Surrogate Husband Ch. 05


"Sorry," she grunted. "It's been a while since I've had anything bigger than your mother's finger inside my ass like this."

Bobby pushed again, eliminating any further resistance when he gained complete entry.

"Owwwww!" Donna cried. "You're gonna tear me beyond repair!"

"Want me to quit?" Bobby asked.

"You'll be a dead man if you so," she replied loudly. "I want this as much or more than you do."

Slowly, as if to torture her, Bobby pulled back and out. The view of her wide open hole was stimulating, to say the least. He shivered involuntarily as a sudden and sharp lightning bolt of sexual energy flashed inside his stomach. It traveled down to his penis, causing his fuck stick to jerk upwards.

Quickly, Bobby re-entered her back hole and, with a haunting cry of greedy desire, plunged deep into her colon until his balls slapped against her pussy.

"Ungh!" Donna grunted. She wiggled her ass. This time, when he pulled back, she waited until he propelled his cock back into her bowels and then slammed her butt back to meet his demanding thrust.

They settled into a rhythm, both of them attacking and then retreating. Donna was both surprised and disappointed when Bobby pulled out a second time. Her disappointment turned into a cry of satisfaction and renewed desire when he turned her on to her back, pushed her legs high up into the air and, once again, sent his cock rocketing deep into her rectum.

"Back where it belongs," Donna muttered as he bottomed out inside her

Bobby gave no indication whether he heard her or not but, Donna didn't care. She was too busy frigging herself and trying to regain the sexual high she was experiencing when he was on his knees behind her.

Donna's ass was now a fully lubricated receptacle, capable of accepting anything Bobby had to offer. She continued to agitate her clit as the sexual tension in the room became very palpable.

Bobby's trips in and out of Donna's rectum became much quicker in their delivery and, now, each thrust was accompanied with a resounding grunt. Donna, delirious with the build-up of her impending sexual release, was now emitting short, high-pitched sounds with a staccato-like delivery.

"I'm gonna cum," Bobby said as he grimaced. No matter how hard he tried to keep from it, he knew that the inevitable was about to happen.

Donna's hand fell away from her clit when she clamped her anal ring tight around Bobby's swollen cock. "Go ahead," she told him in a low, guttural voice. "I'm waiting for your cum enema, Bobby. Give it to me." And then she shouted, "NOW!"

Donna relaxed her anal muscle, allowing Bobby to pull his fiery tool about two thirds of the way out of her ass. She took a deep breath and then tightened the gate to her bowels, waiting for his return thrust. She didn't have to wait long.

Despite the strong resistance, and with a great amount of effort, Bobby managed to push his shaft through that difficult barrier. He groaned and she cried out sharply when the invasion was completed and Bobby's balls slapped up against her pussy.

One more time, Donna released the pressure on Bobby's penis. One more time, Bobby withdrew almost the entire length of his magic wand from her rectum. And, one more time, the pressure returned.

This time, the friction proved to be too much for Bobby to endure. Halfway through his return stroke, he erupted, the force of which was such that he felt as though his balls were going to be expelled from his body, through his urethra, follow his cum fluids out into Donna's colon and be lost forever.

"Oh, god," Donna moaned. "I can feel it. I can feel your cum filling my bowels like they've never been filled before." She resumed her manual stimulation of her clitoris and, by the time Bobby finished depositing the last of six huge shots of his cum deep inside her lower intestine, she was screaming out her own orgasm. Donna's body stiffened and quivered as she shouted, "YES, YES, YES," over and over again.

The room was filled with their shouts of unadulterated joy and passion. They truly became as one as a most exquisite form of torturous sexual stimulative impulses surged throughout their bodies before they finally collapsed from near exhaustion with Bobby lying atop Donna, her legs still high in the air above them.

Neither of them were able to move for several moments. When Bobby's helmeted soldier softened to the point that it could no longer remain in Donna's ass, she lowered her legs. He rolled to her side, taking her with him.

They remained in that position, face to face, softly caressing each other, his breath mingling with hers.

"Thank you," Bobby said.

Donna smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips. "I'm glad I could help you with your grieving," she told him.

"I understand now why my mother considers you to be her best friend. You were there for me, just as you've been there for her all those years."

Donna nuzzled her face into his shoulder. "This your first time to do anal?" she asked.

"First time," Bobby said. "I sure hope it won't be the last time."

"It won't," she assured him. "Not as long as I'm around. You can plow my ass anytime you want."

Donna yawned, closed her eyes and went to sleep.

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