Surrounded Ch. 02


"Well, Amanda is a little old-fashioned, if you don't mind me saying." Michelle replied, sipping the wine.

"You really don't think very highly of Amanda, do you?" I asked, starting to realize nice and sweet Michelle was not so nice at all. She might just be a snake in the grass.

"Matt, she is my best friend..." she started.

"Is she?" I began, now on the attack. "You call her ugly. You call her old-fashioned like it's a bad thing. You lie to her... You're not a very good friend."

"Matt, nobody's perfect. I'm sure you have complaints about her. That doesn't mean you don't love her. Love means seeing past someone's faults. I love Amanda. She is my best friend!" Michelle stated. "You said it yourself. You wish she had big tits. You wish she had a better ass. You wish the sex you guys have is a little rougher. That's not a bad thing. You're still her husband. You love her. And I'm still her best friend."

I hated to admit it, but there was some logic to what she was saying.

"Matt, this is how girls are. I love all my best girl friends, but we all say nasty things about each other behind our backs. This is typical girl stuff." she said with a laugh. I laughed nervously. Another silence passed. She poured more wine in her glass. As she held the bottle, she started to giggle.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing. I... just... I have a thing with wine. But... you don't want to hear it. You might not be able to handle it." she teased.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"I don't know, it might be a bit too nasty for you. I don't know how you'd take it." she said.

"Well, now you have to tell me." I said. She smiled evilly, and then she turned and faced me.

"So I don't know how this started but I have had a few of my boyfriends tell me that the best tasting wine they ever had was when I poured the wine down my wet pussy." she said, matter-of-factly.

If I had any wine in my mouth, I would have choked on it. I was stunned into silence by this, and she took this as her cue to continue.

"Yeah, so I have to be really wet for it to work. But luckily, that's pretty easy for me. I just pour the wine down my belly, let it run down through my landing strip, and down my wet pussy. Sometimes it'll end up in a glass, but most of the time, the men want it fresh. No wine glasses. No bullshit. Just wine, running down my pussy, mixing with my juices, maybe getting a hint of my nice, clean asshole, before dripping straight into a man's mouth. All my men said it is the best thing they have ever tasted." Michelle said huskily.

What could I say to that? What could I say when my wife's best friend confessed to me that she loved to pour wine down her pussy into men's mouths? The only thing I could think of was to polish off the wine left in my glass.

"I'm sure that wine is good, but it's probably not as good as this wine." I joked, waiting for her response. All she did was smile evilly. That look practically made my heart stop. She couldn't have done it, could she? I reviewed the facts. I realized that the bottle was open by the time she came out here. My glass was full when she had emerged. I licked my lips, trying to sense anything different. I looked back at her, and she simply nodded. I backed away from her.

"How could you?" I asked, horrified, almost ready to stand and escape from this woman. I couldn't believe it. She actually did it. The wine I had swallowed had been poured across her pussy! I thought she was nice. I thought she was sweet. Nice girls don't secretly feed married men wine that had been poured across her pussy. Sweet girls wouldn't wear such skimpy clothing in front of a married man. Only evil girls did that.

"You said it yourself. It was the best wine you ever had. I thought you deserved a taste." she whispered. I stood up, aiming to escape. She stood up as well, which stopped me. I watched her breasts jiggle and bounce as she stood before they both finally stopped moving. She didn't say anything. All she did was let me gaze at her hot body. I watched the water drip off of her body. I noticed her breasts pouring over the edges of her bra. I looked down her flat belly, letting my eyes rest on her barely covered pussy. She let me ogle her until I looked into her eyes. She knew she had me transfixed with her hot body. I couldn't move. She sat on the edge of the tub, spread her legs, reached down and pulled her thong to the side, revealing her bare pussy to my leering eyes. I gazed at her thin landing strip. This image was so sexual. So lewd. So obscene. So nasty.

"Do you want another taste?" Michelle asked, the wine bottle poised over her pussy. I couldn't move. I couldn't walk away. I couldn't move forward.

"That glass you had earlier was extra special. I was extra wet... and you got an extra helping of my asshole." Michelle stated.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked.

"Matt, we can solve each other's problems. I want a man who will fuck me... hard. I want a man to fuck the shit out of me! You are clearly desperate to fuck someone hard. I want that someone to be me. You need the rough stuff. We both know Amanda won't let you do that. But we both know that I will let you do that. If you want a woman that will be there to take care of all your sick, nasty desires, I'm your girl. I'm worried about you Matt. You're so tense. We both know that at some point you're gonna seek out new pussy. You will end up fucking some girl that doesn't deserve you. But I do deserve you. I can take care of you... better than your wife. All your frustrations with Amanda, all the times you are angry, you can take all that anger out on my hot body. If Amanda ever pisses you off, come find me and just fuck the shit out of me. You have free reign to do whatever you want to me."

"I don't believe this." I said. I couldn't believe how casual she was about this.

"Amanda doesn't deserve a man like you. It's a shame you saddled yourself to her. It's a marriage destined to fail. She's too delicate for a man like you. I've wanted you for a long time. The first time I met you, I thought she was setting you up with me. You are just my type. I was shocked when she told me she was dating you. But it's thanks to you that I stayed friends with her." Michelle said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Amanda was always a fringe friend to me, at best. She was one of those girls I graced with my friendship. I ran in better circles than her. I was ready to dump her as a friend. But then you came along, and suddenly, Amanda's my best friend! I wanted you bad from the beginning. I hoped you would notice, but you stayed blissfully unaware of my flirting. It seemed like finally, these last few months, you've started to notice me. You noticed my big rack. My perfect ass. I've seen you staring. I know how bad you want me. And here's your chance, Matt. Make me your slut!" Michelle moaned out, fingering her pussy as she spoke.

"You're evil! You're no friend. You've just been waiting in the weeds. Waiting to strike." I stated.

"Pretty much. Do you know how embarrassing it is to be friends with an uggo like her?" Michelle said. Why does everybody think Amanda is ugly? She's not! She's really not.

"Amanda isn't ugly." I said simply.

"Yes she is. If she was as hot as me, it would be her tits you would be staring at, not mine. We both know she doesn't have tits like these. I am the superior woman to her in every way. Just look at me. Compared to me, she's outdated. Obsolete! Eventually, we won't need her at all!" Michelle said.

"What are you saying?" I asked.

"I'm saying that once you fuck me, I won't be friends with her anymore. I'll only be friends with you. More than friends really. Lovers. She'll still think me and her are friends, but we won't be. It's hard to be friends with a woman when you're fucking her husband. It's hard to respect a woman when you're fucking her man better than she ever could." Michelle said.

I was silent. Michelle was no sweetheart. She was evil! She was an evil little slut! But she wasn't done yet.

"I have wanted to fuck you for a long time. I still remember your wedding. You looked so hot in your tux. I would have bent over a table and let you fuck me at the reception if you wanted me to. I just had to sit back and watch as that bitch wife of yours tricked you into marrying her. I watched as that waste of a woman had somehow saddled herself with a stud like you. It was a damn shame. I still remember how I watched you two dance. All I could think about was that it should have been me. I should have been the woman in your arms. I knew I should have stood up during the wedding and told you that you deserved to be with me. I know you would have dumped her at the altar and married me. I know it, and I'm sorry I didn't say anything. But I had my fun. I remember the reception. Do you remember it? I remember standing up and congratulating you, like a good friend would. Do you remember what happened next? Do you remember how it was me that handed you two your first glasses of wine as a married couple?" Michelle said.

"You didn't?" I said. She smiled.

"I couldn't help myself. You were so fucking hot. I had to finger myself under the table just watching you. My fingers were covered in my juices. I figured you wouldn't mind if I used that expensive wine you had bought to wash off my fingers. I figured you wouldn't mind if I let that wine run off my sticky fingers into your glasses. I figured you wouldn't mind if I rubbed any stray juices from my fingers onto the rims of your glasses. Did you mind? Do you mind that you both got a taste of my pussy on your wedding day?" Michelle said with an evil smile. "I saw how much you liked that wine then. And I vowed to give you more."

"From that day on, I vowed to myself that I would have you. You would be mine. I had to be that idiot's best friend for years to get to you. It was years of work, just for you. I flirted with you, I practically threw myself at you, but you didn't notice a thing. I guess her stupid spreads to you when she's around. But she's not here now. It's only me and you now. You can do whatever you want and she'll never find out." Michelle said.

She had been at this for years. She had been trying to insert herself into my marriage for years. She wanted me, and she had done nasty things for me to see her as the nasty slut she was. The thought of being so wanted by someone so sexy had me rock hard.

So here I was again, being tempted to cheat. But this time, it wasn't with my wife's hot-bodied sister. It was with my wife's hot-bodied best friend. Here she was, lewdly displaying herself to me while trying to tempt me into fucking her. I was trying to stay loyal, but then I realized who I was trying to stay loyal to. It wasn't my wife, the woman I vowed to love and cherish. No, the woman I was trying to stay loyal to was Katie. My sister-in-law. I wanted to stay loyal to her for a few simple reasons. Firstly, she had enormous breasts. With tits as big as hers, you don't risk losing access to them. Secondly, her ass was just perfect. The sight of those perfect cheeks could just drive me wild with lust. Next, she was absolutely gorgeous. She was one of the most gorgeous and sexy women I had ever met. If I fucked Michelle, I could risk losing that.

But the rewards might be worth it. I could have two gorgeous women to fuck. Two women with perfect bodies and gorgeous faces, both desperate for my cock. And it wasn't like I would be trading down. If I had a list of the sexiest women I knew, Katie was number 1, and Michelle would be 1A. (Amanda wouldn't be anywhere close to the top ten.) Could I balance cheating on my wife with two different women and having none of the women find out about each other?

"You know you need this." Michelle started. "You've earned this. You're so tense. You've been cooped up with your wife so long. You've forgotten what real sex is actually like. Let me remind you."

I looked down at her soaking wet pussy as she fingered herself. She was clearly horny. Desperate for my mouth. Desperate for my tongue. Her ass was rotating as she pleasured herself. I tried to justify my thoughts. Michelle and Katie barely knew each other. There was little chance they would ever meet up with each other, let alone suspect I was fucking both of them. And since Katie was my mistress, it was inherent that we couldn't spend all of our time together. I could easily justify my time away with her as time I had to spend with my wife. I could do it. I could get away with it. Amanda was clearly not perceptive enough to suspect I was fucking someone close to her. She would never suspect a thing. I could do it.

My cock was rock hard, and she knew it since she was looking right at it. It was easy to see. My swim trunks were plastered around my hard-on.

"You look huge, Matt. Tell me I'm not just seeing things. Tell me you are as big as I think you are." she asked.

I had to avoid this temptation. I had to... But I couldn't. I knew I shouldn't, but I couldn't resist. She had worked so hard for me. She wanted this so badly. Plus, she looked so good. She had such a hot body, that she had no doubt worked hard to maintain. Plus, she fed into that part of me that got off on betraying my wife, of humiliating her. It was so wrong, so nasty. But so hot. Katie had made me realize the type of women that drove me wild, and Michelle, she drove me wild. Much like Katie, she could read me like a book. Much like Katie, she had me by the balls. Plus, there was the simple fact that I had cheated before. Honestly, what's the difference with cheating with two women as opposed to just one? It was still cheating. I was a cheating bastard already. There was not enough guilt to stop me. I knew I wouldn't be able to resist. I knew I couldn't resist. I knew I couldn't resist playing her game.

I submerged my lower half back in the bubbling hot tub and walked over to her. I stood between her legs as she fingered herself. My eyes met hers. She was looking at me expectantly, as if she expected me get on my knees and pleasure her. She was so smug. So arrogant. So right.

Looking into her eyes, I kneeled down until I was eye level with her cunt. She moved her fingers away, allowing me to look right at it. I moved my face forward until I was within a few inches of her pussy. She brought the wine bottle over her belly, poised to pour.

"You're nasty, aren't you." she asked.

"Yes." I replied.

"You've wanted to fuck me for a long time, haven't you?" she asked.

"Yes." I said.

"You wanted to fuck me at your wedding, didn't you?" she asked.


"You wanted to slip my maid of honor's dress off and fuck you in your marriage suite."


"Or better yet, you wanted me to take your wife's place during the wedding. You knew she couldn't handle her wifely duties. You wanted me to be the one you were marrying, didn't you?"

"Yes, I wanted to marry you, not her."

"You wanted to pledge your loyalty to me. You wanted to have and hold me. You wanted to promise me your love, your heart and your cum, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did." I said, desperately.

"Open up." she said, about to pour the wine. I opened my mouth, and hovered near her pussy.

I watched as she tilted the bottle, and I watched as the liquid reached the rim of the bottle. I watched the wine pour out of the bottle in a smooth stream. I watched the wine splash against her firm belly, before trailing down her belly. I watched as the wine started sifting through her landing strip, combing through the hairs. I watched as the wine reached her hard clit, causing her to shiver. I watched as the wine ran down her pussy, combining with her juices to create a delicious mixture. I watched as the wine ran past her pussy, crossing the short distance to her neat, clean asshole. I watch the wine gather there for a moment, gathering its flavors. And finally, I watched as the wine ran off of her asshole and fell into my open mouth. A steady stream of wine poured in my mouth. As I let the wine pool in my mouth and I savored its flavor, I realized Michelle was right. It was the best wine I had ever had. It was rich and full of flavor. Michelle's flavor. Her flavor was the best part. I swallowed the wine in my mouth to make room for more.

The wine was dripping into my mouth, but I realized that I was missing some of the wine as it dripped all over. I realized I had to get all of it. I didn't want any of it to go to waste. I closed the distance between me and her, finding the only solution to not waste the wine. I had paid a pretty penny for this bottle for my wife. It was for our anniversary. It was my wife's favorite. She wouldn't want it to go to waste. This stuff was hard to get. The only thing I could do to not waste it was to press my tongue against my wife's best friend's asshole. I'm sure my wife would understand.

The wine now ran off directly from her asshole into my mouth. The wine pooled on my tongue. It tasted so good! Wine that was meant for my wife was being poured across her best friend's pussy and asshole into my mouth. I had to admit it was being put to better use.

I realized some of the wine had pooled to her asshole, so I let my tongue flick out against it, gathering the wine into my mouth while pleasuring her asshole. Win-win. She moaned loudly as I did so. I looked up to see a lot more wine pooled in her pussy. Her pussy looked so nice and juicy. I trailed my tongue from her ass along her skin before digging into her cunt. The juices there were a concentrated mix of wine and pussy juice. It tasted amazing!

"Oh, fuck!" Michelle said, "Matt, I want you to promise me something. If Amanda ever wants wine, I want you to call me first. I want her to try my special concoction. I want you to make sure that any wine that ends up in her belly passes over my pussy first. Got it!? Or maybe, she'll get a special blend. Maybe I'll pour the wine down my ass-crack. Maybe all the wine she'll ever get will taste like my ass! That sound good to you?"

This drove me wild. I dug deep into her cunt, gathering her juices. As I dug deeper, there was less and less wine and more and more pussy juice. Soon, I was only swallowing her pussy juice. I looked up and noticed she was drinking the wine straight from the bottle. Now, there was no pretense to me tasting her wine, as if there really was. I was now eating my wife's best friend's pussy.

For a few minutes, all I did was eat out her cunt. I drove my tongue in and out of her. I eventually brought my tongue to her clit, circling it and sucking it into my mouth. She screamed loudly as her thighs tightened against my head. I teased her clit, not letting her go over the edge. I ran my tongue through her landing strip, then I teased her clit for a minutes. I could sense her impatience, so I finally focused on her clit, biting down on it lightly, bringing her over the edge.

"Oh, you are so good at this!" she screamed as she trapped my head in her vice-like thighs. Her juices kept squirting in my mouth, and I swallowed it as fast as it came. It was as sweet as any wine. She kept squirting and squirting before finally, she fell back, out of breath, the wine bottle rolling out of her hands and crashing to the ground, breaking the bottle into a million pieces and splashing the remaining wine all over the ground. But neither of us cared. I looked past her massive, mountainous breasts to her gorgeous, satisfied face. She got up on her elbows and looked right at me, her chest heaving.

"Take me to your bedroom. I'm fucking you." she pleaded, holding out her hand. I surprised her by leaping out if the hot tub and lifting Michelle into my arms. She laughed as I whirled her around and walked quickly towards the house. I kicked open the door and slammed it behind me. I carried her towards my bedroom. The only woman I ever did this for was my wife. But now, I was poised to carry my wife's best friend over the threshold into my marital bedroom, onto my marital bed. I felt no guilt. No shame. I wanted to fuck her, and I was about to do so.

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