tagLoving WivesSurrender to Danger

Surrender to Danger


Michael slept almost the entire red eye flight from New York to San Francisco, arriving just in time to see the sunrise over the bay. “What a beautiful city”, he thought, as the plane swooped over the Golden Gate Bridge and turned to the ocean for the last leg of the descent. He had been away 10 hard years preparing to be a Doctor and had arranged numerous interviews over the next few days at various Hospitals and Clinics in the San Francisco area. He would be staying with an acquaintance of his that he met in Medical School. After retrieving his bags he rented a car and headed for San Jose where he would stay for the week.

As he wove his way through traffic, his thoughts turned to Jim and Diana. He knew how much he had changed in appearance in the last ten years and couldn’t help wonder how the years had treated his friends. Jim was already developing a pouch and thinning hair the last time they had seen each other. He had not seen Dianna since she married Jim and moved to the west coast with him. He had dated Diana for a while in college and it was he who had introduced her to Jim. She had been a knock out when she was in College. A prototype California blond, but with red hair, long legs and beautiful face and body. He never had quite understood why she had fallen for Jim. It must have been his aggressive attitude about developing wealth. All Jim lived for was to make a fortune and had left medical school to follow the dollar via stock brokerage. Diana and he had been lovers for several months and as he recalled their hot lovemaking he found himself driving more quickly to reach his destination. He remembered that she had recently delivered their first child. It was difficult to imagine her with a child.

He found their residence in an upscale exclusive development and parked in the circular driveway in front of the house. It was nearly noon and he wondered if anyone was home as there was no sign of life. He knocked on the door and after several minutes without an answer he rang the doorbell. There still was no answer. Not sure what to do, he walked through the beautifully landscaped lawn toward the back of the house. When he turned the corner he was confronted by a stonewall and a gate. He opened the gate and walked into an enclosed space with swimming pool, patio, hot tub, and mature trees and shrubbery. It was a beautiful private space. Then, he saw her. She was sitting in the shade by the pool and appeared to be holding the baby. As he approached her he realized he was slightly behind her and that she could not see him coming. Not wanting to startle her he spoke softly as he approached. “Hi Diana, hope you don’t mind that I let myself in”. Despite his best intents she was momentarily startled. Turning to face him she smiled broadly as she attempted to cover up her chest with the blanket. She had been breast-feeding the baby. In her moment of confusion he had seen her naked breasts and they were still beautiful, made even fuller by the gift of motherhood.

She stood up as he walked up to her and put out one arm to embrace him. “Hello Michael, it is so good to see you”, she spoke softly in his ear, not wanting to wake the child in her arms. “Sorry I didn’t greet you at the door, you must think I am a terrible host”. “No, not at all”, Michael replied, “it is good to see you too, it has been a long time.” “Jim is working”, she continued, “He asked me to tell you he is sorry he was not here to greet you”. “No problem”, he responded, “that gives us some time to catch up”. She blushed, surprising him, and he noticed how good the years had been to her. She had matured into a beautiful, soft, voluptuous woman, not the skinny angular young woman he had known years before. And the way her eyes sparkled as she spoke, he knew she was indeed happy to see him.

She led him into the house and he followed her to a large master bedroom that had been altered somewhat to accommodate the baby crib and all the stuff necessary to care for the child. “Pardon the mess”, she said apologetically, “we did not plan very well for this young one”. She placed the sleeping child in the crib and turned to him. “Now, let me give you a real hug”. She walked into his arms and they embraced warmly. She held him tightly, longer that Michael had expected. She then pulled away slightly and tilted her face to him, looking into his eyes. She then raised her lips to him and they kissed. Michael was startled by the soft and loving moment. She returned her head to his shoulder and said, “You don’t have any idea how much I have been looking forward to your visit.” Michael did not know what to say. “Enough of this”, she said as she pulled away from him, “let me show you your room and after you get settled in we will have some lunch”.

Jim unpacked his suitcase, putting his clothes away, as he tried to regain his composure. He had not expected this reception, or the feelings that were rushing through him. The attraction between them seemed even more intense than he remembered it to be over ten years ago. Or, was it his imagination? “I am going to have to watch myself”, he thought, “This could get dangerous”. Chains of thought began with the word dangerous and he instantly remembered how Diana had loved erotic play spiced with danger. Like the time she sat on his lap, wrapped in a huge over coat, in the park. She wanted him right then and there and she straddled him and lowered herself on him, as they sat on a park bench with the real possibility that someone could come by at any moment. He remembered her almost immediate orgasm, he following her few seconds later. It all took less than five minutes and she told him how turned on she was to do it with the possibility of being caught. Michael was startled back to the present by her voice. “Lunch is ready, let’s eat on the patio”.

She had prepared a wonderful Californian lunch for them, a nice Anti Pasto plate, fragrant baguette and Brie cheese, a fruit tray and nice chilled Chablis. As they ate she talked incessantly as he ate most of the food. It was evident that she had not had an opportunity to talk to anyone lately. She was taking advantage of her captive audience. As she talked a theme began to evolve almost immediately, she was not very happy. She spoke of how Jim was so very successful in his work but how she did not feel a part of his success. He was gone all the time and their marriage had turned into a convenience for both of them rather than a close partnership. She went on to confess that they had stopped making love the last three months before her pregnancy and had not had sex since the baby had been born. Then, with some hesitancy she continued. “Michael, I am not sure of this and do not want anyone else to know about this, but, I think Jim is involved in some sort of illegal business”. “Why do you think that”, Jim asked with curiosity. “Well, first of all he has hired a body guard who is with him most of the time”. “Have you asked him about it”, Michael queried, “Yes, several times”, she continued, “he says that it is dangerous in his business because of all the money involved”. “Is he still doing stock brokerage”, Michael asked as he leaned forward and grasped her hand across the table. “I think so”, she replied, “but he keeps very strange hours for a stock broker”. Michael sat in silence for a few moments. “I can’t see Jim doing anything illegal Diana, he is just a hard working man”. “You know how important making money is to him”. “I know”, she said as she hung her head a bit and looked somewhat embarrassed. “Maybe you are right, but I still feel something is wrong”. “Maybe he has a girl friend” she said, lightening the mood with a smile, “god knows he doesn’t seem to be interested in me”. The attempted humor was tinged with regret and anger, thinly disguised. “Well, he is a fool if he is fooling around on you”, Michael said as he squeezed her hand. “You are more beautiful than ever and still have that very special sparkle in your eyes”. Diana blushed and smiled at him. “Thank you Michael, I don’t feel very beautiful with this extra weight since the baby”. “Nonsense”, he retorted, “you look very sexy”. She squeezed his hand and looked him in the eyes. Silence spoke what they could not find the words to say.

She suddenly changed expressions and said, “how about a swim?” “I don’t have a suit”, he responded. “No problem, you can wear one of Jims if you want or”, she hesitated, “you don’t have to wear a suit here, we usually don’t unless we have to”. Jim thought for a moment and then declined. “I will sit this one out and watch you”. “OK”, she said as she began to remove her light silk robe. She left the shade and walked into the bright afternoon sun, dropping the robe to the concrete deck. She was naked. Michael drank in her image as his eyes stroked her body from head to toe. Her red hair sparkled in the sun as she turned to him and smiled. Her breasts were heavy and full from motherhood and her rounded figure was still beautifully proportionate. She looked at him as if seeking his approval. “You are beautiful”, he said to her in a low voice. She smiled and jumped into the pool.

Michael watched her swim through the water as a dolphin, exquisite movement, athletic, powerful and graceful. After several laps she moved to the center of the pool and began swimming on her back. Her breasts against her chest, swaying in the water, as she lay nearly motionless, treading water. Her head was thrown back to face the sun with closed eyes. As she floated in the water, not ten yards away, her movements turned her toward him. Her legs were moving with a slow kicking motion and he noticed the red triangle of pubic hair emerge from the water and disappear again with each kick. He felt his penis begin to swell as he caught glimpses of her exposed labia as she floated nearer to him. Michael reached into his shorts and pulled his now fully erect cock upwards to relieve the pressure. He could not keep his eyes off her stunning body as she swam in a relaxed trance, now nearing the edge of the pool just a few yards away.

Her hand touched the edge of the pool and she moved quickly to stand up in the shallow water. She looked at him and smiled. “God she is beautiful”, Michael thought. He was completely under her spell as she pulled herself out of the pool, picked up her towel and walked toward him, drying herself as she walked. Standing in front of him, close enough to touch, she placed the towel on her head and began drying her hair. Michael looked at her breasts swaying from the movement of her arms and could see droplets of mother’s milk oozing from her nipples and dribbling down her chest, catching in her pubic hair. Diana pulled the towel to her chest and without embarrassment wiped the milk from her nipples.

“Darn things”, she said with a smile,” “they keep leaking”. “Sorry if it embarrasses you. “Not at all”, Michael replied, “I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen”. “You mean with milk all over her chest”, she laughed as she wiped it off. “I have never seen a woman’s milk flow like this”, Michael stammered, not sure how to react to her. “Most men don’t, when they are adults”, she replied. “Would you like to see what it tastes like” She placed her hands around her breast and held it upward. The white liquid flowed more freely; Michael did not have time to reply before she stepped forward, straddled his lap, and sat down. “Go ahead”, she whispered with the voice that he remembered from her passion many years ago. “Please Michael”, suck them. They are so full and I need relief”.

Michael bent forward and sucked on a nipple and tasted the fluid. It was sweet with an organic taste that he liked. He knew instinctively what to do, perhaps from infant memory. He moved to the other breast and sucked the nipple into his mouth, feeling the warm liquid on his tongue. He looked at Diana’s face when he heard her moan softly. She was beginning to move her pubic area against his hard cock with a rocking motion as he sucked on her breast. They fell into an erotic dance of acceptance and reaction. She looked at him and lowered her mouth to his and they kissed as she rocked back and forth on his erection beneath his pants. “Please Michael, I need you, please”, she whispered as she looked at him with eyes glazed over with lust.

She found acquiescence in his kiss. She stood up briefly, undid the button on his shorts and pulled both the shorts and under shorts down below his knees. She grasped his cock, placed it at her warm moist entrance, and lowered herself onto him. In one quick plunge he was deep inside of her. Before he could move she held him tightly, pressed her lips against his mouth in an urgent kiss, and moaned in ecstasy as she climaxed. He had never experienced such explosive passion and release. Her vagina contracted as she came and she began to move gently, his cock still deeply embedded in her. She came again, this time with even more intensity, screaming into his ear as wave after wave swept over her body. Milk flowed freely from her breasts with each contraction. Without warning Michael felt his own orgasm sweep over him and his penis contracted, shooting his life passion deep inside her, time and again. Some moments later he opened his eyes. She was laying still with her full weight on him. His penis was still hard inside her as he looked upward to look at her face next to his. In the ceiling of the patio roof, nearly hidden in the shadows, he saw the surveillance camera.

Note: This is the first episode of a continuing story of sex and danger as a man finds a friend’s wife irresistible. More to follow soon….Spiritlover

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