tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSurrounded Ch. 02

Surrounded Ch. 02


(This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author's consent. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. If stuff like that isn't your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn't bother reading it. I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.)


I looked back at Matt and smiled, shaking my hot ass clad in tight jeans at him. He wasn't staring at his departing wife. No, his eyes were on me, just as I hoped. I turned and walked onto the plane, with a satisfied smirk on my face. As Amanda started chatting with me, any joy I felt dropped as I realized what I was soon to be in for. I had to spend five days back home with my parents and my idiot sister. I hated having to go back home. I hate it there. I had spent 18 years of my life there and I didn't want to spend another day there. But no one else knew that. I was very good at putting up a happy façade, but inside I was seething. Despite the fact that I was the older sister, the first-born, Amanda was always treated like the golden child by our parents. Amanda could never do wrong. It was as if they recognized from an early age that she would be something special. And this offended me in a way that permanently fractured my relationship with all three of them. If a choice had to be made, they would go to Amanda, not me. They would go to her with big news and then tell me later, as if I was an afterthought. They were so supportive of every little thing she did, but they couldn't find the time to help me. I hated them.

My parents were never outwardly mean to me or anything like that. It was just that they lavished Amanda with all the attention. And in my opinion, I was the star. I was the better looking of the two, by far. I had a much better body. But just because Amanda got better grades and went to college to be a fancy lawyer, she deserved all the attention? Bullshit! Some people said that she was more book-smart, and I was more street smart, but I disagreed. I would argue that I was smarter than her in every way. Just because I never got grades doesn't mean I'm stupid. I just didn't give a shit. I never felt any motivation to try. But now I did. Now I had the drive to show them all how smart I really was.

I had made plans to become a lawyer, just like her. It wasn't because I give a shit about law or justice, because I don't. I wanted to become a lawyer to show the world I was the better sister. I would show them that I was the star. I didn't look forward to all that boring work, but I could get through it fine. I was perceptive, I was intelligent. I could read a situation easily. I would be a star lawyer. My ultimate fantasy was to meet Amanda in the courtroom, absolutely trounce her, and send her home in a bad mood. I dreamed of her coming home, walking to her bedroom, and catching me riding her husband's massive cock. I would beat her in the courtroom and the bedroom. I would show her how superior I was in every facet of life.

It might appear as if I had a lot of family issues. I probably sound like a crazy person. I'm really not. Honestly, I have pretty much moved on from that. When I was 18, I was driven nuts by my issues, but now that I am away from them all, living my own life, I don't really give them a second thought. The only time any of this stuff comes up is when I am forced to be around my family members. But on a day-to-day basis, I don't think twice about them.

But there are those times where we are all forced together. Like Amanda's wedding. Or today, when we arrived at home. That was when my issues came to the surface. My great-aunt had died, and so we were all helping get her business sorted out. So that forced us all together again. And I was bored out of my mind. Bored, and horny. I missed my boyfriend, and his big fat cock. I missed the way he pounded my tight little pussy, and my hot ass. I missed the way he mauled my huge tits with his hands. I missed the way he would insult my sister while fucking me. Did I mention my boyfriend was the man married to my sister? I couldn't help but smile every time I looked at my idiot sister and realized that her man preferred me and my body over her. Her man clearly thought I was the superior sister.

Despite the fact that I hated her and thought she was a complete fucking idiot, we got along just fine. She would ask me advice like a regular little sister would of her smarter big sister. We would chat like the friends she thought we were, but in truth I couldn't stand her. But I played the game, and as a reward it allowed me to get close enough to her so I could steal her man away from her while still maintaining her complete trust.

I got along with Dad just fine. I was not his little princess like Amanda was but he was always there for me. Mom was the only one who I had trouble getting along with. I felt like she knew how much of an evil little bitch I really was, which was strange, because she seemed like such a conservative woman on the outside. She was the typical soccer mom. She was generally bright and friendly, but at times I felt like she was more aware of how things really were. At times, I felt like there was a dark side to her too. At times, I felt like she could read me like a book and knew exactly what I was thinking. So I kept my distance from her. We both kept up appearances, but I knew that she knew how evil I was, and I'm sure she was keeping quiet about it for the sake of the family.

I was the black sheep of the family. Sometimes I wondered if I was adopted or something, but once my body developed like it did, I realized that I had inherited my body from my mother's spectacular one. Even for a woman in her 40's, her body was still great. Nice butt, great breasts, great hair, and she had still maintained her good looks. But I had to admit, my breasts were just a bit bigger and rounder, my ass was a little rounder and tighter, I was still young and hot and my hair was still fabulous looking. I was a younger, better version of my mom.

The days passed at home, and I was desperate to reunite with my man. I was a girl who was used to getting laid on a regular basis, so going on about three days without getting some dick was making me climb the walls with horniness. If I had the opportunity, I would have put on a nice, slinky dress, went downtown to a club, let myself get picked up and get some substitute cock. But unfortunately, I was kept busy here at my parent's house. Besides, Matt was a keeper. I didn't know how he would feel if he heard I had gone out to a club. He would know why, because he understands me. Because he loves me.

But he was a cheater. He was cheating on his wife, my sister. Now that his eyes had been opened to the pleasures of cheating, I was afraid that he would not be able to handle this gap in his sex life without finding someone else. I knew what kind of sluts were out there, because I was one. And sluts like me can sniff out a man down to fuck from a mile away. I sniffed it on Matt, and I'm sure other sluts could too. I just hope I could get back before any sluts could get their claws in him.



God, I missed Katie. I missed her huge tits. I missed her gorgeous face. I missed her heart-shaped ass. I missed her pretty little cunt. I missed her asshole, which was the only hole my dick had been in that was tighter than her cunt. And I missed her filthy mouth. Katie was without a doubt the nastiest girl I had ever been with, and that's what made the sex incredible.

I wasn't used to this gap in my sex life. Ever since I started to fuck my sister-in-law, she had kept my balls constantly drained, in a way that my wife had never been able to do. I never knew what real sex was until I started hooking up with Katie. Once I experienced real fucking I realized what I had been doing with Amanda was beginner stuff. I understood now that Amanda had no idea what she was doing. She was no expert. But her sister was.

Katie was an expert in real fucking. That girl could take a cock like no other. And what made it better was that she was up for anything. Bareback fucking. Anal. Blowjobs, with swallowing. Road-head. Fucking in the back of a car. Fucking in the shower. Fucking in the bed I shared with her sister, my wife. Fucking anywhere she wanted.

Katie had taken over my life. In gratitude for her letting me do whatever I wanted with her hot body, I allowed her control in every aspect of my life. She had access to all the money I had worked so hard to earn. I had to cater my life around her schedule. I had to cater to her whims. In exchange for letting me have her hot pussy, she had free reign to order me to do whatever she wanted.

It was surprisingly freeing to have this woman running my life. It wasn't like I was her slave, or her lap dog. She asserted her ownership over me in subtle ways. She made me put a picture of her bare tits as the wallpaper on my computer. All the pictures of my wife on my desk were replaced with pictures of her posing cutely. She asked me to buy her stuff, and she threatened to withhold her tight pussy until I did so. But it never reached that point. I would do anything for her tight pussy. She made me think of her whenever I was forced to have sex with my wife but that wasn't something she had to force me to do. It would be difficult to not imagine her perfect body when with someone else, especially someone who was not as well developed.

It felt strange to not have her guiding hand in my life. Sure, she had left me orders. No jacking off until she gets back. She wanted me to save up my best for her. I could easily disregard that order and she would probably never know. But I felt compelled to obey her. This made me smile. My sister-in-law was in control of when I could cum. She truly owned me.

My balls felt swollen. I wasn't used to going this long without getting some. I was used to cumming every few hours now, usually in her tight snatch. I wondered what my coworkers thought when the door to my office locked and the blinds closed after this big titted slut visited me in my office. I wondered if they knew I was getting some from that hot-bodied skank.

I was craving sex. I felt tense and jittery. I needed to be taken care of. I needed my sister-in-law. I needed to cum.

It had been four hours since Katie and my wife had left. I had just dropped them off at the airport. They had to fly home to take care of some family stuff. The last thing I saw wasn't my wife's smiling face. It was Katie's bouncing ass. That was all I cared about.

I had taken a few hours off of work to drive them to the airport. I knew it would be a long week. Five whole says without sex. Without cumming. I hoped I could make it.


The last few days had been pure hell. I was on-edge all the time. I was even more tense and jittery. I felt like an addict in withdrawal. I'm sure people knew something was up but I didn't care. Thank God it was Friday so I could be out of sight of people as I struggled with my lack of a sex life.

I was able to reflect a bit on my relationship with my wife, Amanda. I had said some nasty things about her to her sister, Katie, during our many marathon sex sessions. They weren't all things I really believed. Despite all of the bad things I had done, I still loved Amanda. I did. Sure, her role in my sex life had been eliminated by her hotter older sister. Sure, she was awful at sex. Sure, she was kinda stupid for not figuring out that I was cheating on her with her sister. But despite all her flaws, I still loved her. She was sweet, she was friendly, she was pretty and she was a dedicated worker. But, she wasn't hot. Nothing about her made my dick hard anymore. Nothing about her had the goal of making her attractive in a sexual way. She didn't dress in a way to highlight her body. But it wasn't her fault since she didn't have much of a body to highlight. She didn't know how to flirt and drive a man wild. She didn't know how to have sex in any way other than missionary. Sure, she's a functional member of society, but she is not functional in the bedroom. But her sister was.

I love Amanda. I really do. She fulfills the emotional side of my personality in a way no one ever has. But the sexual aspect of my personality was being fulfilled by another. It was a balancing act. I wasn't fighting the fact that I was a dirty, rotten cheater. I was a terrible person. I knew that. I was just hoping to be able to maintain this fragile balance as long as I could. If Amanda knew what I had been doing it would destroy her. I couldn't let that happen. I didn't want to see her hurt. She was a better person than I could ever be. It wasn't her fault that she ended up married to a man who loved girls with huge tits and round asses. It wasn't her fault that she married a man who badmouths her while fucking her whore of a sister in order to get off. It wasn't her fault she married a man who humiliates her on a daily basis in order to make the sex he has with her sister that much better. She deserved a man who was not as nasty as me. She deserved a man that would make love to her in the missionary position like she wanted. She deserved a man who was as bed at sex as she was.

I had just gotten home from work and had gotten changed, ready to lie down and watch some baseball, when the phone rang. I stood up and grabbed it.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hey babe, it's me." Amanda said.

"Hey, what's up? How's home?" I asked.

"It's... home. Haha. You know, it's been pretty boring stuff." she said. "I miss you."

"I miss you too." I said.

"This is the longest we have been separated since we got married." she said.

"I know. I'm not used to being alone." I told her.

"I can't wait till I get back. Hey, do you remember our first date at Franchezca's?" she asked.

"Uh yeah, of course. Why?" I asked.

"Well, this sounds really dorky, but I found a box of photos I had of us two. I was looking through them and I found some of us on our first date. God, we looked so young!" she said with a laugh.

"You were so nervous. You tried to hide it, but I could tell." I said with a laugh.

"I know! But you were just so cute. I was afraid you wouldn't like me!" Amanda said.

"I liked you from the start." I said. I started to choke up a bit. These were happy memories of the woman I vowed to spend the rest of my life with. She didn't deserve the bad things I was putting her through. I should be a better man for her. She deserved better.

"I know, but I couldn't see that then. I was just so freaked out." she said with a giggle. "I still remember that you got me desert. Do you remember what you got me?"

"A piece of molten chocolate cake." I said with a smile.

"It was the best I ever had." she said.

"That was good cake." I replied. A warm silence fell between us. "I love you Amanda." I told her.

"I love you too, baby." she said."It's nice to hear a friendly voice. Katie is kinda being a total B." she said. Amanda didn't curse, and it was always cute to hear her censor herself by calling Katie a B instead of a bitch. "She just keeps trying to boss me around. It's annoying. I keep trying to tell her that you win more bees with honey than vinegar, but she doesn't listen. Oh, here she comes." Amanda said. It was cute to listen to her quaint sayings. In the background, I heard Amanda tell Katie she was talking to me.

"Hey Matt!" Katie said, yelling in the background. Her voice sent a shudder through me. That, combined with the fact that she was being a bitch to my wife, caused my dick to throb.

"Hey." Amanda said, "I'd better get going."

"Okay, well, I love you." I said.

"I love you too." She said, hanging up.

I didn't deserve her. She was so cute, so funny, such a good person. I teared up thinking about how I was taking advantage of that by fucking her older sister behind her back. And just hearing Katie's voice drove me wild. She had me by the balls. Katie had inserted herself in this marriage. She had done this to me. She was an evil little slut. But she was so fucking hot!

I was jarred from my thoughts by a knock on the door. I gathered myself, and made sure I was presentable. I opened the door to find Michelle, my wife's best friend. I looked at her smiling face. It must have been the state I was in, but I never really realized how gorgeous she was. She was tan, with full lips and smoky eyes. She had straight, black, shoulder length hair which framed her pretty face.

"Hey, Matt." she said brightly.

"Hey, what's up?" I asked.

"Um, can I come in?" she replied.

"Sure." I said, stepping aside to let her in. Why wouldn't I let her in? She's my wife's best friend. What's the worst that could happen?

I shut the door and followed Michelle as she walked towards the living room. As usual, she was wearing stretchy black pants which covered her lowered half. I couldn't help but watch her ass bouncing side to side as she walked. I knew I shouldn't be thinking like this. Ever since I started fucking Katie, I haven't been able to stop myself from noticing all the absolutely gorgeous women that I seem to be surrounded by. Women at work, women I walk past on the street. All of them hot, all of them gorgeous and all of them with great bodies. But I knew I couldn't do anything. I was barely balancing my married life with cheating with my slut sister-in-law. I don't think I could handle cheating with another woman without Amanda knowing. Sure, Michelle had the body of a filthy slut. As she turned around to sit down, I watched her giant breasts bounce under her tight purple blouse. I pulled my eyes away from them before she noticed. She had the body of a tramp, but the personality of a saint. I shouldn't be thinking about her body.

Michelle sat down on the couch and I joined her. As I sat down, I started talking to her.

"You know, Amanda won't be back for a few more days." I told her.

"I know. I actually kinda wanted to talk to you." she said.

"Oh." I said, taken aback. "What's up?" I asked nervously.

"Well, I wanted some advice." Michelle said, seeming a little down. "I just broke up with Billy."

"Oh, I'm sorry. What happened?" I asked.

"He broke up with me. He said our relationship wasn't working." she said vaguely. I tried to find something to say, but she didn't really give me much to respond to. She saw my confusion.

"Okay, to be honest, we didn't exactly match up in the bedroom." she said. I was taken aback a bit by this. I just nodded at her statement, not sure what to say. I had never talked this intimately with her. My first thought was that her boyfriend was being too rough with her. She was so friendly and nice that I figured that she was a bit delicate in the bedroom. Like my wife. It's a shame, though, with that body.

"I mean, I could tell things weren't okay for awhile now so I guess it's okay that he finally pulled the trigger on it. But it stinks. I thought he had some potential, but apparently, I was wrong." Michelle said, looking down. As she did, I couldn't help but glance at her low-cut blouse. I had to admit, her tits were really big. Not as big as Katie's but she was right up there. They were easily DD's. I could tell. They were far superior to my wife's pair. And they pressed against each other perfectly to form a nice line of cleavage. They must be really round and firm. It was so strange that this sweet girl had the body of a porn star. I shook my head, clearing these thoughts. I had to be a good friend, not drool over her hot body.

"Well, you said it yourself. You knew in the back of your head that he wasn't the man for you. You don't have to rush things. Wait for the right man to come along, and once you find him go after him. You're an awesome girl. Any guy would be lucky to have you." I told her. For a second, she looked at me fiercely, which caught me off guard. Then, she smiled.

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