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Surrogate Farm Ch. 01


Meet The Characters

Waine Anthony Noah Knight

Born and raised in the bush Waine was reared by his eccentric Aunt Annabelle and her lesbian companion Sophie. They were complete separatists and despised anything male in the World. That is all except Waine whom they adored despite his unfortunate gender.

He had a protected, loving upbringing and was home educated. He learnt a great deal of 19th Century literature, poetry music and was fluent in French and Latin. None of which was very practical but it was a wonderful classic education.

Sex education, that is to say, boy girl type sex was severely overlooked by his mentors. Waine had therefore grown into manhood knowing little if anything about actually being a man.

This of course leads to all sorts of adventures for him once he gains a position as stable boy at Surrogate Farm with the quintessential Sir John and Lady Elizabeth Faulklands.

Naturally they have a daughter, the allusive, gorgeous Sarah Jane and guess what Waine falls instantly and madly in love….


Emma is a fun loving kid who enjoys life to the fullest. She is young, bright and having been bought up in and around farms all her life is quite at ease with boys, animals and is always out for a good time. She also works on the farm as a stable girl and meets Waine under most unusual circumstances…

Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane is beautiful, rich, and born into the landed gentry. She is acutely aware of these assets and makes full use of them to her advantage. Sarah also grew up in and around farms but very differently from Emma. At eight years old she was sent to a very good boarding school in High Town, and after completing grade eleven was sent to finishing school in Switzerland for a year.

She has recently returned and is engaged to be married to Anthony Squires…

Anthony Squires

Anthony is a land owner, not so wealthy since the wool market collapsed but still adheres to the basic principle that he was born 'with a silver spoon in his mouth'. He will tell you as he pontificates with a cigar and brandy after dinner that there is order in the universe. Pointing his finger at you through a haze of think smoke he will explain that God made men and beasts and created (white) men to be the powerful and mighty. So too there is order within mankind. Some men are born to rule while others to serve. It is the right and proper thing in nature and is written in the word of God. Women of course are there to serve men and of course procreate…

As you gather Anthony resembles Darcy from Pride and Prejudice but without the intelligence or insight to understand the limits and stupidity of his prejudices. He is also a gay which adds a slight complication to his need to procreate with Sarah…

Other Characters

There are a few minor characters who also add interesting diversions to the story. Jeremy the leading hand runs the stable. He is also gay and worships Anthony. He is a really nice bloke but of course is in love with a right bastard.

Sir John and Lady Elizabeth are complete nutters, likeable but living in a time warp of their own. Their only child is Sarah and they desperately need for an heir. Their plans may also involve Waine…

Finally we have Donna. Donna is a girl from Black Bobs, a small isolated community of families living in the hills behind New Village a small country some distance from High Town. There is nothing politically correct about Donna. She is large, in fact the only way to really describe her that she is fat and has the gracefulness of a water buffalo. Donna did however have an easy going, happy disposition and it was hard not to like her. Sex was kept well and truly within her family. It was a private thing her father would say with her mother nonchalantly agreeing and should be with those closest to her. Donna had moved away to become a stable girl at Surrogate Farm and had settled in very well. The local lads all liked her and she was a 'real good sport' when it came to satisfying their needs.

The Story so far


My life as a stable hand

Waine Knight

Chapter One How it all began

I know I am naive. I always have been. I saw the ad in the paper and read it at face value.


I mean wouldn't you? I thought, 'I could do that.' Mucking out stables, riding horses, helping the young mistress to mount her horse and all that sort of thing.

I have spent my whole life being a little surprised and not really knowing what is going on in the world around me.

Take my name for example. Waine Knight. Nothing unusual about a name until you know it in full. Waine Anthony Noah Knight. WANK for short. Other children used to snigger behind my back and I never knew why.

Perhaps my parents are to blame. I had been told my fathers name was Fredrick Ulyssis Confusis Knight - figure that one out!

I grew up in a very small country town called Westerway with a few other Westerwillians in a small island called Taswilly. I had a wonderful, although somewhat sheltered childhood with my Aunt Annabelle and her companion Sophie. My parents had separated soon after I was born and left me in the care of my Aunt.

Things like men or sex were never, I mean never spoken of. In fact there were no men or even male animals allowed anywhere on our land. I remember once some kittens were born and within a few weeks the entire boy ones were quickly given away. Rosters became lunch, bulls and rams quickly de-sexed and as for me. I think they just tried to pretend I was girl.

As for sex it seemed not to exist. Mind you I slept on the veranda outside my Aunt's widow and I would sometimes hear her groaning and then Sophie would give a yell before there seemed to be an air of calm settling over the household. I once asked them why Auntie Annabelle groaned and Sophie screamed at night only to be told that Sophie had bad dreams and needed comforting. I looked through the curtains once and saw Sophie with her head between my Aunt's legs, which seemed a rather strange way to comfort someone with bad dreams. But that is another story I can tell one day.

I had written to apply for the Stable hand job and to my surprise I had been invited to an interview. I travelled to an old town called Richlands and with help from a girl called Emma I managed to find my way to Surrogate Farm.

It was wonderful. A magnificent two story Georgian House with a sweeping driveway up to the front stairs. I had to walk from the bus station and soon found myself knocking on the front door. A very tall Butler appeared and told me in no uncertain terms to go to the servants entrance at the back of the house. Once there I was lead me into the polished, immaculate hallway. A Butler - I couldn't believe it. I thought they only existed in movies!

Soon I was shown into the parlour. Seated behind her desk was a gracious looking lady who exuded strength and power. Asleep in an easy chair was a handsome man with big hands and slightly balding. I was introduced to them as Sir John and Lady Elizabeth Faulkland. She smiled, he snored.

Then as the Butler moved his hand around I saw without doubt the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my life. I mean she was gorgeous. Sarah Jane Faulkland sat on an old Victorian couch with her legs slightly to the side, hands delicately crossed in a light, cotton white dress which made her positively virginal in appearance. She of course kept her eyes demurely facing the downward after an ever so slight acknowledgment of my presence.

I was simply stunned by her beauty and of course hopelessly and desperately in love! I had to shake myself back to face Lady Elizabeth in all her power and glory.

She was bright, vivacious, somewhat loud and very 'horsy' in her mannerisms. No nonsense, lets get down to business and all muck in to get the job done. You know the type. Very nice but you wouldn't want to sit next to them on a long distance international flight!

The questions began. Do you know about horses, can you ride, do you mind getting dirty, working long hours and so on? Then suddenly as though she were inquiring if I would like a cup of tea she asked me if I had ever masturbated?

I didn't quite know what to say. You see because my Aunt and her friend had home tutored me and we NEVER talked about sex, especially boys I had no idea what she was talking about. So better safe than sorry I said 'No'. Have you ever had sex with a boy? Have you ever screwed a girl in her cunt? Have you had her suck your penis? The questions seemed to go on forever. I felt so silly. It was a different language to any I had ever been heard before.

Something must have been making sense because I could feel my penis begin to stiffen. I thought it might show through my new trousers. I quickly looked to one side and noticed Sarah Jane had raised her eyes to my waist height. Of course this just made things worse and I began to shuffle and try to move my overnight bag to alleviate my embarrassment.

Well what do you think John? Sir John had by this time opened his eyes and seemed much more interested in me for some reason. 'Yes seems a good sort of chap to me. What do you think Sarah?' Sarah just looked up to him briefly enough to nod and catch my eye for a split second as she regained her pose.

'Good, then we can expect you on Sunday after evensong. Report to the stables at 6pm'

I left with the Butler who I later learned did actually have a name of his own - Henry seemed friendly enough but had a distinct glint in his eye as he said good bye.

As I walked alone down the long cobbled avenue I began to think more and more about Sarah Jane and what my new life at Surrogate Farm was going to be like.

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