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Kirsty stepped from the shower, her hand reaching for the towel rail to steady herself. She was still woozy from alcohol. The work do had gone on longer than she'd thought and she hoped Fiona would forgive her in the morning. Kirsty dried her mane of shaggy dark hair and wrapped the large blue towel around her. She felt a much fresher now though still far from sober. She cleaner her teeth banishing the muggy taste of wine and food from earlier in the evening. She decided against using the hair-drier that would disturb Fiona's sleep, instead switching off the bathroom light and padding to the bedroom.

Outside the bathroom with its steamy residue of heat from the shower it was cold and Kirsty hurried to get under the warm bed covers. Light from the full moon flooded through the bedroom window revealing Fiona's sleeping form under the duvet. Kirsty dropped the towel to the floor and slid under the welcoming covers. She thought of waiting until she had warmed up before cuddling up to her lover, but the temptation of using Fiona's warm naked body to warm her own was too much and Kirsty slid over and pressed herself against Fiona, who was facing away from her. Fiona stirred in reaction to the press of Kirsty's cool flesh instinctively shrinking away, but Kirsty looped a leg over Fiona's broad thigh, and snaked an arm around Fiona's chest to tighten the embrace. Kirsty felt Fiona relax as her body warmed from the heat of Fiona and the cocoon of the duvet.

'Have a good time?' Fiona mumbled sleepily.

'Yeah, sorry I'm late back,' Kirsty said, kissing the back of Fiona's neck, inhaling the delicious scent of Fiona's hair and body. She couldn't detect any disapproval in Fiona's voice and felt a wave of relief wash over her. Kirsty hated it when they argued.

'S alright,' Fiona breathed as sleep began to reclaim her.

Kirsty hugged Fiona feeling a surge of affection for her girlfriend and glad to be home and in bed with the woman she loved. The pillow was cool on her cheek and she closed her eyes hoping to fall asleep swiftly.

Outside the trees rustled in the night breeze and Kirsty listened to the undulating rhythm of the sound - it was like waves crashing against a rocky shoreline then receding only to crash again. Despite her closed eyes Kirsty realized her senses were alert. The shower had refreshed her too much, and now she was wide awake. Her arm was still around Fiona, her hand warm in the cleft of Fiona's heavy breasts. She kneaded the warm soft flesh and slid her hand between Fiona's breasts, moving over the swell of one breast, her palm feeling the warm bud of Fiona's nipple react to the touch, growing firm and hard, the breast's own mini erection.

Fiona's chest heaved as she breathed more deeply. Kirsty pressed herself tighter against Fiona, feeling her own arousal grow in the well between her thighs. She kissed the nape of Fiona's neck again, her lips lingering against the skin there, the tip of the tongue touching, teasing the spot she had kissed. Fiona sighed, her legs stretching, her body responding. Kirsty took Fiona's nipple between forefinger and thumb, rubbing, rolling it, gently pinching, so Fiona gave a small gasp. Arousal had replaced sleepiness, and Kirsty felt Fiona take her hand, guide it upwards, then warm wetness as Fiona placed Kirsty's fingers in her mouth, sucking and licking. Kirsty felt her own arousal grow, but also another sensation, a dull tug of her bladder. She ignored it, it could wait to morning, she was too warm too comfortable, too turned on to leave the warm haven of the bed and endure a freezing cold trip to the bathroom. She pushed the small urge to pee from her mind.

Fiona moaned and turned on her back, guiding Kirsty's hand downward now, over the soft swells of her big breasts, across the stomach and further down. She trailed Kirsty's finger tips through the soft mound of pubic hair before pressing Kirsty's fingertips to the warm moist passage of her vulva where she released her grip allowing Kirsty to take control. Fiona hissed through her teeth as Kirsty's touch sent electric spasms of pleasure though her body.

Kirsty traced her fingers slowly around the soft wet lips of Fiona's outer labia, then in further to inner lips that were slick and thick with her juice. Fiona arched her hips slightly, needing Kirsty's touch deeper. Kirsty slid her body down a little to have better reach, and rubbed her cheek again the warm pillow of Fiona's nearest breast. Fiona shifted a little to her side, and Kirsty knowing her lover's desire, sought out and found Fiona's hardened nipple. She drew it into her mouth then opened her mouth wider to suck in the areola as well, her tongue probing, and licking between hard sucks. Fiona gave a low guttural groan of pleasure as Kirsty suckled at her breast while playing with her sopping pussy. She took Kirsty's hand pressed her lover's fingers deeper inside her. Kirsty acquiesced, and slid two fingers into the depth of her lover, feeling warm wet lips of Fiona soaking labia against her knuckles. She used her thumbs to slide and rub under Fiona's clitoral hood, touching the sensitive button beneath.

Fiona, hissed, and cursed, her hips arching, her legs apart, heels digging into the mattress, as Kirsty plunged her fingers deeper.


'Don't stop,' Fiona panted.

Kirsty withdrew her fingers twisting them as she did so, eliciting more gasps from Fiona, then plunged her fingers back inside.

Fiona turned on her side, Kirsty's fingers still deep inside her. They kissed. Fiona, ravenous, her tongue aggressive as she thrust it into Kirsty's mouth. Kirsty met lust with lust. As they pressed tongues hard into each other's mouths, needing to be one, wanting to fuse together into one orgasmic entity.

Kirsty withdrew her fingers from Fiona's sopping cavern, and broke the kiss to shove the moist digits into her mouth, tasting Fiona's thick tangy juice, Fiona resumed the kiss, licking Kirsty's fingers tasting herself on her lover's fingers, on her lovers tongue. Fiona, slid an arm under Kirsty, and pulled the smaller woman on top.

'Move up me,' Fiona commanded.

Kirsty's legs either side of Fiona's waist shifted upwards, Fiona's hands on her buttocks urging her to assume position. Kirsty ducked her head so her damp main of hair lashed across Fiona's breasts, then stooping briefly to kiss Fiona's lips, she moved up. Again she felt a tugging from her bladder, and cursed herself for not having peed after her shower. Her knees were either side of Fiona's head now, her pussy only inches from her lover's eager mouth.

Fiona reached her hands up to cup Kirsty's breasts.

Kirsty began to lower herself to Fiona's open mouth, but stopped short of contact.

'You okay, luv?' Fiona asked, puzzled by Kirsty's hesitation.

Kirsty sighed. 'Sorry, honey, I really need to pee. Thought I could hold it. Can you wait two minutes?'

'You just got warmed up.'

'I know, but you can warm me up again,' Kirsty said, running her fingers through Fiona's soft blonde hair. She made to move off, but Fiona's hands clamped around her hips holding her there.

'What are you doing?' Kirsty asked, her turn to be puzzled.

'You stay here in bed and keep warm, I'll go to the bathroom for you.'

'You sure?' Kirsty said, guessing what Fiona was proposing. It was Fiona who had first introduced her to 'water-sports'.

'Uh huh. I want to drink from you, Kirsty,' Fiona said, her voice husky. She lifted her head to kiss Kirsty's wet pussy, then relaxed back on the pillow.

Kirsty looked down at her. 'I'll just end up soaking the bed, you know.'

'Control your flow and you'll be fine.'

'You sure?'

'I'm thirsty for you, darling,' Fiona urged, caressing Kirsty's rump, then sliding a hand around to Kirsty's belly, putting gentle pressure on her bladder.

'Okay, okay, wait. Just wait,' Kirsty said removing Fiona's hands. She lowered herself so her vulva was just above Fiona's mouth, almost touching. She placed her hand on her pussy, a finger either side of her urethra to control the direction of the stream. Fiona licked her lips anticipating the flow from her lover. One hand caressed Kirsty's buttocks, the other dipped between her own legs, her fingers sliding in and out of her own soaking desire.

'Sorry, I can't go now,' Kirsty apologized. The build up in the bladder was still very much there, the need to pee quite urgent, but nothing would come, her bladder would not release its load. 'I'll have to go to the toilet, honey.'

'It's okay, Kirsty, stay where you are. Take your time, try to relax.'

'Okay,' Kirsty breather deeply. 'I'll try. Christ, I really need to pee.'

'It's okay, it's okay.'

'Nothing's coming, but I really need to pee. It almost hurts,' Kirsty moaned.

'Just relax, Kirsty. I want some of that alcohol you drank tonight, I bet there's a lot in your bladder,' Fiona purred.

Kirsty laughed at the thought,' 'Do you think you can get pissed from my pee?'

'Let's find out shall we?' Fiona said lightly.

The joke was enough to relieve Kirsty's nervous block.

'Oh God, it's coming, Fiona.'

'Good girl,' Fiona said, readying herself. Her fingers sank deeper into herself and she could feel the beginnings of her orgasm build.

'Kirsty gasped as her bladder finally relaxed and the stream of pee flowed. She heard the liquid gurgle as it filled Fiona's mouth. Fiona swiftly gulped down the body warm urine. In her student days she used to drink beer shotgun style – shaking a sealed beer can up and down, then drinking the jet of beer from a small puncture in the side of the can. She'd been just as good as any of the boys who did and few could match her. The experience helped now.

Kirsty contracted her stomach muscles to cut the flow, allowing Fiona to swallow her first intake of pee before it overflowed from her mouth.

'Fiona's breath was deep and laboured. 'You taste fucking good, Kirsty. Give me more.'

Kirsty looked down into Fiona's eyes, that reflected in a gleam of moonlight. 'I love you, Fiona,' she breathed, relaxing her bladder again. A fresh stream flowed out and Fiona raised her head, clasping her mouth to Kirsty's vulva, taking the full flow of the stream down her throat, she gulped down Kirsty's water as though she had an unquenchable thirst, the warm salty liquid filled her mouth, coated her throat, began to fill her belly and journey down to her own bladder, where Kirsty's urine would mix with own.

Kirsty eased the flow again, allowing Fiona to gulp deep gasps of breath.

'More?' Kirsty whispered.

'More,' Fiona affirmed.

Kirsty released another jet from her urethra, and lowered herself to pee directly into Fiona's mouth, allowing Fiona to relax her head on the pillow. The gurgle of golden liquid was muffled but still audible as was the gulping sounds as Fiona sought to consume every single drop of pee from Kirsty, to fill her own bladder with Kirsty's liquid waste, to act as Kirsty's surrogate pisser.

Kirsty sensed it was time to give Fiona another breather and she tightened her stomach muscles again, halting the flow.

Fiona took a deep breath and sighed with pleasure, the sound you'd make after quaffing a cold drink on an exceptionally hot summer's afternoon. The pleasure she was getting fuelled Kirsty's own arousal.

'Finished?' Fiona asked.

'Almost, I think. You still thirsty for me?'

'Always,' Fiona whispered.

Kirsty released another stream, her bladder was almost empty now.

Fiona gulped more down, and the flow began to lessen. A few more spurts jetted from Kirsty's urethra, and Fiona caught each in her mouth and swallowed the warm liquid down. When the last of Kirsty's pee was quaffed, she pulled Kirsty's hips down gently but firmly, and began licking the edges of Kirsty's vulva, her tongue moving and licked the grooves of soft flesh of Kirstys outer labia, then probing deeper, seeking out Kirsty's clitoris, tonguing it, softly, playfully. Kirsty swore, and ground her hips on Fiona's face, making slow bucking movements. Fiona matched her rhythm with her tongue and lapped at Kirsty sensitive bud. Kirsty's hips bucked faster and faster as she felt the crest of her orgasm approach.

'Don't stop, Oh God! Please don't stop!' she cried out.

Fiona pressed her tongue harder against Kirsty's clitoris as though trying to crush it.

Kirsty screamed, her back arched, limbs tensed, her arms thrown back grasping the duvet tightly in clenched fists, as the orgasm wracked her body.

Trembling she finally relaxed and collapsed onto the bed. Fiona pulled Kirsty's spent body down into a more comfortable position and covered her with the duvet.

Kirsty looked with dazed eyes into Fiona's. 'Love you.'

'Love you, right back,' Fiona said, nuzzling her nose with her own.

Kirsty smiled weakly. 'You drank me dry.'

'You filled me up,' Fiona smiled back. She took Kirsty's hand and placed it over her belly. 'You're in me here,' she said, then moved Kirsty's hand up and placed it over her heart. 'And in here.'

Kirsty kissed her on the lips. 'You didn't come. It's not fair. I want to make you come.'

Fiona kissed her back. 'Not tonight, tomorrow. You need to go to sleep. I need to go to the toilet.'

Fiona slipped out of bed, and Kirsty moved over to occupy the space where Fiona had lay. Kirsty inhaled the scent of her lover's body from the bed sheets and lay in the midnight quiet listening. From the bathroom she could hear the sound of Fiona peeing, emptying her bladder of Kirsty's pee - being Kirsty's surrogate bladder so Kirsty could stay snug and warm in bed. True love, Kirsty thought, and even as she could hear the sound of Fiona's feet as she padded back to bed, Kirsty's eyes closed as the pull of sleep took her in its warm embrace.

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