tagNovels and NovellasSurrogate Farm Ch. 05

Surrogate Farm Ch. 05


Well I knew I had done it now. I was in big trouble. Here I was being literally man handled across the square. I could see faces watching from the windows and doors of the old buildings as I was frog marched toward what I knew would be a humiliating and exacting punishment.

I had broken the rules. I knew that when I had asked Donna to play a trick on Waine. I also knew I was under strict instructions to do the deed, so to speak, my self. But I just couldn't help myself. I'm always getting into trouble, and usually just managing to avoid it at the last moment. Well that was until now.

The rules when it came to punishment on the Estate were clear. You obeyed orders or took the consequences. I could of course leave. I had the choice. We could all leave if and when we wanted to. But if we wanted to stay we had to take the good with the bad and I can tell you today was not looking good.

All I had to do was ask to leave and I would be free to go but I could never return. I loved working here. I loved the horses most of all, I had lots of friends and I was after all a country girl so events like today had been pretty much part of my life as long as I can remember.

I had seen lots of others being punished so I knew what to expect and my brain was telling me to run but my heart wanted me to stay.

I still couldn't work out why Anthony had asked me to play with this new fella Waine while he perved on that 'little high and mighty' bitch Sarah Jane.

I was told to play with him but not to let him come. But why? Well it was too late to think about it now.

Then the bell rang. Three times it sounded over the estate from the small Chapel across the square. They let everyone know that a punishment was about to occur. Workers all over the estate laid down their tools and proceeded to assemble in a various places around the small cobbled area in front of the stocks. There was a great deal of whispering, a few giggles and an air of nervousness in the circle of my fellow workers, family and friends.

Even the Vicar felt it was his duty to be there, as part of his watchful role over his flock of course. I think though it may have been his more private member was the one leading him to the scene today.

I knew what was coming. I had seen it many times before but until now I had been spared. I was to be humiliated, beaten or perhaps even worse, sexed in front of all these people as a public spectacle.

I was lead to the front of the stables. Held firmly by the men beside me and looked at my instrument of torture - the stocks. They had been there ever since the family had settled here in the early 1800's. They had been used cruelly for well over a century and remained a symbol of power and subservience.

I looked on in silence; my heart beating so loudly I thought I would wake the Owls.


At last Lady and Sir Charles Faulkener arrived.

She sat comfortably on a chair especially arranged for her just in front of the stocks. Sir Charles leant easily on his shooting stick, and began to fill his pipe as if we were all there for an afternoon chat about shooting partridge.

'Now what have we here? Been a naughty girl eh? Anthony what's she been up which is so bad we all have to stop what we a doing and come the stocks? Damned waste of time if you ask me. Got better things to do'

'Defied my orders Sir.' As he said this he leant down close to Sir Charles ear and whispered something. He frowned and then looked toward me.

'Well Emma you know the rules. You can collect your things now and leave Surrogate Farm now and nothing more will be said. Or you can stay here, take your punishment and carry on as you were. What's it to be? Come on girl we don't have all day.'

There was a hushed silence in the crowd.

My voice seemed almost to have disappeared. And then in a broken whisper, I heard myself saying,

' I accept'

'Can't hear girl. Speak up dam it.'

'I accept my punishment Sir.'

The onlookers relaxed, some called out 'good on you girl' while others settled back to watch the show. The show, which involved me, being center stage!

'Very well, six and one. Lets get started.'

My heart sank. I knew what this meant. Six beatings but one what?

Before I had time to think any further on the matter my two girl friends Carol a stable girl and Heidi the French nanny moved toward me as the men stepped back. There was and unspoken understanding between us. Carol had once been in my place and I in hers. Heidi was new and had only heard of such events. This too was her initiation. Her eyes were be excited, alive and alert. I could see her nipples beneath her white, lacy top sticking out like two beacons.

They slowly began to undress me. First my top, then my boots and socks. Next my jeans and then my bra. Then Carol lent down and slowly lowered my favorite Mickey Mouse knickers. I just hoped they were clean. My mother had always warned us to have clean knickers in case we were in an accident and taken to hospital. I don't think she had this sort of situation in mind at the time!

There was an air of nervousness and excitement in the circle of workers and family.

I stood there naked. Defiant and proud. I was proud of my body. I could tell from the nervous anxiety emanating from the crowd that they too admired what I had to show. Why shouldn't I be proud? I felt powerful, I was the focus their attention. All eyes were on me. I could feel their eyes eating at my body with a desire most would never fulfill.

I wasn't going to let that bastard Anthony get any satisfaction. I was strong. My head was high like a proud filly as I surveyed the faces around me.

I soaked in the power. I could see it in their eyes. A glint of envy, of desire and pure lust.

I know my body is beautiful. I could sense for those few seconds that others too recognized that fact too. I have been blessed with a body that is strong, leggy, and shapely. Why not admit it, it's simply true. I have long legs; white skin and sandy colored hair.

I would not let them win. I stood and waited for a few moments with my head high looking straight ahead until a figure appeared from the crowd. Before me stood Lady Jane. She was still wearing her riding gear. Stylish jacket, a tie with white shirt, fashionable jombors and knee high boots.

In her hand she held a riding whip. Her self-assurance and sense of place in the World simply came from her position of wealth and power.

Although slightly smaller than me she still managed to stare at me with contempt and dispassion. She stood a few yards away and then moved slowly toward me until she was directly in front of me.

There was no denying it she was beautiful in body and presence. Sarah stood a few yards away hitting the side of her leg with her riding whip, her left arm on her waits and her head slightly cocked to one side.

Looking at me she moved very slowly, very provocatively toward me until she stood quite close staring into my eyes. I was transfixed. Her green blue eyes betrayed a sense of wickedness and malice which was both unnerving and a little chilling.

She fixed her stare deeply into my eyes and held my gaze for what seemed like an eternity before stepping back and looking at my whole body, taking in every detail. My shoulders, my pert little breasts, down to my tummy button and finally her eyes rested onto the dark inviting triangle between my legs.

Stepping back she circled me like a wild animal waiting to move on its prey. Her very presence and her intent made my breasts twitch with anxiety. I preyed they wouldn't betray me.

She gently began to move her whip along the inside of may legs starting at my knee and moving up and up until she reached the dark triangle between my thighs.

My whole body shivered with goose bumps.

Resting it there, pushing ever so slightly she again caught my eyes again. She held my stare for quite a time and then whispered so no one else could hear. "I'm going to enjoy this"

My whole body shuddered with trepidation and anticipation. I also vowed I would get my own back on her one day.

Suddenly she stood back and nodded to Carol and Heidi who immediately came to my side and led me by each hand to the stocks. I was in a trance, I could no longer think. These things were happening to someone else. I had seen it happen to others but now it was me. Me I was here kneeling down onto the platform before the stocks. Feeling the firm leather under my knees and being led ever so carefully but firmly by the girls to my position of ultimate humiliation. I bent down. My head rested onto the half stock and my arms were placed into the armrests.

Carol quickly lowered the top of the stock until it was firmly in place. I heard the loud click of the lock as it fell into position.

There I was. There was no turning back. I had made my decision. A few moments ago I was proud and defiant. Now I was a hostage unable to move. My bottom was sticking in the air for all to see and do with what they pleased. My head and hands were held firmly in the old stocks so I could no longer see the people or who was behind me. This was my destiny. My life was now absolutely out of my control and literally controlled by others. I was alone.

Suddenly someone was shouting calling my name. My knight in shining armor! I wish. Those things just don't happen in real life.

Then I heard a scuffle, or what could have been a fight. I could see Sir Charles looking toward the back of the square. Then Anthony called out. 'All under control Sir'

His gaze passed over me over me as though I didn't even exist. As if it was perfectly normal to have before you a naked girl held in 19 Century stocks with her bum in the air. Sir Charles moved his gaze back to someone else, I assume his daughter Sarah Jane. His eyes moved ever so slightly. I knew it was about to begin. My punishment; my humiliation.

I waited, and waited and waited. In all it was probably only a few seconds but it seemed to last forever. The onlookers were silent; the tension in the air could be cut with a knife as we all waited. I could feel my heart beating, my nerves tensing and strangely I could feel the excitement of sexual desire. I was still the center of attention, I still had that power. Without me they had nothing.

At last I felt it. The whip ever so gently being drawn across my bottom. My body shook with anticipation and fear.

Then Whoosh... It came. The whip struck my bottom right across my buttocks. The pain, the humiliation was too much. I bit my lips to hold back the tears. Then whoosh and the second one hit my cheeks just a little lower than before. Sarah knew exactly what she was doing. I'll bet she's had lots of practice.

Then a third and fourth. Each time, moving closer and closer to my fanny.

By now my eyes were tightly shut but somehow I felt a presence, someone warm, caring and kind. I felt a finger run down the side of my face moving my hair away from my eyes and mouth. I could smell them, female, soft gentle, loving. Whoosh, smack. I half opened my eyes and there were two of the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. They were dark, glistening with life and ever so inviting. They were so close, so close I could see in their reflection my momentary mistress. Another strike hit my backside but this time it was directly on my fanny. Before the pain could sink in I felt lips on my lips. Heidi was there. She was kissing me, holding me, comforting me.

I was filled with both pain and pleasure. My fanny was alive with sensation, my lips were wet from my tears and my mouth was inviting. Heidi's tongue entered me. I had never kissed a woman before, well not like this anyway. She was wonderful, urging, moving, kissing and caressing.

When the last whack hit my clitoris I was almost beyond control. I no longer cared about where I was, the onlookers, my friends, and my work mates. The sensations were here and now, never to be repeated, never to be experienced again.

I pushed forward as much as I could, Heidi responded, more gently now, as if waiting for something. I had lost count of the whipping, lost all sense of time and was living for the second.

We kissed, deeply, passionately and if the world was we and we alone.

But slowly, ever so slowly I realized the whipping had stopped. Then I remembered. My punishment was six, pus ONE. What did the ONE mean? I thought it meant another set of strokes but they had stopped.

Then I felt something touch me. I halted, froze, waited like a frightened animal. Heidi stopped too, looked at me as said, 'It's all right my darling, accept, accept your fate.

I was on fire. My whole body burning with desire, pain and desperate to climax. To end my torture, but not to end it. I wanted it to last forever but like sex we want it to end but we are equally desperate for it to last forever.

Something was touching my bottom, it was warm and hard. Someone was moving it toward my fanny.

Then without warning, he thrust his penis straight into my wet, inviting pussy.

I couldn't see who it was and I really didn't care. I just wanted him to pump me harder and harder..

Heidi clutched my hair and held my head tightly as the kissed me with her tongue. I could sense her in every way. Her smell, her touch her momentary love and passion.

He pushed harder and harder. Driven purely by lust, men need to fuck and deposit their seed in whatever accommodating womb they can find.

I felt his sense of urgency as his penis began to gain a rhythm, a momentum of its own. We kissed, he fucked I responded.

His need was basic. Like most of the stable boys he was driven by the need to explode as soon as his body would allow. There was no finesse, no reciprocal feeling. Just, basic instinct.

Heidi on the other had was involved, concerned with my needs more than hers. She soon felt under the stock and began to touch my nipple. She stroked it clutched it and pinched it to deepen my satisfaction and sensations.

I felt his begin to spasm, his rod became harder, his movement more intense and then I felt him fulfill his needs and explode deep into my body.

He waited until the last drop, the last twangs of his orgasm faded away before pulling out and leaving me with sperm dripping down the inside of my leg.

That was it, my punishment was over but I was not. By now I was desperate to be fulfilled, to be satisfied through orgasmic pleasure.

Heidi knew what I needed.

My eyes begged her, pleaded with her to help. She looked at Carol. Carol looked at Lady Fawlkener. Their eyes met. They understood, they knew what I needed. Then without a word Carol moved to my rear. She knelt down with my wet dripping pussy in front of her and inserted her finger. Then I could feel her breath on my moist pussy lips. She touched my clitoris and began to gently lick up and down its length. Heidi put her lips back to mine. I responded, Carol licked, Heidi kissed and I was in another world.

I could feel it coming. My whole body began to tremble; I could feel my orgasm moving, overtaking, and shuddering as I totally lost control. I could feel wave after wave of sensation as I reached my pinnacle and screamed inside Heidi's mouth. Being held so firmly made the sensation even more intense because all my movement was confined to my trunk. I couldn't move my arms or legs. At last I could feel my body change, and the first sense of relaxation, the need to sleep, to enjoy the afterglow, came over me.

Heidi stopped, looked at me and gave me a final kiss on the forehead while Carol gave my canny an equally soft kiss.

The onlookers burst into spontaneous applause. 'Well done Lass, good show.' was called out as they began to leave and return to work.

I was quickly unlocked, covered with a toweling dressing gown and guided by Heidi and Carol to our quarters.

What will happen to Emma? Why was she punished and what are the secrets at Surrogate Farm?

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