tagSci-Fi & FantasySurrender Ch. 01

Surrender Ch. 01

byAda Stuart©

"Are we off then, Captain Taylor?" one of the engineers asked Morgan as they finished loading the last boxes.

"No, not yet, Oliver," Morgan replied vaguely while consulting the voice message he'd just received. "We're expecting a new arrival. A new navigator called Kendrick. He should be here any minute now if my information is correct."

"Good, let's just hope he can read maps," Oliver chuckled. "The last one wasn't any good. I wonder if he had some difficulty with his central system," Oliver continued.

"That might explain why he directed us to the opposite site of the world instead of joining the fights at Alpha Centauri. But I always thought he was afraid of fighting. Either way, I've never been so embarrassed in my life when I tried to explain Master Kane what had happened." They both laughed heartily as they packed the final crate in the cargo area.

"What do you know about this new fellow, then?" Oliver asked.

"Not much. Only that he graduated at the best of his class and have been working the grades ever since. He must have done something good, because he requested service at the Ziota system. Don't know why."

"Maybe he heard there was a chance of fighting now that the rebels have emerged from their caves again."

"Yep, that might be the case. The rebels weren't as easily beaten as we expected, even though we still have most of them locked up."

"By the way, are you up for another round of space ball tonight?" Oliver inquired.

"You bet. You owe me a victory, remember," Morgan chuckled. "It's good tone to let the captain win, you know."

"Is it? I've never heard about it," Oliver smiled. Morgan gave his back a hard clap and watched smilingly as Oliver took an involuntary step forward in order to maintain his balance.

"Ever heard about double shifts either?" Morgan suggested sweetly. "That's what you'll get if you treat your superiors this way."

"All right, old man, perhaps I'll let you get off easy this time."

"Hah, I'll show you who's old around here when I wipe the floor with your ass later on."

At the same time, one of the soldiers came running toward them. "Captain, come quickly. You have a visitor."

"Good," Morgan replied. "That must be the new navigator. See you later, Oliver. Hope you have plenty of salve to treat those aching muscles of yours come morning."


Morgan followed the distressed soldier and wondered how the fellow could ever hope to do well in a war. He seemed a nervous wreck already, and they hadn't even left the planet's surface yet. He made a mental note of the soldiers name and vowed never to let this pinball guard his back in a shootout if he could help it.

"What's the problem, soldier?" he asked as they turned toward the main gateway leading toward the control room.

"No, problem, exactly, but... I'll think you should see for yourself, Captain," the soldier replied enigmatically as he walked faster than before as if he wanted to rid himself of an unpleasant task as soon as possible.

Morgan followed easily and couldn't wait to see the fellow that had made this before called tough guy into a quivering kitty. He must be spooky, indeed. Probably had loads of tattoos all over his face and a shining knife in his belt. Yes, a really scary fellow that could act like their new navigator.


"A woman?" Morgan almost shouted. "E. Kendrick is a damn woman?" He stared at the proud creature standing in front of him. She returned his stare with her own frosty look and stood so calm and collected he knew she had been through the same scene many times before.

Worse than that, she was not bad-looking either, with the shapely figure that was far too revealed in the tight skin suit she was wearing. This would never work out, Morgan thought. What idiot had sent him a woman instead of the ruthless man he had hoped for? Even worse, someone had sent him an attractive woman as well. Damn it. How was he ever going to maintain discipline with this one onboard? But did he have any choice at all? They needed a navigator and he didn't want to waste time waiting a couple of days for another one.

He looked around. The men were already much too interested in the newest member of their group. No wonder. Women were a rare occurrence among their people, and he had never heard of anyone of them being in the corps. Instead, the few women they had were always kept safe and secure by their mates, and if they didn't have mates, their male relatives would protect them instead. Now, this one was much more mysterious for not having a protector with her.

"A female navigator? I've never heard about it before. Are you sure you're in the right place, Missy?"

"My name is Kendrick or Navigator Kendrick, Captain. Not Missy," she said icily. He noticed the frown on her forehead had become more pronounced than before. She was not fainthearted this one, he thought. She reminded him of Connor's mate Teri in that. He chuckled aloud. And his friend Connor had more than enough on his hand when getting stuck with such a wilful woman as that mate of his. Poor fellow.

"Prickly, aren't we?" Morgan said humorously and studied the strange creature in front of him. He had never seen a woman in uniform before. As far as he knew there were only a few women in the force, and they all served in the medical units. Very strange indeed. How had she ever been allowed to train in such a hazardous job as navigating a warship?

Something was definitely not right here and he wanted to get to the bottom of it. He looked at the woman in front of him. Her icy blue eyes were sparkling with fury but she kept her calm. Interesting, he thought. She looked as if she would snap any moment. Wonder what could trigger her to tell the truth behind this.

"Why aren't you home with your mate?"

"I'm unmated, Captain."

"Why? How is that possible?" He glanced over her body from head to toe and tried to see if she was missing any body parts. Something must be wrong with her if she was not mated already. So far he couldn't pinpoint anything that could hint at anything wrong. She had firm breasts, a narrow waist and her youth bespoke of her being more suited to be home in bed with her mate, making steamy sex and trying every position instead of fighting a war in the outer space. He shook his head as if trying to evict that last thought from his mind.

"They have never located a mate for me. It seems he's nowhere to be found."

"Stupid fellow," Morgan muttered to himself. The man must be dead -- or blind -- or simply plain stupid. He stared at her breasts again, and felt a strong urge to touch her softly before loosing himself in her welcoming warmth. Glancing upwards to see if her lips was just as full as his fantasy, he noticed her frosty stare. She had noticed his interest and was staring daggers at him as if she couldn't wait to feed his cock to a bunch of hungry animals. His mind cleared in a second and he controlled himself as best he could.

"Can you read maps?" he asked in a more gruff voice than he had intended.

"I'm actually quite good."

"I'll bet you are," Morgan mumbled to himself. In his bed, with him on top of her warm and tempting body, begging him to fuck her hard and fast. He felt a distinctive tug coming from his nether regions and shook himself awake again. Damn, he had never had this much problem concentrating when a woman was around. And he had seen his share of women -- even though they were scarce.

He had even fucked a lot of them as well, but none had affected him quite this easily. And none without intending it. This frosty woman was quite the opposite of the women he had met in the past. Especially when he considered that this one seemed to hate his bones already. He mumbled something incoherently as he swore to himself. He needed to make this work. He needed a navigator and it seems she was the only one around. That meant he would have to keep his erratic thoughts at bay.

"What did you say, Captain?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing important," Morgan answered quickly while trying to move his thoughts over to safer territories. "Okay, you're hired. We're leaving this evening. Private," he shouted for the soldier. "Show Kendrick to her new quarters!"

"Aye, Captain," the soldier replied instantly and started walking.

Morgan watched their new member of his crew give him a slight nod, before walking away as stiffly as ever. Nothing wrong with her spine, he thought. Hopefully she had a sense of humour as well, since she would be the only female onboard. She would create havoc among the crew just by being what she was: a good-looking female among sex-starved men.

When that happened, he would have to dump her at the nearest planet and find another navigator. He wouldn't want any more trouble than he already had. And he had a sinking feeling that this female would definitely cause trouble of some sort -- and he imagined he would be stuck in the middle of those problems one way or another.

He considered threatening his men to leave her alone, or else he would dump them on the nearest planet instead. But he quickly ruled it out. Being forbidden something was the surest way to make them even more interested. He would have to rely on her frostiness to keep them away. He sighed before returning to his duties.


Stage 1 was completed. She was inside of the spaceship, and as a high-ranking officer. Good, that made the rest a lot easier. Now, she was going for the kill. The Captain would not know what had hit him before she had completed her job.

No man could ever resist her little-lost-doll-look, it seems, and this man was no different. Despite his efforts to hide his reaction, she had still noticed the heat in his eyes as he looked her over. Now, all she had to do was provide his dreams with a little more ground material and the game would be on. Males were so stupid, she thought, as she opened her skin suit a little more, in order to provide the captain with a better look of the female forms he had just been busy ogling. This assignment would be much too easy, she chuckled as she prepared to attend her new duties on the bridge.


How was he ever going to get some work done after that woman had entered the ship? Morgan wondered as he made another unwilling glance at the cleavage of the woman next to him. He had tried to evade looking at her for the last couple of days, but it became more and more difficult.

Right now her position provided him with a good angle to give her firm breasts a closer examination and his eyes refused to budge even though he had given himself countless orders to the contrary. If he didn't knew her better he would think she was doing this on purpose, placing herself in his vicinity and giving him small glimpses of her naked skin.

But that couldn't be. She was still maintaining her frosty and strictly professional manner and one by one the men had backed off and left her alone as she displayed no interest in any of them.

"Alpha Centauri, that's here, so we need to take this direction," Kendrick pointed on the map.

"Huh?" was all Morgan managed to say, and quickly lifted his eyes from her chest area as she gave him her usual frown. "Yes...well, what did you say again?" Morgan said blurrily, trying his best not to blush at getting caught red handed ogling her breasts.

"I said, is this where we're going, Captain?" Kendrick asked coldly and pointed on the map again.

"Yes," Morgan replied. "We have orders to pick up some supplies for Ziota."

"Not much fighting going on around here these days then?"

"No, it has been quiet for a while, but the rebels on Ziota are a different matter."

"Are they? What's the problem there?"

"They have started to attack the outskirts of the city again. We thought we had arrested the majority of them last year, but it seems the leader has managed to recruit some new members lately."

"So what can we do?" Kendrick asked. "Do we go in and attack them?"

"Not yet," Morgan replied. "Our job is to discover their whereabouts and then instruct the troops on where to find them."

"Sounds easy," Kendrick smiled.

"Well, it's not," Morgan replied glumly. "They are masters when it comes to hiding in the thick forests but they won't have much chance when I install the new sensors I've ordered."

"What sensors?"

"DMO (DNA monitoring) sensors. The best there is and excellent in detection human DNA. No one will be able to escape us after that baby is installed and working." He didn't notice the sly smile she was wearing as she turned away from him.


Morgan felt someone stroking his naked backside as he lay drowsing on his bed. Around him the fresh air felt warm and a flowery scent was stroking his senses with awareness. He kept his eyes closed and simply lay enjoying the feeling of utter contentment and the complete abandonment of duties and other assignments his mind had been constantly bombarded with since he became responsible for so many crewmembers.

He knew he must be dreaming and he longed to stay in the sweet state as long as he could. Suddenly he realised that he had turned over to lie on his backside and the stroking hands had continued down his chest and was now rubbing his stomach and still heading downwards. The soft touch was turning into a sexual awareness mixed with a heightened urge to lose himself in a woman's soft body. He held his breath as in anticipation of what was to come.

He felt his cock starting to twitch and he felt the familiar swelling start in his loins as the woman's hands gradually circled around his cock, but without touching him directly where he wanted it the most.

"Touch me," he growled suddenly, hoping she would respond to his command.

Instead he heard a soft chuckle as the hands slowly massaged his upper thighs and was slowly coming nearer to his centre. He spread his legs a little further and he felt her hands massage his inner thighs, but never quite touching his balls or his straining cock. He felt his cock getting thicker and thicker, and a warm breath was felt at his cock head. He almost jumped up from the bed, taking the dream woman in his hands and gives her the same teasing treatment that she was giving him.

He groaned out loud, and as if she had understood his frustration her hands finally moved to his shaft and started rubbing up and down his hardened member. He gasped in surprise, and felt his cock becoming ever harder as he arched his back to her touch. Still, she kept her touch so light it felt as if a couple of butterflies were moving across his skin. He lay back and resolved himself to endure her torturing him. Letting himself enjoy the feeling of simply being touched by another human being. She roamed her hands down alongside his cock, before tightening her hands around the root of his cock, making him gasp as pleasure poured through him. Cupping his balls in her small hands, he groaned loudly.

"Stars," he moaned. "Touch me harder."

Again he heard a soft chuckle but this time she did as he requested and folded her hands around his hard cock, squeezing his stiff member and making him breath heavily as she started pumping his flesh slowly up and then down along his cock again. Holding tightly around him, he felt enveloped by her warm flesh, as if he was already inside of her. Only the cold air hitting his skin made him aware of this being a one-sided trip to pleasure.

"Come. Sit on top of me," he groaned out loud. "Let me pleasure you as well," he offered as he arched his back and making her move her hands down to the root again.

He anticipated her taking advantage of his offering and in his dream state he hoped he would continue dreaming as he felt her tight cunt surround his hard cock, letting her ride him into oblivion and start all over again. Instead he felt her move around a little and as he worried that she might leave him altogether, he reached out and felt for her warm body. Before he managed to grab at her he felt a warm pair of lips surround his cock head and a strong sucking motion was felt around his cock as her warm mouth enveloped a couple of inches of his cock.

He gasped in shock and every coherent thought was long gone as he lost himself in the warmth and the pleasure that surrounded his entire body. He reached out and held her face between his hands, trying to steer her movements as he surrendered to the inevitable as she continued sucking him hard. Quickly he felt his entire body heading into a downward slope, and every muscle was strained as he gave up all hope of holding back and last any longer.

He held her tightly to him, moving his hips to her movement, fucking himself in her tight mouth and gasping every time her tongue hit the small fold beneath his cock head. Very soon now, he thought. Very soon. His breath hitched and he prepared for the final deep strokes that would force him over the edge, when suddenly he made a jerking motion and opened his eyes.

No one was there. He scanned the room. No sign of any tempting female creature bound to pleasure. He sank back on the bed where he had slept. The woman was a fiction, but his aching cock was only too real.

"Damn it," he swore loudly. "Damn, damn, damn." He stared into the grey-coloured ceiling of his cabin. Where had the soft woman gone to? And why couldn't he have slept just a little longer? He glanced around the room. No sight of any woman. He sighed and tried to close his eyes and return to the pleasant dream again. No such luck. The image was gone and something or someone had clearly awakened him. Most likely a sound of some sort.

"Damn it," he swore again and heard his voice sounding harsh and filled with arousal. He noticed the curtains to his storeroom moved a little, but he didn't care about it. Right now he had some more pressing needs, he thought as he gave his hardened cock an angry stare.


That had been really close, Eva thought as she stood as quiet as she could behind the curtains. Thank god she had noticed him stirring awake and managed to hide herself in time. Who knew what he would do if he found out she was roaming through his cabin in the middle of the night. She was trying to locate every piece of information that could help them in their cause, but this time she had probably gone too far. But seeing him laying stretched out on the bed, completely naked had seemed like an invitation she was hard-pressed to leave behind.

She had heard his moans and thought about him having a wet dream. Just as she thought the other few nights when she had heard the moans coming from the other side of the wall. From the side where she knew his cabin was.

She wondered what he was dreaming about to make him moan like that. Moving closer to the bed she had noticed his hardened cock, and before her eyes his size had increased even more until she was staring at him with a fascinated and frightened look. What would it be to have him inside of her? To have him make love to her in real life - not just in her dreams? Would he be thoughtful and skilled, or would be simply be like most men she had met and only concentrate on himself and his own pleasure?

She had watched in awe as he groaned in his sleep, throwing his blanket further away from him, giving her a full view of his entire body. She had swallowed a gasp as she took in the whole extent of his well-muscled body, his strong thighs and a chest rippled with muscles. He was even better endowed than his skin suit had portrayed. So strong looking she had felt small and womanly all of a sudden. To have such a strong man stand between her and the world would be ecstatic to say the least. To lie in his arms and feel his strength envelops her.

She had felt a strong longing all of a sudden. A longing to return to the innocent child she had once been. Before the war and all the fighting had stripped away her inner softness and made her into the survivor she was today. She swallowed hard. No, she mustn't think of what could have been. She couldn't afford to become weak now. There was so much more to do.

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