Marvin Pellingham knew that he had made the right choice when he saw the first client that walked through the door to the consulting room.

He had lied through his teeth on the job application, about his experience, his length, his age, everything. But who believed that 20-year-old male virgins would exist in this day and age?

Not Dr. Susan Huttenlocker, thank God. Marvin forced himself to shift his gaze momentarily from the client to Dr. Huttenlocker's magnificent thirty-year-old breasts. But only momentarily. His eyes were immediately drawn back to the client. She was a timid, withdrawn, mousy woman of about 25. She seemed to be even more nervous than he was. Her eyes were dark pools of anxiety, windows on a universe of pain. Marvin found himself immediately drawn to her. She walked over to the chair by Dr. Huttenlocker's desk and sat down.

"Cynthia, I would like you to meet Marvin," Dr. Huttenlocker said. "Do you remember that last time we talked about using a sexual surrogate? That's what Marvin is here for. He is very experienced, has worked at the Keiser Institute in Chicago and the Kundalini Center in Big Sur, California. I'm sure he will make you feel safe, won't you, Marvin?"

Marvin nodded and gulped. He had kind of made up the part about the Keiser Institute and the Kundalini Center on his resume. In fact, when he first saw Dr. Huttenlocker's want ad in the Free Press, he wasn't even sure what a sexual surrogate was. It sure did have a nice ring to it, though. Sounded like a very good job indeed. Marvin had immediately looked up the term in the dictionary. He had gotten the names of the Keiser Institute and the Kundalini Center through a quick internet search.

He hoped he was going to be able to pull this off. He really needed this job.

"You can touch Marvin, Cynthia. You can touch him anywhere. And he won't hurt you. He is not like your father. Marvin will not even move if you don't ask him to," Dr. Huttenlocker said in a soft soothing voice.

"Go ahead, touch him. Touch him there, Cynthia. You don't even have to open his pants if you don't want to.

"Go ahead, get closer to him."

Cynthia got up from her chair and began walking toward Marvin. Her moist eyes darted about nervously and glanced back at Dr Huttenlocker seeking relief.

"You're almost there, Cynthia. Go ahead and touch him. You can do it. He won't even move. Will you Marvin?

"Just lean back in your chair, Marvin, and let her touch you. Do not even move."

Marvin leaned back in the easy chair as Cynthia began to approach him. Her hand reached out tentatively, trembling. She was actually going to do it. She was going to touch Marvin where no woman had ever touched Marvin before. And he was actually going to get paid for it. Marvin's heart began to race faster. He felt himself grow hard as Cynthia's hand came closer to his trousers.

"Go ahead and do it, Cynthia. It is the only way to overcome your fear. Marvin won't bite. He won't do anything we don't tell him to do. You are perfectly safe here. Just reach out and touch him."

Cynthia hesitated, then reached out to place her fingertips lightly on Marvin's by-now-throbbing penis. Her touch felt electric, even though two layers of fabric separated his skin from Cynthia's trembling fingers.

"That's not a touch," Dr. Huttenlocker exclaimed, rising from her desk. She stretched her athletic body, displaying her magnificent breasts to even greater advantage, and then walked over to Marvin's chair. Marvin inhaled the subtle aroma of her perfume. It was even more enticing than yesterday's.

"This is a touch," she said, gently rubbing her hand up and down Marvin's straining shaft. She briefly held Marvin's aching balls before tracing her hand upwards again and wrapping the finger firmly around Marvin's rock-hard shaft, squeezing it firmly.

"That's what I call a touch. Now you try it, Cynthia. Go ahead, you can do it. I have faith in you."

Cynthia looked at Dr. Huttenlocker with those deep dark eyes, gulped, nodded, and reached out to grip Marvin's tool firmly in her hand.

She was definitely getting the hang of it.

She even reached down to briefly cup Marvin's aching balls through his pants. Cynthia was surely giving it the old college try, Marvin thought.

"Now I want you to take him out," Dr. Huttenlocker told Cynthia, her bright blue eyes sparkling at her pupil's success. "Go ahead, unzip him."

A trace of fear showed through Cynthia's dark eyes as she tentatively reached out for the handle on Marvin's zipper. She began to gently tug it down, and Marvin found himself arching his back to afford her a straighter path down his crotch.

Cynthia managed to get the zipper all the way down without even a trace of a panic attack.

"Now I want you to take him out, Cynthia. Go ahead. Just relax. You can do this. Just take him out."

Cynthia ran her tongue across her lips as she pulled Marvin's jockey shorts down, exposing the tip of his shaft. The lip licking appeared to be more a nervous attempt to moisten her dry lips than the result of lustful thoughts aroused by holding Marvin's engorged member.

"Touch him, Cynthia. Touch his bare skin."

Cynthia reached out and touched the bare skin of Marvin's penis. He felt an electric charge go through his body as her long fingernails briefly traced their way around the hood of his shaft.

"That's not taking him out, Cynthia. This is taking him out," Dr. Huttenlocker said, as she yanked Marvin's jockey shorts down further, exposing the full length of his shaft and his balls.

"Isn't he beautiful, Cynthia? Go ahead, touch all of him."

The fear was even more evident in Cynthia's eyes, which were now partially hidden by her wild black hair. Nevertheless, she reached out to trace her fingers all the down Marvin's shaft and over his now-aching balls."

"Good, Cynthia. Very good. That wasn't so hard was it?" Dr. Huttenlocker asked. "Now I want you to undress him."

Now Cynthia's eyes grew wide with fear, and she began to shake her head back and forth.

"You can do it Cynthia. Look how far you have come. I will help you. Stand up, Marvin."

Marvin stood up at best he could with his jockey shorts pulled halfway down his thighs and his organ jutting out like an artillery gun at full salute.

Dr. Huttenlocker came around behind him, and he could feel her pubis against his naked buttocks and her firm breasts pressed tightly against his back as she reached around to unbutton his shirt.

He swore he could feel her tongue on the nape of his neck right before she removed the shirt and pulled his tee shirt over his head. She ran her fingers briefly over the massive muscles of his back before giving him a congratulatory rub of the shoulders.

Cynthia was shrinking away from him, so Dr. Huttenlocker said, "I will make it easy for you, Cynthia. I will strap him to the chair so that he cannot move. He can't hurt you if he is strapped to a chair, now can he, Cynthia?"

Cynthia nodded, so Dr. Huttenlocker whispered softly, "Just sit down in the leather chair and relax, Marvin."

Marvin did as he was told. The leather felt cold against his naked ass and back. Dr. Huttenlocker placed each of his arms on the armrest of the chair and tightened the leather straps around his wrists. Then she tightened another leather band around his chest. Marvin was now strapped in the chair, unable to move anything except his legs.

"Isn't he beautiful, Cynthia? Don't you want to feel his chest?"

Dr. Huttenlocker placed Cynthia's trembling hand on Marvin's chest and slowly moved it over his naked pectoral muscles and abdomen.

"Isn't the male body beautiful, Cynthia, when it is well taken care of?"

Dr. Huttenlocker removed her hand from Cynthia's wrist, and the shy young woman continued to move her hand up and down Marvin's naked torso, all the while staring into his eyes with her own dark orbs. She seemed to sense Marvin's own fear and smiled at him.

"I want you to take off his shoes and socks now, Cynthia. You can do it. He can't hurt you now."

Cynthia seemed to need no coaxing and quickly bent to untie Marvin's shoes and peel his sock off his feet.

"Now I want you to pull his pants off him, Cynthia."

Again, the girl needed no further coaxing. She grabbed Marvin's jockey shorts and jeans and pulled them down his thighs, her face coming within inches of Marvin's rigid tool. He could feel her breath on his shaft as she yanked his trousers off of him. He arched himself upward to help her, his member nearly brushing her cheek as she pulled the pants down his calves and over his ankles.

Now Marvin was fully naked, strapped helpless in the chair, both excited and anxious to see what would come next.

"Why don't you show yourself to Marvin, Cynthia?"

The timid girl shook her head vigorously and seemed to withdraw.

"You have to get over your fears, Cynthia. You have to be able to show your body to a man. Marvin can't hurt you. You are perfectly safe. Are you embarrassed in front of me? Here, let me help you," Dr Huttenlocker said, as she slowly began to unbutton the front of her own dress.

"I will show you that you do not need to be afraid to be naked in front of a man. Also, if I am naked, you will feel less uncomfortable being naked in front of me."

Dr. Huttenlocker stepped out of her high heel shoes and let her dress and slip fall to the floor around her. Now she was wearing nothing but matching black bra and panties.

Marvin made a wild guess that Dr Huttenlocker did most of her shopping at Victoria's Secret.

The bra and panties soon joined the dress and slip on the floor next to Dr. Huttenlocker's shoes. Marvin could see quite clearly now that Dr. Huttenlocker was a natural blonde.

"See Cynthia, I am not afraid to stand naked before Marvin. I know he will not hurt me. Cannot hurt me. Now you try."

Cynthia shook her head. So Dr Huttenlocker said, "How about just your top, Cythnia? I know you feel about down there. You don't have to do anything about down there today. We have time. All the time in the world. But at least take off your top today. Make a first step."

Cynthia gulped, nodded, then pulled her sweatshirt over her head. She was wearing a simple tan bra underneath.

"That too," commanded Dr. Huttenlocker. Cynthia slowly reached behind her back to unhook the bra. She let it fall to the floor. Marvin saw that her breasts were small but full and firm, with rose-colored nipples.

"Now, you have touched Marvin. I want you to let Marvin touch you. I want you to do this," Dr Huttenlocker said, as she climbed aboard Marvin's chair, straddling him. Marvin could feel the fur of her pubis as it pressed against his throbbing shaft. She moved to the side and placed the nipple of her right breast against Marvin's lips.

"I want you to let him do this." she said as she pressed her breast into Marvin's mouth. "Suck it, Marvin," she said. "Suck it like a good little baby."

Marvin sucked, like a very good, very hungry little baby.

Dr. Huttenlocker moaned in pleasure. She seemed to be enjoying her work as much as Marvin was enjoying his. She rubbed her tit back and forth in his mouth before sliding over to offer Marvin the left breast, which he treated in the same fashion.

"You can take pleasure from a man. You do not always have to be the one to give. Sex can be ecstasy, Cythnia. It doesn't have to be painful, the way it was for you." Dr Huttenlocker kissed Marvin on the cheek as she slid off him.

"Now I want you to try," she told Cynthia. "After all, you are going to have to do this for your baby one day. Try it now. See how it feels. He can't hurt you. He can't grab you. He is strapped to a chair."

Cynthia nodded and climbed aboard the chair, straddling Marvin, her denim jeans pressing against his naked balls. She lifted her left breast and placed it in Marvin's mouth.

Marvin sensed that he should go more slowly than with the eager Dr. Huttonlocker, so he slowly traced his tongue around Cynthia's nipple, feeling it become erect in his mouth as he nibbled on it.

He took more of Cynthia's breast in his mouth as she grabbed the top of the chair and pressed herself more tightly against him, rubbing her breast up and down in his mouth.

She was soon moaning like Dr. Huttenlocker. Quickly she grabbed his head and forced his mouth over her other breast, riding him as though he were fucking her. The bare skin of her torso felt cool and soft against his own flesh, as she bounced on his lap and ground herself into him.

"Very good, Cynthia. Very, very good. I think we can go even further than we thought today. I want you to try taking him in your mouth."

Cynthia stopped in her rocking motion and looked fearfully at Dr. Huttenlocker. "I can't. I don't think I'm ready for that," she said.

"I know what they made you do, Cynthia. But the act can be beautiful. Here, let me show you how."

Cynthia climbed off Marvin, and Dr Huttlenlocker knelt before him, holding his aching organ up for examination with her thumb and index finger. "You have to lick them here, Cynthia," Dr. Huttenlocker said, indicating the underside of Marvin's shaft and the sensitive spot right beneath the helmet. If you lick them here, they are powerless. They will just lie back and let you work your will on them, even if they are not strapped down the way Marvin is. Here, I will show you."

Dr Huttenlocker held Marvin's prick out for Cynthia's examination, as she licked up and down the length of it. "It is fun to lick their balls too. You can take them right in your mouth," she told Cynthia as she ran her tongue over Marvin's balls. She quickly took the right and then the left one in her mouth, sucking them and running her tongue over them.

"Of course the most fun is to take them all the way inside, like this," she said, and she engulfed Marvin's prick in her mouth, her practiced tongue working its magic on Marvin. His whole body felt ready to explode. But he tried to save himself for Cynthia, despite the fact that this was the very first time a woman had ever taken him inside any part of her body. He knew Dr. Huttenlocker would want him to wait.

He was thankful that he was in the hands of a trained professional. He did not explode in Dr. Huttenlocker's mouth as he feared he would. Dr. Huttenlocker finally took her mouth off of him and told Cynthia, "Of course the most delicious part is when they squirt in your mouth. It is so warm and yummy. But I want to save that for you. It is your turn now."

Dr. Huttenlocker began rubbing Marvin's organ down with a damp cloth. "I am just cleaning him for you. Don't want you catching any colds from me. Of course, you don't have to worry about Marvin. He has been thoroughly tested for all relevant diseases. You won't get anything from him. Now go ahead. I know you can do this, Cynthia."

Cynthia knelt before Marvin, but looked back at Dr. Huttenlocker uncertainly.

Dr. Huttenlocker came around behind Cynthia and placed her hands on the timid woman's shoulders.

"I know what they made you do, Cynthia. I know what you must be feeling. But you can do this, Cynthia. You have to do this, or you'll never get better," Dr Huttenlocker whispered in Cynthia's ear.

Dr. Huttenlocker's silky smooth blond tresses were now thoroughly mixed with Cynthia's scraggly dark hair and her breasts were pressed against Cythnia's naked back. Marvin could barely tell where one woman's body began and the other's ended.

"Just take the tip in your mouth, Cynthia. I will be right here with you. He can't hurt you. He is strapped to the chair," Dr. Huttenlocker whispered, and Cynthia began to lower her head upon Marvin's upright prick. Marvin thought he saw Dr. Huttenlocker flick her tongue in the young woman's ear and then briefly take her earlobe into her mouth. Sexologists must have a fairly liberal code of professional ethics, Marvin thought.

An electric charge seemed to go through Marvin's body as Cynthia lowered her mouth upon his organ. He was finally going to spend himself inside a woman's body, and he was glad that the first time was going to be with Cynthia. He felt her hurt, truly liked this young woman.

"Now glide your way down him," Dr. Huttenlocker breathed, her tongue never leaving Cythnia's earlobe.

Cynthia glided down him, and her breasts brushed against Marvin's naked thighs on the downstroke.

"Again," said Dr Huttenlocker, and Cynthia plunged her mouth down on him again. Cynthia grabbed his throbbing organ with her right hand. He could feel her fingernails scratching their way down his shaft and over his balls as she began to bob up and down on his engorged prick.

Cynthia seemed to really be getting into it now as she plunged up and down on his prick. Her right hand now enclosed his balls, which she squeezed intermittently as she sucked him. He could feel her sharp fingernails tracing their way around his balls, as she played with them like Rafael Nadal deciding which tennis ball to serve.

She took her mouth off Marvin's prick for a minute, gave him a mischievous smile and then lowered her mouth to his balls, her tongue tracing their way around them as she took them in her mouth alternately and sucked them gently.

Marvin wished he could reach down and stroke her hair, but his arms were strapped tightly to the chair.

She slowly traced her tongue over the front of his balls, up his shaft and then plunged Marvin into her mouth once again.

This time there was no gentleness as she sucked Marvin like a famished infant at its mother's breast and squeezed Marvin's balls in her right hand.

Marvin arched into her as best he could in his shackled position, as Cynthia continued to move her mouth and tongue rapidly up and down his prick.

Soon Dr. Huttenlocker was behind her again, resting her breasts against the girl's back protectively and licking her ear as the girl sucked more wildly on Marvin's prick.

Finally, Marvin's whole body went taut, and his legs locked in muscular tension as he came in Cynthia's mouth in a torrent that was unlike anything he had ever experienced before his in life. He seemed to come forever, but Cynthia did not release him from her mouth until every drop was spent.

She smiled at him when she finally came off him, his cum dripping from her cheek, and she looked at Dr. Huttenlocker and grinned. Both women laughed in delight.

Marvin sank back in his chair, his body glowing from head to toe. And to think that his high school guidance counselor had told him that he would happiest in a career as a city planner.

No, if he was certain of one thing in life, it was this. He had definitely made the right career choice at last.

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