tagNovels and NovellasSurrogate Farm Ch. 04

Surrogate Farm Ch. 04


Episode Four - Emma's Revenge

Well I guess I am the best one to tell you about what Emma really dreamed up and how she got her own back on me. That’s right its Waine talking again.

As you know by now I am, well a little bit, how would you say, unworldly. I had a rather protected upbringing and girls particularly are quite a new experience for me. On that particular day I was, after all, minding my own business, gazing out onto the meadows and paddocks where my true love, my only love Sarah Jane was galloping and jumping her horse in the morning light.

I was so moved I began to recite one of my favourite poems from Shakespeare

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date:
Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines….

Then I noticed Emma, one of the stable girls creep into the shed and quietly move towards me. I could just see her from the corner of my eye as she knelt down and to my amazement she began to move her hand around my thigh and very gently undo the buttons of my fly.

At first I was so stunned I really didn't quite know what to do so I just stood there and pretended I hadn't realised she was there at all.

Now come on guys what would you do? There you are dreaming about the true love of your life, reciting poetry and a girl begins to slip her fingers through your trousers! I mean would say, 'Excuse me but you seem to have lost your way.' Or 'I think your fingers may be inappropriately positioned'?

I am not a complete 'dork'!

By this time Emma managed to manipulate her fingers into my trousers and had started to touch my penis. Having a mind of its own it began to react by growing ever upward and pointing toward the picture of may dreams, Sarah. Emma carefully moved further into the depths of my garments and reached my skin.

I nearly choked. A girl had never done this to me before except my Aunties friend who occasionally found it necessary to ensure I had washed my penis properly - even when I was fifteen years old.

At last Emma released it. She was wonderful. She pulled her hand away for just a few seconds to lick her fingers before ever so slowly moving her index finger gently along the base of my penis.

I really thought I was in heaven.

Her movements were slow, even and rhythmical. I thought I was going to die. Then without warning she left.

I couldn't believe it. There I was standing with my penis sticking out of my trousers, looking out to Sarah Jane who God had created on one of his better afternoons and feeling a complete dickhead - excuse the pun.

The next day the same thing happened except this time she placed her whole hand around my penis and moved it quite fast up and down, up and down and just as I was about to 'Thankyou' or some other appropriate comment when she left.

By the following day I was beginning to really look forward to Emma’s little antics. I also noticed two of her friends had come into watch.

They seemed to be very close and were groaning a lot. I could see their hands had moved into each others jompers and were moving gently together. They were actually kissing although their eyes were looking directly at what I had to offer. A chap could really get carried away with fantasies in this sort of situation.

By the fourth day I did begin to wonder what this was all about. And then my ego got the best of me and I decided they must just like me and this was their way of showing it. A little strange though.

On the fifth day my adventures took a turn for the unexpected. After sending Sarah Jane off for her ride I stood once again in my place of contemplation, waiting and hoping for yet another visit from Emma and her friends.

Then to my astonishment the door flew open and in marched Donna. What can I say about Donna except that she is big. I mean really big. She would make a water buffalo look gracious. Even so the few times I had met her she seemed to smile a lot and was always laughing.

I was motionless as she bowled up to me with a wide grin on her face and said, 'Goodday Waine, Emma told me to do this'. With that she pushed her ape like hand through my fly into my boxers and grabbed my penis like it was a lump of dough. Then she began to kneed it with all her strength as I was pushed backwards into the hay stack.

'Emma told me to give you a wank, so here I am… this is the way my uncle likes it'.

She had my penis, balls and almost my arse in her hands as she took complete control. Strangely though my penis shot up as she began to rub it with great gusto and energy. I bet she would make a good dairymaid!

Just before I thought I would finish she too stopped. What is it with these girls?

I just lay there until I heard giggles from up in the hayloft. There was Emma and her two friends in hysterics and laughing so much they had tears in their eyes.

I had to admit I had it coming - excuse the pun again. So I too started to laugh even though my balls were bruised and I was in agony.

Then without warning the barn doors burst open and in came Anthony Squires himself. The Lord to be, Sarah's fiancé, and without doubt one of the most vindictive bastards to ever set foot on this earth. God made him on a really bad day.

He was furious. His whole body was shaking with anger as he yelled at Emma.

'You little slut you were given a job to do and instead you let that animal loose on it.' Pointing at me - what do you mean 'it' I thought but decided this was not the time to discuss the issue.

Emma was now in real tears, Donna began to sulk as Anthony turned to Jeremy, our leading hand.

'Put her in the stocks for the rest of the day and let the lads do the rest'.

He left, Emma was taken firmly by two sturdy lads followed by her friends and I just fell back on the hay and went 'phuwww' or words to that affect.

Now readers I think that is enough excitement for today. But what is this all about. Why is Anthony so angry and why did he order Emma to give Waine a cum free wank?

Give us your ideas. What should happen to Emma in the stocks for disobeying Anthony and should she be saved or left to her fate?

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