thighs, just below a pussy that needed to be cooled! Ice cubes slid over her belly, up around her breasts, onto her neck and then down, down to the little patch of pubic hair. Here it stopped and skirted around her pussy, back onto her thighs. She was now writhing slowly, gyrating her hips as much as the restraints would allow, soft moans escaping her lips as she steeled herself not to beg for release.

Then it stopped! Nothing! No ice, no hot kisses, not even, she suddenly realised, vibrations from the egg. Oh, it was still inside her, but he'd switched it off. Nothing! Again she lay bewildered, not even sure if he were still with her.

Once again without warning he struck! This time the ice cube was placed directly against her clit, the sudden cold giving it an electrifying sensation, before being removed, again without warning and leaving her once more in suspense. Six more times he did this, placing ice on her clit or against her breasts, always without warning and after making her wait for a varying length of time.

Again she felt him suddenly move, but this time it was not to use ice. The egg, that she had almost forgotten about suddenly burst into life at full bore, sending sensation after sensation ripping through her. Again her body began the climb toward orgasm as her mind wondered how close she would be allowed to get. This time, though, it would be different. She felt him lean towards her and his tongue suddenly flicked across her clit. She jerked from pleasure and surprise, trying to open her legs further to encourage him to do it again - please! But he needed no pleading, his mouth finally closed over her pussy, his tongue working away at her, bringing her closer and closer to that long awaited climax. He then sucked her clit between his lips, holding it there while he repeatedly flicked his tongue over the end. Whether he intended her to come or not she didn't know, or care, this was too much, Her orgasm ripped through her, the sensations flowing through her body, away from her clit and then racing back to burst like waves! She cried out, wailing her release, thrashing against the restraints that stopped her from bucking too far. Never had she had an orgasm like this one, it seemed that it would go on forever, growing to an intensity beyond anything she had experienced. And she would certainly never forget it!

At last the sensations subsided, her orgasm was over, she lay trembling on the bed, legs shaking uncontrollably and her body shivering as if chilled. Graham switched off her plastic pal, pulled it slowly from her pussy and kissed her on the forehead! "That one was for you, the rest will be for me," he said. She suddenly realised that these were the first words he had said to her since the reprimand he gave her so long ago. The whole episode since then had been conducted in complete silence, deliberately so, she realised, to isolate her even more from reality while he played with her desires! But what, she wondered, did he mean by the rest will be for him?

He lifted her head slightly and she felt him fumble behind it before her blindfold came loose and was lifted away! The sudden brightness made her blink rapidly and screw up her eyes against the light, a light she suddenly realised that was directly above her. Early evening had passed in a whirl of sexual desire and pleasure into late evening without her noticing and now the curtains were drawn and the room lights were on! A shiver passed through her as a chill from the wetness left by the ice struck her nakedness. She also realised with a jolt just how exposed that nakedness was under the main lights and again her cheeks flamed as she remembered the uninhibited writhing that her sexual heat had caused and how much he must have smiled to watch her!

But, where was he? She looked around wildly, thinking for the moment that he had again left her to her own devices. He was just where she might have guessed, stood at the foot of the bed, between her open legs and looking up the length of her body with an even broader grin on his face than she had expected! "Welcome back" he said "back to reality, and I haven't even fucked you yet!". Nor had he, she realised, instinctively raising her head to look over the peaks of her breasts to see further down his body to where his cock still stood, the fact that it still stood giving her the information she needed. There was more to come!

He was speaking! "I think you'd better freshen up", he said, indicating a door leading, she supposed, to an ensuite bathroom.

In the privacy of the bathroom, Helen came to two major discoveries. Firstly, her body was not damp with the remains of melted ice as she had supposed, which must have dried long since, but by sweat! Sweat generated by her overwhelming sexual excitement and by her fighting against the restraints that had held her so deliciously helpless! And even that was not the full story! The dampness inside her thighs was not just sweat, but sweat mixed with pussy juices! In fact the whole area around her pussy - pussy? No! - 'cunt', call it her 'cunt', - much more daring and abandoned than 'pussy' and much more in keeping with how she felt! That whole region was soaking wet. She had been, and still was, more aroused than she'd ever been in her whole life!

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